Another 60's oneshot starring Holtzbert , Woodstock, motorcycles, munchies and a big ass Twinkie.
Same verse' as the previous one shot. ENJOY!


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

August 10th, 1969

Erin looked over her small bag that she had packed and was skeptical of these tickets Holtzmann had wrangled at one of her local haunts. She was excited to be going to Woodstock, no doubt but she is worried about how long it would take them to get there from Yaphank. She looked at her map again and saw the red circle over the farm where the festival is being held.

"Hey Mama, looking at our route? I promise not to eat any Pringles on our way up there." Holtzmann said as she sauntered over with her big army pack and sat on the motorcycle as Erin glared at her.

"I am glad you asked. Jillian, you did pack more than just-that?" Erin asked as Holtz looked at her clothes, grinned and looked back at Erin.

She was wearing her regular Deadhead shirt and favorite beat-up army jacket, nametape still attached and some worn jeans with some beat up paratrooper boots. Her goggles dangled around her neck as she turned to look at Erin and put the bag on the back of the bike

"Babe, I did. Oh, and I packed us a tent, some wool blankets, my brother's sleeping bag, and your favorite burberry coat and some other essentials. Pringles, Twinkies, Ding-Dongs and there is some Chef Boyardee for you. Plus, I stashed some pot in here. Approve of those groovy threads you have there, babe."

Erin was wearing her jeans from Sears and her top was a simple flower design, she knew Holtz approved as it showed off her stomach and Holtz had her "reasons". She had opted for the more comfortable sneakers and sighed as she helped Holtzmann strap the bigger bag on the rack behind her.

"Oh, come here you." Erin said as she pulled Holtz in for a kiss, yanking her by the goggles. The kiss went on for a few more minutes than necessary but Jillian smiled as they broke apart

"Well hello there Lawdy Mama, haven't seen you in a while. You are making my motor run." Jillian said with a sigh as she kicked the engine to life and the vibrations shook them both.

Erin quipped, "Well, you know how it goes. Take the world in a love embrace and explode into space."

They situate themselves on Holtz's bike and head out to the festival that would change their lives and summer of loving that would change their lives.

August 16th, 1969

After the rain, Erin finally found Jillian after being in the muddy stage where Janis Joplin had been playing. She found her woman sitting next to a bunch of fellow Deadheads and they had started a small fire. It was chilly evening, Jill waved for her to sit down and Erin did so, bringing the blanket around them.

"You're so pretty. I mean, I've always thought you were pretty but I'm like REALLY looking at you now and, oh my god, you're so beautiful. I love you, my babe. Want one?" Jillian asked as she puffed a cloud of smoke and kissed Erin's neck, the sticky sweet smell clinging to them both.

"Sure, what about the motel?" Erin asked as she pulled the blanket closer around them.

"Motel-schmotel. I have all I want with me right here and I don't need a bed when I have you. Here."

"Are you sure you don't want me to drive back, there's sheets and a nice toilet." Erin said as she held the joint nervously.

"Erin, do you want to go back?" Jillian asked with sincerity in her voice and took the joint back, gently.

"Yes, please."


Erin drives the motorcycle back with some help from a stoned Holtz, well more like Jill just groped her boobs a lot more than usual. That was fine, as they pulled into the small motel parking lot. Holtz was high and she always got clingy with her, not that Erin minded at all. Erin helps Holtz off the bike as they walk toward the room.

"I lost my key, no. No. I can't lose this jam." Holtz said with a frown as she tried to find a key that she definitely did not have.

"Holtzy? I have it, relax and take it easy." Erin replied and pulled the key out of her jean pocket.

Erin knew better than to trust a high Holtzmann with a key. Patty had still not recovered from the "Bender of 67'" and still did not trust Holtz with any keys. Who knew a single dorm key and one Deadhead could unleash so much havoc?

They walk into the room and Jillian ran into the bathroom, smirking as she went, "Be out in a minute babe." Erin sits daintily on the bed and kicks her shoes off, she then takes off her shirt and lay back into the bed. She sighs softly and stretches back after a long day of peace, love, and music.

"Am I high- or are you an angel? I feel-I have a lady woody and the munchies right now and man if I don't jam this jam out." Jillian told her as she walked out of the bathroom and smiled goofily.

"I'm all yours baby. Let's jam and you can eat me, see? I fixed both of your problems." Erin said as she reached for her Jill, pulling the woman on the bed and holding the blonde's head softly and laying it on her chest, pulling her Deadhead closer as they lay together.

"Hold on, I really need a Twinkie." Jillian said as she hopped up and Erin glared at her as she got up and hunted for the treat. The blonde went over and grabbed a big box before pulling out one big Twinkie and munching on it as she walked back to the bed with her well-earned treat.

"Happy? Can we continue now or should I stop and grab a Ding-Dong? That is a big Twinkie. " Erin said with a smirk as she crawled on top of Jillian, smiling like a cat.

"This is a dream come true and I am very happy. I couldn't get much higher right now." Jillian replied as she curled closer into Erin and felt the softness of the sheets.

"Free love baby, now aren't you hungry for someone other than Mr. Twinkie?" Erin said with a smirk as she peppered kisses up and down her lover's neck.

"Aw, lawdy mama!" Jill screamed as she dropped her Twinkie and both of them got a little higher that night.

Notes: You can thank my music history professor for this as we watched a Woodstock documentary and I thought it would make a good one shot. (outlined in class, finished on a group day and just now posting it. The end of October was batshit crazy for me). Hehe, yes 60's Holtzbert is my jam and no, not like that. Hehe. I may pen the "Bender of 67'" later, just know there was a key, a stoned Holtz, and shit went down man. Hope you enjoyed that and hit that kudos button in the face. If YOU ENJOYED IT, drop a line in that comment section.