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-Retrospective of the last chapter-

"No, it just makes you look dangerous and that's the purpose I'm aiming to discourage a fight from just the fear that the name imposes. In addition, I think you liked the name too". I said, making her sigh before agreeing.

"Yeah, I ... I liked it." She said as we reached the end of the alleyway.

"It seems like this is where we parted Black Widow, I hope to see you again." I said extending my hand to her and despite the tiredness, she quickly squeezed my hand and we followed separate paths that night.

Shortly after I separated from Taylor, I quickly got home, but before I could get in I was met by Morganna on the roof

"So Pride Lion knew action today." She said with a smile on her face as she slowly landed on the roof, although she was in her pajamas

"Yes, but it was very little, although I met someone interesting," I said with a faint smile as I took my mask off my face

"Who?" Morganna asked with a glint of curiosity in her eyes.

"A girl who controls insects. She and I defeated a lizard." I said, making my sister's eyebrow rise and the glow of curiosity increasing.

"I'll explain inside, so let's go in, because tomorrow we have school and you need to sleep." I said with a smile on my face as I opened the window and entered my room followed by Morganna

"You need to sleep too". She said, as a matter of fact and I sighed before taking my costume off as she sat on my bed

I soon began to tell what happened that night and some quirks about the Undersiders. As soon as I finished, she sighed with a small pout

"You met some interesting people today, shame I was not with you, I would like to see this girl with the dogs." She said with feigned sadness before going out the window.

"Good evening, Morg, tomorrow you can come with me". I said, causing her to nod, before floating to her room and entering through the window.

As soon as I confirmed she went into her bedroom, I went to bed to sleep

The next day, I stood up full of energy before noticing that my sunshine was active, I sighed before activating my limiter and going back to normal.

"Now, just go to another school day before officially meeting the Undersiders, I just hope that Rachel does not try to send her dogs to attack Morganna ..." The rest of my line of thought was interrupted when Kaiser and Raven They entered my room followed by Morganna and Angel

My two dogs began to rub in on me and I soon began to caress them.

"Good morning to you both". I said, getting two barks in response before looking at Morganna and Angel

"And good morning to you both, too." I said getting another bark and a good day in response

"I see you're excited today Morg, any news?"

"Yes, the modification in the Aldan was done and now I can see distant galaxies with it." She said excitedly before descending, whistling for the dogs to follow

After she left, I changed and went down to breakfast.

After a simple and quiet breakfast, we went to school. I was tempted to turn off my limiter just a little bit to go jumping over the rooftops to go to school, but I gave up on the idea when Morganna said if I was jumping she would fly to school, although she still liked the idea of ?arriving at school with a triumphal entrance

As soon as we got to school, we stayed at the entrance of the school waiting for Taylor to arrive.

We see Taylor coming shortly after. Her body expression emanates tiredness, though she smiles when she sees us waiting for her at the door

"Good morning." She says as she approaches and hugs Morganna before giving me a quick hug.

"Good morning Taylor, did you sleep well?" I asked, but she shook her head.

"I could not sleep yesterday, I was stressed." She said a little lie, although it was also true.

Morganna made a sad face for a second as she stared at Taylor, but then smiled to dispel the mood

"Well, at least you're with us now, let's talk in between classes". She said with a slight smile as the first bell rang.

The three of us got in together at school, but Morganna went to her class, although she received a quick farewell from Taylor and a hug from me.

After she walked away, me and Taylor went in for our class chatting. I could see the positive change that Morganna and I had in Taylor, though she was still shy around other people, she chatted and laughed when she talked to us .

'Worm is a beautiful masterpiece but I found Taylor very depressed sometimes, maybe I can get her to see the Undersiders as friends long before she did, this will help her even more'.I thought before entering the class and sit in front of the computer.

I searched the events of last night on Parahumans Online and saw that several people were saying that the Armsmaster had captured Lung when he had already been defeated by someone making me smile a little, but my smile disappeared when I saw that Armsmaster had failed to comply with his word and he did not mention any insects

'Taylor will be very upset about this, it looks like Pride Lion and Armsmaster are going to talk one day'. I thought as I watched Taylor checking information on the Undersiders before observing the information about Lung's capture.

Taylor took a deep breath and let it out slowly as she arrived at the end of the news and I could tell she was very annoyed at the time, but she nodded and looked up again to try to find something about me or her, I did not find anything , except for a message titled Spider and Lion.

I was watching with the corner of my eyes while the page load, but as soon as the message opened I was slightly surprised that Tattletale assumed we were in the same school

Subject: Spider and Lion

I owe you both and would like to pay the favor, let's meet?

Send a message


I was tempted to respond quickly, but I did not have time because soon the bell rang and I had to log off quickly.

While we were leaving computer class, I felt a slight pounding in the arm and as I looked left, I saw Taylor pulling my sleeve lightly with a little shame stamped on her face

"Arthur, could you pass on the material that happened in class?". She asked with an obvious pink on the cheeks

I giggled before smiling. "No problem Taylor, I can pass after school is over". I said making her nod, though she was still blushing.

As soon as we got to the next class, I saw that Taylor's chair was full of juice and for a moment I thought about turning off my limiter for a moment to make the juice evaporate and then burn Madison's hair, but I gave up on the idea when Taylor sat down in an empty chair next to me and then her shoulders lowered, as if she were relaxed.

'I think my presence helps her more than I expected if, just sitting by my side, she can relax.' I thought as the aule teacher entered the class and asked everyone to join in groups of four, the only problem is that with me here the class had an odd number of people, so I sat down with Taylor and a nerdy-looking guy who was probably Greg, but I did not see Sparky anywhere

After we got together, we started right away. I picked up what I had managed to gather and think, it was not as big as Taylor's, but it was reasonable.

"I did not get much, because I was distracted by this new game that I got and it's really very good, it's called Space Opera, did any of you ever play?" Greg asked us.

"I do not really like space simulators, I prefer horror games". I said as I organized some sheets of my research

Greg looked at me for a minute before shaking his head and starting to speak.

"You have to understand that it's a genre and it's an I really was getting into it lately, ever since I started watching this anime called ... Oh, hey, Julia!" Greg said loudly, interrupted his monologue to wave with energy toward the door.

I decided to tease him a little

"I did not know there was an anime called Oh, hey, Julia!" I said with a small face of surprise making Taylor giggle lightly.

Greg made a facepalm and pointed to the door.

I glanced at the door, seeing one of Madison's friends, but then I turned my attention to the conversation I was having with Taylor and I could see she was pleased that someone with her was competent to do the task as fast possible, besides having a good material to work with, since Greg's work was sloppy.

"Can I be in Madison's group?". I heard Julia asked Mr. Gladly.

"That would not be fair. Greg's group has only three people. Help them". Said Mr. Gladly, making Julia sigh before walking up to our group and sitting down

Julia walked over to where we were sitting and grimaced in Taylor's direction before murmuring a disgruntled Ew,loud enough for only our table to hear.

I was annoyed when I saw the small smile on Taylor's face leave her face and be replaced with an expression of sadness as the Madison group moved in so the four of them were sitting next to our group, which let Julia talk to them while still sitting with us. The presence of all the popular and attractive girls in the class just got Greg to be more tired, and he started trying to get into the conversation, just to close or ignore. It was sad to see that and within five minutes he was ready to hit the someone's head, except Taylor's, at a table.

'I hate to be with a bunch of hot girls. They can be clever apart but bring them together and they become so useless that I'm tempted to incinerate some of them, maybe all in that case.'I thought as my imagination showed me one scene of them being melted and, although disgusting, I can not deny that I got some personal satisfaction from that image

"Greg, here's what I did over the weekend. What do you think about it?" Taylor asked giving his papers to him in an attempt to make him stop embarrassing us, but to his credit he gave a serious reading .

"That's really good, Taylor." He said when he finished reading.

"Let me see". Julia asked and before Taylor could stop him, he handed Taylor's work to Julia who, after reading a little, threw her toward the Madison table, but before he reached her target, I grabbed the papers in the air and I placed them gently on Taylor's desk, making everyone look at me with wide eyes.

"I do not appreciate people stealing work from others," I said with a slight sigh.

'Madison may have regretted what she did in the future, but right now she's a whore.' I thought before I saw Madison mock and cross my arms

"It's just Taylor's job ..." She did not finish speaking before I closed my eyes.

As I opened my eyes again, I stared at her with a glow that could make even Armsmaster beg for mercy before kicking the bottom of her desk, making her papers fly and fall on my desk

I took the papers and gave a quick read before whistling.

"Now I understand why you want Taylor's work, yours is a complete disaster. For the safety of your school grades, I recommend burning it or giving it to someone else." I said throwing the work back to Madison's desk, who was very embarrassed while Taylor kept a faint smile on her face for the rest of the class although the smile increased when we won the group work.

Julia was smiling for being in our group and she surprised me by showing her tongue to Madison, but I ignored her when Taylor gave a light tap on my shoulder

"Thanks". She muttered as we left class

"Any time spider girl". I said as I walked away in the direction of my cabinet, but I saw with the tale of the eyes that Taylor had stopped in the place and was looking at me with wide eyes, but before she could come after me, Mr. Gladly appeared in front of her and she entered the class again

I arrived in my cabinet and I kept my books before getting my lunch and going to eat outside to enjoy the beautiful day

As soon as I left, I stopped in front of the door when I saw that Morganna had the same idea and was sitting under a tree eating with her friends. When she saw her, she waved me closer, but before I gave her a step, I had a little feeling of forgetting something, but I shrugged and continued toward my sister, making her and her friends smile

"Good morning girls, how have your classes been so far?" I asked as I sat down and got a sandwich I had made for myself this morning and started eating.

"The classes were really good Arthur and yours?". Morganna's friend, whom I remembered being called Suzie, asked with a slightly flushed face.

"Good, I've formed a group and we've won a little class work, Taylor must be talking to him about when we'll get the reward". I said, before I remembered what was happening at the time and resisted the urge to make a facepalm before getting up, but before I could go after Taylor, she ran out the door while I shed a lot of tears.

I looked back quickly and saw that my sister also saw this and got up with a killer look on her face. She started walking in the direction Taylor had come, but before she could reach the bullies, I held her shoulders

"Release me brother, I'm going to kill those ..." Before she could finish, I hugged her to my chest.

"I'll settle this, you wait here, I want to avoid deaths in our school if possible." I said and waited for her to respond

She calmed down slowly and nodded before turning in the direction of the exit.

"I'll find Taylor as soon as I find her, I'll teleport you close wherever she is." She said before running in the direction Taylor had run away.

I sighed and walked toward the girls. Sophia was about to open Taylor's backpack when I approached.

"That does not belong to you." I said and reached over for my backpack, but Sophia pushed the backpack away from her and stared at me with a challenging smile.

'These girls could have died long ago if Taylor did not hold her power, they're lucky that their target has compassion, but unfortunately, for them, I have no mercy.' I immediately slammed a powerful elbow into Sophia's face, catching her unprepared and making her slam into the cabinets, before picking up the pack with one hand and hopping to avoid a sweep of Sophia

"Too slow." I said before turning on my own axis and delivering a powerful kick that made her slide down the floor for a couple of meters.

I looked at Emma and Madison with a dispassionate look on my face before I sighed as the other girls moved away, a little, from me

'Madison regrets provoking Taylor in the future and Emma was her friend before Sophia did a celebral wash on her, so maybe I can get them both to rethink what they're doing.'

"You two seem to be the brains of this little group, but can not you see what you're doing?" I asked with a raised eyebrow

"What do you mean?" Madison asked, afraid as she tried to get the words out of her mouth.

"Taylor is a great girl with a big kind heart ..." Before I could say more, Sophia came rushing toward me with murder in her eyes.

"She's weak, just like you and your slut sister." As she approached me, I grabbed her by the throat with one hand.

"You can say what you want from me, what comes from below can not reach me, but NEVER talk about Taylor or my sister or I'll kill you," I said with the ferocity of a lion before hitting her head against a cabinet, making her faint

After releasing my fury in the Shadow Stalker, I turned my attention to Madison to continue my speech

"Besides that, Taylor is not weak, she's endured your bully for a whole year and never retaliated, if that's not a sign that her spirit is strong, then I do not know what could open the eyes of both of you."

"The two of us?" Emma asked with fear in her eyes as she stared down at Sophia's fallen body.

"She's already beyond salvation, but you two can still redeem themselves, because I think Taylor must be reaching the limit and you will not want to be here when she reaches the limit."

"What could happen?" Madison asked.

"When someone is exposed to more pressure than they can bear they seek some alternative to stop the pressure and it is usually suicide," I said in a sad tone before looking into the eyes of the two.

"And now I ask, could you two deal with a suicide in your conscience?" I asked as their faces went white. Madison placed her hands in front of her mouth to avoid vomiting while Emma was frozen in place opening and closing her mouth unable to utter a single word

Having made the impact of change, as I call the reality clash, I started to walk away and as soon as I left school, I was teleported to an alley near the public library when I saw Taylor approach the door

"I think she has a plan to lie to me." Morganna's voice said behind me, but when I did not jump, she walked forward with a pout on my face.

"I can never scare you ... but one day I'll make it." She said with a confident expression that made her face very cute.

"Let's talk later, Morganna, meanwhile, wait outside the library while I talk to Taylor and then we'll have an ice cream." I said and soon we crossed the street.

Morganna sat on a bench near the entrance while I walked in and saw Taylor waiting to use one of the computers

I approached her slowly and put my hand on her shoulder making her jump before looking at me with surprise in the face

"Arthur,w-what are you ..." Before she could continue, I wrapped my arms around her and gave her a big hug.

"I saw you running from school spilling a ton of tears I went in to see what it was and then I solved the problem," I said with a smile as I showed Taylor's backpack, making her look at me in surprise before giving me a tight hug and take the backpack from my hand and walk to a table to check the contents

After she saw that everything was in place, she turned to me with tears of joy coming out of her eyes as she gave me another hug

"Thank you." She said with her cheeks flushed before picking up the lunch in her backpack and starting to eat

"My sister is out, so after you finish eating, what do you think about having an ice cream?" I asked.

Taylor looked at me and nodded before swallowing the piece in her mouth.

"It would be nice to relax a bit ... after what happened ..." She stopped talking, but I put my hand on her shoulder.

"It's okay, Taylor, you can say whatever you want with me". I said in a calm voice as she ate another piece of the sandwich

She ate the rest in silence before taking a deep breath.

"Thank you for what you did, I did not expect you to come here to give me my backpack."

"You're my friend, of course I would do it for you. I'll be here whenever you need a spider girl ... well, I will not be in the library, but I think you get it," I said with a slight laugh, but when I looked at Taylor, she was staring at me with wide-eyed

"You ... you are..."

"I'm what?" I asked with a raised eyebrow pretending ignorance just to make Taylor guess who I was

"Why did you call me a spider girl?" She asked as her smile grew.

"I think it's match with you". I said with a shrug.

"You're Pride Lion". She said with a big smile on her face.

"Well, I thank you for comparing me to a lion ... but I would not say I'm proud". I said with a smile before pointing to the empty computers

"I saw you were going to use the computers before I arrived, so I'm going to tell Morganna that you're okay and then we go in to talk ..." I said as I walked away, but Taylor interrupted me when he played the last card that she possessed to make me confess my secret identity

"Black Widow." She said, making me stop and look at her with an eyebrow.

"I'm Black Widow, we've captured Lung together." She said as she waited for my answer. I could see tension in her shoulders and since I'd already left her waiting too long, I decided to end the scrutiny

"I did not ... I expected it to be you, but I think your power is very interesting," I said making her raise her head and smile before running and hugging me again

"Thank you for saving me from Lung's fire, I would have died had it not been for you." She said as she shed some more tears of happiness.

"Maybe yes, maybe not. If the Undersiders had come to you before Lung reached you, then you would still be alive, but I'm glad I stopped that fireball". I said, returning the hug.

As we pulled away, she headed toward the computer and motioned for me to approach

"Tattletale sent a post on a site to contact us and I was thinking of sending an answer and I'd like to know what you think."

"Well ... what do you expect to gain from this meeting?" I asked as I prepared to truly change the story.

"Well ... they want to reward us, and maybe they'll tell us to join the group. After that, I thought I'd gather as much information as possible and then hand it over to the Armsmaster." He said quietly, in a single breath before stopping to breathe

"I see, the idea is not bad, but there are two problems with your idea."

"What problems?" Taylor asked with curiosity shining in her eyes.

"The first problem I see is that if they tell their secret identities then you can hand them over to the police and this can ruin any family they have and the second problem is that Undersiders are a small group but who ensures that they do not have a secret member, anonymous supporter or other hidden team and when you reveal their identities, these people in the shadows will not be after you or me. "I said as the color faded from Taylor's face

"So you'd think I'd better not answer?".

"On the contrary, I think you should respond, but only if you're willing to dive into the idea of becoming a villain."

"You mean for me and you to become villains?"

"You, me and my sister, but yes, you understood almost correctly"


"We would be villains until I could put my plan into practice. I see kindness in them even though I have not met them yet and intend to turn them into a group of independent heroes".I said before sighing

"Do you think this can work?" Taylor asked and I nodded.

"You're already a hero, Taylor and maybe I can turn some people into heroes too, but I'm going to need help"

'If Taylor agrees, it will change the story a lot, so I hope she accepts it, I did not really like some of the decisions she made and I can change that '

"Not everything is black and white in this world Taylor, some people work in the gray. Why do you think some villains are released from prison, even if they have dangerous powers, instead of going to the Birdcage ?, or why some ordinary people disappear after discovering things that should not?. The system is corrupt and no hero is trusted, people with powers can hide or live life to the fullest. The last question I want to ask is which of the two groups do you belong to?". I asked as I extended my hand to her.

Taylor looked at my hand for five minutes, I could see she was thinking a lot, before shaking my hand

"I will follow your decision, but I do not want this to end up hurting my family."

"If everything goes good, then your father will not know anything and you're going to do the right thing and earn a little extra money too is not bad at all"

"What's your motivation?" She asked as she turned on the computer to answer Tattletale.

"Having fun while earning a little money is not bad for my bank account although I also intend to save the only true heroes in this city and put them on the same team and save the world in the process" I said with a faint smile and a good laugh as Taylor nodded with a small smile on her face.

As soon as Taylor opened the Tt user page. and a drop-down menu appeared, she chose to send a private message. This gave you the option to make an account, sign in with an existing account or send the message as an anonymous guest, she chose the last option and sent a reply

Subject: Re: Spider and Lion

Spider and Lion here. We would like to know, but we want proof that you are Tt. We will respond if necessary.

While we waited for the answer, I went outside and saw Morganna eating an ice cream with three balls

I walked over to her and put my hand on her shoulder before lifting a brow.

"You were delaying, so I went to get one, but do not worry, I bought one for you and one for Taylor, they're in Aldan's miniature space", Morganna said, making me sigh

"Glad you remembered us, but that's not what I came out for, Taylor knows we have powers ... but she does too." I said the last part when I realized she looked at me with a little apprehension in the look

"What powers does she have?" Morganna asked before getting up and following me into the library.

"She's the girl with Black Widow's secret identity that I told you about." I said, causing Morganna to look at me in surprise before nodding

As soon as we got to where Taylor was, Tattletale sent an answer with a beautiful proof

Subject: Re: Bug

Proof? Well, last night you were almost toasted by Lizard before Lion protected her with a mess of unpleasant bites and you pepper sprayed him and I told my friend G when he asked. Good enough?

GR and I will meet the same place we met last night, k? No need to be nervous if you get my drift. The rest of us will be in casual clothes.

If we meet at three, will that give you enough time to get you out of the library with everything you two need? Let me know if you need more time.


As soon as we finished reading the message, we heard a voice behind us

"Excuse me?"

We turned around and saw a middle-aged woman in a red jacket

"Are you guys finished?" She asked, pointing to the screen saver.

"Give me thirty seconds". Taylor said before looking at Morganna and me.

"Three-fifteen." She asked.

Morganna and I looked at each other before nodding and confirming, making Taylor smile and wrote the last message

Subject: Re: Bug and Lion

I'll see you at three.

After we left the computer, we sat at a table away from other people, before Morganna pulled two ice creams out of three miniature space balls and gave one to Taylor and another to me

Taylor was surprised by this, but thanked and picked up the ice cream

"So you're Black Widow my brother said."

"And what's your secret name?" Taylor asked.

"Merlin". Morganna said with a foul grin on her face.

"But Merlin was not the wizard at King Arthur's court ..." She said before looking at me and sighing

"It makes sense, because my brother's name is Arthur and besides, Merlin is an ambiguous name, so it fits both a man and a woman." Morganna explained as she finished eating the second ball

"Are you a mage?" Taylor asked in surprise.

"Yes, I am a Tinker but I can also enter the Mystic class, a class I have created to put the magicians," Morganna said proudly in her voice.

"So you control magic and advanced technology?" Taylor asked and Morganna nodded.

"I think we can talk more about our powers later, now we have to focus on the meeting with Tattletale." I said getting up and leaving the library, being followed by Taylor and Morganan to an alley

"You have your costume?" I asked Taylor, but she shook her head.

"Okay, so I'm heading toward the docks while Morganna teleports you, along with her, to your house to retrieve your costume, and then teleports you to the docks, right at my location." I said, making them both agree.

"You two are already with your customs?".Taylor asked with curiosity in the look

"Morganna has created a miniature space for us to store items. If we're not wearing our costumes, then they're in the miniature space, I'm going to change after you leave and Morganna's going to change into your house."

Morganna made her Aldan appear and created a pink portal on a wall

"It's only you go through the portal that he's going to take you around you're thinking, I'll follow you without changing the fate of the portal," Morganna said making Taylor sneak and walk to the portal

"Taylor." I said before she crossed, did not she look at me.

"Take a change of clothes, maybe we'll have to change them on the spot," I said, making her nod before crossing the portal followed by Morganna

As soon as I was alone, I deactivated my limiter, letting my power, Sunshine, cross my body and in an instant, I was big and muscular.

Then I used a black key to open a gap in the space fabric to take off my suit and put it on, before putting my usual clothes in the gap and locking it with the key and storing it inside my limiter

"It looks like I'm ready, time to meet the Undersiders," I said, jumping to the roof before jumping for them in the direction of the docks.

-Chapter End-

A/N=This was the second chapter of The Pride Lion.

Arthur never liked Armsmaster because of what he did to Taylor in the Canon, but now he can influence the outcome and he also plans a revenge against Armsmaster in the future and make sure he will not escape it

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