Written for the Let's Brew Amortentia Challenge on HPFC and Caesar's Palace Shipping Week with prompt fly.

"What does it feel like to fly?" the basilisk wondered aloud, watching Fawkes exercising his wings.

Fawkes landed upon her head and tried to explain flying to his serpentine companion.

"It's like being on top of the world," he explained to the basilisk. "That feeling of spreading your wings and feeling the wind in your feathers, it just feels like nothing can bother you anymore."

"No, how does it make you feel?"

"It makes you feel confident," said Fawkes. "You don't think about falling, and when you do, you aren't afraid of it. You know you'll land safely on your feet."

The basilisk, who had no feet of her own, considered asking Fawkes what it felt like to walk rather than slither. She had often wondered if it would be easier to get around on feet instead of using her entire body. But the thought of flying appealed to her so much that she asked about that again.

"There's really only one other thing I could say about flying." Fawkes replied.

"What would that be?" asked the basilisk.

Fawkes bent and gave her what would have been a kiss if he had lips. "It's kind of like being with you."

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