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Chapter 1: Unleashed.

In the rain, that was falling down non-stop, stood Natsu Dragneel, a pink haired man wearing white pants, black sandals, and a black vest, while his eyes were filled with tears.

The tears slid down his cheeks, as it created a small trail, which was washed away with the rain.

Natsu couldn't believe what was happening before him, not one bit. He wished it was a dream, a bad dream, a nightmare, as it was too horrible for him to be true.

"Lisanna, I wish I could have come with you, along with Mira and Elfman to the job..." Natsu said as he fell down on his knees.

Lisanna was his first friend, the first he befriended when he joined the Fairy Tail Guild, who was there when he was alone. As time went by, Lisanna and Natsu bonded and their relationship went to the next level when they raised Happy the Cat, when he was an egg, till the day he hatched.

Natsu had his hands on the soaking ground, which he clenched against the ground.

Natsu, as he returned to the guild, the mood had turned into the most depressing, where he got to know that Lisanna had died in the mission she and her siblings went on.

Filled with grief and regret for not being there for Lisanna, Natsu ran towards the old stone hut where he and Lisanna were staying when they were raising Happy before he was born.

Images of Natsu and Lisanna were flashing before Natsu´s eyes, each stronger than the ones before. It told him something, which he knew he needed to do, as he wanted to make sure nothing of that level would ever happened again.

"Lisanna, I shall become stronger... Stronger than before... I SHALL BECOME STRONG ENOUGH TO PROTECT THOSE I CARE ABOUT AND LOVE, EVEN FROM THE ENEMIES THAT ARE IMPOSSIBLE TO FIGHT!" Natsu shouted to the sky, which then flashed with lightning.

"So, you want to become stronger?" A voice was suddenly heard. "Huh? Who said that?!" Natsu turned around but saw no one. "You can´t see me, but I can see you. But I shall introduce myself to you properly." The voice said again as then a small fire appeared on Natsu´s forehead, which unlike the fire he usually used, it was azure blue.

The flame then fell into the ground, which then exploded in an explosion of blue fire, which died down to reveal a figure who wore white pants, white shirt, black jacket, and black shoes, and was very similar to Natsu in terms of appearance but had blue hair and red eyes.

"Wh-who are you?!" Natsu said as he got into a fighting position with his hands on fire, ready to strike him. "Don't worry, as if I would hurt myself." The replica of Natsu said, making the Pink Haired man confused. "What are you talking about?" Natsu said. "It´s simple. I am you and you are me. We are the one and the same person. The name is E.N.D., your second and true self." E.N.D. said as he introduced himself, silencing Natsu, who then extinguished the flames in his hands.

"Why are you here?" Natsu asked E.N.D. "I am here to give you an offer, so here´s the deal: I will give you power, which will make you capable of handling stronger foes. The question is, do you agree to that?" E.N.D asked.

Natsu was quiet for a moment, as he thought of it could be a chance to become stronger, strong enough to protect anyone from anything, as the matter of danger level didn't matter. He could also prevent anyone from ever dying again.

"What´s the catch if I want to use the power you offer me?" Asked Natsu, making E.N.D. smirk. "It is something I wanted from you for years, and that is to allow me to share in being within your soul, as it unlock our true potential." E.N.D. said. "Alright, but there is one more thing: can I give you another name? E.N.D. sounds lame." Natsu said. "Well, I agree, I never liked my name anyway. Got any suggestions?" E.N.D. said. "What about Naryu?" Natsu said. "Hm, not a bad one, badass and intimidating. I'll take it." The newly named Naryu said.

"What I am going to do, since you promised to help me become stronger?" Natsu asked. "It´s simple, allow me." Naryu said as he transformed completely into blue flames, as he then flew into the sky, and dove right into Natsu's chest.

Natsu screamed as blue marks appeared on his body and his eyes turned crimson red, as well as giving a shout to the sky as a blue fire pillar was shot towards the sky. The sky was cleared of the clouds as a wave of blue fire erased them.

At the same time, at the Strauss home...

Mirajane was outside the house as she looked into the sky while having bandages across her body, which she looked in surprise as she saw the pillar.

"MIRA-NEECHAN! WHAT HAPPENED?! I SAW A FLASH!" Screamed Elfman in bandages as he ran outside. "A pillar of what seemed to be blue flames appeared to be shooting into the sky." Mirajane said and then started to run to the place where the blue fire pillar came from.

"Mira-neechan, where are you going?!" Elfman yelled after his sister. "It came from where the Old Stonehouse is!" Mirajane said as she ran towards it. "And I hope Natsu isn't hurt, because I can't stand losing another loved one!" Mirajane thought while running towards where Natsu was.

At the same time, with Natsu...

Natsu screamed at the top of his lungs as his skin were covered by a white light, his hair became longer, his hands and feet turned into claws as well as his teeth turned to fangs. It felt as if something had stripped him of his skin and stabbed him with a million flaming spears.

Natsu fell on his knees as he felt the pain becoming stronger and stronger, as blood came from his eyes and mouth, which then suddenly Natsu´s screams of pain was stopped as suddenly a voice was heard.

"NATSU!" Mira screamed as she entered the scene, which she stopped in horror of seeing Natsu, who was now looking different and in incredible pain. "W-what's going on?!" Mira said in horror.

"DONT COME ANY CLOSER!" Screamed Natsu at the top of his lungs in pain. "Natsu..." Mira said in terror. "Don't... come close to me... I am... changing..." Natsu said and then exploded in a white flash of flames, forcing Mira to cover her eyes, which less than a minute later, she looked to see something she didn't expect.

Natsu was now standing on the ground, who now had red skin covering his fore arms, lower legs, chest, torso, cheeks, chin, and forehead, his eyes were still red, but now had black, flame-shaped pupils, his hair was now longer and reached to his waist, had two large black horns on his head, his hands were now claws, his feet were now hooves similar to a goat, a red thick lizard tail, and two large red wings. But the most noticeable thing was the blue fire Natsu had in his hands, hooves, and wings.

"Natsu..." Mirajane said with horror, as it barely looked like Natsu anymore, as it instead looked like an abomination against nature itself. The transformed Natsu gave out a large roar as he breathed a massive stream of blue flames into the sky, as his roar echoed the forest, shaking the ground and blowing away the trees.

Mira felt fear flow in her legs, she felt the need to run for her life, making sure to be able to survive.

But she didn't. She stood there, as she then suddenly walked towards Natsu. She didn't want to run, Natsu was in pain, and she needed to make sure not to let another loved one die.

She walked towards the roaring Natsu, as once Mira was close enough, she hugged Natsu.

Natsu was stunned, as Mira´s sudden action made him stop and stand still, until he came back to his senses as he needed to take control of himself, as he slowly turned back to normal, as parts of his transformation started to fade away, until he had his transformation completely fade away, as he returned to normal.

Natsu was shirtless and barefoot as his white shorts were not destroyed while breathing heavily.

"Natsu! Are you okay?! Mira yelled as Natsu was in her arms. "Mira... Thank you..." Natsu said with a small smile, making the white-haired beauty smile as well. "I am glad to be here for you." Mira said with a sweet smile. "You truly did well." Natsu said and then passed out. "What´s wrong? Natsu!" Mira screamed and then shook him to wake him up.

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