001. Cables

"Are you kidding me?!"

Her internet was acting up again.

It was the fifth time it had happened that day and Amy was getting fed up. She had a lot of patience but when deadlines were to be met on the next day, nothing mattered anymore than getting those papers done and dusted.

She tried fixing the cables on her own. It worked... for a while. The pink hedgehog had no experience when it came to engineering so the cords were just a tangled mess. She'd rather not risk getting a shock if she played around with them even more.

Rummaging through her things to get to her phone, she called up the electrical company that she was with and booked an appointment for the next hour. Amy let out a longing sigh as she leaned back into her computer chair, calming herself down.

All this stress will be over soon, Amy.

She gave herself some motivational prep talk up until the shrill tone of the door bell echoed through her apartment.

Oh good, they're here! Amy moved to the entrance, noticing the blue spiky hair that she could see through the glass silhouette. Must be a hedgehog. She opened the door and her eyes shot up in surprise at the man who stood on her doorstep.

Amy never really believed in love at first sight. She found it to be a fantasy, something that could only ever exist in fictional novels. However, she did believe that being absolutely blown away by a person at first glance was real. Amy had to admit, he was handsome. Actually no, scratch that. He was downright gorgeous. Was it possible for a man to look so attractive in work uniform? He was only wearing a dark blue jumpsuit, the collar part of it hugging his neck so perfectly. His shoes were black boots, the bottom of his uniform tucked into them. A tool kit accompanied one of his hands and Amy couldn't help but note the strain on his arms that were prominent to his muscles.

Chaos, and his hair. His pretty blue hair. She was fawning over it and there was already that tingling urge to bury her hands in it.

She really shouldn't be staring like this...

"Hey, the name's Sonic!" he gave her a toothy grin, "I'm the electrician you called for earlier."

"O-Oh," Amy blundered, already feeling her legs going jelly. She shouldn't have stared. That was so rude of her. "Of course! Please come in." She stepped away to the side as she let him in and closed the door.

"So what seems to be the problem?" Sonic asked as he followed her into the living room.

"My internet keeps cutting out every thirty minutes or so," Amy explained as she motioned the nestled cables surrounding her internet box, "I've tried using the trouble shooting instructions but nothing seems to work."

"Oh, then it's probably something to do with the wiring," Sonic said as he laid his tool kit onto the ground, "Just give me a few minutes and it should be good to go again!"

"Okay," Amy nodded and took a step back, giving Sonic enough room to work. Seeing how busy he had become and how unnecessary it was to stand around, she decided to retreat into the kitchen. Because obviously, she was just going to stare at Sonic for the whole time and if he had caught her doing that, explaining herself would be life or death.

She braced herself against a chair and stared at her shaking hands. Why were they shaking? Wanting to calm herself, she gripped onto the chair tighter. It wasn't suppose to be that hot today was it? For one, her heater wasn't even on and the air conditioner hadn't been used for months. Chaos, the temperature was suppose to be normal all day, a quick breeze with a little sunshine here and there.

So why she did feel like a steaming hot potato?

Amy peaked back into the room just in time to see Sonic stand up, looking over his work from a distance. He glanced over his green irises to her and smiled, waving her to come over.

"All done and it should be working perfectly fine now!" he grinned at her again and Amy's heart was practically pounding out of her chest.

You don't even know him, Amy. Stop!

Oh come on, he's freaking hot! Another voice spoke out to her. Future boyfriend alert.

Amy promptly squished down those horrendous thoughts. "Great..."

"The company will call you up later and bill you the costs," Sonic heaved his tool kit up, rolling it over his shoulders, "It won't be too much though considering it was just a faulty wire."

"Th-Thank you, Sonic," she smiled, her cheeks tinting pink.

"No problem!" he scratched the back of his head, "Uh, sorry. I didn't quite catch your name...?"

She blinked before spluttering out her words. "A-Amy! Amy Rose..."

"Well, Miss Rose, thanks for the business!" he winked at her before stepping outside, "Have a nice day!"'

Giving a hesitant wave back, Amy watched him go down the steps and walk into his car. She slammed the door shut and suddenly collapsed against it, her heart skipping a few beats.

He winked at her!


The following week, Amy tried her ever so best to study for her classes but she couldn't get the electrician out of her mind. She wished she gave Sonic some of her contact details before he went out. But that would've been weird, right? Giving a really cute stranger her phone number. Even if she tried, the big blush on her face would prevent her from doing so.

The mere thought of finding a way to contact the blue hedgehog made her redden. She couldn't just call up the electrical company and ask for one of their employee's contact details. God no. That was borderline stalker behaviour right there. And if Sonic knew of that, her chances would dim and then the whole world would know and her getting into a relationship would never happen.

That only left one solution.

Have another electrical problem.

As stupid as it sounded, there was no other way. If she wanted to see Sonic again, then she had to somehow purposely sabotage the wiring of her internet again. Or maybe a lightbulb. Yeah that would work.

She wasn't made out of money after all, so she didn't want the wreck to be too serious. Repairs like these weren't cheap.

Amy was still contemplating whether to call the company but when Sonic's beautiful green jaded eyes filled her mind, she hastily grabbed her phone and dialled the number.

"Hello, Station Square Electrical. How may we be of help?"

"Um," she bit her lip, "I-I'm calling about a problem to do with my light."

"Of course. What kind of light bulbs do you own?"

"Well, I'm not sure," she gulped down her spit, "B-But the light keeps randomly turning off in the kitchen."

"Are the bulbs new?"

"Yes," Amy lied. Actually, she didn't even know. Ever since she moved in, she never had to change them.

"There might be a fuse. We can send someone over to have a look at it."

"U-Um, if it's not too much to ask..." Amy spluttered as she gripped the phone tighter, "The guy you sent last time- I would like to have him back."

"Not a problem. Who did we send you last time?"

"Uh... S-Sonic," she squeaked out.

"Ah, Sonic the Hedgehog. He'll be available in the next few hours. Will two o'clock work for you?"

"That's fine!" she was smiling now, "Thank you!"

"No problem. Have a nice day, miss."

"You too."

Amy hung up as soon as the phone line clicked and let out a breath of relief. Now I just have to fiddle with circuits. She looked up at her light bulb with a determined look. Come on, you can do this!


Two o'clock came around fast than expected and Amy was nervous. She was scattering around the area peering out the window from time to time to see if he was there. She took quick looks at her work of the tangled electrical circuits. Hey, at least it looked believable. And tweezers weren't fun to use!

She had written down her number and the paper was scrunched up into her pocket. With how many laps she was doing around the apartment, the paper might've just been a goner.

Soon enough- and it was way too soon, Sonic's car pulled up and she wasn't near ready yet! She inwardly screamed and scrambled around the door frame, already seeing his blue silhouette walk up the steps to her door.

Oh no. Chaos, please. I can't! I can't! No, no, no-

The door bell rang.

She jumped, her head whipping around as her stomach did a thousand backflips. Amy swallowed nervously. This is it.

So on shaky feet, she dragged a few steps to the door. Please stop overreacting, Amy. Putting on a smile, Amy pulled open the door.

"H-Hey..." she greeted him giving a small wave.

"Oh, hey Amy!" his cheerful voice rung into her home, "What's the problem? They told me about your lights acting up or something...?"

He was already calling her Amy. Oh god, she could just drift away now...

"Uh, y-yeah," she blundered, "The lights... in the kitchen. They stopped working." What a stupid excuse, but luckily Sonic seemed to buy it.

"Wow, your place probably needs a serious check over," he chuckled out as he stepped in, "Two times in two weeks."

Amy just smiled clumsily.

"Well, lead the way Amy and I'll look into it," Sonic said.

She nodded, shuffling backwards as she spun on her foot down the hallway. She heard Sonic following close behind, his tool box clanking loudly as she pointed at the kitchen light switch.

Sonic stepped into the room as his hand hovered the light switch. He pressed it and the light didn't come on. He flickered it a few more times but the result stayed the same. Amy had to mentally congratulate herself for making it work.

"Hmm, well there's definitely something wrong with it," the blue hedgehog stated, "I'll go check out your fuse box."

Amy nodded once more and watched him go around the corner to the fuse box. She couldn't help but grimace when he had latched open the box and saw that everything was all over the place.

"Whoa," Sonic sounded as he stared at all the wires dangling down.

"What is it?" she asked, pretending to not know what had happened.

"It's no wonder why it's not working," he laughed out, "They're just not plugged in properly."

Amy blushed sheepishly. "Oh."

Sonic began to rearrange everything back into its place. Once he was done, he closed the latch of the fuse box and walked towards the kitchen light switch. He flickered it on and the light lit up normally again.

"There," he smiled at her, "You shouldn't have a problem with them again."

She nervously smiled back at him. "Thanks..."

Sonic shook his head with a chuckle. "It's no problem," he walked over to get his tool kit.

"I'm sorry if I called you here for no reason then," Amy tried her very best to look guilty but it was just too hard when Sonic was smiling at her.

"It's okay, Amy," he laughed as he started to make his way to the door, "Stuff like that is easy to fix though even without an electrician! You can look it up on our site. Saves you a bit of money."

"I'll make sure to keep that in mind. Th-Thank you..."

He gave her that dazzling toothy grin again. "See you around, Amy!"

She saw him walk out the door, still mesmerised with what had just happened.

And she was oh so distracted by him going that she forgot to give him her number.


Amy did the research like Sonic told her to, but for the opposite reason. She wanted to actually sabotage her whole power supply. Of course, without producing major damage. She only really had tweezers laying around her place and it seemed that she actually had to go out to the hardware store and buy some more equipment.

She never visited a hardware store before, so she had to use her phone to navigate the one nearest to her. Turned out, there was one only two minutes away from her. Hooray.

When the pink hedgehog walked in, she was taken aback at how massive it was. Each shelf was filled with products she didn't know the name of and some that she didn't even know existed. Everything was unrecognisable in her inexperience eyes.

Figuring that the best place to start was the electrical area, she walked over there and starting her quest to find the best suitable electrical pliers.

She followed the signs that laid across the aisle, too shy to ask the staff walking by for assistance. Maybe she'd need them if she got lost, seeing how massive this place was.

Amy almost passed the small little area that had just what she wanted. Peaking through the wooden box, she looked at the picture on her phone before plucking out the exact same electrical pliers that she had been looking for.


Amy's eyes widened at that awfully familiar voice and she whirled around to see a blue hedgehog.

"S-Sonic?" she suddenly put on a brave smile, "Hey..."

"Nice seeing you here!" Sonic beamed happily as he readjusted his grip onto his basket.

"Y-Yeah, I'm just," Amy jittery glanced down at the pliers, "Grabbing a few things."

"Looks like you took my advice," he smiled as he pocketed his hand, "What do you need those pliers for?"

"Just... for some wires."

He arched an eye. "Oh? What kind?"

"They're from my internet cable," she lied as she waved it off, "It's no big deal."

"They're not from the same cable, right?"

"Um, no," Amy didn't even know what she was suppose to say, "It's just a little finicky."

"Ah," Sonic nodded, "Try to take off the plastic covering behind it and work from there. Just give me a call if that doesn't work, since you have the company's number."

"I will, thank you!" Amy said. She waved a farewell to Sonic as she walked off. Now, she had a lot of work to do to make this seem believable.


Amy waited a full two days before she called the electrical company again. Who knew that sabotaging your own internet cable and power supply was tough work? Again, it wasn't too serious. But she made it believable to the point where it was no accident and that it magically started to act crazy again.

Sonic was already booked on the day she called, so the company told her that he'd be free to check it out the next day. Amy didn't mind though. In fact, she was glad that he wouldn't be here today. That way, she could actually check her work and that she could actually remember giving him her phone number this time.

When it was the next day, Amy wasn't nervous anymore. No. She was ready. She wasn't pacing around. Instead, she walked up to the door with confidence as she was greeted by Sonic once again.

"Long time no see, Amy!" he greeted her with a wink.

"H-Hey Sonic. Sorry for causing so much trouble."

"Eh, it's no problem at all! It's my job after all!" Sonic flashed her with a smile as he walked into the hallway, "So what's the problem this time? Your internet cables acting up again?"

"Mhm, I tried to fix it... but it looks like I made it worse," she said with a sheepish laugh.

Sonic just laughed. "Let's see how you went."

Amy led him the way into the living room where the cables were spread out.

"Same room, huh?" Sonic pondered, "You should get your landlord or someone to get into this. You shouldn't have to pay for faulty equipment and sockets."


"Well, it shouldn't take too long," Sonic crouched down with his box, "Everything will be as good as new in no time!"

"Okay... I'll be in the other room," Amy replied as she shuffled out of the area.

She started to twiddle her thumbs. Oh before you go, here's my number! Amy mentally scowled at herself. Hi, I think you're really cute! Let's hang out sometime?

The pink hedgehog groaned. I sound like a desperate fangirl.


She froze. Ames? Oh wait, that was her. Who else could it be? Stupid Amy!

"Yes, Sonic?"

"Turn around."

Amy winced. "I-I don't want to..."

She heard him sigh and she could hear his boots clicking against the wooden floor. Amy lowered her head as Sonic walked around her so that they faced each other. She felt his hand underneath her chin before he lifted it up so that he could look at her.

"Ya know," Sonic grinned as he held up the piece of crumpled up paper, making her eyes go into a panic, "If you wanted my number, you could've just asked for it."

Amy's cheeks reddened and she couldn't help but snatch the piece of paper away from him. "H-How did you..."

"I found it when you walked off," he arched a teasing eye, "Looks like you didn't realise that you dropped it."

She couldn't see any anger in his eyes, only gentle understanding.

"It's fine, Amy," he laughed at her reaction, "I'm not angry. I'm actually flattered that you spent so much money just to see me again!" He dropped his hand from her chin as Amy just blinked at him.

"Still," she averted her eyes, "I should've just spoken to you instead of wasting your time..."

Sonic shook his head. "Nuh uh, you didn't waste my time at all!" he smiled again, this time it was much more gentler, "I won't lie, I liked seeing you too."

She gazed back up at him. "R-Really?"

"Really," he leaned over and held their hands together, "You can have my number. That way, we can actually meet up and talk without all the faulty wires, huh?"

He shot her another grin and her face flushed harder.


"You're really cute."

Amy shot her eyes up at this. "W-What?"

Sonic only laughed again as he got out a piece of paper from his pocket. "I said you're really cute," he scribbled down something with his pen, "Here's my number!"

"S-Sonic?" Amy looked up at him as she took the piece of paper before noticing the little heart he had drawn next to his number, making her blush even more. She snapped her head up again when she felt his minty breath hovering over her.

"You better call me," he whispered lowly before planting a soft kiss on her cheek. He pulled away with a satisfied smirk as he picked up his tool box, "Can't wait for our first date, Ames!"

He winked at her once more as he walked out the door. Amy watched after him, face flushed with her hand clutching the small note tightly, the biggest smile eddying on her lips.