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Chapter 17. Grand Finale Continued!


The curse hit Harry with full force on his chest. Harry merely stumbled back and the curse just got absorbed into him. Nothing really happened. Voldermort was white as chalk.

"What is this Potter? How did you stay alive?" asked a shocked Voldermort.

"Oh Tom, I forgot another update", smiled Harry continuing to retell the events occurred in the past to a shocked Voldermort.

***FLASHBACK*** (Of Course, he didn't tell every single word. This is for US!!)

'Harry', called Draco telepathically.

'What is it Draco? Is everything going according to our plan?' asked Harry, a bit worried about sending Draco undercover.

'Everything is just fine. Listen, I just learnt about a powerful talisman created by the founders for you, the heir of Gryffindor. Voldermort wants to kill you before you can get it. It seems that the talisman holds the key to our victory. Now, it was supposed to be somewhere in Hogwarts, hidden inside of a chamber. Find it as soon as possible, before Voldermort attacks Hogwarts' said Draco in a hurry.

'Ok. But when is he going to be here?' asked Harry.

'I will lead him there. I will act as if Ginny is under my influence and invite Voldermort there. I will explain you once we are there' said Draco.

'Thanks Draco and please take care. If you ever feel that they might find out, just come back. We could plan something else' said a worried Harry.

'Don't bother. Everything is going fine' said Draco before disconnecting with Harry.

Harry explained everything to Ron, Hermione, Lavender and Ginny as they ran to Dumbledore.

"Professor, There is something important you should know", said Harry leaning forward on the table.

"Sit down Harry. Tell me, what is it?" asked Dumbledore rather composed.

Harry explained everything Draco told him and looked at Dumbledore for advice.

"Harry, I did hear about the talisman but never believed in it as there was no proof. But if Voldermort is correct, we really need to find it", said Dumbledore thinking deeply.

"Ms. Granger, why don't you and Ms. Weasley do some research in the library. Ms. Brown, we really need your divination skills here", smiled Dumbledore at the three teens.

"Sure Professor", said the girls before leaving the office to get on their respective duties.

"Harry, Mr. Weasley, it is important for us to be prepared, incase they find out the whereabouts of the talisman. Please go to Severes and ask him to prepare the 'Night Owl' potion. That will actually help you see in the dark and sense better than humans", said Dumbledore with a twinkle in his eyes.

Both nodded and ran towards the dungeons.

Meanwhile as Hermione and Ginny buried their heads into various books from the restricted section, Lavender sat in her dorm, completely darkened and started staring into the crystal ball with severe concentration. She sighed, as she couldn't see anything.

'Oh no, everyone is counting on me' feared Lavender. She immediately contacted Harry.

'Harry, I need some hints', yelled Lavender telepathically.

'Lavender, I myself don't know much about it. Ok, Godric Gryffindor, Rowena Ravenclaw and Helga Hufflepuff created it. It is made out of extract from Dragon's glands, elves hair, phoenix tears, their powers and some other extracts. It is hidden somewhere in Hogwarts. It must be in a very secret place', said Harry.

'Thanks', said Lavender before returning back to concentrating on her crystal ball. After a few minutes, Lavender saw the mist give way to some dark and eerie place with a small table on which the talisman was placed. There was a big Griffin sitting in front of the table. Lavender couldn't place it but she found some strange marks all over the door that led to the room.

'I GOT IT!' broadcasted Lavender to all the members making them hoot with happiness.

'Listen, the talisman is placed in a glass box on a table in this weird, dark room. There is a Griffin guarding it. There are some strange markings on the door. I don't know if there are any traps around the room', said Lavender.

'Great job Lavender', said Harry while Ron kissed her telepathically.

With this information, Hermione using a quick reading spell, started to read books at an amazingly impossible rate. Soon they ran out of books. Both the girls sighed and started looking for more books. After a few minutes, Ginny found an old, torn book, stacked separately under the bookshelves.

"Herm, take a look at this", suggested Ginny.

Hermione glanced at it and squealed in delight.

"Gin! This is the book that has all the information." She started reading it telepathically to all the members.

'....According to ancient scripts, Rowena, Godric and Helga realized that if Salazar comes back with dark powers, the need to help the light side would be necessary more than ever. So they made this powerful talisman. After making it, they thought about how to protect it. Because the whole conflict started with Godric, he swore that never would a Gryffindor join the dark side and thus they made the heir of Gryffindor to be the owner of it. But in order to make sure that the heir to be able enough to protect it, as Rowena predicted, they bound the talisman to the heir who can control the elementals. Only if the heir of Gryffindor dies, the link dies and it will be possible to other heirs to own this talisman...

The talisman was then hidden in a very secret location that can be accessed only through the pedestal in the headmaster's chamber at Hogwarts', read Hermione.

Harry and Ron took the potion from Snape and ran to the headmaster's office as the three girls reached the office.

After retelling the news to Dumbledore, Harry approached the pedestal behind Dumbledore's table and searched it. Hermione took notice of a small latch on the side and pushed it making the pedestal move, giving way to a small staircase.

After much debate, it was decided that Harry, Hermione and Ron would go in.

One after the other all three descended the staircase leading to a big hall. There was a dim light that showed them the entire room. The floor was tiled in different colors all the way towards the door on the other end.

"Seems like a trap to me", said Ron grinning.

"Yup, Just like old times, right Hermione", said Harry.

Hermione nodded and carefully looked around. Ron thought hard and suddenly he perked up.

"Hey, I know this. This is a pattern. You see....there are two white squares for every four black squares. There is a blue square for every four white squares. It could be that white squares are the safe ones while black and blue ones lead us to....say our doom" said Ron.

"Let's confirm it", said Harry throwing a small pebble from the floor on to a black square. Immediately the black square gave way to what seemed like a never-ending pit.

Ron grinned at them. All three carefully walked on the white tiles to the other end.

"Not bad for a first trap", sighed Hermione.

They were in the second room that was pitch dark. They immediately drank Snape's potion.

"Yuck, why do Snape always makes such disgusting potions?" asked Ron

"Those disgusting potions might save your arse, Ron", smirked Hermione making Ron go red.

Soon all three could see everything in the dark and hear the slightest sounds. They walked forward carefully.

"Stop! You trespassers. Beware of the curse", warned an eerie voice.

"What curse?" asked Harry.

"In Order to go forward, you need to solve the puzzle. If you can't you will be turned into stone", said the voice.

Ron gulped while Harry thought.

"Alright, what is the puzzle?" asked cautiously.

"There are three colored circles ahead, in front of you. Blue, White and Red. There is a bow and an arrow near your feet. You need to hit the right colored circle which is the answer to a puzzle, to pass forward", stopped the voice.

Luckily because of the potion, they could see the circles clearly in the dark, as well as the bow and the arrow.

"Here is the hint", said the voice.

"The Moon is my father,

The sea is my mother,

I have a million brothers,

I die when I reach my love!"

(A/N: the puzzle is from "The Hobbit" by J.R.R. Tolkien, slightly modified by me)

Hermione pondered for a few seconds before shouting to a clueless Harry and Ron.

"Oh! That's easy", said Hermione.

"What is it Mione?" asked Harry puzzled.

"The answer is a wave. Born to the sea, caused by the moon. There are millions of waves but it dies as it reaches the shore. That's the color", said Hermione triumphantly.

"So the color of sea is blue. That's the color we should hit", said Ron as Hermione nodded. But somehow it didn't seem to be the right answer for her.

"What is it Mione?" Harry look at her.

"Harry. I don't feel right. Oh No....wait. The sea is blue but the wave, it is white due to the lather it builds. White is our color", exclaimed Hermione.

Harry nodded and aimed the bow and hit the mark.

"Good job. You may pass to the next level", said the voice opening a door.

'HARRY! I am here to capture you guys, before I can bring Voldermort here. I have stationed the army in the forbidden forest' said Draco.

'Don't worry Draco. I already made our illusions of us and placed them near the common room. Ask Ginny to bring them to you. We will be there as fast as we can', said Harry as they walked to the new room.

The room was empty except for a door. There was a message on the door.


Ron and Hermione couldn't move an inch. They were simply scared out of their minds.

"Harry, do you think it is a good idea?" asked Ron understanding what Harry thought.

Harry smiled at Ron. He simply made a clone of himself and ordered him to touch the door. The clone immediately died as he touched the door making Hermione wince and hold Harry's hands tight. Then Harry stepped forward and touched the door.

Bright light flashed and....nothing happened. The doors simply opened to reveal a big Griffin guarding the talisman.

The Griffin spoke in human language, as they were puzzling.

"Welcome O chosen one. I see that you are destined to this talisman created by the founders", said the Griffin before disappearing.

Harry walked forward and touched the talisman, which glowed bright gold before rising up in the air and merging into Harry.

Hermione and Ron awed as Harry himself glowed bright gold for a few seconds.

"Harry! How do you feel?" asked Ron and Hermione worriedly.

"Powerful", smiled Harry.

"Let's go before Draco is in trouble", said Harry holding Hermione and Ron's hands. In no time they apparated in Dumbledore's office.

"Congratulations Harry", smiled Dumbledore realizing his achievement.

"Professor, Draco is here with the army of dark creatures. We need to destroy the army before Voldermort starts to use them", suggested Harry.

Dumbledore nodded before summoning Sirius, Severes, Arabella, Remus and Moody.


Voldermort shook with anger as he realized that he has been completely fooled. He knew that he couldn't kill Harry. Voldermort saw Dumbledore nearby and his anger rose to new levels.

'He is the reason Potter lived. He is the reason Potter learnt all this magic and He is the reason Potter is fighting against me', thought Voldermort. He pointed his wand towards an exhausted Dumbledore and shouted "Avada Kedevra", making Dumbledore fall to the ground lifeless.

Harry was a bit shocked with Voldermort's move. He couldn't believe his mentor lying dead on the ground. Harry brimmed with anger. His power started radiating around him and a powerful aura formed all over him. Red and gold colored sparks started to rise from Harry and heat expanded around him making it harder even for the Order of light to stand close to him.

"VOLDERMORT!" yelled Harry sending a shiver up Voldermort's spine.




For the first time in his life Voldermort felt them. He, who made people in the wizarding world feel that till now, felt them.

Harry raised his hands and muttered "Consumo Obscurum Phoenix". Bright white light rose out of him and took shape of a Phoenix bird and sped towards Voldermort. Voldermort looked with horror as the power surrounded him crushing him from all sides, burning the darkness in him. It looked like sheer force crushing Voldermort from all sides into a pinball.

"Ahhhh...." Shouted Voldermort out of sheer pain.

All the killings he did, all the pain he brought to the world flashed in front of his eyes. The power surrounding him completely covered him and as it diminished, there laid Voldermort, who terrified the world, with body and soul in ashes. His wand was next to his once powerful self.

Harry walked forward and muttered "Incendio" and the wand burst out in flames.

He immediately ran back to a mourning group and saw Dumbledore lying lifeless on the ground. Hermione recovered from the pain, hugged Harry crying. He patted her head and separated from her.

"Everyone move aside", said Harry getting some clearing.

Sirius realized what Harry intended to do.

"Harry, you just fought a war. You look completely exhausted. This process can kill you", warned concernedly.

"No Harry. Please! I cannot loose you", cried Hermione holding his hand.

"Mione! Trust me. Nothing will happen to me", said Harry and smiled towards Sirius.

He then concentrated and placed his hand over Dumbledore's heart and muttered "Liberio Diutinus" making his hand glow for a brief period of time. Harry was completely exhausted. The last thing he saw was Dumbledore opening his eyes as darkness engulfed Harry and fell to the ground.

* * *

Someone was crying....some whispering and some....silence.

That's what Harry heard as he slowly opened his eyes. The first person Harry saw was Hermione, crying her life out with red, puffy eyes. He weekly smiled at her. Immediately Hermione swooned on to Harry hugging him as she cried on his chest.

"Ms. Granger, You are suffocating my patient", warned a stern Pomfrey.

Hermione reluctantly let Harry go but held on to his hand. There was Sirius, Remus, Arabella, Remus, Ron, Lavender, Ginny, Draco, Moody and Dumbledore smiling at him. He returned the smile and promptly passed out again.

It was two days....two excruciating days according to Hermione to see Harry wake up again.

"Harry....Oh Harry. I love you", kissed Hermione all over his face.

"Mione, I love you too. Please let me breathe", requested Harry smiling making Hermione blush.

"You don't know Harry. I was dreading all the time and only wanted to see you wake up", said Hermione smiling between her tears.

"Umm....How long it had been, Herm?" asked Harry

"You stayed unconscious for a day before waking up and passing out again for two more days" replied Hermione

"Wow....and you stayed here all through?" asked an awed Harry.

She shyly nodded and looked at her shoes.

"I had to force her to eat some food Mr. Potter", said a smiling madam Pomfrey.

"Thank you for taking care of Hermione for me madam Pomfrey", said Harry.

She simply nodded. "Now Mr. Potter, it's your turn. Drink this" handing him a small vial filled with green liquid.

Harry groaned as Hermione laughed.

"Here let me", said Hermione helping him drink the potion. It tasted awful but immediately Harry got some energy to atleast sit up and talk coherently.

Soon all others returned.

"Oh....Harry dear! How are you feeling?" kissed Mrs. Weasley on Harry's forehead.

"Fine, thank you Mrs. Weasley", replied Harry returning the hug.

"Harry, The whole wizarding world indebted to you and your friends. I owe you myself. Thank you", said Dumbledore.

"Please don't mention it professor. I just did what I wanted to do", said Harry humbly.

"I am proud of you Son", said Sirius and Arabella hugging Harry. He smiled and returned the hug. Remus and Laura then hugged Harry.

"Mr. Potter....thank you. Your parents would be proud of you", said Snape, rather emotionlessly. Harry nodded to him in response.

"Not bad Potter. You are the boy-who-saved-the-world now", smirked Moody making the teens laugh.

"I shall leave you in the tender care of Ms. Granger", announced Dumbledore and all elders left laughing, leaving Hermione blush.

"Harry....Mate. You were bloody brilliant", patted Ron.

"Yes, Harry. I couldn't believe what you did to that monster. Thanks you", kissed Ginny on Harry's cheek.

"....And I shall take this cheek", said Lavender laughing as she congratulated Harry.

"Oh my Gosh! I must not give a chance to anyone." Hermione faked a gasp and kissed him on his lips.

"Harry", said Draco. Harry looked at him.

"Thank you" was all Draco could say.

"No, Thank you Draco. If not for your boldness and responsibility, we would have had some unnecessary casualties", said Harry shaking Draco's hands. Ron also shook Draco's hands while Lavender and Hermione hugged him. Ginny jumped onto him kissing all over his face.

"Gin, go find a room", shouted Ron in mock disgust making others laugh.

"Friends forever!" said Harry extending his hand. All others held theirs hands with Harry and shouted "FRIENDS FOREVER!"

"We should go to Hogsmeade to celebrate", said Ron.

"No Ron, We have our N.E.W.T.S to attend to this year", reminded Hermione.

"Hermione! For goodness sake, they are still a few months away. Besides we just defeated the world's meanest guy and you think about N.E.W.T.S? If you ask me, they should let us off the exams", said Ron proudly.

"I can't believe you Ron. We are still students at Hogwarts and we must take our N.E.W.T.S to graduate. Besides, it will take as much time to catch up with all the subjects", glared Hermione.

"Hermione! It's Christmas", gasped Ron.

"Ron....Hermione is right. We must study", said Harry, a bit timidly.

"I can't believe you Harry. You are taking her side?" gawked Ron at Hermione who took Harry's hand with pride.

"Let it go mate. They are love sick puppies", patted Draco on Ron's back as Lavender scooted and kissed on Ron cheek.

"Alright, I give up. Let me know when you guys study. I am going to be busy for a while", smiled Ron looking at Lavender.

The whole school celebrated the victory, as did the wizarding world.

Christmas looked beautiful than ever. Dumbledore arranged for the Christmas ball. As usual Harry was totally stumped by Hermione's beauty. All the pairs danced and had the time of their lives during the ball.

"Mione, come with me", whispered Harry dragging Hermione outside the great hall.

"What is it Harry?" asked Hermione running after him.

"Sshhh...." Silenced Harry placing a finger on her lips.

In no time they were at the Quidditch pitch. Harry summoned the firebolt and mounted it.

"Harry, you know how I hate to fly?" asked Hermione timidly.

"Mione, trust me" assured Harry giving her a hand. Hermione loved him and trusted him with her life. She jumped in front of him, though scared a bit.

They took off into the night and flew around gazing at the stars. It was so beautiful.

"Wow.....It is beautiful Harry", whispered Hermione.

"Not as beautiful as you", said Harry into her ear.

"You flatterer", blushed Hermione. Harry flew around Hogwarts for a while before landing near Astronomy tower. Before they could walk inside they heard whisperings and moaning. Startled they peeked to find Ron and Lavender kissing passionately.

They smiled silently at each other and flew back. Harry decided to go to the Divination tower on the other end. As they flew nearer, they could easily see Draco and Ginny cuddled and kissing.

'Damn', thought Harry as Hermione chuckled.

'Well, I know a better place', thought Harry as he sped towards the forbidden forest. They landed in a small clearing decorated with wild flowers and thick grass patches all around.

Harry waved his hand to bring several candles hanging in the air. Hermione marveled at the beauty of the surroundings. She looked at Harry who was grinning.

"C'mere", said Hermione. Harry reached her and drowned her in a passionate kiss.

"Harry, I was so scared when I saw you taking the curse. I mean, I knew you couldn't be hurt. But the mere thought of it made me very scared. And Oh.Harry when you were in the infirmary, I couldn't even stop myself from crying", stopped Hermione with tears in her eyes.

"Mione, Please. Nothing....nothing in this world can take you away from me. I promise that I will never ever leave you. Ok? You are my life, breath and soul Mione. Remember that" said Harry very sincerely.

Hermione couldn't control herself anymore.

"Oh Harry!" said Hermione hugging him tight and kissing him deep.

Slowly the kiss turned hot and as Harry ventured to her neck, Hermione grew bold. She fumbled with his shirt as he undid her dress. They quickly discarded all their clothes and started exploring each other with passion.

The nature surrounding smiled at them as the young couple slipped blissfully into the depths of pleasure, inviting it wholeheartedly for the first time in their lives.

It was near dawn when Harry woke up in Hermione's arms. He found their clothes scattered around. He then looked at Hermione who was sleeping deeply contented in his arms. Harry kissed her eyes as they flutter opened. She realized all the events that happened last night and a big smile dawned on her face.

They both dressed quickly and flew back to their tower to get some more sleep.

* * *

The next morning Harry walked towards the breakfast table only to be surrounded by Ron, Lavender and Ginny pestering him about last night. Harry found Hermione beet red from all the questions they might have rained on her.

"Ron! Ginny! If you both don't want everyone to know what happened in Astronomy and Divination towers, please don't bug us", said Harry smiling as Ron, Lavender and Ginny shut their mouths and attended their breakfast.

Harry plopped down and smiled at Hermione.

"Hi beautiful"

"Hi handsome"

"How are you feeling?"

"Wonderful, well apart from their interrogation, and you?"

"Great. But Mione I am scared"

"About what Harry?"

"It's just that we....we..."

"What is it?"

"We didn't think of the consequences", said Harry blushing.

"Don't worry Harry. I charmed a few minutes before the big event", said Hermione blushing herself.

"Oh! That's my smart Hermione", said Harry kissing her cheek.

Dumbledore stood up and cleared his throat gaining all the attention.

"I am proud to announce that Voldermort is gone, once and for all, thanks to the efforts of the six wonderful students from Hogwarts with excellent support from others", said Dumbledore clapping and soon the great hall was filled with clapping and cheering.

Dumbledore waited till the cheering died.

"Now that we rejoiced the victory, let us concentrate on our duties and follow the path to illumination", continued Dumbledore before sitting down.

Everything was back to normal. Soon they attended their classes and all the students got busy with their work and the seventh years started preparing for their N.E.W.T.S, completely led by Hermione.

She had to drag not only Harry but also Ron and Draco to the library accompanied by Lavender for study sessions. Ginny would occasionally join them for seeing Draco but soon Hermione ordered Ginny not to attend and distract Draco, making him groan and swear the N.E.W.T.S. Days rolled by and they took the N.E.W.T.S.

After the exams the six couples went to Hogsmeade for celebrations.

"Ron, leave some butter bear for the rest of the people", mocked Hermione at Ron who was trying to drown himself with butter bear. Soon after their festivities the six walked all the way to Hogwarts partly chatting and enjoying and partly dreading the results of N.E.W.T.S, well except Hermione ofcourse.

The next morning mail arrived bringing their N.E.W.T.S results. Every seventh year opened their mail, some anticipating, some feeling excited and some scared.

"Yoohoo!" shouted Hermione hugging Harry.

"I got 28 out of 30", shouted Hermione making others shake their heads. Infact some wondered why she didn't score a perfect 30. It was a new record anyway, the old one being 26 that held for 10 years. The only points she lost were one in Potions and one in flying, which Hermione hated anyway.

"Congrats, sweetheart", kissed Harry on her cheek.

"Guys! I got 24", shouted Ron. "I got better score than Percy...." sang Ron.

"Great Ron", said Harry.

"Not bad Weasley. But Not good enough. I got 26. Guess I will have to be content for equaling the old record", smiled Draco.

"What is your score Harry", shook Hermione. She was getting hyper.

Before Harry can answer she grabbed his letter and opened it. Her eyes went wide with surprise for a few seconds before she stared at him proudly. Hermione swooned on Harry and kissed him making the whole great hall gasp. But she cared the least about it.

"What is it Herm?" asked Ron

"Well, It seems that I am not the only topper here", smiled Hermione.

"How can he get 28?" mocked Draco feigning shock.

"Let's see. The only points lost were....1 from Potions, 1 from Arithmancy and 1 from Transfiguration. But Harry.....wait you got an extra credit in DADA", said Hermione smiling at him.

Harry simply returned a smile.

"So, the boy-who-lived is also a boy-who-knew-it-all", said Draco, immediately earning a punch on his shoulder.

"Ouch....Hermione, that hurts", said Draco rubbing his arm.

"Never insult my Harry", warned Hermione making a laughing Ron shut up as well.

Dumbledore walked to them and congratulated both Harry and Hermione.

"You both had been model students to this school. I am very proud of you", said Dumbledore.

That night Harry was sitting in front of the fire in their common room. Ron went to bed sometime ago.

"Couldn't sleep?" asked Hermione walking from behind.

Harry simply smiled at her as she sat beside him, placing her head on his shoulder. Harry's hands wrapped her automatically.

"It's just so weird. It only seems like yesterday when we walked dreading the sorting ceremony into the Great Hall and now....we are all departing this wonderful place we called 'home'", said Harry with a bit of disappointment.

"Harry, look at the bright side. We came here, we met and we did so many things together. I would thank god everyday for making you my friend", said Hermione kissing Harry's forehead.

"Now that we are done with our education here, what are your plans?" asked Hermione.

"Nothing. I am thinking of playing for England. On the other hand I wanted to be an auror. I am still undecided. But you know what I really wanted to do?" asked Harry smirking.

"What is it Potter?" asked Hermione smiling slyly.

"hmmm...." Thought Harry animatedly.

Suddenly, He took her hand and stood up. With a snap they both apparated near the lake.

Hermione was a bit surprised. Before she could question him, Harry took a small box from his pocket and opened it for her. There was a beautiful gold ring with a solitary diamond on it. Hermione gasped at its beauty.

"Hermione, All my life I yearned for love and I got it from you. I wouldn't know what I would be doing, if it weren't for you. You stood by me all through, helped me and trusted me. I couldn't ask for a better friend. Infact sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve you. I love you more than anything in this world, but that's just not enough to show how much I love you. I feel as I am the luckiest person in the world to be loved by you", paused Harry.

Hermione stood there breathless. Her eyes shimmered with tears.

"Ms. Hermione Granger. Would you mind doing the honor of being my bride and marry me?" asked Harry kneeling on one leg.

Hermione started to cry freely. She never thought that this would come so fast.

"YES HARRY! I love you so much and I would give anything to be your wife", said Hermione through her tears and kissed Harry frantically.

After a few minutes of intense kissing, Hermione broke up.

"So, Harry, are you coming with me to ask my parents?" asked smiling.

Harry simply nodded and kissed her again.

After the graduation ceremony, the six walked towards the Hogsmeade station. Earlier they met all the teacher and Dumbledore and thanked them for all they gave. Harry hugged Hagrid who was crying as if he is leaving his son. They all made their way into an empty compartment and made themselves comfortable.

After a long journey of chatting, arguing, eating and playing the six reached Kings cross.

"Congratulations Harry, You finally did it mate", patted Ron followed by Draco about his proposal to Hermione.

"So Harry, are you going to meet her parents?" asked Lavender.

Harry nodded. Inside he really felt like throwing up. He was outright tensed.

'What if they say no? What if they don't like me?' thought Harry forgetting to block them from transmitting. The rest of the four looked at him smiling.

'Harry, my parents love you', said Hermione smiling. Harry smiled back as he relaxed a bit.

Thinking back he found his life to be a big surprise. When he was younger, he never planned his future as he always counted his days to an encounter with Voldermort. Now, things are looking bright.

But Harry never experienced such hope in his life. He was not sure of what other surprises his life held for him. But he recalled what Hagrid told him in his fourth year and smiled.

What would come, would come....and he would have to meet it when it did.


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