Alternative Enderverse (Shadow of the Hegemon)

After Ender's Dragon Army was mostly kidnapped with just the two cream of the crop members (Ender himself and Bean) left out of the hostile human nation kidnappers grasps. The IF knew that despite their size and influence that it was still part of their weakness because they didn't know which of their agents/members they could trust and so it was time for other Earth Defense organizations to take over the responsibilities of control of the child military school graduates/veterans/actual warfare veterans. And so they handed the responsibilities to the joint adventure of S.H.I.E.L.D., U.N.I.T., Stargate Command, Avengers, and the Justice League. So that the Dragon Army can be used for actually Earth Defense from invasions of various genuine hostile alien races and not just Earth bound wars. And so after some time the combined efforts, and resources of all the organizations got the complete Dragon Army out of the hostile nation agent's hands. Ender became an companion to the Doctor in order to continue his quest of being the speaker of the dead by traveling all space and time and every once a while he is able to use his military school training to assist the Doctor in the Alien conflicts in order to protect the weak and defenseless from the strong and hostile. While the other Dragon Army members were gradually prepared to take the leadership posts in SHIELD, UNIT, and Stargate Command.