The Initial Sweep

It's official. The third time something happens, it creates a habit. You had again been out-voted and forced to take the Impala and leave your Jeep. Not that it really took much coercing, as you didn't seem to have the attachment to your car that Dean had with his. It was simply for practicality reasons. But hey, no skin off your back. You were woman enough to admit that you admired a classic car when you saw one. You shut the door to the back seat behind Sam and the three of you were off to Ohio.

"There's not much left for the insurance company. It was a suicide. I saw it myself." The priest who had witnessed the occurrence was walking the three of you through his church. The ruse this time was that Sam and Dean were insurance brokers and you were a trainee learning the craft. Dean spoke up. "Well, this shouldn't take long, then." The priest came to a halt and the three of you followed suit, tracing his gaze to the facing balcony. The priest sighed, sadness in his eyes as he remembered the event. "That's where Andy did it. It's the first time I'd seen him in weeks. He used to come every Sunday." That peaked Sam's interest. You began to ascend the stairs; having a bit of trouble with the stiff black pantsuit you had picked up on the way. The problem with your body type was that while one size fit your waist, it certainly did not fit your ass and vice versa. You (unfortunately) had to accommodate your waist this time, making your ass look extremely prominent. It just felt wrong in a church. Apparently Dean noticed as well, as (unbeknownst to you) Sam had to elbow him to direct his attention back to his notepad. He grimaced and snuck one final look before going back to his task. You finally reached the top to analyze the crime scene when Sam spoke. "When did he stop?"

"Probably about two months ago. Right around the time everything else started to change." Dean took notes as you searched the area for sulfur. Sam continued his questioning. "Change how?"

"Let's just say this used to be a town you could be proud of. People…cared about each other. Andy sang in the choir and then one day, he just wasn't Andy anymore. It was like he was…"

"Possessed?" Sam finished his thought. "You could say that. Gambled away his money, cheated on his wife, destroyed his business. Yes. Like a switch had flipped."

"Father, did you know the man who killed those folks in the Hobby-Shop?" You looked up from your position on all fours to hear his answer. "Sure, Tony Perkins. Good man."

"Would you say that is personality suddenly changed one day, too?" You studied the priest as he thought. His eyes twitched to the right, an indication that a connection was made in his mind. "I never thought about it that way, but…yes. About the same time as Andy, about two months ago." You looked to Dean and nodded, indicating that the priest was being honest. He looked to the man, "Well, thank you, Father. Appreciate your time." Sam looked up at you as you descended the stairs joining the brothers once more. "Well, I thoroughly checked and there was no sulfur."

"Well, did you hear that? Two months ago, we opened up the Devil's Gate. What, all of a sudden this town turns into Margaritaville? It's no coincidence." You sighed, knowing full well that you were missing something. All signs pointed to demon, so why was there no sulfur? No one had contaminated the crime scene. It was time to find a room and reassess.