Author's Note: I promised I'd be back! And back I am with more of Bernice Nora Allen's adventures. This is a sequel! The first story is A Flash In The Dark, you'll need to read that first if you want to know what's going on. Like last time I'm assuming if you're reading this you've seen the show. I own nothing, enjoy.

A Storm Of Fire

1 One Week Later

One week had passed. One silent week, no new meta humans appeared, there was no more sign of Leonard Snart. And there had been no sign of the man in yellow since Christmas night. It was putting Barry on edge. She'd called Hal to check and see if Ferris Air was reopening their test strips in Central City. When he'd said that no they weren't planning to Barry asked her friends if they would go with her to help her train. They had agreed, and that was how they found themselves out on the testing strip on this grey cloudy day. Cisco had wanted to try something new so Barry was chasing drones, trying to avoid the munitions she was sure she didn't want to know how Cisco had gotten his hands on. She pulled to a stop for a second to try and spot the drone and was blasted off her feet.

She landed hard on her front and pulled herself to her feet snatching up a rock as she did. She tossed it at the drone at superspeed, tearing through the engine like it was made of paper. It spiraled and crashed as Caitlin cheered and Cisco swore setting off the other drone. Barry easily outstripped it and ducked to the side as it fired one of its rockets. Then she turned to face the drone stopping completely. Cisco hesitated but let loose the second missile. Barry moved so fast only Dr. Wells saw what she was actually doing. She raced towards the missile as Caitlin held back a scream. Barry dodged slightly to the left at the last moment wrapping both hands around the projectile, she used her momentum to turn the missile back towards its drone. She let go, letting the missile fly into the drone which went up in a large bright explosion. Caitlin cheered louder and Cisco swore good naturedly. Dr. Wells clapped. He had been worried for a moment that she wasn't ready to pull off something like that. He'd protested the drones heavily, especially when Cisco revealed that the missiles were live. He still needed her alive. Caitlin had also been against it but Barry had overruled them. She needed to get faster, she wasn't going to be able to beat the man who'd killed her mother if she didn't get faster.

Flush with victory Barry trotted over to them before pulling her mask back the shadow of a smile still lingering on her face. She flopped into one of the chairs they had set up and Caitlin opened a crate next to her. It was full of food, most of it from Big Belly Burger. Barry grinned and snagged a burger as Cisco began to fiddle with the three remaining drones. Barry spoke with her mouth full as she pulled an iPad towards herself.

"Alright back to the map." She pulled up the map they had been working on as she finished inhaling the burger in her hand. Despite his protests they were looking for Ronnie. The only problem was that none of them really had an idea how to find him. For the moment they were trying to track unusually high heat signatures. That had given them a few old trails to track but it had yet to lead to Ronnie himself. Ten minutes later Barry tossed aside the last box from the crate and set aside the iPad.

"Well no new heat trails but we aren't giving up." Caitlin smiled at Barry. Dr. Wells nodded at them.

"No we wont give up but you're doing well Barry. Your reaction times to stimuli at super speeds are already getting faster." Barry nodded but there was a frown on her face.

"It's not enough." Dr. Wells leaned forwards in his wheelchair laying a hand on her arm.

"It will be, you keep working the way you are, keep focused the way you are and you will be ready next time the man in the yellow suit comes around." She forced a smile and nodded at him. Cisco grinned slightly.

"I think you mean the Reverse Flash." Barry gave him an unimpressed look. He raised his hands in surrender.

"Hey he said it not me, but it works so well! A dude in a yellow suit with a red lightning bolt, plus he's evil! The reverse of you!" Barry and Caitlin shook their heads at him but Dr. Wells was smiling.

"I like it." Cisco beat the air in triumph and Barry snorted a laugh. She got to her feet flashing over to the edge of the test track where they had their supplies set up.

"Alright I'm ready for round two, Cisco fire up those drones!" Cisco grinned snatching up his controller.

"These ones have lasers!" He said in a singsong voice. Caitlin and Dr. Wells both turned to him.

"No!" He sighed and set two of the drones into the air. The four of them spent several more hours out on the test track before they packed it in and went back to Star Labs. Dr. Wells was worried, he would only ever admit it to himself, but he was worried. Barry was working herself ragged. She wasn't eating as much as she should for the amount of energy she was using, she hadn't started fainting again yet but she would soon if they weren't careful. He insisted on a full medical workup that night and made her eat two extra protein bars Cisco had made for her. They'd had a kitchen added to Star Labs after the first month or so and Cisco had making the protein bars down to an exact science, he was starting to experiment with different flavors too. Barry was more than happy to try all of these experiments. She went home exhausted that night. Little did she know someone was expecting her across town.

Leonard Snart frowned at the still air around them. Then he heard the sirens. His eyes narrowed.

"She's not coming." Mick Rory growled under his breath as they got back into the car Len had 'borrowed'.

"You promised I'd get to set something on fire." Len nodded.

"You will. We'll just have to go with plan b to get her out of where ever it is she's hiding." Mick grinned. He liked plan b, plan b meant Lisa's plan would work. Plan b meant Len might get laid, and maybe that would dislodge the stick up his ass. Mick could only hope.