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Hello and welcome to my fic of Worm

I'm not going to change Taylor's power, but she's going to win some upgrades in the future, like the rest of the Undersiders, but this fic will not only focus on Taylor but also on my two Ocs.

Without further ado, we go to the fic


The first thing I heard was bird song, but soon I heard my mother's voice.

"Arthur, you have school today, so get up from bed and go wake your sister to me while I go to prepare breakfast." She asked, and I nodded my hand before hearing her walk away down the hall and I quickly opened my eyes and sighed when I looked at an Armsmaster poster on the ceiling.

'My first day here and I go to the same school as her.' I thought as I got up and went to my sister's room.

As I knocked on the door and received permission, I walked in and saw her with a concentrated expression as she used a strange little tool to work on an orange-sized metal sphere.

"Morganna, are you updating Aldan now?" I asked with a raised eyebrow

"Yes, I thought of a few minor changes and I could not wait until after school, did the mother already have the coffee?"

"No, she said she was getting ready, I'm going to take it and take a shower and then you can go." I said receiving a nod before she turned her attention back to the ball and I soon went to the shower.

As soon as I came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around my waist, Morganna came in quickly followed by the little sphere that was floating behind her.

As soon as I got into the room, I wore a black shirt with a printed red sun, plain blue jeans, red sneakers and my black backpack, but before leaving the room, I took a small gold metal bat and put it in my backpack along with other things and school materials

I went downstairs to my house and saw my mother finishing the coffee, so I put my backpack in my chair and went out into the yard where I was immediately assaulted and started to receive several licks in the face

"Okay, you two got me." I said laughing as I got up and looked at my two dogs. One of them is a brown German shepherd with black back and the other is a black doberman with a white heart-shaped mark between the ears

"I see you two slept well in the new house, what did you think Kaiser?" I asked receiving an appreciative bark from the German shepherd and soon I turned to the Doberman.

"And you Raven?" I asked getting another bark and then a third bark appeared as a golden retriever came running up to me carrying a red ball and turned it around after I stroked her neck

"Relax Angel, Morganna is already coming down." I said and to prove my intuition was right, my sister soon went out the door and Angel ran quickly to her and began to receive affection.

"Too bad we can not go out with them today, but since we just moved to Blocktom Bay, we still need to get to know the place and we do not have time today," Morganna said with a light pout as I nodded.

"Have you activated the limiter yet?" She asked me and I nodded again.

"Before I wake up, I do not want to burn the house," I said and soon our mother called us in and we had breakfast before Morganna and I left the house and walked toward our new school, Winslow High.

As we approached, we both decided to stop for a bit at the door. "We see it at snack time." I said and hugged my sister before we split in two different directions, because my sister was a year younger than me

As I walked down the hall, people would look at me and some of the girls would lick their lips at me to make me feel a slight shiver, but soon I got to the door of my class and knocked.

Soon a professor appeared at the door and nodded when he saw me.

"So you're the new student. Wait a little until I call you." He said and then walked back into the class.

Soon I heard his voice calling me and I walked in, being greeted by the sight of some students as I looked around the class, but a girl caught my attention as soon as I laid eyes on her

'So, in addition to being reborn in the same universe, I'm in the same class as you. They seem to want you to have a friend, Taylor'.I thought as I remembered the day I woke up in this world.


On a beautiful sunny day, I had just watched the first episode of the second season of Nanatsu in Taizai when the bell rang and as my parents were not at home at the time, I decided to attend.

As soon as I opened the door, I saw the postman with a package in hand

"I have a package for Mr. Torres," he said in a bored voice, but I nodded energetically and took the package up.

As soon as I put the package in my bed, I opened it and saw an action figure Skitter made by a freelance producer.

I jumped for joy as I placed her on a shelf along with the rest of the action figures of the undersiders

"I have almost all of them, just missing Imp and my collection will be complete," I said as I jumped for joy, but I soon stopped when I felt like going to the bathroom.

I ran toward the stairs, but I lost my balance as I felt the floor slip and fell, but before everything else got dark, I saw that I had slipped on a cockroach

I woke up in the deep darkness, but could not move, speak or open my eyes, although I could think

'Where am I and how did I come to stop here?' I wondered as I felt wet, as if I had just showered, but had not yet dried.

I stayed in that place for some time until I saw a bit of light appearing and the darkness was pushing me toward the light, but before I could leave and be born, as I would later discover the same day, I felt the temperature of my body increase to unbearable levels and I saw a great sun bathing me with its light during a micro second before I went out for light that I had seen before

-Flashback End-

I sighed after remembering that sun and my birth and struggled not to shudder.

"I'd like to introduce everyone to Arthur Kane, he's new so make sure he feels good." The teacher told the class before turning to me.

"Since you're new, I'd like to see what level you're on, so do not worry too much about the tasks today and take a seat." He said pointing to the seat next to a girl with curly black hair and glasses and I resisted the urge to smile

'It seems like my luck is very high today.' I thought as I walked to my seat and sat down.

As soon as I finished arranging my things, I turned slightly toward Taylor, who had glanced quickly at me before turning her face away and extending my hand to her as she resisted the desire to hug her

"I think you've heard my name up there, but you can call me Arthur," I said as I smiled, trying to convey a calm aura.

"... Taylor." She said shaking my hand reluctantly as her voice and posture conveyed shyness and lack of confidence

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Taylor, I hope we can be friends". I said, but she glanced down at the floor quickly.

"That ... might not be a good idea." She said and glanced back at a pretty girl who smiled at Taylor, though her eyes conveyed intense anger and I soon recognized one of the characters most annoying in all webcomic,Madison Clements.

"Forget about it, I know how to deal with idiots". I said, causing Taylor to raise his head quickly to look at me.

"Nine out of ten bullies only do it to feel better, although in the end, they still feel bad and keep doing the same thing in an endless cycle until something comes and ends it."

"And the last?" Taylor asked curiously in her eyes.

"They think they have the right and the duty to make the lives of others hell and the only way to end them is to defeat them"

"The girl who was looking at you must be in the first group, so it should not be difficult to deal with." I said before turning my attention to the computer and finishing the task, since it was very easy.

After a few minutes surfing the internet on cape sites, the bell rang and I followed quickly out after Taylor when she left class

"Taylor, wait a minute". I asked as I ran after her and she stopped and looked at me.

"Could you help me, I'm new here, so I do not know where the classes are," I asked as I lifted my schedule.

Taylor hesitated a little before nodding and picking up the time and blinking in surprise.

"You have the same lessons as me ..." She said in surprise and I could not help but smile

"Then lead the way mylady". I said as I bent slightly causing Taylor to blush as much as a tomato

"O-Of c-course ... thi-this way." She said as I followed her to the next class.

After the next class, Taylor headed toward the ladies' room as I headed toward my sister's class.

As soon as I arrived, my sister came up to me and hugged me while some girls were staring

"Glad you came brother, I made some friends and I want to introduce them to you." She said dragging me to two girls

"This is Susie and this is Annabeth." She said pointing first at a blonde girl with green eyes and then at a dark-skinned girl with light brown eyes.

"It's nice to meet you both. I'm glad you've become my sister's friends, but I have to go eat Morganna, I'll talk to you later." I said waving a brief farewell to my sister and going to look for Taylor, but when I arrived at the door of the ladies room, after losing myself a little, I only found a trail of juice going to the exit making me sigh and look at the sky

'This weekend Taylor will fight Lung, so I have to be ready, fortunately my custom is ready. If you prepare Blocktom Bay, you will soon meet the pride lion'.I thought as I returned to enter the school to go eat

-Time Skip-

During the week, I became friends with Taylor. My sister also met her on the second day and Taylor became her friend very quickly. She said she wanted to use her power against the trio that tormented Taylor, but I made her give up on the idea.

On saturday, just before midnight, I wore my costume and went to the roof, but I was surprised to see my sister there.

"Were you going to leave without me?" She asked with a raised eyebrow.

"I'm going alone today to explore the region. You can come with me from tomorrow."

She looked into my eyes for a second before she sighed and nodded.

"Okay, but be careful and try not to get into a lot of action without me." She said with a mischievous smile on her face as she kissed the side of my lion-shaped mask and floated through her bedroom window

I looked at her as she came in and sighed. 'I need to meet Taylor alone to make a big impact.' I thought before taking a deep breath and giving a smile.

I gave a light slap on a medallion shaped like a lion's head making the object emit a great roar and soon my muscles grew, my height increased and my uniformly getting even tighter to the body than before

"It feels like I'm ready, so prepare yourself Lung, it's time for you to face the sun." I said confidently in my voice as I tucked the medallion under my costume and jumped onto another roof as I headed toward the docks.

As I approached the docks, I heard some people shouting and as I climbed over a roof I saw several asians being attacked by many insects, so I decided to wait and watch the show

"I have to admit, reading about it was good but watching it is so much better." I whispered as I watched Lung and his gang suffer from the insects, but soon he created a fire explosion around him that burned all the insects near him

'It's starting to get dangerous, I better get ready'. I thought as I prepared to jump from the building where I was to the building where Taylor was as needed.

Meanwhile, Lung was burning the insects and screaming in pain as his appearance grew wilder until Taylor began to retreat, drawing Lung's attention to her.

Lung jumped onto the roof and I have to admit it was funny to see him get the pepper spray in his eyes but as soon as Taylor started running, I jumped off the roof where I was right in front of the stream of fire that Lung threw against her

-Taylor Pov-

I had just thrown the pepper spray into Lung's face and took this little chance to try to escape, though I had no chance of getting off that roof without burning myself.

I felt the heat on the roof rise and saw that the floor where I was stepping was lit by the flames, but I did not feel the flames touch my body and I stopped running.

As I regained my breath, I decided to turn to see what had prevented Lung's fire and saw a large man with a black bodysuit with a red tribal lion on his back being hit by the flames of Lung while he protected me with his body

-Tattletale Pov-

We had just arrived at the scene where there was a battle between Lung and a girl in a completely black outfit, but before Bitch could send one of her dogs, a shadow appeared between the fire and the girl.

The figure was shown as a large man wearing a black bodysuit with a red tribal lion on his back and a sun, also red, in the middle of his chest. His mask was lion-shaped, though the desing was very much like the girl.

He was protecting the girl with his own body, though he did not receive any damage from the fire.

I looked at my friends and saw that all of them, including Bitch, were impressed, so they all looked at me and I made a hand signal for them to wait and I turned my attention to the man when Lung stopped throwing his fire against him

"This is an interesting development, let's see how long this guy can get my attention."

-Main Pov-

I waited patiently for Lung to stop firing and to see again before smiling a little

"Your power is awesome Lung, if I could give it a name it would be Battle Evolution, but I did not come here for that," I said before turning to Taylor

"Are you okay, spider girl?" I asked and she nodded before pointing at me.

"W-Who are you and how did you get on living those flames?"

I looked at her for a second before extending my hand to her. "My name is Pride Lion and yours?".

"I have not decided yet ... it's my first night of work". She said with a little embarrassment in her voice, but I shrugged.

"It's my first night, too." I said but then she stretched her finger pointing behind me

"BEHIND YOU!" She screamed and soon after I felt Lung's blow on my back, but instead of falling to the floor as everyone expected, I started laughing

"Is that all you have, little lizard?" I asked as my voice emitted the amusement I felt at the moment.

Lung's eyes widened, but I nudged him away from us and then followed with a kick that sent him to the edge of the roof

"You did a good job against him spider girl, but in the state he's in now, he's out of your league." I said before waving him forward against me and like a mad animal he roared and ran at me to try and stab me with their claws

I waited for him to approach and I grabbed his arm before lifting him up into the air by his arm and banging his body against the floor and then I stepped on his chest to keep him stuck on the floor

"You're strong, but you have to control your impulses, otherwise you'll be nothing but a bipedal lizard." I said, but he surprised me by grabbing my foot and throwing me a short distance and then starting to attack me with punches and tail whipping .

I received all his blows until he stopped to breathe and then I gave a slight smile. "My turn."

-Lung Pov-

The masked lion received all my blows as if they were nothing while smiling

'What kind of monster is he?'. I wondered, and soon his fist approached my face and for a second I saw the sun coming up against me before I felt the blow

-Main Pov-

As soon as my fist hit his face, he was thrown at the neighboring building across five walls made of concrete and bricks before stopping lying on the floor.

I smiled slightly under the mask and turned in the direction of Taylor who was looking at me

"I have not had time before, but glad to meet you." I said extending my hand to her and after looking at my outstretched hand, she squeezed

"Thank you for saving me from Lung, Pride Lion. Did you say this is your first time too?" Taylor asked.

"Yes, I was jumping on the roofs touring the city to recognize the environment and I saw your fight against the lizard and decided to watch, but when it became very dangerous for you, I decided to intervene." I said making her scratch behind the her head

Soon the building was shaken by three major impacts and I soon turned my head watching the Undersiders coming out of the three dogs of Bitch and Grue came toward us along with Tattletale while Regent went to the edge of the roof to look at Lung and Bitch stayed with your puppies

"Thanks for the help, you two saved us a lot of trouble." Grue said holding out one hand for me and the other for Taylor.

"No problem, bro." I said shaking his hand and Taylor also shake his hand, probably propelled to watch me shake his hand.

When we found out that Lung was behind us, we were scared and we started planning strategies all day but in the end we said fuck and came to face him ourselves. It's not my usual way of doing things, but I I opened an exception this time. "

I looked at Taylor before turning my gaze to Grue and shrugging. "I would say it was just a coincidence, but if it helped you, then some of you are lucky to see you today. I recommend trying the lottery." I said, making Grue and Tattletale laugh and Taylor give a little laugh

"Lung was defeated very fast. What did you two do with him?" He asked.

"Pepper spray, stings of scorpions, wasps and bees, bites of spiders and fire ants besides a broken jaw and a concussion. He will not rise so soon." Tattletale answered his question by smiling at the end while watching one of the dogs smell Lung

"Introductions.I'm Grue, the girl on my side is Tattletale, the girl with the dogs, well we call her Bitch, her preference, but in the interests of being PG, the good guys and media decided to call her Hellhound instead. Last and certainly least, we have Regent".

"Fuck you, Grue". Regent retorted, with a chuckle and a tone of voice that made it clear he wasn't really that offended.

Tattletale was going to say a few things, but she looked south and then looked at Grue. "We have to leave." She said and Grue nodded before walking toward the dogs as Bitch whistled to the dog that was close to Lung climb on the roof, but before climbing the dogs, he turned to us

"Do any of you guys want a ride?" He asked, but Taylor shook his head.

"I'll stay with her," I said and he shrugged before climbing into one of the dogs.

"What are your names?" Tattletale asked.

"Pride Lion". I said as Taylor shook his head.

"I did not ... I chose one yet, but you can call me Spider Girl as a temporary name". Taylor said, looking at me making Tattletale nod.

"A cape will appear in a few minutes. You did us a favor in dealing with Lung, so listen to my advice. Someone from the Protectorate appears, discovers that some bad guys have fought each other and are happy about it, but they will not leave any of them go away, then you'd better leave, "she said with a smile that really reminded me of a kitsune before Bitch's dogs jumped on us and left

"That was interesting," I said before sitting down in the air entrance of the building.

"Did you find that interesting? To be mistaken for a villain," Taylor asked.

"No, I was telling Lung's powers, but meeting them was okay for me," I said making Taylor sigh as she sat down in another air entrance.

While I was waiting for the Armsmaster to come, I took out my medallion and put a finger inside the lion's mouth and as soon as I did, his eyes, which were lit, went out and I returned to the shape of a well toned teenager doing Taylor look at me

"Power limiter." I said summarizing a long explanation that I did not want to give now.

We waited there for four minutes until we heard a motorcycle and soon Armsmaster climbed on the roof with the climbing hook and although I found him a bit of an idiot, I always liked his Halbert

"Will you fight me?". He shouted at us as he prepared his Halbert

"We're good guys". Taylor said by having Armsmaster lower his guard a little and get close.

"But you do not look like it." He said what made my eyebrow rise

"I look good in my outfit and she too". I said, but his only response was a nod.

"Are any of you hurt?" He asked.

Taylor and I looked at each other and then nodded.

"You two are new". He said and I nodded.

"Pride Lion is my name". I said as Taylor stared at the floor.

"I still ... have not decided on a name. Do you know how difficult it is to create a bug-themed name that does not make me look like a supervillian or a complete idiot?" Taylor asked and Armsmaster's response was a slight chuckle.

"I would not know. I got into the game early enough so I did not have to worry about the lack of all the good names."

"If it was not for Pride, I might have died". Taylor said as he bent his head toward me.

"No problem Spider Girl". I said as I smiled under the mask.

"That's why we have the Ward program." Armsmaster said giving a simple statement

"Are you going to take Lung?" I asked changing the subject of the conversation to make Taylor relax a little

"Lung is unconscious and a little mistreated, so I filled him with tranquilizers and temporarily restrained him under a steel cage that I soldered on the sidewalk. I'll pick him up on my way back." Armsmaster replied

"Well, with him in jail, I'll feel like I've done something today, the only reason I started fighting was because I heard him tell his men to shoot some kids, I only realized later that he was talking about other villains." Taylor said making Armsmaster look at her and then we had to explain what we saw for him, although most of the explanation was made by Taylor

"Did they know I was coming?" Armsmaster asked, doing Taylor nod

"That explains a lot." He said glancing at the horizon before looking at us. "On these few occasions, when we get into a toe-to-toe fight with them, they win, or they move away more or less intact, or both. We know so little about them. Grue and Hellhound were working on their own before joining the group, then there's some information there, but the other two?, they are insignificant. If Tattletale had any way of detecting or tracking us, that would be a long way to explain how they manage to escape."

"Grue said they were scared at the perspective of facing Lung, but they were relaxed when they saw that we defeated Lung".Taylor said

"Did they do it all in front of you two?"

"I think they thought we were helping them." The way Tattletale spoke, I think she thought I was a supervillain or something, though my costume does not help much. "Taylor said before sighing.

"Could you have defeated them?" Armsmaster asked.

"Maybe, but we do not know the powers of all of them, so I can not say for sure." I said and soon Taylor agreed to my words

"While we're anxious, we need to decide where we're going from here." Armsmaster said Taylor's posture was a little more bent

"Who will get the credit for Lung's capture?"

Taylor tried to speak, but Armsmaster raised his hand.

"Listen to me first. What you did tonight is spectacular. You two played a role in getting a great villain in custody, but now you have to consider the consequences."

"What consequences?" Taylor asked in a murmur.

"Lung has an extensive group across Brockton Bay and surrounding towns. More than that, he has two overpowered flunkies: Oni Lee and Bakuda."

"I know about One Lee, but I've never heard of Bakuda," Taylor said, but I held up my hand.

"I know Bakuda is a tinker who specializes in bombs but did not know she was with ABB". I said making Taylor and Armsmaster look at me.

"Yes, Lung recruited her within a week if our sources were right, so I had no way of knowing that she was with ABB, but now I would like you to consider the danger involved in taking credit for Lung's capture. , Oni Lee and Bakuda will seek two goals: freeing their boss and taking revenge on the person in charge, I suspect you're aware now ... these are scary people. "

"Are you saying we should not take the credit?" I asked.

"I am saying that you have two options: Option one is to join Wards, where you will have support and protection in case of altercation while option two is to keep your head down, not accept credit and avoid retaliation."

"I'm emotionally tired today, so I'll leave it in your hands Pride". Taylor said and I agreed.

"Well, we will not get the credit ... but when you get the credit for it, you have to say that an insect helped capture Lung and make sure Lung gets stuck, because if he leaves, take him or not credit so it will not prevent retaliation if he is released. "I said and Armsmaster nodded and smiled.

"I agree with your terms. When you look back, you will see that this was a wise decision." He said before moving away to the edge of the roof, but before he jumped, he turned around.

"Call me if you need anything." He said and elogo his motorcycle moved away taking Lung to prison

Shortly after he left, I turned in the direction of Taylor and started following her as I descended the fire escape

"Looks like he owes us a favor." I said smiling, making Taylor nod

"While we were talking to him, I was thinking of a name for you, so listen and tell me what you think. Your name should be Black Widow."

"Where did your inspiration come from for that name?" She asked as we reached the bottom of the stairs

"Your uniform is as black as the spider, you can control them with your power and I think it suits you," I told her.

'Besides, I think it's a lot better than any other name you've used.' I thought as my smile widened as I thought of Black Widow

"But does not that name make me look like a villain?"

"No, it just makes you look dangerous and that's the purpose I'm aiming to discourage a fight from just the fear that the name imposes. In addition, I think you liked the name too," I said, making her sigh before agreeing.

"Yeah, I ... I liked it." She said as we reached the end of the alleyway.

"It seems like this is where we parted Black Widow, I hope to see you again." I said extending my hand to her and despite the tiredness, she quickly squeezed my hand and we followed separate paths that night.

-Chapter End-

A/N=This was my first chapter of this masterpiece called Worm

Taylor has the same powers she has in Canon, but she will have updates, both in power and in costume

Each member of the Undersiders will get some sort of upgrade, power or equipment, so I'll be accepting suggestions of possible upgrades that each of them could gain, but mostly for Tattletale, since I have no idea of any upgrades she could acquire, except omniscience, but I would not want to give it to her

About changing names, I always found that Skitter did not suit her very much, Weaver seems more related to control of sound waves than insects and Khepri is very simple and does not match her personality, so I decided to put Black Widow

I'll see you and have a good day or night.