I understand that some people are confused by this story, and how it's related to my other fic, 'The Beginning of Everything.'

This will become clearer, further into the story.

I'm writing another part to 'Oh Daughter Mine' right now, and after that, there'll be a few more, before it hits the point, where 'The Beginning of Everything' is.

I'd already planned to write about the births of Lee Lee and Hanna (Luke and Lorelai's kids in The Beginning of Everything) and I thought that I should explain how Luke and Lorelai got together and how Rory came to call Luke, 'Dad'.

So, 'Oh Daughter Mine', is that story.

The next one 'Forever and a Day will tell about Lee Lee's birth and the next one (un named as yet) will be Hanna's birth.

Also, Jess.. I've been asked where Jess is in The Beginning of Everything. I have a plan for this, so you'll figure it out soon! :D

Bear with me, and enjoy the rest of this series!

Thanks for the reviews!