Okay, I'm back with an author note. Sorry, I don't have the time for thanking everyone. *sigh* I'm being worn clear-through trying to write updates for all of my fics. I've put up, like, 5 Rurouni Kenshin stories, and I'm working on updates to all of them. I've finished all but one of my Inuyasha stories, and I've got a G Gundam story going. Plus I'm trying to draw......

Okay, here's the deal. I drew Miroku and Sango. I've got them done. And a pic of Kirara and Shippo(I think it sux). The Inuyasha pawprint pic can be seen at inuyashaworld(dot)com. it won the fanart contest for May. So, if you want to see it, go there. (I'm Okashira Misao there). Kagome's pic was so terrible, I threw it out. I just can't draw it.

You're welcome to draw the characters if you want, just be sure to send it to me, cause I wanna see them too! =P

I'm making a mailing list for my art. If you want to see my fanart, then leave your email IN YOUR REVIEW. I'll send out every new picture I draw, but I'm forewarning you that they won't be all Inuyasha pics. Most likely, they'll be original characters, animals, and Rurouni Kenshin fanart. Don't tell me to 'go to your bio' cause I probably won't. Just take two seconds to type out your email in the review box, say you want to be on the list, and hopefully, within a few weeks, I'll have the list up and running.

Thanks for being so patient, sorry for taking so long to get this note out. *cries a fountain* If you've been keeping up with all my stories......I've got a lot of them. And a bunch of new ones.

~~Kitten Kisses, aka Okashira Misao