So, what the blazes am I thinking with uploading yet another story, and when I'm not even done with what I'm already working on? Well, your guess is as good as mine, but the idea for this story struck me somehow, and I just couldn't let it go.

Here's to hoping that you people will enjoy it, but I got to admit, it feels like a gamble. Also, not sure yet if this will be canon or not, guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Lizard of Blades

Chapter 1


Down in the sewers underneath New York, in the lair of the mutants that protected the city from as many criminals as they could, the lovely Lizard Lady, Monalisa, was walking through her adoptive home, seeing what her adoptive brothers and father were doing now that their training were done. They would head out on patrol later that night, but until then they had time to themselves.

Leonardo and master Splinter were in the old rat's quarters, doing some additional meditation exercises on their own. Monalisa's mate and lover, Raphael, was punching his trusty old sandbag, feeling that he needed to blow off some more steam before the patrol. Michelangelo was at the TV-set, setting up a movie of some sorts for Pandora, Monalisa and Raphael's daughter, and Kemeko, the daughter of the late Karai, adopted by Leonardo.

With just a quick glance of the lair, Monalisa could easily see which one of the turtles that were missing, and it was almost equally easy to figure out where he was. She made her way over to Donatello's lab, and looking inside, she found him sitting by his computers.

He wasn't wearing any protective gear, which meant it was safe to enter. After the incident with April mutating into a humanoid dragon years prior, even if they were able to turn her back, Donatello had improved the safety with not only better protective gear, but also by making it clear than no one is allowed to enter unprotected if he or anyone else was working in such gear. They had even used the story about 'Dragon April' as a warning for Pandora and Kemeko, though with some changes.

Still, Monalisa gently knocked before entering, making Donatello look up from the screen.

"Oh, hey Mona. Anything I can help you with?"

"Not really, I was just a bit restless, so I thought I would see what everyone is doing at the moment." she said as she walked up to him.

"So that's how it is, huh? Well, I'm not doing anything really interesting, just calibrating our early warning systems."

"Is there a problem with it?"

"No, not at all. I just want to make sure it stays that way. With all the cameras and motion sensors that we got throughout the surrounding sewers, it is a lot to keep track of, and every week I check that it's all working properly. Better to be safe than sorry with this, we don't want the Foot to find us again."

"No, last time was more than enough for me." Monalisa said, remembering how their old home had been discovered and destroyed by the Foot clan. "Anything I can do to help?"

"Hmm, I don't know-"

"Uncle Donnie!" Pandora called out from the TV-area, interrupting Donatello. "The TV broke!"

"It wasn't me!" Michelangelo quickly added.

"When you say that, Mikey, it usually was you." Donatello called back.

"Not this time!"

"It was! It was!" Kemeko cheered, much to her uncle's annoyance.

"You're no help." Michelangelo complained, but the two children just giggled.

"I'm on my way. I'll just get my tools." Donatello said with a smile. "Could you keep an eye on the systems for me, Mona? It should finish on its own in a few minutes, but someone should check the feeds until then."

"Don't worry, Donnie, I can handle this. You go and save their movie-time."

"Thanks, sis."

As Donatello headed out to fix whatever that was wrong with the TV-set, Monalisa sat down and cycled through the various camera feeds, keeping her eyes open should anything show up. For most of the time, the sewers were as empty as they should, but after a few minutes, there was a flash of light on one camera.

"Huh? What was that?"

Going back to that specific camera, her eyes searched the video feed for anything different, but she couldn't find anything.


"What's strange?" Donatello asked as he returned.

"There was some kind of flash on this camera, but I don't know what it was. Nothing looks different."

"Here, let me have a look." he said, he and Monalisa swapping places. "Hmm… this camera is the one farthest away from us, in the south-east quadrant. I'll check the footage."

After rewinding the recording, he saw the same flash that Monalisa had seen.

"That's interesting. The motion sensors picked up something at the same time as this flash. That pretty much rules out any technological error on our end, but it was just within the minimum range, so it's impossible to see what it was."

"Whatever it was, it wasn't natural, it couldn't have been. Flashes of light doesn't just appear out of nowhere, at least not down here."

"Yeah… I think we will have to investigate this further, which means heading out there and investigating on spot."

"I think we'd better get the others then."

"Good idea, Mona. I'll prepare a few things we might need."

Some time later, the four turtles and Monalisa approached the area where the light had been seen, and not all of them were thrilled by the whole thing. That general area of the sewers was old and lacked running water and the floor was covered by earth and dirt.

"Why are we even doing this? I'm missing the best part of Kung Fu Panda 2 right now." Michelangelo complained.

"You've watched it with the girls so many times, you basically know all the lines." said Raphael. "But I have to agree with you. What are we all doing here?"

"There is safety in numbers, Raph." said Leonardo. "In case this is some kind of trick or trap, it's best if we're all here so we can help each other."

"Heads up, guys. We're almost at the spot now." said Donatello. He was carrying not only his normal bag, but also a large square box of a plastic material. Reaching into his bag, he pulled out a Geiger counter and started it. It started to tick very slowly as he pointed it at the area.

"Seems like we got something. Some form of radiation, but it is very weak."

"How weak are we talking about?" asked Leonardo.

"Almost negligible. We won't be in any danger, but I will keep an eye on the counter in case that changes." said Donatello, pulling out more Geiger counters and hand them out to the others."If the radiation is connected to the flash, then anything connected to the flash should also give off some radiation, so use these to identify such objects. But be careful not to touch anything."

"Just how many of these do you have?" Michelangelo asked as he got his Geiger counter.

"Enough for all of us it seems. We'll tell you if we discover anything, Donnie." said Monalisa as she and the others started a sweep of the area. It didn't take long before they discovered something though.

"This is strange." said Donatello, holding the counter handle near the ground in front of him. "I'm getting some increased readings from this spot. It's not a lot, but it is slightly higher than the rest."

"Do you think the ground absorbed some of the radiation when the flash happened?" said Monalisa. "That might have been the origin point of whatever it was."

"It's completely possible. I think I'll take a soil sample with me for further analysis." Donatello said.

Putting down the large plastic box, he opened it and picked up one of several sealed glass canisters and a small shovel. Taking a small scoop of the dirt, he placed it in the glass box and properly sealed and marked it before placing it back in the big box.

"Uh, guys, I think I found something over here." Michelangelo said, and Donatello hurried over once his sample was secured.

"What do you got?" he asked, and Michelangelo pointed the handle at his finding.

It looked like a robotic finger, more than twice the size of an average human finger, and it was made of blue and black metal. It seemed as if it had been severed from whatever hand it used to belong to, and just like the spot on the ground, it gave of a slightly higher reading than the surrounding area.

"Yep, this is definitively connected in some way. I'll put it in a container as well." Donatello said, retrieving another glass canister and a set of pliers. But just as he had picked up the finger, Raphael found something else.

"Got something here, Donnie. A piece of some yellow metal I think, a little larger than the palm of my hand, and a few shards of glass or crystal. Everything is making this thing react."

"I'll collect them, Raph, don't worry. Just gonna secure this sample and get a few more containers."

"Once you're done, I think I found something as well." said Leonardo. "Some form of claw or tooth the size of my thumb, looks it was broken off so it might have been even bigger."

"Okay, be very careful with that, Leo. I'll get it."

After a few minutes, Donatello had managed to successfully collect and secure all of the objects they had found, and no more was discovered.

"That seems to be it. Best we head back home then." said Donatello.

"No complaints from me." said Michelangelo. "Maybe I'll be able to catch the last part of the movie."

"You and your movies." Monalisa chuckled. Then she suddenly cried out in shock, dropping her Geiger counter and quickly put one arm down the back of her crop top.

"Mona! What is it?!" Raphael asked worried as he hurried over to her, drawing his sai on the way.

"I think a slug or something just fell down my top!" she said, trying to find and get rid of it. "Eww! So slimy and gross!"

"Don't worry, I'll help you."

"Thanks, but I think I got rid of it." she said, pulling out her arm again, shivering a bit. "I can't find it now, but I did feel it before, so it must have fallen out again. But I think I cut myself a bit on my back with a finger nail in the process, and it still feels all icky, I'll need a shower when we get home."

"As long as it wasn't anything worse." said Donatello. "I could treat that cut with some alcohol to make sure it doesn't get infected, but by the time we get back home, it will surely have healed thanks to your healing rate."

"I really don't think there is anything to worry about, Donnie, but thanks for the thought." said Monalisa, still shivering a bit. "But can we get going now, I really want that shower."

Once back in the lair, Monalisa headed to her and Raphael's room to fetch a pair of towels, some fresh clothes, shampoo and soap, while the others each went about their business again. Leonardo and Donatello reported in with master Splinter, giving him an explanation of what they had discovered before Donatello headed to his lab to examine the samples they had discovered. Michelangelo hurried to catch the last part of the movie together with Pandora and Kemeko.

But Raphael, he headed to kitchen for a quick drink before catching up to Monalisa just as she opened the bathroom door.

"Hold up, babe." he said, making her turn around.

"Hey, hun, what's up?"

"I was just thinking that I could join you for this shower." he said with a smirk that sent new shivers down Monalisa's back, pleasant ones.

"Oh, I would love that."

"Daddy!" they heard Pandora call out, and their daughter came running towards them. "Daddy, the movie is over now, and I want to play with you now."

"Is that so, kiddo?" he said.

"Guess you're busy then, love." Monalisa said.

"Sorry, babe."

"Don't worry, we'll get more chances."

"Come on, daddy! I want to play with you. You promised you would when the movie was over."

"I coming, little geisha, and I always keep my promises, right?" Raphael said, picking up his daughter.

"Right!" she cheered

"Have fun you two." Monalisa said with a smile as she entered the bathroom and locked the door.

Alone, she peeled her clothes off and put them in the washing machine, starting it, just so that they would be clean for the next day. Starting the water and waiting for it to get warm, she looked herself over in the mirrors, trying to see if she had any cuts on her back, but just as Donatello had predicted, any such wounds had already healed.

With that out of the way, she stepped into the warm water and sighed out of relief as she felt it wash over her scaly body, and she could feel how the icky feeling of the slug finally left her.

But it hadn't been a slug of any kind, it was in fact a tiny purple and brown worm, just under an inch long, very slim and with a pair of razor sharp mandibles. It had gotten stuck in the ceiling of the sewers after the flash, having arrived together with the other objects the mutants had collected, and just as Monalisa had almost caught it, it used its mandibles to cut its way through her skin, causing the cutting sensation that she thought was from her nails, when in truth, the worm burrowed its way into her flesh, just underneath the skin.

And as the wound healed, it remained there, as was its instinct, waiting, biding its time.

Gross! Mona has gotten infected by some kind of parasite! This could be potentially very bad for her health.

To all of you that recognized the objects recovered, I'm sure that you can put two and two together on this.