005. Loved



This isn't easy.

Ben's small, chubby fingers jiggle with the end of her Walkman's cord. She's tried going to the library about what she feels, and then another one closer to Derry. Nobody wants to talk about being someone you aren't.

"I like girls."

Summer fades around them, reddish-golden and droning with cicadas. Beverly lays herself out on the edge of the stone-terrace ledge, pulling off her sunglasses and gazing over to her friend with muted, outright intrigue. Ben's chest feels like it's tightening, like the cord in her hands has made its way inside, squeezing.

"And… I am a girl," she murmurs, dropping her eyes as Beverly straightens up. She's not skinny like Beverly; she's not gorgeous or in the right body Ben wants. Tears sting. "I know that doesn't make any sense, but…"

"Why shouldn't it?" Beverly asks. There's no disgust or confusion on her pale, freckled expression. Ben wipes frantically at her eyes, sniffling. "If being a girl is who you are, then it's who you are, Ben."

Beverly's smile lengthens, as she nudges the other girl's knee playfully with her toes.

"Anyways… I like girls, too," she announces proudly, giggling when Ben finally smiles back reassured. "I like you."



IT 2017 isn't mine. I love Benverly sooooo much I cannot tell you fully. This may only be a headcanon but young trans lesbians are just as important to the wlw community as cis lesbians and deserve to be on my list for Femslash February. I'm only sorry I haven't featured any characters like this soon. It's just a tiny glimpse/ficlet but I hope everyone liked it! Thoughts/comment appreciated as always! :)