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It took a couple of times for him to assure himself he was safe. He had to be. Every single rush of adrenaline had left what was... well... left of his body.

He could smell fresh linens, smoke from a lit candle, old alcohol swabs, and something that he couldn't put his bony finger on.

As he slowly opened his eyes, he could see a blurry outline of a person standing over him. Quickly as he could, he shuffled backwards, but he didn't get very far. The least he did was roughly ruffle the bedsheets that he laid on. "Where am I?", he asked, relaxing when the first ounce of pain made its way through his spine. There was a mirror across from him; still sporting his tattered tan pants, thin suspenders, and ragged purple vest. His straw hat lay on the table beside him along with a bottle that was shaped like a skeleton labeled: "Skele-Gro".

The woman who was nothing more than a blur to him had become clearer with every blink. She wasn't incredibly old, but not young either. What confused him the most was that she wasn't a skeleton like him; she was alive, flesh and all. "You need to relax. Can't have you convulsing again", she said. She was British.

Based on the atmosphere in the room, it was clear to him that he was in some kind of hospital. "Where am I?", he repeated. "Who are you?"

She looked stern but her eyes were kind. "My name is Poppy Pomfrey, I'm the matron at this school. Who are you?"

He coughed. "H-Hector. Hector Rivera. I'm at a school? This can't be the local school in Santa Cecilia. Is this the next town over?", asked Hector. He knew that was stupid. There was no building this fancy anywhere he lived.

"I should say not. Santa Cecilia is quite the distance, especially from Scotland."

Scotland? Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait... how was Hector back in the Land of the Living? And why wasn't this woman afraid of him? She didn't even look at him differently. "Aren't you afraid of me?"

Hector was definitely surprised when he heard her chuckle.

"You're not the most terrifying being I've seen around here, Mr. Rivera", Madam Pomfrey stated as she took a long piece of wood out of her robes and begun to wave it over Hector's broken fragments.

"What are you doing?", asked Hector.

"Shush. I'm trying to concentrate", she said.

With a few waves of the stick, Hector could see his snapped leg become one again. He stared in disbelief at what had just happened. As soon as Madam Pomfrey put the stick away, he felt his leg. It was brand new! As much as it could be anyway. It was almost like mag-, oh, there was no such thing! Nonetheless, Hector started to relax more as Madam Pomfrey had returned behind her desk and took a seat. "Thank you..."

She smirked.

"Can you tell me why I'm here?", asked Hector doing his best not to load a heap of his questions onto her.

"In due time. But I need you to rest. Our Headmaster will see to it that you are secure and cared for during your stay with us. Welcome to Hogwarts, Mr. Rivera."