007. Hold



"Three months, and we think she'll be here," Betty whispers, rubbing her hands slowly over her baby bump. A smudge of pink, runny lipstick on her chin. Her mouth kiss-swollen and opening to a smile.

Veronica tuts softly, reaching instinctively to wipe the lipstick off Betty's face with the side of her thumb, earning her an amused, secretive look. She considers grabbing the end of the linen sheet and patting off Betty's lipstick for herself. It burns on the surface of Veronica's mouth — a reminder of whatsheshouldntdo.

Betty has been parading around in loose-fitting, cotton dresses and fuzzy sweaters, but that's honestly all Veronica is used to see her in. Soft, pastel Betty Cooper with her rosy cheeks and glowing, milky skin.

With her sweet, abandoned moans, as she thrusts back against Veronica's fingers carefully opening her up.

It's not Veronica's baby, and it's not her wife. They haven't seen each other since high school.

During the morning, her arms circle around Betty's hips, draping underneath a huge, round tummy. Veronica's fingers smoothing over the lavender, fleecy material before lowering back down to the outsides of her thighs. There's a noticeable, breathy hitch in Betty's voice, as she talks about Adam.

Adam, Adam, Adam. Last name being Chisholm.


She had been away with her ex-husband since the news of the pregnancy, but he still called. Often. Wanting to get back together, to see his baby, even though Adam Chisholm was the one pushing for an abortion.

Betty gave in to his sweet nothings, allowing him to move in to their apartment once again.

It won't last. Veronica sways into the other woman's back, hiding her face and smirking. The hickeys on Betty's neck and shoulders do not belong to Adam. He knows it, glowering and shrinking under Veronica's icy warning look when Betty's ex attempted to snatch unforgivingly onto her wrist, to force Betty closer.

He will never touch Betty Cooper like that again.




Riverdale isn't mine. As much as this show is irritating me, my love for Beronica hasn't vanished entirely. It's complicated. And yes, Adam Chisholm is a legitimate character from the Archie Comics who Betty dated for a little bit. Any thoughts/comments very much appreciated!