"It seems in your anger…you killed her." The eerie voice of the Emperor rang through Anak-Darth Vader's ears. Not so much the way his voice would send shivers down his burned body, or the evil in his eyes when he spoke, it was more the words that he spoke that sent Darth Vader into an even deeper pit of anger. He killed his Wife, the woman he literally changed the universe for, his Padme. This was the moment, Anakin Skywalker truly died, and Darth Vader completely gave himself to the Dark Side.


A beautiful soul, who was loved by all and now, missed by all. The force choke from her beloved husband was not the reason she died, she did not die in the hands of her Ani. She died as a sacrifice for her children. She died, giving herself to the force – something Anakin had taught, her to become one with the force through the years of their marriage. She died, so that her children could be protected and she knew that no matter how broken hearted it made her, with the knowledge that she could not be with her children physically, that she could not raise her twins, that she could not watch them grow into beautiful people, she knew that she needed to die so that Anakin and Palpatine did not come looking for her or her babies, putting their lives in danger.

"Watching myself, laying in the so beautifully presented open-casket, as I made my way through the city of thousands that had come to celebrate my life and mourn my death. It was hard, it was the hardest thing, but I knew deep down that it was the right thing. They where smart, Obi Wan and Yoda's idea to give off the illusion that I died pregnant, that the babies did not survive, so that if Darth Vader did find me, he would not think twice about his children being alive and therefore their safety – the reason I died, is intact."

Padme watched over herself, she watched at the familiar faces and unfamiliar faces that gathered around to give her a beautiful send off. It broke her heart, but she knew there was nothing more that could be done. The galaxy had more to worry about than the former queen and senate now. Once this moment had passed, the people would move on. But her story, Anakin's story would never be forgotten.

"Mother, don't cry for me. Father, you will be okay without me and Sola how grateful I am for everything you ever did for me. I'm sorry things had to be this way, I'm sorry you never knew about my marriage to Anakin, that you never knew of the grandchildren I birthed for you, the nephew and niece that you would never get to meet. I hope one day, you wake up and you can find peace, find peace that I am at peace, find peace that I died for a good reason, the only reason I would die willingly for. I love you."

She saw her family, by the temple she was to be buried in. They were so broke, and she just wished she could tell them everything, hug them one last time and help them move on from her death. All they knew was the Padme died at the hands of a dark sith lord along with her 'unborn' babies. One day, one day they would know, they would know the truth behind her story, behind all of this. Word would spread, and the story of the empire had only just begun. For now, all she could do was watch.

"My sweet Leia, my princess. Ani got his wish, he got his beautiful baby girl. You are so perfect in every way, and my heart only aches with need and want to be there for you, to be your mother. I know you will never know of me, you'll hear stories, but you won't know me, but I will always be with you. To watch over you, to be there for you when you are in your hardest moments and when you're in your best moments. You are going to make this world, this galaxy a better place. You are Princess Leia Organa, Daughter of Bail and Breha Organa and my beautiful angel. I will love you forever Leia."

The ghost of Padme stood over her sleeping daughter, though no one could see her, she could see Leia and she could not fully give herself to the force until she had seen her babies, until she had spoken to her babies. So, her last and final trip…to see Luke.

"Here you are, my precious boy. I am so grateful that you get to grow up with your family, your blood, you get to grow up with your father's name. If, one day when you're a grown man, you discover the truth about your father, please don't give up on him. He has done many awful things, but I know there is still good in him. If I could not bring the good in him back, I know that when the time is right, you will be the one to bring your father back to the light side. It pains me that I separated you from your sister, that was my last request, before I died. I just wanted to protect you, but you do have a twin sister, Leia. I know one day the galaxy will become to small for my precious babies and your paths will eventually cross, you will meet your sister again. When you do, love her, cherish her and protect her the way I do for you. You, Luke Skywalker and your sister are my saviours and I hope your father's saviours too. You look like him. My precious boy, I love you with all my heart, darling."

Padme watched over her son, her sleeping son also. They were new-born after all of course they where going to be sleeping. Put it was peaceful, although this time it was different, with Luke, he opened his eyes and it was if he saw her. She looked at his beautiful brown eyes before letting a small tear roll down her cheek and whispered the word, 'Goodbye' before leaving.

Now, she was surrounded by light. Unsure of where she needed to be. Confused. But it wasn't until a familiar voice appeared that she felt relaxed. "Senator Amidala, I hate the circumstances in which we meet again, but I know why you are here…and I'm sorry." Qui-gons voice soothed her ears and she turned to her old watcher and Jedi protector.

"Qui-Gon, how lovely it is to see you again. You have been missed." She told her old friend hugging him. "I wish things could be different, but this is how it has to be and I'm not quite sure where to go from here." She told him honestly, focusing on right now rather than the life she had left behind.

"I sense that you are one with the force, Anakin must have taught you well. Other wise you would've just passed through and found peace." He told her, looking down at her.

"My peace is with my children, I am aware that if I pass through my reality will be that I will never see my children or Anakin again. I'm here to watch over them, so I think you know where I belong." She told him, like the senator she always was with the stern yet friendly voice.

Qui-Gon smiled, "Even in death you still take charge." He joked softly before offering her his hand, she gladly took. "Close your eyes, focus, feel the force around you, within you and give yourself completely to it. Only then can you become one with the force." Padme listened to him and she did so, when she opened her eyes she was surrounded by green. A lot like Naboo, it was peaceful, but there she was, with Qui-Gon, surrounded by homes, and people – Jedi's, other force users. "Here, you have peace, you have freedom, you have everything you had when living. Only the living cannot see you unless you want them too…and it only works with Force users." Qui-Gon told her.

"Will you teach me? How to appear as a force ghost? I have a few people that need talking too..." She told him honestly, to which he nodded but for now, Qui-Gon introduced her to the people around her and she began her life, knowing for as long as she was here, some day she will be reunited with her family once more.