An Unsolved Case


Courtroom No.2

Phoenix Wrights P.o.V

My name is Phoenix Wright...I'm a defense attorney, I've been solving cases for a while now, but this way different

"Wright, are you thinking of something?" a voice behind me said

I look behind me to see Edgeworth, he has been a friend of mine since kindergarten."Oh hi Edgeworth, just thinking about the case."

Edgeworth looks at me weirdly " you sure? According to Maya and Franziska you have been acting weirdly, they are concerned about you."Edgeworth removes his glasses "Is something wrong?"

I scratch the back of my head and sweat a bit "N-No no Miles nothings wrong..."

Edgeworth puts his glasses back on and sighs "Alright then Wright, if you need help ask Franziska or Maya, I'll be overseas with Gumshoe and Kay"

I stand up "Wait...your NOT prosecuting this case?!"

Edgeworth shakes his head "Nope this should be much worse than I am"

Edgeworth leaves the lobby immediatly

I sit back down and wait for the time...What does he mean by much worse?...Payne left a year ago...Franziska is with Maya and Pearl...Manfred and Godot are dead or imprisoned...Sadmadhi is...well with Apollo...The only prosecutor left is...No...Him?! A bailiff runs inside " the trial is about to begin"

I sigh and step into the courtroom and see the prosecutor, I stand at the defense's desk

"Nick!" The prosecutor shouted

I sigh again...Larry...He became a prosecutor not to long ago, I don't know why...But he did

The judge walks in and sits down "The court will now convene for the trial of Jonathan Pelayo-Briceno, prosecution you may now give your opening statement."

Larry gives a thumbs up "Alright your honor, last night Jonathan walked into someones house using this lock pick, he then proceeded to kill the resident inside, the murder weapon was this rainbow butterfly knife." Larry explained

That was not the Larry Butz I knew

"Nick! How was my explanation?!" Larry loudly asked, drawing the courts attention to him

Never mind. It's time for the trial, I place my hands on my desk "Your honor, we should have my client Johnathan testify to hear his side first"

"Understood" The judge agreed

Jonathan walks to the witness stand, I nod at Larry

Larry nods back "Witness tell us what you did last night

Jonathan speaks "I swear to god I have never been in Tourc Okobs house, I was framed! I just happened to be playing on my phone near th house, I swear! I saw someone with blond hair walk into the house!"

I nod "Alright Johnathan-"

Jonathan speaks up "Just call me Jon and with no H by the way"

Wait how did- never mind "So how did you know that was the victim's house"

Jon thinks for a second "Oh well we were gonna trade some video game stuff and so I waited outside, earlier I knocked and he didn't answer, oh and it was 10:00 pm"


I notice the judge must've been bored as he almost dropped his gavel as if he was startled. Once he holds it in his head steadily, I speak.

"Your honor, the witness just said the victim didn't answer at 10:00 pm, according to the autopsy, the victim died at around 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm. The victim was already dead."

"HOLD IT!" Larry shouted cheerfully

Uh oh, this doesn't sound good

"Your honor, we should call in the lead detectives to check the facts with them" Larry recommended

The judge nods "That sounds like a good idea, get Inspector Layton and Detective Baker in here"

Hey I've heard of those two...The Mystery Room in London?!