Just a quick note before we start. Most of this chapter will be the telling of the origin of the Zerg, how the original Queen of Blades came to be, and the destiny of the Swarm, and thus may contain spoilers for Starcraft 2.
Also, some information was slightly contradictory, so I've tried to make sense of it to the best of my abilities, hopefully to your satisfaction.

Chapter 19

Into the Void



An endless void lacking even existence at its most basic level.

Then, an explosion. An explosion of unimaginable scale, and existence comes into being, as a new universe is born.

Everything goes in super speed, the process that takes a billion years is witnessed in mere seconds. Galaxies filled with stars and planets have formed throughout the still young universe, yet, the is no life to found.

Existence is lifeless, sterile.

A ripple in space appears, and through it, giant space crafts emerge, carrying with them the shepherds of life, the Xel'naga.

A God-like species of a nearly immeasurable lifespan, the Xel'naga exists without physical form, but can assume it at will, and they reproduce in the most fascinating way. They choose two species, one with purity of form and one with purity of essence, and carefully nudges their natural evolution in the direction needed that the two will one day meet, and eventually merge into a single species, the next generation of Xel'naga.

It is a process that takes many millenia, and the Xel'naga patiently wait, interfering as little as possible, slumbering in a hidden chamber in deep space while they wait for the chosen species to come together and find them. Once ready, the new generation travels to another universe, one still in its infancy, and begin seeding it with life, and billions of years later, they will choose two species to become the next generation, and the cycle continues, as it has done since before time immemorial, and as it will for eternity.

But one cycle, a powerful Xel'naga by the name of Amon resented the very notion of what they did, and sought to end the Infinite Cycle, and reshape the universe according to his own vision. Gathering followers, they began modifying the ongoing uplifting of both species, causing the first one, the Protoss, to rebel and develop along a different path, while the second was chosen to become a weapon of war.

By the time the other Xel'naga awoke and discovered this, they found themselves in war with Amon's forces, and with the inclusion of the second specie, the Xel'naga were slaughtered and consumed. But it had cost Amon greatly, as he had also been injured, to the point that he was incapable of taking physical form on his own, yet his influence over his new weapon remained, and they carried out his new plans.

The second specie was a tiny worm, found on the world of Zerus, a hostile planet of ash near the core of the Milky Way, filled with violent predators and powerful prey. But these tiny creatures, insignificant as they might have seen, possessed a unique ability, by consuming another creature, they stole their essence and grew stronger.

They were the original Zerg.

Requiring very little aid, and in very little time, the Zerg grew more advanced and diverse, many evolving the ability to burrow into the spines and brains of larger creatures, to take control over their bodies and mutating them to better survive. Within only a few short generations, the Zerg were no longer recognisable as their original form.

Powerful and full of potential, they were all individuals and difficult to control, but Amon found a solution. By manipulating the Zerg DNA, and creating a new form of Zerg, a giant brain that came to known as the Overmind, the Zerg were bound to its will through the Hivemind that followed. Now, the evolution of the Zerg could be controlled by the Overmind itself, as it followed its master's orders, and the Zerg became a unified force of nature that few could resist.

Having assimilated a species capable of surviving in space, the Zerg were no longer confined to their home-world, and with the Overmind's great psionic ability, they were able to warp space, allowing them to travel the stars and spread to other worlds. On every world they visited, they assimilated any species that held abilities, traits and powers that the Zerg wanted, further adapting and improving on them, while all others were consumed, only being useful as biomass for the ever growing swarm.

Even with their master banished to the Void, the Zerg continued his mission, they had no other choice, but the Overmind knew that once they had served their purpose, they would perish at the hands of their creator. Seeking for a way to save its kin, the Overmind began devising a plan, hoping to find a loophole in the control Amon had over them.

And after encountering humans, it found what it had been looking for, as while humans were far from interesting genetically as a species, a small number of them had begun to develop psionic abilities, a rare trait that would prove highly beneficial to the swarm. Capturing one of them, a woman named Sarah Kerrigan, they infested her, slowly mutating, adapting and evolving her into the tool that would deliver the Zerg from their sealed fate, and she was born anew as the Queen of Blades.

Far more free-willed than any other Zerg, save for other command organisms, her now greatly improved psionics allowed her to exist outside Amon's influence, only being aware of it while it had next to no hold over her, though she still followed his commands all the same. But that came to change in the later years, after the Overmind was finally slain, and Kerrigan became the new ruler of the Swarm, she withdrew them all and began to evolve them along a different path, staying away from the other species for years.

And through several strange turn of events, and the discovery of an ancient Xel'naga device, the Swarm once again waged war on the galaxy. Many more strange turns were to come, as during the humans' assault on the Zerg main world of Char, they used the Xel'naga device to wipe out a large number of Zerg, and turned the Queen of Blades back to a mostly human form and mind.

She was still able to control Zerg to a certain extent, as long as no other force was, though they could still be brought back under her sway if they still acknowledged her as their Queen. Seeking revenge against enemies she had had as human, Kerrigan reformed her Swarm and travelled to the origin of the Zerg, Zerus, where she reinfested herself, once again becoming the Queen of Blades, only this time she was far more powerful than she had ever been, and her mind was still her own, and through this, her Swarm was finally freed from Amon's grip, allowing them to seek their own destiny.

And that was to rid the cosmos of Amon, once and for all. After getting her revenge, Kerrigan took her Swarm and joined forces with both old allies and foes, forming an alliance, if a shaky one. Journeying into the Void, a sort of astral plane, the joined forces of Zerg, human and Protoss did battle against the fallen Xel'naga and his shadow manifestations.

A battle where Amon's attacks caused massive damage to his foes, one of which even ripped a hole in the fabric of the void, opening, for only a split second, a hole to another universe, one in a multi-verse where the Xel'naga, Protoss and Zerg never had existed.

At least not before that point.

Remains of the victims of the attack were sucked in, and emerged on the other side, in the sewers of New York, accompanied by a flash of light.

A tiny piece of brain matter from a broodmother landed on top of a pipe in the ceiling, and with just barely enough life left, it sought to survive during its new circumstances, and morphed itself into a small larva, similar to the original form of the Zerg, in an effort to find a host to infest and survive within until it could recover.

And as luck would have it, several fitting hosts arrived shortly, and the larva made its move, infesting one of them.

The victim being Monalisa.

But Monalisa wasn't a simple animal, she was a fully sentient creature with her own personality, and more willpower than the larva. So while she was infested, she remained in control of everything, though her mind was flooded with all it meant to be Zerg so forcibly that it caused her personality to change slightly. Gone were old values such as honour and honesty, suppressed as they were a hindrance to survival, and replaced with ruthless efficiency and a 'the ends justifies the means' attitude.

She was now the Queen of the new brood that she had spawned, and they would obey her will and every command, and if she willed it, the stars would quake in fear of the force that is the Swarm.

An unknown world, in the past? Or the future? Who is to say.

An alien army had been amassed, five hundred thousand strong and armed to the teeth, waiting for the enemy to come across the hills in the distance.

Reconnaissance reported that the enemy was on the move, and orders were issued in response. Heavy weapons were readied, battle tanks moved into position and artillery adjusted their aims. This would be one hell of a battle, and not all would make it out alive.

Then, the enemy came, the Zerg swarm, moving over the hills. One million zerglings rushed first, followed by the slower roaches and hydralisks, all moving towards the army, which responded by opening fire with everything that could reach the Zerg. First the artilleries, high yield shells raining down on the Zerg and killing them by the hundreds with each explosion. Particle rifle and energy cannons charge up and release their blasts against the enemy, felling even more.

Thousands of Zerg die every second as the army continue to fire upon the invading creatures, but despite their constant barrage of weapons fire, the Zerg kept coming, even as several hundreds of thousands had already perished. When finally the Zerg reached their foes, half of them had died, but they didn't let up, they attacked with claw, fang, acid and spikes, tearing through both alien and machine, and the aliens repaid in kind, guns and cannons still firing.

After several agonising long minutes, the battle was over, and the Zerg lay dead on the ground while the army cheered. They had been reduced to but a tenth of their full strength, but they were still alive, they had defeated the invaders.

An alarm for reconnaissance cut their celebrations short, and shortly after, another force of Zerg came rushing over the hills, just as large as the first one. But as the soldiers watched the Zerg flooding over the hills like a tidal wave, they saw that their numbers didn't diminish, and soon they saw twice as many Zerg as the first time, then five times as many, and ten times, twenty, fifty.

That's when it became painfully clear to them, the Zerg that they had fought at first was nothing more than a scouting force, sent to test the opposition.

More Zerg kept coming, and now they were accompanied by millions of flying Zerg as well, and thousands of gargantuan beasts towered over the ground forces, their massive claws being larger than even the tanks.

Weapons were dropped to the ground as the army loss all will to fight. For all their effort, they had barely even dented the Zergs' numbers. They had no chance.

A powerful presence loomed above the Zerg, covered in shadows was a humanoid female lizard with eyes glowing orange, and her voice boomed over the battlefield as she showed her foes no mercy.

"I am the Swarm. Armies will shatter. Worlds will burn. Vengeance is mine. For I am the Lizard of Blades."

Before long, the entire world was covered in creep and Zerg structures, with populations in the trillions and counting, all Zerg.

Leonardo and Tyroth both awoke from the meditation with a jolt, their hearts beating as if they wanted to bust out of their chests.

"Did… you see what I saw?" Leonardo asked.

"If you saw how the Zerg were created by god-like aliens in another dimension, how they got here, and how Mona might go on a galaxy wide conquest with them, then yes." the dragon answered.

"I was hoping that you had seen something better. This isn't just bad, it's beyond bad, way beyond bad."

"Oh, are you guys done? Did you see anything?" Donatello asked upon seeing that the two had awoken from the meditation.

"We did, and it's big. We'd better gather up the others and head back. Everyone need to know this." said Tyroth, and Leonardo nodded.

"I'll call them right away." said Donatello.

Monalisa stood on top of a tall building, looking out over New York, her mind drifting as she went over everything that had happened the last few hours, not to mention the last month or so, and how her life had changed drastically. It had only been a few hours since she and the turtles had gone their separate ways, at least for the time being, once she had accomplished her goal, she would return to them, and to her daughter.


She was the whole reason that Monalisa had gone through with everything. She needed to be protected, and the Zerg were the best tools for just that, but Monalisa still wished that the turtles had seen things her way, and that they could still be together, but they didn't understand her, how could they? Not even Tyroth understood her, and in the terms of power, he was the closest to her.

'Once I'm done, they'll see just how wrong they were about the Zerg, about me, then everything will be fine again.' she thought to herself, her eyes still wandering over the cityscape around her.

But she wasn't the only one out and about in the early hours before dawn, a squad of Foot ninja had spotted her as she stood out in the open, and they were under strict orders to capture her at any cost.

"There she is, and all alone too." one ninja whispered.

"What luck! If we capture her, we might just get rewarded by master Shredder!" said another one.

"Hold on, don't you think it's a bit strange that it's just the whore and no one else of the freaks? I've got a bad feeling about this." said a third.

"Don't sweat it. Doc Arden made sure we're well prepared, gave us a whole bunch of the sedatives he designed for the dragon years ago." said a fourth.

"I remember those, they're some strong shit. I saw one of the scientists accidentally prick himself on one of the darts, and he was out for two days." said a fifth.

"Okay everyone, ready your blowpipes, we move in and flank her from both sides. It will only take one of these darts, but she is very quick, so don't let up if we miss." said a sixth.

With quick and silent steps and jumps, the dozen or so ninja made their way to better positions, keeping Monalisa in their aim. Most kept to neighbouring rooftops, but a few made it to the one Monalisa stood on, and without a sound, one of them fired his dart at the Lizard Lady, hitting her behind.

Monalisa let out a yelp of pain, and instinctively reached for what had stung her, expecting an insect of some kind, but as soon as she felt the metal in her hand, pulling out the dart, she turned around to face the foes that were behind her, spotting all the ninja.

The ninja on the other hand were very confused to why she was still standing, by all accounts she should have been unconscious on the floor after that dart. But they didn't let that stop them, and kept firing more darts at Monalisa before she had the chance to properly react.

While most of the darts missed as the mutant jumped to the side to avoid them, some still found their target, hitting her in the arm, the breast and the tail, and she could feel how she started to get sluggish, finally understanding what the ninja were doing.

Lashing out to retaliate, she shot off a Kinetic Blast, which found its mark on one of the ninja, the force literally splattering the hapless ninja across the wall of the building behind him, leaving little more than blood as remains.

"WHAT THE HOLY FUCK?!" one ninja cried out in horror and confusion, but before he or the others could do anything else, Monalisa attacked again, striking two more ninja with her blasts, and repeating the process with them.

But by then, the ninja recovered their wits and started shooting more and more darts at Monalisa, and she wasn't quick enough to dodge them all, getting hit increasingly more times, and her vision started to turn to black while her legs began to buckle. She threw another Kinetic Blast, but missed her targets completely, and the psionic attack instead hit a water tank at the edge of the roof, crushing it like a grape and spilling its contents all over the roof and below.

Finally, despite her struggle, Monalisa collapsed and fell unconscious as the sedatives coursed through her systems. Carefully, the remaining ninja gathered around her and quickly jabbed more darts into her, just to be safe.

"Shit. Just… just shit. What happened?" one asked, looking at the splattered blood that used to be his comrades.

"I don't know." said another, also looking at the 'remains'. "But I don't think Jimmy will want his five bucks back."

"Shut up, you two! And help us get this bitch back to HQ, before she wakes up and do the same to us!" said a third, and the ninja quickly left the area, with their new prisoner.

Leo and Tyroth did it, they saw the whole story about the Zerg, and possibly the future, but was it 'a' future or 'the' future? That might just rest on their shoulders.

All the while, Monalisa got herself captured by the Foot, again. Though this time, they had to bring her down the same way that they brought down Tyroth in 'A Dangerous Captive' by Bloodrayne666, which this is a reference to. Loved that fic, a joy from start to finish, and a gift to me no less.
Thanks again for that my dear friend! :)