Although Malfoy had not made a single comment about Hermione or Ron, Siria fainting from the dementors, and had not said anything about cushioning her fall, the two were relieved when Madam Pomfrey discharged them Monday morning. Wood's gaze was so low, Siria was convinced he was trying to see behind his own feet. With her broom in pieces and the weather still poor, Professor McGonagall suspended Gryffindor practice. Ron tried to argue that Siria could use his broom, but broom or not, no one wanted Siria back into the storm.

(Book: B3, 185-186 Professor Lupin is back and had dismissed Snape's essay. He does the lesson then asks Siria to stay back)

"As you may remember, on Halloween, Sirius and I were discussing the Patronus Charm." Professor Lupin began. "With you unable to play right now, Sirius thought it may be a good time to start, if you're up for it."

"Will it help?" Siria asked. "With the dementors?"

"If you can master the Charm, but I must warn you, it is above O.W.L. level."

"When can we start?" Siria asked. At this point, she wouldn't care if it was above N.E.W.T. level or if it meant she had to eat a jar of mandrake leaves a day. If it would keep the dementors away, she would do just about anything. They agreed to start on Thursday, if she stayed in fair health the rest of the week.

(Book: B3, 236-242, 187 Siria meets Professor Lupin in the History of Magic classroom at 8pm on Thursday. Lupin collected a boggart for them to use. He explains how the Charm works: it requires a strong, very happy memory & makes a shield of sorts. Siria doesn't get the Patronus Charm at first and ends up hearing James's voice. She confesses to hearing Voldemort murder Lily. They tries again and she makes a weak one. They agree to meet next week.)

The trunk slammed shut as Hermione climbed inside. Siria looked up from a letter from Sirius. "Yes?" She asked as she quickly slid the letter into the first book she grabbed.

"Siria," Hermione pulled a chair out and sat down, "I have kind of an odd request."

"More odd than 'ask no questions, let me use the Cloak and tell everyone I've forgotten something'? Because I kind of doubt that."

"Siria." Hermione's brown eyes peered through Siria's glasses. "I'm being serious."

"He'd be more theatrical," Siria winked, but found now was not the time for jokes.

Bags were growing under Hermione's eyes, which were slightly bloodshot. Her bushy hair went off in every direction, as if she'd given up brushing it. She had slumped onto the table, with her shoulders weighed down by the books she usually carried, even though she didn't have them at the moment.

"Would you be willing to let me use the rooms of your trunk? I could just hang a little sign or something. I've something I need to do, without it being disturbed, and I—" Hermione looked on the verge of tears. Siria reached across the table and put her hand on Hermione's.

"Sure. I just need to move my clothes to the yellow point and my books over to the orange, and it's all yours." Siria assured her.

"Really?" Hermione asked.

"Really." Siria nodded as she got to her feet to start collecting things.

"You're really interested in Animagi, aren't you?" said Hermione. Siria who had just grabbed the book she'd stuffed Sirius's letter into froze.

"What makes you say that?" she asked. Hermione pointed to her book,

"You're re-reading Animagi."

"Oh, yeah. I really like it." She turned to the bookshelf, to put the letter into another book, but Hermione came over to help.

When they had moved the things Siria would want out of the room points of the stars, it was nearly time for bed. Hermione offered to let Siria share her bed, as that had helped her sleep in the past. Siria told Hermione she would be fine. She wanted to finish Sirius's letter. Once the other girls had gone to bed, Siria pulled the blanket over her head and cast "Lumos" to finally read it.

Dear Siria,


As you're able to keep the leaf under your tongue for twice as long as needed, it's time to move on. When you're alone, tap your wand to the second page and say "I solemnly swear I am up to no good" and, when you're done, tap it with your wand again and say "mischief managed." Also, please burn this letter.

She pulled the second page out from behind the instructions and did as they told her.

On the next full moon, remove the old mandrake leaf and put a new one under your tongue.

On the following full moon, if the sky is clear, I'll come to help you with the rest.

If the full moon is not visible, you'll have to start over with a new mandrake leaf (every month until there is a clear full moon). I will have everything else ready.

Practice saying "Amato Animo Animato Animagus" as clearly as you possibly can. You'll have to say it for an entire day.

Remember: Mischief managed.

She looked over the instructions a few more times before tapping the page with "Mischief Managed," which turned the page blank. Siria snuck into the potions room of her trunk and burned the first page of the letter. She placed the other one with her clothes after writing "Dear Sirius," so anyone that saw would think it was just an unfinished letter to her godfather.

Over their match at the end of November, Ravenclaw flattened Hufflepuff. Wood, who had been worried about the two teams' change ups, found this to be great news. He found it to be even better news when Hufflepuff beat Slytherin. Fred and George voiced it was a shame Hufflepuff couldn't beat Slytherin out of the running completely.

On the Sunday after Hufflepuff's match against Slytherin, Warrington and Travers, who had not been in since November, sat with Astoria and Colin. When she saw them, Hannah Abbott of all people marched up to their table. Even though Travers glared at her, Hannah gave her best smile. "Your team played really well." Hannah told them. Her voice was steady, but her hands trembled at her sides. Travers dropped her glare.

"Of course we did." she told Hannah.

(Book: B3, 245-248 Siria is able to produce the silvery shadow of the Patronus, but is not there yet. Lupin tells Siria about the Dementor's Kiss, which sucks the soul out of the recipient and makes them a hollow, emotionless husk.

B3, 189-194 Fred and George give Siria the Marauder's Map before they head to Hogsmeade. The Marauder's Map allows her to see everyone in all of Hogwarts, shows the secret passages, and is a great tool)

Siria held the map in her hands and looked at the curly, green writing of: Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs. She scanned over the map for Professor Lupin, who she saw in his office. With a tap of her wand and a "Mischief managed!" she hurried over. The moment she pounded on the door, he opened it.

"I wasn't expecting you," Professor Lupin confessed, but smiled at her.

"May I come in? I've something private to ask you." Siria could feel herself trembling and hear it through her voice.

"Of course." He nodded and closed the door behind her. Siria sat before his desk and placed the currently blank, old map on it. Professor Lupin looked innocently from the paper to Siria. He said nothing. She tapped the parchment with her wand and he raised his hand.

"I know this map." Professor Lupin told her.

"I know." She tucked her wand into her jacket. "I know that you and Sirius both know, and I don't care about the map. What I care about is Moony & Padfoot or, rather, that I think you're them."

"If we were, wouldn't you rather hear it from Sirius?" He asked.

"But he doesn't want me to know about his 'boring' job." She told him. Siria slouched into the chair and stared at her hands.

"I would be more than happy to discuss it, after you've spoken with him." Professor Lupin slid the parchment over to Siria. She looked over her glasses at him then pocketed the map and excused herself.

Siria was torn between using the map to go to Hogsmeade and keeping her word with Sirius. She had told him that she wouldn't do anything he would and knew he meant to stay out of trouble and be safe. While going to Hogsmeade wouldn't necessarily be unsafe, it would involve leaving the grounds. Siria sighed and wandered until lunch time, when she headed for the Great Hall.

Colin Creevey was there with his usual group of fellow second years, who insisted Siria join them. They spent a long time looking at her scar again, as if it had grown since the last time they saw it, which it had not. Siria took her frustration out on her food. She stabbed her at her plate more forcefully than usual and sighed excessively. "Once he's caught," she told herself, "once he's caught I can go to Hogsmeade."

Dear Sirius,

You know what this is. I know what this is.

I've taken the steps, as per your other letter, which works like this one.

If you can, I'd really like to talk to you about it. I know you're looking for Peter and that I've caused you to take a lot of breaks from it, but can you take one more?



She looked over her letter again before she folded it around the blank Marauder's Map, stuffed it into an envelope, and took it to Hedwig in the owlery.