Barrack Obama sat on Mike and the two of them kissed each other until Yui Hirasawa walked in on them. With a screech, Mike jumped from his lap and fell out the window. Being so startled, Yui didn't know how to respond and Obama was sweating a whole lot. They sat there in silence for what seemed like forever until Mike appeared again, hanging from Donald Trump's helicopter.

Yui's eyes widened and Obama fainted. It was a schock that Mike was dead on the hook at the end of the rope hanging from the helicopter. Blood was everywhere and Obama's love was gone and he was never to be loved again. But Mike came back to life and revealed he was actually a girl.

"It's joke." she said as she disappeared into the distance.

With the most shocked expression on his face, Obama didn't know how to handle this knew information that his one and only love was in fact of the female gender.

"So that's where Mari went." commented Yui.