Chapter 8

I was nervous to say the least, I had been in debates before, but never for class president, and never against anyone like Thomas Jefferson before. I paced back and forth, Eliza watching me, as I tried to work out my introductory statement.

"Alex, relax, you'll do fine. It's just an introduction to everybody. The actual debate doesn't start for a while." Eliza said, walking over to me, and taking hold of my hands.

I let out a long breath, and nodded, trying to smooth out my shirt. "Yeah, you're right, you know, I have nothing to worry about. Absolutely nothing-"

Eliza kissed me, cutting off my sentence. I was surprised, but kissed her back. We separated, and she smiled up at me.

"You'll do fine." Eliza repeated.

I sighed, smiling at her, "Thank you."

"Now go get 'em Tiger." Eliza said, shoving me out of the room.

I chuckled, and made my way down the hall to the main gym, where the introductions were being held. I could hear the crowd talking loudly, and stepped inside, seeing a platform with two podiums on it. I took the one on the left of the audience, and Thomas took the one on the right.

The crowd silenced, and Thomas was allowed the first introduction. I looked around the crowd for Eliza, but instead found John's face staring up at me, smiling reassuringly. Tension I didn't know had built up already left my body.

I turned towards Thomas, listening to his introduction.

"My fellow students, today I come to you to appeal to your better senses. I know that some people" A glance towards me, "may see me as a tyrant, and a bully. But I'm simply doing my best in a school that can sometimes be nothing but chaos. I truly do act with everyone's intentions in mind, but if you try to please everyone, you end up pleasing no one. So, it's up to me to make the tough decisions that need to be made. I can think of no better way to support yourselves, than to vote someone into presidency, such as myself. You know me, I work hard to support the few, rather than the wealthy."

I scoffed internally at the jab that was no doubt aimed at the Schuylers. Thomas continued to lie to the masses, although I don't know how many of them believed the words he was saying. It was my turn after a few more minutes of Thomas making false promises.

"People of Elk Creek High, for those of you who don't know, my name is Alexander Hamilton. It's true, there's a million things I haven't done yet, but there's a million things I plan to do. Many of them consist of helping you fine people. Believe me, everyone makes mistakes, and I'm not promising I'll be perfect, but I'll do my best. I want to work to help everyone to the best of my ability. You can know for sure I won't lie to you, as some people might think." I glanced towards Thomas, who yawned, and smirked.

I took a deep breath, and continued, "I plan to work with a group of reliable people, to hear your suggestions, and take them into account for any new plans I make. I also want to fix the way our small little economy runs, more money funneled into clubs and teams that need it, not just the ones that feel they deserve it, for example football, volleyball, etc. I want to help the drama club, the music program, smaller student run clubs."

I looked to Thomas again, who was watching the crowd, a flicker of worry in his eyes. I smiled, confidence rising, "So, in conclusion, if you support me, I promise I'll work to help everyone. But you have to help me help you, I can't do it on my own. Thank you."

Everyone applauded, and someone let out a shrill whistle of approval. I turned to Thomas, and held out my hand. He had a disgusted look, but shook my hand, not wanting to look bad in front of everyone.

I stepped off the stage, and was greeted by my friends, John, Laf, and Herc. I grinned as they congratulated me and told me how I did well. Everyone around us was telling me I had their support, and I thanked them.

Eventually the Schuyler sisters approached me, and Peggy hugged me, Eliza gave my cheek a kiss, and Angelica nodded her approval. I smiled at her, and turned to Eliza again.

"You did great, Alex!" Eliza squealed, hugging my arm. "How about all of us go back to our place? We can celebrate!"

I looked to my other friends, who nodded, and turned back to Eliza. "Sounds great, I'll meet you there." I said, planting a kiss on her forehead.

"Okay, I'll call Martha and tell her to start gathering food, there's going to be a lot of us." Eliza said, turning to her sisters.

The sisters left, and I turned back to my friends. "So, you guys think I did good?"

"Absolutely." John said, smiling at me.

"Oui," Laf said, and Herc nodded his agreement.

"Thanks, do you think Thomas is scared?" I asked, glancing over to where Thomas, Madison, and their group of friends were talking.

"Yes." Her and Laf said, at the same time John said, "No."

I glanced to John, raising a brow, John sighed, "Alex, listen, Thomas is a lot of things, but a scaredy-cat is not one of them. Trust me, he's not scared, not yet, at least. He has plans, and you're in the way, you're nothing but an obstacle that needs destroying to him."

I grimaced, knowing John was probably right.

"I'll just need to find a way to make him scared, then." I said, glancing over at Thomas again, finding him already staring at me. His expression darkened, and he turned to whisper to James.

I turned back to my friends, who were grinning devilishly, nodding in agreement.

Hello everyone! I'm so sorry this took so long, I just haven't had the drive. Get ready for more drama, romance, and debates! Although it might take me longer to update.