this story takes place after Stars and has no connection with my past fics its entirely new so i hope you enjoy it :)

Chapter 1: The New Transfer Student!

Two Years Have Passed Since Sailor Moon Purified Galaxia Of Chaos And The Girls Are About To Start Their 3rd Year Of High School "Man High School Is So Hard!" Usagi Whined As She Twirled Her Pen In Her Hands "I'm Sure You'll Do Fine Usagi!" Ami Said Smiling Kindly "Thanks Ami" Usagi Said Smiling Back At Her As The Teacher A Tall Slender Woman With Shoulder Length Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes And B-Cup Breasts Wearing A Red Dress Walked In The Room.

The Teacher Smiled As The Students All Stood Up And Bowed To Her "Good Morning Mrs. Tanaka!" The Whole Class Said Still Bowing "Good Morning Class Please Be Seated I'll Now Take Attendance!" She Said As The Whole Class Sat Down "Gosh Miss Tanaka Sure Is Pretty Huh Ami?" Usagi Whispered To Ami "She Sure Is Usagi" Ami Whispered Back Smiling "Mizuno, Ami?" Mrs. Tanaka Said Looking At Her Attendance Sheet "Right Here!" Ami Said Holding Up Her Hand "Thank You Miss Mizuno!" Mrs. Tanaka Said Nodding As She Resumes Calling Out Names.

"Tsukino, Usagi?" Mrs. Tanaka Said Looking Around "Right Here!" Usagi Said Holding Up Her Hand "Very Good Miss Tsukino!" Mrs. Tanaka Said Smiling As She Finished Calling Everyone Else's Name "Okay Class Before We Begin We Have A New Transfer Student Starting Today I Want You All To Meet Saotome, Ryuji!" Mrs. Tanaka Said As The Door Swung Open And A Boy With Short Blonde Hair Spiked Up At The Front, Blue Eyes With A Handsome Face Wearing A Black School Outfit Walks In The Room Making All The Girls Except Ami Who Just Looked At Him Squeal "THE Saotome Ryuji!?" Usagi Screamed Looking At Him With Hearts In Her Eyes.

Ryuji Holds Up His Hand "Hey Everyone As Mrs. Tanaka Has Said My Name Is Saotome, Ryuji As You Obviously Already Know I Am A Rock Star And I Joined This School So I Could Finish My Education And I Hope You Will Help Me" Ryuji Said Bowing Then Looked Around And Saw Ami Looking At Him And Blushed Slightly As He Took The Empty Desk Next To Her Ami Turned To Him "Nice To Meet You My Name's Mizuno Ami" She Said Smiling Kindly As She Held Out Her Hand Ryuji Took Her Hand And Kissed It "Pleasures All Mine Pretty Lady" He Said Looking Into Her Eyes.

Ami Blushed Slightly "Saotome-San..." She Muttered Making Ryuji Smile "Gotta Admit You're The First Girl Who Didn't Scream And Fuss Over Me Thank You Mizuno-Chan!" He Said Still Looking Into Her Eyes "You're Welcome Saotome-San I've Never Been One To Go Crazy Over Celebrities I'm Sure They'd Prefer To Be Treated Like Anyone Else" Ami Said Smiling Kindly Making Ryuji Blush "Alright You Two You Can Get To Know Each Other Better After Class!" Mrs. Tanaka Said Making Them Both Jump Out Of Their Seats "Yes Ma'am!" They Both Said As Everyone Else Laughed.

A Few Hours Later Class Ends And Ami Goes To Her Locker And Smiles As She Unlocks It And Grabs Her Outside Shoes Puts Them On Then Adds Her Indoor Shoes To The Locker Then Closes It And Reacts With Shock When She Sees Ryuji Standing There "Saotome-San! You Scared Me!" She Said Gasping "Sorry Mizuno-Chan Didn't Mean Too I Just Wanted To Thank You Again For Not Going Nuts On Me I Truly Appreciate It!" Ryuji Said Smiling "Its Alright No Harm No Foul And You're Welcome" Ami Said Kindly "Listen Mizuno-Chan Um I Was Wondering Do You Maybe Want To Go Out With Me Sometime?" Ryuji Said Blushing Crimson.

Ami Blushes Hard "I Don't Know I Have Cram School Everyday After School" She Said Nervously As Ryuji Grabs Her Chin And Makes Her Look At Him "Come On Mizuno-Chan It Will Be Fun I Promise!" He Said Looking Into Her Eyes "S-Saotome-San I...I Suppose After Cram School I Could..." Ami Said Shuffling Her Feet Nervously "Great Is 7 O'Clock Good For You Mizuno-Chan?" Ryuji Said Smiling Happily "Y-Yeah Its Fine Saotome-San" Ami Said Blushing Crimson "Great I'll See You Then Pretty Lady" Ryuji Said Kissing Her On The Cheek And Walking Off Ami Rubs Her Cheek And Smiles "Saotome-San..." She Said With A Sigh.

Chapter 1. End