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Today's song is 'Luck o' the Irish' and is written by Moosebutter. Yes, Moosebutter. I suspect that you will be seeing a little bit of them in my musical :P


(A few days later, Zoe is regaling the group with a tale of her most recent exploit to Ireland)


One day when I was walkin' back from kissin' the Blarney Stone™

KIT: You kissed the Blarney Stone?

ZOE: Yup! It's supposed to bring luck...I think...

I saw walking just ahead a little man, alone

He wore a beard and tiny greenish clothing he had on

I knew at once that I had found my own wee Leprechaun™

LEE: Where's my leprechaun? Why don't I have a leprechaun? I want a leprechaun!

ZOE: Just shut it!

Now you may not fully understand the things that I have told

NITA: What's not to understand?

For if you catch a little man you get his crock of gold

But you be careful, watch him close; be sure to hold him tight

For he'll slip away as quick as the day if you let him out of your sight.

ZOE: Erm...yeah...about keeping him in my sight...well, he was really tricky! Anyone coulda done it!

All day long I chased that little man among the trees

He was like a magic kite flittin' on the breeze

Wailing like a Banshee™ he was always just ahead

'til finally I grabbed him tight and this is what I said:


ZOE: If you'd shut up, I could tell you!

O Leprechaun™ your gold, your gold you'll give me

Or I'll be forced to treat you awful bad

And be so kind as to three wishes grant me

Or I will make your wife and children sad

AVRIL: That's kinda mean...threatening his wife and kids...

ZOE: Aww, why do you care? I'm at least RELATED to the Little Folk! I can get away with stuff like that. Anyways...

I thought of all the things I'd buy with all that magic cash

But soon my hopes of fortune all this little man did dash

I guess I'm cursed with all bad luck, though I'm not superstitious.

He said: "Ye cannot have my Lucky Charms™: they're magically delicious."

(There is silence)

LEE: ...so...where's the cereal? You DID take his cereal, RIGHT?

ZOE: ...

(A round of screeching and chasing Lee around the room ensues, with Zoe as the only competitor. After ten minutes, they finally settle down, and start watching TV, though they are both sulking)


Yeah, yeah, I know...it's pointless fluff...but you're just going to have to deal - Anywho, I hope it was enjoyable!