Ezekiel had been tinkering with all of their phones for over a week whenever he had a spare moment but they had learnt by now to just ignore him and read a book or work out (though, that was just in Baird's case) until he was finished with whatever he might be doing.

It was after another exhausting mission saving a small town outside of Baghdad from an old man, who had found an ancient Mesopotamian board game in his attic and was unknowingly releasing soldiers while playing it, that Ezekiel revealed what he had been up to.

"I have made an app for your phones that tells you when there's a new clipping in the book. I already had one for mine but I upgraded it a bit, put some new features in there, including a distress button that let's everyone know your location the second you press and also a Jenkins-I-need-a-door button," he explained excitedly.

"Cool," was Jake's monotonous answer.

"Great. Now I can't ignore you anymore when you're trying to call me in the field for a door." Jenkins walked off to his lab while grumbling about technology.

"Don't you see; now we don't have to wait around and be bored in here. We can just sleep in every day and come into the Annex when there's a ping on our phone."

Jake looked offended that his friend had suggested anyone could get bored with the Library's amazing books and artifacts at hand.

"No sleeping in too late; I still want you guys in here at 9am for training. But great work Ezekiel; I like that distress button. I think I'm gonna go make use of that app right now. See you all tomorrow. 9!" Baird took her phone from the table where Ezekiel had left it after installing his software and headed out of the Annex.

There was a ping. It was annoying. Flynn had barely closed his eyes when Eve's phone had started beeping. Being on a mission of his own, he had gotten the explanation for the new app over text earlier and had promised Ezekiel to lend him his phone the next day so he could install it. It was a great idea, but right now, it was really annoying.

Flynn groaned as he picked up the blasted device. The notification just said: "New Clipping". Deciding it would be easier to just keep going instead of sleeping for an hour before heading back to the Annex, he silenced Eve's phone, and got out of bed. He picked his clothes off the floor where he left them earlier, too tired to fold them before crashing, and headed out the door. All while making sure not to wake the sleeping Guardian.

When Flynn arrived at the Annex, the rest were already there with a cup of tea in front of them – Jenkins –, everyone looking just as tired as he. Ezekiel had his head on the table, cushioned by his arms and Cassandra was hugging her cup closely, reveling in the warmth of it, while Jake had a look on his face like he was trying to figure out if he was just dreaming this early wakeup call or if the torture was real.

"What's new? Where are we going this time?" Flynn greeted the group.

"Where's Baird?"

"I gave her the day off."

"I want a day off, too," Ezekiel whined.

"You know she's going to kill you, right, when she finds out we're out without backup," Jake butted in.

Flynn's face scrunched up but he thought back of his partner so exhausted that she hadn't even heard the clipping book notification this morning. "I'll risk it, I guess."

"Okay, then let's go find out what's wrong in", Cassandra flipped open the clippings book, "Oklahoma. Black hooded people with swords attacking anyone who tries to come close to the History Center."

"Ninjas in Oklahoma? Oh, she's really going to kill you." Jake smirked at Flynn.

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