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That girl just there, yes, she's the one

With Cupid's arrow in her bum

Handsome stranger you have made her happy

The first in a long time!

Dodie Clark - Absolutely Smitten

AJ's tinkling laugh filled the car as she honked and scared her friends. It had been the same daily routine for most of their lives. Their mom's all dropped them off at kindergarten and Jessica, Angela, and Aubree would all sit around the same table and color the day away. Then came second grade and they added Eric and Tyler to their group, even though they had 'boy cooties'. Forth grade brought along Mike Newton, the blonde new kid. He fit in perfectly with the group of friend and none of them had really been separate since.

"You're in a good mood this morning," Mike commented as soon as she hopped out of her dark green Jeep Wrangler.

"You say that as if she's ever in a bad mood," Jessica grumbled and leaned against Mike's van. Mike nodded in agreement as AJ finally reached their side.

"Of course I'm in a good mood," she sipped on her travel mug of coffee, "We only have four days left until Christmas break. Do you know what that means? That means no school for two weeks and that means I get to sleep in."

"Just make sure to take a break during your hibernation so we can all celebrate at my house on Christmas Eve."

"Yeah, Jess, I won't forget. I still have to wrap all of the presents."

Angie giggled quietly, "AJ, Christmas is next Thursday."

"Exactly. Next Thursday. I have plenty of time. I don't have too much to wrap anyway. Just a few for Dad and then what I got you guys. I'll honestly probably get it all wrapped this evening."

"If we don't have homework."

"Please, teachers aren't going to give out homework this week. They don't want to have stacks of papers to grade over break. Except for Mr Tate, he's probably going to-hey, who are they?" The entire little group turned to look where Aubree had gestured.

"New kids?"

AJ shrugged at Tyler, "We never get new kids, especially five of them. Must be a big family."

"Why are they, like, so white?"

"Oh, my God, Jessica, you can't just ask people why they're white."

The little redhead pivoted to face the brunette, "Don't quote Mean Girls at me."

"But, it's so fetch." AJ mocked as the bell rang. Jessica shoved her playfully before both of them left for their first and most hated class. Math.

"So, I have, like, no idea what to get Mike for Christmas."

Aj threw her bag down next to her desk, "I got him, Tyler, and Eric matching ugly ties."

"That makes me worry about what you got me."

"C'mon, Jess," she smiled innocently as she grabbed out her notebook and a pencil, "You know I'd never give you a lame gift." Her eyes shot over to the door when one of the new kids walked in. He was tense and almost looked like he was in pain. His dark gold eyes met her muddy brown ones and he seemed to do a quick double take. He relaxed slightly and she tore her gaze away from him.

"Oh, my God, Aubree, he's only been here a few minutes and you already have the hots for him."

AJ scoffed, "What? No. I don't know what you're talking about."

"C'mon, he's, like, your type," Jessica lowered her voice as the bell rang halfway through her sentence.

"I don't have a type."

"Yes, you do. Tall, blond, in shape but not, like, body builder shape. He's totally your type. I mean, he seems a little weird, but you two would be cute together."

"Keep this up I'm taking your gift back and getting you an ugly tie like the guys'."

"Girls," both teens flinched and snapped their heads forward when Mrs Higgins yelled, "Am I interrupting you with my teaching?"

"Well, technically-"

Jessica snapped a hand over AJ's mouth, "No, not at all. We're sorry." The grumpy old lady glowered at AJ for a short moment before returning to the lecture. The two girls instantly started scribbling in their notebooks. Jessica was writing notes and AJ was drawing a severely exaggerated picture of the teacher. When she was done with the doodle, she tapped Jessica on the arm. When she had her attention she held up her notebook and imitated the face she had drawn. Jessica's snort of laughter caught everyone's attention, including the subject of the drawing, "That's it! Aubree, switch seats with Tony."


Mrs Higgins waved her marker around, "Would you rather go to the office?" She thought about it for a hot second before snatching up her notebook and bag and trudged to the back of the room. The quiet kid, Tony, moved up to sit next to Jessica. Aubree set her book bag down rather roughly and slammed her notebook down. She glanced to her right and saw the new kid staring at her with an amused smirk on his face. Great first impression, Aubree Joy. Why am I such an idiot?

"She moves you almost every day, it's weird how she doesn't, like, actually change the seating," Jessica chirped when the two joined back together when the bell rang.

"I honestly think she just likes yelling at me since she does it every-" She grunted when she crashed into someone in the hallway. Her weight shifted and she started to fall backwards before two ice hands wrapped around her arms. Once she was steady, she turned around and looked at the new kid, "Thanks. I'm Aubree, but most people call me AJ."

"I'm Jasper."

Jessica looked back and forth between them, "And I'm leaving!" She scurried off into the mass of students, leaving the two other teens to themselves.

"She sure does have peculiar timing, doesn't she," AJ quipped drawing a quiet laugh out of both of them. The atmosphere around them relaxed instantly, "What's your next class?"


"Bummer, I have biology. English is on the way, though, so I can show you if you like." He nodded and she started down the hall, "Can I see your schedule?" He grabbed the yellow paper out of his bag and handed it to her. Her eyes roamed it quickly and she handed it back, "Aside from math, we have history and Spanish together. So, where did you and your family move here from?"


"What in the world brought you guys from Alaska to the hustling and bustling town of Forks?"

He shrugged, "Carlisle got a good job offer at the hospital here."

"Carlisle? Is that your dad?"

"Adopted. Rosalie is my twin and Esme is our aunt. Edward, Alice, and Emmett are all adopted as well."

"Interesting. Well," she gestured to the open classroom door, "I hope to put faces to the names soon. Here's your class. I'll see you in history, yeah?" She waved before darting down the hallway so she wouldn't be late to class. She passed through the threshold just as the bell rang and she grinned innocently at the teacher.

"Take your seat, Miss Forge," AJ slipped smoothly into her seat between Jessica and Mike. As soon as the teacher returned his attention to the board, she reached over and pinched Jessica.

"Ouch! What was that for?"

AJ whispered, "And I'm leaving!" Jess shrugged her shoulders and winked at her. AJ rolled her eyes and settled in for an hour of ignoring the teacher.