Title: Desecration

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This story is going to get dark. Fair warning. There will be lots of hurt from my side. If you want the comfort side go and check out avcos' sister story (Scars) because I can assure you that you won't be getting any from me. Seriously, go check it out because she's a wonderful author and you'll most likely need a breath of fresh air at some point.


Warnings: Again violence, language, non-con in later chapters etc. Possibly self-harm, suicidal thoughts. If you feel like you're going to be triggered hit the back button. If you want devour some delicious angst, read away and enjoy.

She'd known that this would happen. She'd freakin know but she'd had no choice but to go home with him anyway. Sure she'd wanted to stay at the guild hall where it was safe, but she knew that staying would only increase his aggression.

Levy had been chatting with Jet and Droy about one of her favourite authors coming to town. Her voice was pitched high with excitement, her eyes sparkling and smile bright. They stood off from the job board in a little circle. She'd made sure that she kept her distance just a little from her friends. Being small it was easy to stay back a few steps without looking odd.

She could feel his piercing eyes on her back from where he sat at the bar. It was a place he'd been frequenting a lot lately. Enough that Mira had pulled her to the side away from the dragon slayer and everyone else to ask if things were okay. Palms sweating nervously she'd smiled and assured Mira that everything was fine. She'd lied.

Everything was not fine. It hadn't been for months.

Jet's laughter and casual touch on her arm brought her out of her depressing train of thoughts. Shit shit shit! He couldn't touch her - he wasn't allowed! Jumping slightly at the touch she took a half step backwards into a wall of solid flesh.

The whole point of her standing a tiny bit away was to avoid being touched. He didn't like it when others touched her, especially Jet or Droy. She'd been careful, she'd tried hard but in the end nothing she did was good enough and he'd seen. He'd seen!

She watched her friends eyes travel above her to Gajeel's face where he towered behind her. They smiled at him, obviously noticing nothing amiss.

A warm calloused hand laid itself on her bare shoulder and she only just stopped herself from flinching. Her heart skipped a beat and she knew he heard it.

'What are you talking about Shrimp?' His gravelly voice enquired. The tone was friendly for him, nothing to seem out of the ordinary but his thumb digging painfully into her shoulder where they couldn't see told a different story.

'Oh hey Gajeel', Jet greeter while Droy nodded his acknowledgement. Their tones and body language were as open and friendly as they would ever get with the guy who stole their precious Levy.

'Levy was just telling us about this author she likes who's coming to do a book signing in town on Saturday', Droy said while reaching into his back pocket for a snack, 'did you want to come with us?' he asked while absent mindedly tearing the wrapper open with his teeth.

Levy fought to suppress a wince when Gajeel's thumb pressed against her shoulder a little harder. She knew that he hated the idea of getting an invite from either of her friends who he strongly disliked. As far as he was concerned they were beneath him. Wizards he wouldn't even interact with at all if it hadn't have been for her.

'Damn that would have been good to go to, I know how much you like their work,' Gajeel said looking down at her, 'unfortunately we have a date planned for this Saturday'.

She sighed internally despite herself. She knew he wouldn't let her go and she felt stupid for allowing herself the flicker of hope and excitement when she'd been talking to her friends earlier.

'Would you guys mind getting a copy signed for my Levy? I know it would mean a lot to her,' the dragon slayer asked innocently.

My Levy. Something that would have made butterflies dance inside her and her heart leap with joy when they'd first started seeing each other. A sweet and romantic term. She knew now that he was using it to nail home the fact that she was his. Like she needed another reminder. Her ribs still hurt from the last time he'd told her she was his. And she was, she knew that. There was no way out of this situation.

In public he was as kind to her as people expected someone rough like him to be. He would defend her bravely from danger and always made sure he was close by to her. If only they knew what he was really like. If only she had known. Not for the first time she wished she had the ability to travel through time. She wished she could stop herself from noticing this man, from falling into his trap.

'Uh sure of course', Jet answered while Droy nodded again, finishing the chocolate bar.

She could feel him smirking above her, knew he got a thrill out of controlling not only her personal life but also influencing those of people around her. Something that would seem sweet on the outside to anyone looking, was really just another poison barb being inserted under her skin. There was no way out. No one to turn to.

Movement in front of her once again broke her from her depressed thoughts. Fairy Tail's resident soul mage Bickslow seemed to come out of nowhere, tongue lolling out of his mouth as per usual as he comfortably slid between Jet and Droy and threw an arm around their shoulders.

'Yo Gajeel! What's up?', he asked, face moving slightly to acknowledge the dragon slayer. Before waiting for a response he quickly looked down to where Levy stood in front of him 'Baby Blue, how's tall, dark and handsome treating you?' he enquired.

Levy quickly broke out of her shock at Bickslow's sudden appearance in front of her when she felt Gajeel's finger dig deeper into the muscle of her shoulder blade. She could sense his irritation at the other man's question to her and she knew he was warning her to tread carefully.

Terrible she thought to herself.

Bickslow regarded her for another second to see if she would answer but before the the tension could be noticed by Jet and Droy the tall wizard quickly excused himself, 'Well I'm off to see if I can convince Freed to cut his hair. Catch you later!' he said loudly before promptly wandering off towards the the rest of the Thunder Legion.

It was almost as if he knew she couldn't speak freely. God what if he knew? Gajeel would think that she'd blabbed and that would be it. She'd be done for. It was bad now but if she ever let anyone find out how bad it was he'd kill her. Of that she had no doubt.

'Come on Shrimp, let's get going', the rough voice said behind her before nudging her slightly to get his point across, 'Jet, Droy see you guys later. And don't forget about the signed book!'

'Of course we wouldn't forget!' Jet said loudly, his tone mock offended as Levy plastered a fake smile onto her face and waved goodbye.

She wondered if her eyes were screaming for help as much as her soul was and if anyone would notice it as Gajeel lead her from the guild hall.

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