Past, Present, Hell

By: Isis Malfoy

Summery: When Minerva's past becomes Ginny's present and their future becomes an inescapable hell, can they survive it? Can they be rescued from it? AD/MM, RL/GW

Disclaimer: JKR owns everything! Except Minerva's past and a few characters that I added.

Rating: R there's some pretty unhappy stuff in here

Dedication: This is for Aeryn Alexander who put the pairing of Ginny and Remus in my head; I'd never even considered them before, which would have drastically changed this story!

A/N: This is a very short story….more like a series of vignettes that tie together. I did not document every memory or dream. Nor did I document the entirety of the "adventure" that Minerva and Ginny go on. I did only the most important moment. Mostly because I have a couple dozen writing projects I'm working on right now and I didn't have time to take on another full time project, but I had to get this story out of my head. It was causing writer's block on other stories. So here it is. Just a short little ficlet. Please Review!

Chapter 1: Her Past

            Minerva McGonagall had a hand over her mouth and she was shaking. Tom, Tom had opened the chamber of secrets, using little Ginny Weasley this time. And Albus thought there was a chance, a chance that Ms. Weasley was dead and that Tom Riddle with his blasted hypnotic voice and drowning eyes was back. How was she supposed to cope? Of course no one noticed her shaking as they concentrated on Ginny, or if they did they thought it was the shock of knowing she was losing a student. But it wasn't.

            Minerva couldn't be so selfless and empathetic in this case. She had history with the sixteen year old boy. History even Albus Dumbledore wasn't privy to, history she was terrified of having repeat. When Ginny finally came in on the arms of Harry and Ron she barely noticed. But when Harry gave the diary to the headmaster and Albus assured them that Tom Riddle would not be returning she had nearly collapsed with relief. That he had noticed, as had Molly and Arthur. Three pairs of rather piercing eyes studied her and Minerva knew she had to flee.

            She offered weak congratulations to Molly and Arthur, both of whom had been just a little too young to know what was going on with the Deputy Headmistress. She offered what she hoped was a reassuring smile to her best friend and ran out of the hospital wing. She'd fled like this before and she ran down the hallway, memories flooding her.


            "Minerva wait!" She kept running.

            "Stupefy!" She crumpled to the floor. It was all black until she heard the words "Envenerate." Wide black eyes stared up into dangerous blue ones. He touched the dark hair that was framing her face and smiled comfortingly. But his eyes….they seemed to be comforting, telling her that it was for the best while warning her not to defy him. They made her shudder, how had she ever found him attractive?"

            "Tom…, how could you?"

            "I didn't want to Minnie, I didn't." He soothed her. "But we were destined for each other and nothing else could stand in the way."

            She shrank back from his touch and cradled her stomach where the baby should have been. "You're sick Riddle." She cried. "We went to one dance, but there will never be a repeat performance. I don't believe in destiny and even if I did….every human feeling I had for you died when you killed my baby!"

            Tom ran a hand down the side of her face and tightened his grip on her neck. "Do not try my patience my lamb. I will kill your lover too."

            "You don't know…."

            This time his smile was cruel. "I cast a spell, just before I killed the little bastard."

            Her face crumpled. "Mr. Riddle what is going on?" Their transfiguration professor asked sharply as he looked at the scene before him. Minerva was on the floor, crying and Tom was standing above her, his fingers on her throat, bruises already forming underneath.

            At the sound of Dumbledore's voice she wrenched away and flew into his arms, sobbing hysterically. He put his arms around her and glared a warning to Riddle over the top of her head before leading her away, asking gentle questions and offering soothing words.


            By the time Minerva reached her chambers she shaking so hard anyone would have thought she was having a seizure. She fumbled into the room and collapsed onto the bed. Tears streamed down her face. In the sixty odd years since she'd never told Albus what he'd said, what he'd did. Nor did she tell him what she'd done to keep her lover alive. Dark nights, cold hells, and cruel experiments haunted her still. If he ever came back….

            She would close her eyes, but the light made the nothingness behind her lids a smoky blue, the blue of the eyes that had damned her. And she couldn't take that now. So she stared into the fire and tried to surround herself with the flaming red that was so like her once lover's hair.