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So shenanigans away and on to the story

On earth a very lively planet holds a very interesting teen who will be the future hero of the universe

"Damn it this Karo is a beast" Garu grunted in pain

Suddenly before the events on ep 5 the kyurangers suddenly found a Jark which they fought till now and getting beated by it

"Mina please return back to the Orion!" Raptor commanded through their blasters

"But if we leave him running around here he'll destroy what's insight" Lucky objected even if his life was on the line

"Lucky is right we just need to fight back harder!" Champ commented taking out his kyutama

"Yossha Lu-" Lucky cheered but suddenly cut off by...

"I found you" Childishly said by a teen

When they looked back where it came from it was from a teen who was sitting in a tree. The teen wore a half robe just like Hebitsukai Metal but more cloth to cover his head too like a hood. He jumped off landing on his feet and looked up to the monster

"With my Dark heart I'll destroy you!" He mumbled before running up to the monster and balling up his fist

Once face to face with the Karo his hand suddenly glowed light blue and punched the whole SH*T out of the Karo. He released a blue-ish force causing the Karo to thrown backwards while shrieking and dying in the process

"With my dark heart I'll kill all the ligh- Ouch! Ow! Ow! Ow! I think I broke my hand, Nah its still good" He childishly growled

"With only one attack U-uso" Hammy said in disbelief

"Such power, such flavor in a battle" Spada acknowledged the teens mysterious power

While in disbelief Lucky went up to the teen while the others gathered up

"Wow you have an awesome power, Hi I'm Lucky the Red kyuranger my dream is to free the universe from the Jark matters. We hope to work with you" Lucky greeted

"What the?" The teen asked while backing off

"I smell something is wrong" Garu explained

"Kyurangers!?" The teen questioned

"Yes that our name and we have the biggest dream in the whole universe, which is to free it" Lucky announced

"Then that means you're my enemy!" He claimed as he punched Lucky causing him to fall backwards and caught by his friends

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Asked Garu

"With my Dark heart I'll destroy you" The mysterious teen said as he pumped his fist to his chest

"This is bad! We need to change" Hammy Warned

"No it's just a misunderstanding" Lucky objected as he stopped them from transforming

As Lucky tried to hold them back the teen ran up to them and started a fight which the ranger spreads out to avoid getting picked at once. He started off with champ kicking him in the chest causing him to move backwards he was about to punch him when suddenly Garu grabbed his arm and deflected his punch, but the teen didn't stop there he back palmed the blue wolf which he didn't caught and got hit. Spada quickly went in to stop him but only got back kicked and fell backwards. While most of the guys are battling the mysterious teen Hammy helped Lucky to get up

"Looks like he WAS not on our side" He stated in a disappointed manner

"Sorry Lucky but he needs to be stopped" Hammy said

The three men fell back to Lucky and Hammy but quickly got up because they were tired of getting beaten up they said that it was time to get serious

"Mina Ikou ze!" Lucky called

"Marslide" They shouted in unison

They completed out each of their respective Kyutamas and inserted it into their blasters





"Kajiki Kyutama"

They pushed it forward after it announced the respective system

"Constellation change" each blaster said before they pulled down the trigger handle

"Star change!" They said before changing into their own ranger form

"This is it the battle that I've been waiting for!" The teen said excitedly

He immediately jumped forward punching and kicking each ranger but only one withstood his wrath Lucky, they picked a one on one fist fight and suddenly they punched each other in the chest simultaneously

"This is it the battle that i was looking for!" He shouted excitingly

"Galaxy!" Luckys blaster announced after he pulled back his kyutama in his blaster twice

"Ikou ze" The teen said as he charged up and balled his fist also charging his fist with some kind of blue force

Lucky shot out immediately when he saw the chance he had, but the teen didn't pulled back he still caught up with the shot Lucky gave and punched it hard as he could. Due to the clash of powers the teen and the Red ranger fell back on their feet, and the rest got to the Red for a defensive call

"Surrender we have the upper hand" Hammy said as she raised up the blaster attached to her left arm and so did the others afterwards

"Who said so?" He asked as he pulled something out under his robe

A Fourze driver whoops wrong show... a Seiza blaster but in a different color pallet and with a pointed like needle sticking out to the end of it. He then attached it on to his right hand and the blaster exclaimed "Seiza Breaker!"

After that he pulled out a purple Kyutama and completed it and then inserted it to the blaster/breaker

"Yogi Kyutama!"

"Constellation change!"

"Henshin!" He said as he pointed it diagonally and fired it causing him to change to...

|A/N: For those who are asking why he used a kyutama which is not a change kyutama later on it shall be explained and why it said Breaker instead of a blaster

And for those who know and doesn't know I am a Fan of Kamen rider and Super Sentai that's why later on don't ask me why the protagonist has this kind of personality, why does his blaster is like a driver and so on and so forth, And also i know that the blaster was meant on the left and not right, and his kyutama is not a change kyutama...

Lastly his blaster looks like Twin breaker from Build while mixed with Seiza Blaster|