(A/N) I would like to warn everyone that Mike is going to be very dark in this story. Probably the darkest I have ever written him and I loved every damn minute of it.

The Story was heavily inspired by Season 10 of Supernatural and this will have minor spoilers for that season. This takes elements from Supernatural but not enough for it to be considered a crossover.

Eleven had no clue what to do as she bit her lip because across from her bound to a chair was Michael Wheeler who wore a smug grin, nothing like the Mike she had fallen in love with, no, she was staring at something who simply wore his meat suit.

This thing may have been Mike once but he was nothing but a shadow of his former self because all that his soul was now was a blackened charred husk of what Michael Wheeler used to be. This was not Mike Wheeler, no this was the Demon that he had turned into.

Along with his smug self-assured smile he wore faded blue jeans, with a red carhartt shirt with a black under-shirt, his ebony black hair was neatly combed as it was when he was Human, his mouth upturned In a smile that even sent chill's down El's spine as she and the Demon that was Mike starred each other down.

"How long do you think this will hold Eleven?" he asked his head tilted to the side slightly.

She looked down at the devils trap that she managed to find in an old book title "Daemonium" it was on one of the very first pages that she had read, showing how to bind a Demon and render it virtually powerless.

"Long enough" she said coldly. Trying to remind herself this was not Mike just the Demon that he had become.

The Devils trap was etched into the floor of the Wheeler basement and El hoped to high heavens that Karen did not end up walking down here but if she did she would take of it. Although thankfully it was once in a blue moon that Karen ever came into the basement and she was at work which was another bonus in itself.

They were both fifteen and had been dating from the day of the snowball, their feelings mutual and reciprocated and they simply could not be without the other. Five weeks and three days after the Snowball Mike said the first "I love you" to her and her heart had melted as she dove into his arms, her composure gone as she let herself bawl in his safe embrace.

And they were happy and together and safe.

Until this Happened.

And that Mike was now nothing but a distant memory.

Mike or Demon Mike huffed in amusement.

"Of Course… of course you would think that, poor naïve El" He chuckled darkly. "This won't hold me forever"

She sent a glare his way before retreating up the stairs and letting the door close, she felt herself start to slide backwards down against the door as she cried silently as she could into her hands, the emotions overwhelming. So many times she had wanted to turn around to Mike and ask him what to do only to remember that he was that thing tied to the chair and bound to the devils trap.

She let shaky breaths as she tried to calm herself, she stood up and moved to the kitchen where the book lay, she looked at it with hesitation before allowing herself to open it's ancient pages. Unknowingly touching pages made out of slices out of human skin.

She skimmed the words looking for anything that may help her situation. She had to save him, she just couldn't face it, the smugness, Luckily his absence was explained by El who laced her words with suggestion making people like Karen more accepting of the excuses without complaint.

She saw the words that gave her hope as her heart leapt to her throat.



She gulped as she read through the process it seemed like a risk worth taking, she re read the instructions and it all seemed simple enough, luckily for her they had a syringe on hand with one being spare in the first aid kit in the bathroom. She looked at the syringe In her hand, she now had the power to save him. There was just a few other things that needed to be taken care of.

Consecrated ground and the confession of sins.

She made sure to do each thing carefully otherwise the whole endeavour would be for nothing and she would be stuck at square one.

She slowly stabbed the syringe into her arm and started to withdraw her blood into it, the needle did not faze her considering how many times that she had blood taken during her time in the lab.

She slowly descended into the basement that at the moment may have been Hell itself considering what was bound to a chair.

Because Mike was singing out of tune "Every Breath You Take" as it mocked her with a wink, she carefully placed the syringe down onto the table near her and folded her arms.

"You finished?" She asked her blood running cold, the demon that he had become had mocked their song, the song they danced to, they song they kissed too, the song that brought them closer together after being apart for nearly a year.

"Not yet" He answered cheerily.

She simply starred back as she took the syringe from within her pocket and Demon!Mike looked at it smugly before realizing what the syringe was filled with.

"You really think that'll work?" he asked, all his cockiness was now gone as he eyed the purified blood that sat within the syringe, a smirk started to upturn on her face as she realized the monster before her was actually feeling fear because they both knew what was about to happen.

She slowly made her way to him, syringe in hand.

He glanced up to her eyes.

"You really think this is going to fix me? Because there isn't anything to fix" Mike asked scowling.

Eleven said nothing as she moved closer before jabbing the syringe straight into Mike's arm, Mike growled as he tried to lunge at her with his teeth, his eyes had turned a solid black, El leapt back as Mike's eyes returned to normal, his face scrunched up in pain as the first dose had started to take affect within him.

"Wait till I'm free… I will rip your throat out with my bare hands" Mike said glaring at her, she starred back at him before making her way to the stairs again, her foot touched the first step when she heard him speak from behind her.

"If you really Love me El, you'll let me go…" Mike said quietly.

"It's because I love you that I won't Mike, your still in there somewhere and I will save you, it's what I do" She replied just as quietly before making her up the stairs and shutting the door, leaving Mike in the cold emptiness of the basement.

Just before she allowed the door to slam against the frame she heard him speak one last time.

"There is nothing left to save, Eleven… accept it"

And the door slammed shut.


Fifty-eight minutes had passed and El had been painstakingly been checking her watch almost every minute, she withdrew more blood from her own veins, her purified blood that was going to save him from what he had become.

She made her way to the basement where Mike remained still bound and powerless to the chair that she tied him too.

"Have you ever felt blood fall from your fingertips?" he asked examining his nails. "I expect you have since you have killed so many people El, what was it like? To have absolute power over whether they lived or died, you must have felt like God" Mike said

"I only killed them when I had too" she replied curtly.

He laughed hollowly "of course you did but that doesn't mean you didn't enjoy it, in fact I can't wait to get started after I kill you or better yet I transfer this Mark on my arm to you and you become like me" Mike said gleefully. El looked down to the mark on his right arm that had caused all of this.

"Then the story that started between us never ends. Mike and Eleven by each other's side, together for the rest of time leaving a trail of death and destruction in our wake and together we create our own heaven" Mike said in twisted happiness.

"You're insane" she said her mouth agape.

Mike huffed in annoyance.

"that's a shame because you being a demon?" He said before letting out a long whistle "damn that would be seriously hot" he said to her as he tilted his head as he checked El out.

"The virgins are always meant to be the best" He said checking out her behind.

El angrily jabbed the syringe into Mike's arm again, Mike growled and fought against his restraints as his blood began to boil.

She yanked it out carelessly. She glared at the Demon whose eyes were closed, his cheeks were glowing orange inside the orange reddish glow travelled down his neck beneath his shirt presumably to his heart.

"This isn't you talking Mike, it's that thing on your arm, the Mike that I love is still in there somewhere" She said whether she was trying to convince him or herself she didn't know simply because the lines were so blurred by this point. She turned away from him.

"Well between you and me, that Mike was weak and pathetic. He was practically comatose without you for those 353 days but now I am stronger than even you El, I feel it running through me and it ain't just the demon juice" Mike said smugly.

"The Mark of Cain…" El said

"Yep and when I'm free. You will die and I will live" Mike said his eyes turning black. "And when you die you will become like me" Mike said as he nodded towards the Mark.

"The Mark can only be transferred to someone who is worthy, a killer… and you are a Killer El and I can set you free" Mike said looking at El in a way that the real Mike would and she nearly lost her composure. It was a look full of Compassion and love as twisted as that may be.

El said nothing has she made her way up the steps and the door slammed shut, leaving Mike in the darkness.

Mike looked down to the Mark of Cain that was upon his arm. El was playing straight into his arms, she would join him In murder, bearers of the Mark of Cain and becoming twisted lovers that dance in the blood of the innocent,

Murder would be their Sex.

And Torture would be their foreplay.

Oh what a tangled web we weave.

Of course Mike still loved her, being a Demon hadn't changed that even if it was highly sadistic, insane and twisted. But all he could think about was Him and El slashing and tearing their way through history together, doing whatever they wished. Making love in a room full of dead bodies as nothing would exist apart from them as they would bathe in the afterglow of murder and sex. Nothing would ever come between them ever again.

Cain may have been the Father of Murder.

But El and Mike would be something completely different. Lovers in Murder.

Mike straightened up and allowed himself to imagine and fantasise about that future.

Of Course Mike still loved her whether he was Eternally Damned or not. That's just who he was.


El let the door slam and she ran upstairs to the toilet where she vomited into the toilet basin. She could not deny, no matter how much she wish she could, she could not deny the fact she was tempted to accept Mike's offer.

She felt sickened with herself. Yes she was a killer she had accepted that fact a long time ago and even had made peace with that because it was what had to be done. To save the world. The Save Mike. She glared at the door that led into the corridor.

She was going to save him. Again.

Until the end of time if need be. Because she loved him, whether he was a Demon or Not, he was still Mike even underneath the black eyes. She leaned against the bath as she waited the long hour until it was time for the next dose of Purified blood.

She was ashamed of herself for even considering the offer, but her and Mike together forever was tempting no matter the nature of the offer itself or the fact it came from the demonized version of the boy she would love until the end of time.


Mike winked at her as she walked down the stairs. She was in a tank top and shorts. The summer was sweltering after all. But Mike found his eyes roving over her and Mike knew he had gotten under her skin with the nature of his offer. He was pleased but still narrowed his eyes as he eyed the syringe that she was holding between her delicate fingers.

"You still love me, don't you?" El Asked quietly.

"Of Course I still love you, I love you like a desperate man loves an equally desperate whore" Mike said trying to be cruel but El could see through it and realized that the cure of purified blood was beginning to work because she could see through the façade he was putting up know Mike like the back of her hand.

She leaned down to his eye level as he was still bound to the chair.

"But that's not just it is it… Demon's hate everything, Demon's don't love, they just want to destroy" El said as she looked into his eyes and reluctantly met her eyes with his own. Both shades of brown locked together… it was like Mike was back…

But Mike lunged forward his eyes turned Black once more… it was a moment of weakness, after-all it was meant to be a dose of blood every hour for ten hours to fully cure a Demonized human. Even one with the Mark of Cain.

She fell backwards on her bum, as Mike continued to struggle against the restraints. His eyes turned back to their normal colour.

"El have you even considered that I don't want this… for all you know this cure could be killing me, could you really watch me die?" Mike said looking at her with his brow furrowed.

"You may not want this… but your're not Mike, not really, just the Demon inside him using his meat suit" El said

"No I'm Mike, just not with his nerdy inhabitations or his Humanity" Mike countered.

"This is not a debate" El said before jabbing the syringe into his arm. She held him still with her powers as she kissed him on the forehead before leaving once more in the presence of his own company.

This continue for several hours until there was only one more dose left. Of course the two argued back and forth with Mike trying to free himself more than one time.

El was sat in Mike's bedroom looking at everything that was Mike Wheeler, the posters, the figurines and everything else, she looked at it all fondly.

There was a knock at the door.

El stiffened and El glanced down at her watch, Mrs Wheeler was not due home for another two hours but it couldn't be…

The Door flew open. There in the doorway stood Mike Wheeler, Human turned Demon. Giving El a sarcastic little wave and El paled at seeing the demon was walking free, all he needed was one more dose and he would be cured, he would be Mike again.

"Oh yeah I bet your wondering how I'm free"

El just nodded numbly.

"Well as you shot me up with Human blood, the more Human I became the less that devil's trap worked, meaning I could undo the rope with my own Powers and simply walk out the devil's trap…" Mike said very uninterested.

His eyes turned black.

"But there is enough Demon in me still to turn you into what I am" Mike said before he charged towards El. Eleven stood frozen in place as Mike lunged, only reacting as Mike collided with her and they fell to the floor.

"Mike!" El shouted as they struggled on the floor. The Mark glowed red as his veins lit up, it travelled towards his finger that were grasping her shoulder, she realized what was about to happen and managed to find the strength to throw Mike off of her with her powers. Who hit the wall outside his room. Momentarily stunned. He stood back to his feet shakily.

"Don't you see I'm doing this for you! For us!" he shouted enraged and within a matter of seconds several things happened.

Mike charged for her.

Eleven withdrew the final dose of Human blood and pointed it at Mike.

Mike collided with her.

And the needle found itself being embedded into his body.

And she pushed the blood into his system. And Mike looked to her angrily before he allowed his hands to wrap themselves around her neck. And El struggled for breath as his hands became tighter as he attempted to squeeze the life from her.

"The first thing he will feel is your blood on his hands!" The Demon soon to be human growled at her. El was starting to see stars and those weren't the freckles upon his face either.

Suddenly Mike threw himself off of her, his eyes returning to normal and for the first time in days Mike had returned to normal.

"You will not touch her!" Mike shouted at thin air.

El looked at him in confusion as his eyes turned black again.

"What you gonna do Mikey? I'm a part of you!" The Demon said amused.

His eyes returned to normal

"All I know is that I won't let you touch her!" Mike shouted again

His eyes went Black

"Eventually you will Die! And this? And this is what you're going to become!" The Demon Roared.

Mike fell onto his hands as he began to retch and gag before black slime began to pour out of his mouth as he vomited it all out, his eyes finally returning to their natural colour for good this time. El watched tentatively before taking a hesitant step forwards.

"Mike?" she asked quietly.

"El?" Mike said whispering her name hoarsely.

And at that moment El instantly knew the cure had worked and Mike Wheeler was human once more.

She didn't hold back as she flung herself into his arms, sobbing uncontrollably, Mike wept along with her and they held each other in the tightest of embraces. They simply held each other for what seemed like an eternity. Until El pulled herself far enough so that she could see his eyes, overjoyed and relieved to see the brown eyes of Mike Wheeler and not the Black eyes of the Demon.

"I didn't give up on you Mike" She whispered.

"I know… you saved me… you saved me" Mike uttered overcome with various emotions. He pressed kisses to the areas around her neck where finger marks were visible from her she had been strangled.

"I will never not save you Mike" She said.

And just for that moment, there was just the two of them and Mike wished the moment could last forever, for an eternity but like everything else they were still subject to the laws of time.

Mike sighed as he pulled away from her.

"I'm going to go clean up ok" Mike said

El nodded and watched Mike wander off towards the bathroom before he stopped in the doorway.

"El, I can't be that thing again, I would rather die than hurt you" Mike said his voice barely above a whisper. Befoe she could reply he had left and headed towards the bathroom, she looked at the black goo that was still on the floor, she waved her hand and the goo found itself being incinerated.

Mike stood in the bathroom rubbing a washcloth across his face as he starred at his reflection, he looked to his arm to see the Mark of Cain was still present and it was almost like it was staring at him but he dismissed it as nonsense, he tossed the cloth into the basin and turned to leave.

But In the corner of his eye where he could see his reflection he noticed his eyes had turned Black once more, he whipped round to find his eyes were still his natural eye colour, he left the bathroom as the words from his demon self echoed within his head

"Eventually you will Die! And this? And this is what you're going to become!"

He didn't notice this time that his reflection hadn't moved as it smirked at his back.

His eyes Black.

And the Mark of Cain was glowing red upon his arm.

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