Welcome to my new story! A Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Pokémon crossover!

Just so you people know this Ash isn't the usual anime Ash. He's based more on my other story 'Pokemon Z'(shameless plug-in I know) so if you wanna know more about his personality read that but you don't have to.

So Ash here will be seventeen and will have aura abilities with some martial arts skills. So he won't be at a complete disadvantage to other characters. Anyway here comes the warning!

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-Chapter Starts-

"That should do it…" A Gormotti yawned out, placing a dirty hoe on his shoulders as he took in the sight of the recently plowed fields, done entirely by himself.

The Gormotti, named Markus, look up at the sky to see the moon rising above him, it must be close to midnight. "Stupid parents making me plow the whole field on my own…" the young teen mumbled bitterly to himself, scratching behind his feline ears. Honestly, this was a needless punishment for what he's done.

So he went and flirted with some Ardainian girls, so what? The war was fifty years ago and he didn't much care for the bitter grudge they have against the entire race. I wonder if the Urayans do the same. he thought while slowly walking towards his wooden home, taking in his surroundings, and the complete lack of anyone out except military patrols. Great I'm the only one who had to deal with this… at least he didn't have to clean dung for fertilizer.

He couldn't wait until he saved enough money to buy a ticket on the cheapest Titan ship out of here. Maybe I should go to Mor Ardian? Argentum is pretty good too for jobs, maybe I could make it as one of them salvagers, that could be exciting. he thought about all the possible things he could do. It was a cloud sea of opportunity out there and he was going to take it!

Just as he made it to the steps of his house he noticed something odd out of the corner of his eyes. He turned around to focus on what it was, difficult to see with it being dark, but it looked like… Is the sky cracking? he thought in disbelief at what he was seeing. A strange looking crack appeared in the sky around the lake region north of Torigoth and it seemed more cracks splintered off from the first one, almost look like a spider web.

Suddenly, the crack in the middle opened up and a hole formed in the sky. The Gormotti teen looked at the spectacle flabbergasted, was this some strange weather phenomenon? The inside of the hole kinda looked like a tunnel, the inside looked like a rainbow he sees after a rainy day. Quite beautiful actually, if he wasn't terrified of it.

Suddenly, he saw something fall out of it. He couldn't make out what it was except the object was glowing blue, like the object was surrounded in a blue fire. Wasn't there a blade that recently arrived that uses blue flames to fight? Is this her doing or something?

Just as quickly as the hole in the sky opened, it disappeared. Not a trace of it remained in the night sky, like nothing happened at all. Except whatever came out of it, maybe he should go check it out and see what it is? Nah. Must have imagined it, must be my exhausted mind playing tricks on me. the young man thought snorting, holes opening in the sky was impossible.

Markus opened the door and walked inside heading towards his bedroom. He really needed to sleep, if he was seeing things then he really needed it.

-North of Torigoth-

"Rough landing…" Someone moaned out as a hand stretched out towards the sky where the wormhole was. The portal disappeared causing the individual to moan out in both pain and disappointment. The figure slowly got up, surrounded by blue energy, before looking around his surroundings. "Where am I? This ain't ultra space, no doubt about it." the person asked just as the blue aura surrounding them dissipated.

"My aura ran out? That's a first," Ash mumbled out loud to himself looking down at his hands before clenching them, yup he was drained. At least the aura lasted long enough to cushion that fall, if it didn't he'd might not have gotten back up at all. "Best not fight anything until it recovers," he spoke up once more to himself stretching his sore limbs, seems the aura didn't stop all the damage.

He looked around to figure out where he was, he as no idea where that ultra wormhole sent him. Cowardly ultra beast! I hope my pokemon, Lillie and the rest are doing fine… he thought concerned for their well being, could they deal with the ultra beasts without him? He couldn't think too much on that, he can only deal with his current situation.

Ash noticed he was in some grassy plains with a large lake and oversized roots spread around. He scrunched his eyes and noticed a giant windmill meaning people lived here, obviously the roots didn't make that. Well looks like I have some luck. he thought grinning at his fortune, maybe he could get back to Alola quickly.

He dusted himself off and adjusted his hat before deciding to take account of what he had. Ash shoved his hand into his pocket to check if his pokedex was alright, he needed it to pay for goods since he didn't have his wallet. Grasping something, he pulled it out and stared in shock at his pokedex. It was broke in half and it's internal circuitry was on the outside. The thing was useless unless he could fix it. Kinda makes him wish Clemont was here to fix it, or make it explode in some fashion. The latter could at least bring him amusement.

Ash stuffed the broken item in his pocket, maybe he'd get lucky and find someone who can fix it, before checking on what few items he had on his person. Pokeballs? Broken. Trainer license? Useable but crumpled up. Emergency snacks? Intact. Well that accounts for everything. He thought rolling his shoulders, maybe he should've brought his backpack on his ultra space journey.

With everything in order, kinda, he headed off towards the structure following the shore of the lake. Ash noticed a bunch of weird pokemon around but, luckily, most seem to be sleeping and those not sleeping, he could he get around no trouble. Giant frogs, giant shellfish and oversized horned fish were everywhere. He never heard of these things, maybe he was in a brand new region? The thought sent a jolt of excitement down his spine, if he wasn't in a rush, and having no pokemon, he might actually explore.

It took him a good solid ten minutes of walking, his legs were too sore from the fall for any running, but he made it to a wooden stairway beside a pond of… purple water with a sewage pipe draining purple fluid into it. Ash ignored the environmental violation and walked up the steps, his legs scream from pain with each step. After a short, but torturous, walk he made it to the top and looked around while catching his breath. Arceus was he exhausted and sore.

To his right he saw some sort of dock. It was fenced off with lookout towers going around the fence, was this some military thing? The men in strange uniforms with gas masks carrying rifles solidifying that idea. But that raises a bunch more questions. Ash as never seen military soldiers outside of books. What region needs such a force? There hasn't been an armed conflict in decades.

To his left was quite the familiar sight; farms. He saw rows of farmsteads growing a variety of crops and raising animals, it was quite the pleasant sight. It reminded him of Pallet town, a simple place where people lived with the land and the creatures who lived there. It actually relaxed Ash, a nice reminder of home.

After catching his breath, he noticed a wall and a large gate just beyond the rows of farmsteads. Past that must be the town. Ash theorized, he was curious why the town needed a wall in the first place. The only walled towns and cities he's seen are in history books or ruins of older settlements.

Ash banished the thought from his mind, now was not the time to focus on such things. He walked forward, past the farms, and into the large settlement which he still had no name for. Maybe they didn't believe in signs too, anything was possible.

Once passed the gate, he looked around to get his bearings to where he was. In front of his was a bridge that over a giant chasm and beyond that he saw several buildings and what look like a marketplace of some sort with a fountain. Around him were more buildings and what looked like a dock of some sort. It was far larger and didn't seem to have that militaristic feel to It that the one near the farms had, probably the towns commercial docks.

He also noted how deserted everything was except more soldiers with guns roaming around. Ash looked up at the sky to see the moon over head, it was probably midnight or just past that. Makes sense why no one's around. Best ask one of those soldiers. He'd rather not talk to a guy with a gun, especially without aura, but he was really running out of ideas.

Ash noticed one of the armed soldiers walking down the bridge towards him and decided to talk to him. The young pokemon trainer walked up to him waving at him in a polite manner, best not offend the guy with the gun. The soldier stopped walking just as he got up to him. "Excuse me. I was hoping to ask you a few things, I'm sorta lost," the seventeen year old asked with a polite smile on his face.

The soldier simply nodded his head before holstering the rifle behind his back. "Of course citizen. But may I ask… what is it that your wearing? Is that some new fashion from Mor Ardian?" the soldier asked staring at Ash, or more specifically his clothes.

Ash looked down at himself and pulled on his orange and black on his thin jacket over his white shirt. "Not really. My own personal style. But let me ask my questions before we talk about fashion, alright?" he asked adjusting his hat, thats colouring matched his jacket, with a hint of minor annoyance.

The soldier nodded and scratched his neck, probably the only clue of him being embarrassed that Ash could see. "of course. Sorry about the distraction, ask away," he said in a very thick accent that the pokemon trainer never heard before.

"What region am I in and what's the name of this town?" Ash asked stroking his chin, he needed to know where he is before anything else.

He couldn't tell if the soldier was giving him a look due to his mask, but he's gonna assume yes because he craned his neck to the right. "This is the imperial province of Gormott and this city is the capital, called Torigoth," he answered with a voice filled with disbelieve.

Gormott? Never heard of that region. Ash hummed in thought scouring his memory for the name but came up with nothing, sounds like Kalos word though. "Thanks. Do you know where the pokémon center is?" every important town or city had a pokemon center for trainers, hopefully he could get a room to stay the night.

"A what center?" the man asked sounding seriously confused by Ash's question, shouldn't everybody know what a pokémon center is?

"A pokémon center. You know the place where they heal pokémon and give trainers a place to rest," Ash clarified slightly annoyed, was this guy dumb? A pokemon center is common knowledge.

"Kid. I don't have times for your little games, I got a patrol to do. So this conversation is over," the soldier said annoyed before pushing the teen aside and then walking past him towards the gate.

Jerk. Ash thought to himself glaring at the back of the retreating soldier head, he didn't need to push him if he didn't know the answer. I'll just go ask someone else, maybe I just got unlucky with that guy. He thought trying to be positive as he walked towards a soldier beside the large fountain. No way could they all not know what a pokémon center is.

-Twenty Minutes Later-

Ash was sitting on a bench with a look of disbelief on his face. He asked ten different guys and they all didn't know what a pokémon center was, or what a pokémon was. The only useful thing he learned was that the large building near the fountain was a inn. Which didn't matter to him since he had no money!

Looks like I'm sleeping on this bench… The trainer thought gloomy, he never thought he'd have to spend a night sleeping on a bench. At least it was cool night, he wouldn't be freezing to death in his sleep. Ash crossed his arms and leaned his head back closing his eyes, this is gonna be his most uncomfortable sleep ever.

Ash was snoring softly, blissfully unaware of his surroundings, before something pushed his shoulder trying to wake him up. "Wake up your vagrant! This bench ain't your bed!" A thick accented voice shouted at him causing the young trainer to wake up with a start.

"I'm sorry officer!" Ash blurted out getting up but regretting the decision. The teen held his sore back from sleeping on the hardwood bench, Arceus was that a bad choice. Suddenly however, the aching in his back started to ease up before disappearing entirely.

My aura! Ash thought gleefully ignoring the rant the soldier was throwing at him about vacancy was a crime. The teen closed his eyes before feeling out the aura in his body, he must have recovered some of his reserves during his night sleep. Nowhere near full but its something. He won't be throwing aura spheres around but at least it can sooth his aches and pains.

Ash looked around, ignoring the soldier from a few seconds ago, and noticed a strange sight. A bunch of people were gathered around some stall in the marketplace, he counted three to four dozen people around. But that wasn't the odd part, okay it slightly was, but the people themselves.

They all had cat pokémon like ears on the top of their heads and some with more exposing clothing had fur on them. Ash was weirded out at the sight, what were these things? Some offshoot of humans? Are the soldiers under the masks the same?

He shook his head at the thought before focusing on some shouting going on. He heard someone yelling about 'crystals' coming from the stall they were circling around. Ash walked towards the group and started to squeeze himself in between everyone as he tried making it to the front. After a minute of squeezing between people, and apologizing for knocking a child to the ground, he can finally see what's causing the gathering.

At the stand was more of those soldiers he's been seeing. Except one had this very tall hat that made him seem more important, or sillier in Ash's case. The fancy hat man stood behind a wooden desk but that wasn't what was catching the teens eyes though.

At the front of the table was a crystal of some sort. He's never seen anything like it and he's seen every rock known in the world. Evolutionary stones, everstones, hard rocks and so many more but none like this. The stone was a diamond shape and glowed a faint blue from some unknown energy, it was quite pretty actually.

"You there sir! Do you wish to awaken this core crystal?" Someone asked him knocking him out of his stupor. Ash was staring so intently at the crystal that he stopped paying attention to everything around him.

"Me?" The trainer asked looking at the guy with the funny helmet. He didn't understand what was going on due to him spacing out, everything was static during than.

"Of course my fellow Ardainian! Grab the crystal and let's see if your destined for greatness!" The man spoke sharing the same accent of the other soldiers. All the feline folk stared at him expecting him to grab the strange glowing crystal, can't back down now it seems.

Ash slowly walked up to the table as the crowd watched him intently anticipating something to happen, what he didn't know. Stopping at the table, he simply looked at the glowing rock before slowly stretching his hands towards it. His hand stopped, simply hovering over the rock as he noticed it's started to glow more intensely as his hand near it. He hesitated, the fear of not knowing what was going to happen frightening, but he swallowed his saliva before grasping the so called 'core crystal'.

At first, nothing happened. He felt nothing as he brought the crystal to his face to get a better look of it. He noticed some minor details he failed to notice earlier, seemed it had some strange designs carved into it. Ash turned around to look at the crowd of people with a look of confusion, they having a near identical look as him, not understanding what was suppose to happen.

"Is this thing brok... Gah?!?!" Before he could finish his statement, the crystal started to glow extremely brightly and started to heat up in his hands. The heat felt like it was burning his hand causing him to scream in pain and nearly forced him to his knees. But, he kept standing and instead of letting go, his grip on the crystal tightened. He wasn't going to lose to this stupid rock!

His aura flared up cloaking him in a shroud of aura, the act causing many in the crowd to gasp, even the soldiers, at the occurrence. Strangely, he felt his aura get sucked into the core crystal as it glowed even brighter, all most blinding the soon to be pokémon master. The light show caused by his aura and the crystal was near blinding to all, causing many spectators to look away and cover their eyes or else become blind.

Suddenly, it stopped. Ash opened his eyes, not even realizing he closed them, as he looked at his empty hand. The heat and light was gone but he felt strange, like he felt anchored or heavier than before. It was strange and foreign feeling to him, like he felt that he was incomplete somehow. The grasping of the crowd drawn him away from his strange feeling to what was happening in front of him.

An axe now floated in front of him. The axe was bizarre looking to him and didn't match any axe he's seen before. The upper half of the shaft looked like it was made out of white rope intertwined tightly to make it with strange glowing blue lines. The bottom half was grayish metal which had a golden and grey ornament at the bottom ending with a point. The top had a huge circle with some sort of large blue gem with a golden 'S' on top of the gem. Surrounding this golden sphere was a large golden halo connected to the sphere in the middle by grey metal that formed the other parts of the weapon.

At the top of the weapon, the grey metal was attached to cylinders that look like the upper shaft of the blade, just thicker. The right ended in a vicious spike, the spike being made of some blue crystal. The left side had a golden axe head which was massive, wider and taller than his whole chest, but it was blunt, no cutting edge but had a slit in it.

Ash on instinct reached out and grabbed the weapon by its shaft which ended the floating effect. After he gripped the weapon, a blade of blue energy shot out of the slit in the axe head. An energy blade? Cool! He thought at how cool this weapon is, like it came out of anime or something.

Ash found the weapon oddly light, well for weapon of its size. He gave it a few practice swings, raising it above his head and bringing it back down, and didn't fall backwards or forwards like he expected. He also strangely felt… complete, like this weapon somehow felt apart of him in some fashion.

Ash just noticed something, too enthralled with this weapon to notice, but the crowd was still staring at him. Actually, no. They were staring behind him. And he just noticed a shadow was looming over him and it definitely wasn't the tall hat soldier man. The trainer quickly turned around and stared into a pair of vibrant green eyes.

"Took you awhile to notice huh? Can't be a hunter if you can't pay attention to your surrounding!" a boastful female voice spoke up from the person behind him, who simply stared back into his soft brown eyes.

The women behind him was nothing like he ever saw before. She was tall, around six feet or just under, and appeared to be floating off the ground by some force. She had tanned skin, not such a different tone from his own, and long wild white hair whipping behind her head. That's where all her 'normal' features ended.

Her arms and legs were covered by some white fabric, what it was he didn't know, creating gloves and very tall boots with slits in them exposing more tanned skin. On her wrists and where her feet began were golden rings, the ones on her wrists actually being attached to her while the ones near her feet were far larger and just floated in place. Above her knees, were ribbons made out of blue rope with light blue crystals acting like pins keeping the knot tight.

Around her waist was wide and open white skirt where the ends become more fluorescent green held up by a blue rope belt, similar to what's on her legs. Covering her privates was just panties and similar situation was going on with her breasts only being barely covered by some strange air tube thing with blue beads at the end keeping it shut. Behind her was some gold halo but the top third was missing and inside of it was a golden sphere floating freely inside.

On her shoulders was a cloak of white and green fur, white on the top while lower parts were green. To end her bizarre appearance, were two protrusions coming out of the top of her head. It was different shades of blues with two white stripes, he wasn't sure of their purpose on her body. This woman honestly one of the strangest things he's ever saw, and he's seen a lot of strange things.

"Who are you? More importantly, where did you come from?" Ash asked turning around to look at every direction, this woman just popped out of nowhere. He would've noticed her in the crowd if she was here earlier, who wouldn't with her strange appearance?

The strange women didn't reply at first. She started to float circles around him as her gaze never left him, it was like she was appraising him in some fashion. "I came from the core crystal you awakened obviously," she said dismissively before poking his side's and arms. "You got some muscle under those baggy clothes. You might make a decent driver…"

Ash was seriously confused by what was happening, did he actually summon her and what's a driver? "You still haven't answer my first question: who are you?" the teen asked eyeing her, what does she want?

The white haired women stopped in front of him before having a smirk on her face as she crossed her arms. Suddenly, a powerful burst of wind shot out of her forcing Ash back a few centimeters before he caught himself, the spectators weren't as fortunate. The ones at front were blasted onto the ground and the tent behind her was nearly pulled out of the ground if the soldiers didn't grab the ropes. The crowd around them panicked in fear not understanding what was happening, but Ash. This was a display of power, a show of the abilities she wields.

"I AM ZENOBIA!!! I seek the strongest opponents!!!" She shouted as the winds she created grew in power forcing Ash back an entire foot, he had to admit this was an impressive display. "You are my Driver!!! Wield me and prove our strength to all!!!" She roared as the winds finally died down at her declaration, she got her point across so she needn't continue. She looked down at him and stared intently into his eyes, obviously she wanted his response to her words.

Ash slowly stood up to his full height, no longer needing to brace himself for her wind assault, and stared into her eyes. The two of them… weren't so different in goals. He wanted to become a pokemon master but truthfully, he really wanted to battle the strongest trainer the world had to offer. They both sought to prove themselves the best in some fashion. He felt a strange rush of excitement run through his veins, maybe he should give this driver thing a chance.

"I'm Ash Ketchum. I desire to return to my home but I don't know when I can…" He had no idea where he was, nobody here even knows about Kanto or pokémon, so maybe he should adjust to this until he can find way home. "Until then..!" he grabbed the axe with both hands before slamming the bottom of the axe into the ground. "I'll be your driver!!!" He shouted at her matching Zenobia's intense shout.

Zenobia looked down at him before crossing her arms with a smile on her face, obviously pleased with the response. "You have a raging typhoon in those eyes. I like that drive, seems we'll be getting along fine partner." she spoke in a tone that held some minor respect for him, seems the two were on the same page.

Ash matched her smile with his own but the moment was shattered when someone coughed beside him. It was tall hat soldiers from behind the desk, seems he walked up beside him when he and Zenobia were talking. "A very impressive display young man! Summoning a rare blade is quite, well, rare. You and your blade will surely benefit Mor Ardain's military might, after proper training of course. I welcome you to Mor Ardain's army new recruit!" the man congratulated as he pulled out a clipboard and pencil before handing it to Ash. "Just write your name on this form and he'll get you in a uniform right quick."

Ash, too excited from what happened to really pay attention, grabbed the clipboard and pencil than signing his name on the dotted line before handing the clipboard back. "No problem! I'm more than willing to join the army!" he spoke excitedly lifting his weapon proudly up before his eyes widened comically, the weight of what he did finally hitting him. "I JOINED WHAT?!?!" his screamed echoed throughout the city of Torigoth, oh his mom is gonna skin him alive for this.

-Chapter Ends-

Well here's the first chapter of my story. Good god is Zenobia hard to describe in words, she's got a lot going on design wise than most blades. But, she's the most compatible blade for this Ash's personality.

So let me answer some questions: Yes he will be getting more blades later on, I'm thinking three max. I'm unsure of the pairing but it might be Ash x Blade or one of the female main characters.

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