Smoke fills the air throughout my minds image as flames melt the remnants of my sanity
Licking away at the unsteady structure of my thoughts
Leaving falling debris to be ridiculed by the majority
To be seen by most and trusted by none

An obvious source of useless mentality sprays aimed at the mounting, raging fire.

Rationality sits far beyond and out of reach, thus suggesting paranoia
Either way logic chooses to go, the now burning structure seems to be a shelter
A shelter from the doubts and fears that now and then surface
The distruction of a worn and tattered mind that once sat like a building implies a need to clear away those who contribute not money
But problems

There's also the issue of emotion in the background.
Agility is often essential aspect to life, giving good reason for the burning and later removal of the configuration
Allowing the barrier to be freely brought down so rationality is set in the center of a spacious green field
Void of any distractions to the eye

The only other cause may have been accidental
That some careless being allowed a fire to brew without caution
Thus ending the existence of a seeming ancient mound
Little did I know that that being was myself.