A Very Bionic Brady

Chapter 1

The southern California night was being ripped and shredded to pieces by the shrill scream of a siren. an ambulance was racing down the street toward the nearest hospital. when the ambulance pulled into Rampart Community hospital and gurney was lifted out the back. On it was an eleven year- old blonde girl in pigtails. the top and right side of her face was covered in bandages her legs and right arm were immobilized and her neck was in a brace.

They paramedics wheeled her into the hospital and into one of the treatment rooms. When instead of the regular ER doctor, Dr. Nathan Bennett walked in.

"What have we got here?" he asked the Nurse, Gracie Henshaw.

"Cynthia Brady, Age 11," Replied the Nurse, "She was on her way home from school when she was clobbered by a drunk driver in a moving truck. witnesses say that she was knocked off the road into to a ravine."

Dr. Bennett shook his head disbelief.

"Alright," he said, checking her vitals, "Let's get X-rays a full set head to toe. skip the paperwork work we've got to move on this


The rest of the Brady family was in the waiting room. Carole was holding on to Mike, Greg, Marcia, Peter, and Jan were pacing and Bobby was sitting in a chair with his legs pulled up to his chest. Alice was sitting next to Mike and Carol chewing her nails down to the nub.

"How could this happen," Said Carol fighting back tears.

"The officer said that that guy driving the truck was so drunk he was cross-eyed." Said Mike as his face wavered between anger and worry. "He shouldn't have been anywhere near that truck much less driving it."

Before Greg could say anything, Dr. Bennett emerged from the double doors and walked into the waiting room. Instantly he was surrounded by Bradys and barraged with questions about Cindy.

"hold it," he said, "Everyone please sit down."

They all sat down and there was tense pause before Mike spoke. He asked the question that everyone else was afraid to ask.

"How is she, Doctor?"

"Well I won't lie to you," said Dr. Bennett, "She's in bad shape. Both of her legs and her right arm are broken in so many places that we can't even begin to pin them. I'm also fairly sure that she's blind in one eye and deaf in one ear."

Carol Brady choked back a sob.

"Is there anything you can do?"

"Well she's stable right now, there doesn't seem to be any damage to her internal organs and her spinal cord is still intact. So, those are a few small blessings. I'll try to come up with some options for you. Rest assured, I will do whatever I can."

With that he stood up and walked back through the double doors.

Greg punched his fist into the palm of his hand.

"I should have driven her home instead of being so worried about Coach being mad at me for being late to practice. I could have prevented this!"

"you had no way of knowing that this was going to happen." Said Mike

"Yes," said Carol, "and to be perfectly honest even if you were there you can't be sure that this wouldn't have happened anyway!"

"you mother's right Greg," said Mike, "There are no guarantees."

Back in his office Dr. Bennett was pouring over every orthopedic journal and Medical book he had. Just then his son Michael walked in.

"Hi, Dad," he said, "How's the girl?" Nathan had been at the accident scene and when saw the state Cindy was in he called his friend the hospital administrator and convinced him to let him take care of the girl and oversee her case."

"Well son," he replied looking up at Michael, "This whole thing is eerily similar to the night of your accident. I'm trying to figure out how to give this girl her life back."

"There is a way, Dad," said Michael, "and I can't believe that you haven't thought of it."

"What," said his father. Instead of answering, Michael just held up his right arm and pointed to it. His dad's eyes widened and he began to smile.

"Of course," he said

A few minutes later Nathan Bennett reappeared in the waiting room.

"Mr. and Mrs. Brady," he said, "I have a surgical procedure on Cindy that can restore her ability to walk and use her arm. But I can't tell you more than that right now. May I have your permission to operate?"

"By all means," said Mike Brady, Carol nodded vigorously.

"Do Whatever you can, doctor." She said, "We'll gladly sign the necessary papers."

"Thank you," he said. He turned and ran back through the doors.


5 hours later… Cindy woke up in the recovery room. She was surprised that she was only a little sore from a slight headache. She turned and saw the Doctor standing next to her.

"Welcome back Cindy, I'm Doctor Bennett," he said.

"Hello, Dr. Bennett," she said still a little groggy, but getting clearer.

"How do you feel, Cindy?" he asked

"Okay, I guess," she said, "But my legs and my right arm feel a little funny."

"That's because they're bionic, and you can no longer feel pain in them." Replied Doc Bennett.

"Bionic!" Exclaimed Cindy. She grabbed the metal railing around her bed and went to sit up. The railing bent in her right hand.

"Whoa," she said.

"Yeah," said Doctor Bennett, "You're going to have to get used to being superhumanly strong with that bionic arm. And with those legs you'll be able to run faster and jump higher than a normal human being."

Suddenly Cindy's hand shot to her right ear.

"I can hear my family they're waiting in my room, Bobby wants one of my sisters to give the flowers so he can give me the books. She giggled, he says it's because flowers are girly." Suddenly she found herself looking straight through the wall at her family.

"I can see them right through the wall!" she exclaimed.

"Yeah," he said, "I know, your right eye and right ear are bionic as well, with them, you can see, and hear over considerable distances. Your eye is equipped with X-ray circuits that allow you to see through walls just like superman it's also equipped with a laser beam."

Cindy was dumbfounded, she wasn't sure whether to be amazed or scared of what she was now capable of. More importantly what would her family think of it?!

Cindy still had these questions on her mind when she was wheeled out of the recovery room and into her normal room. Her family was so happy to see her that she nearly forgot what she was worried about. She was very happy to see them again too.

The who family was blown away by the results of the operation. Except for a few scrapes on her jaw she didn't even look like she had been in any accident much less one as bad as her accident had been. Cindy was still worried about what her family would think when they found out the truth of what Dr. Bennett had done. Dr. Bennett understood, even though he told he didn't think she had anything to worry about, he agreed to keep quiet and let her tell them when she was ready.

A few hours later after most of the others and gone home. Cindy looked over at her mother who was sleeping in the chair next to her. Then she looked up at the ceiling and sighed.

"Doc Bennett said that I would be able to run faster than a normal human being," she thought, "I wonder just how fast that is? I wonder how long it'll take me to learn to walk on my new legs."

Cindy knew one thing as she drifted off to sleep. Only time would tell.

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