*hands Maisie a pansy* — your flower has been delivered, m'dear. ;) I hope you enjoy. This is my first time writing Amycus.

Many thanks to Zivvy (Zivandre) for beta'ing for me.

He was lost.

And it was raining outside. Slamming the walls inward and the sounds echoed around him, giving him the dizzlingly perspective that the storm was causing his cell to cave in. But even if he was covered in rubble, it would be impossible to escape Azkaban again. First time is chance, second time is pain, and the third time you get lucky because you die.

Amycus tried to focus on the wall in front of him, but it was useless — his vision was blurred and darkened to the point that he couldn't see a mere few feet in front of him.

He supposed with rotting away in a cell, it was expected that his eyes would go first.

What would he like to keep in his mind during these last few months? Or weeks, or however long he had to stare at the cracked stone wall in front of him before crumbled away? Perhaps this would be fun.



Possibly the only beauty he had seen as a child. Warm candles flickering their magic over the studentss. Amycus could almost see the concrete floor beneath him bursting into tiny flames. Then he found himself craving pumpkin juice. Even the laughter of children seemed welcoming at the moment.

No... maybe their screams would be better.


Death Eaters

His expression of glee was surprising to even himself. Not a hint of hatred for the group that had sent him to this horrid place of darkness. There were only fond memories. In fact, if he squinted hard, he could see their towering dark cloaks on the walls, reflected by the brillant candles on the ground.

Amycus chuckled weakly.

"At your service, Master," he croaked out with a raspy voice.



His heart stopped.

The shadows on the walls shrunk back down to the stained scratches on concrete, showing only the history of his confinement. Brillant flames slowly died one by one until there was only single candle left. Amycus pursed his lips and tried to grab the flame. It burnt his fingers every pass over it, but the fire stubbornly started to die out too.

When it was gone... suddenly the game didn't seem fun anymore.

Amycus stared blankly at the darkness.

Trust you to be the third one, Alle.

He closed his eyes.