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Dimension: PV-CV-19/?-?

Blackness and emptiness in a dimension of ruin.

A post-apocalyptic world in survival of the fittest with vampires and related monsters. What caused the outbreak is unknown other than the 'Thorns of Judgment' that resulted in The Great Collapse. It is a fresh reminder of I Am Legend and Seraph of the End. And just like that, there are groups of humans turned vampires called Revenants. They are part of an organization called Vein in saving what remains of human society from the ghoulish Lost, monsters that were once Revenants consumed by bloodlust if left unchecked.

A world full of warriors with their companions to fight in a never ending struggle.

That is, until a fateful day.

A young brown hair man wearing a black slender uniform with small leg belts, wore a masked mouth guard, and a red-black cape covering his left arm is seen running with his sword. He is a Revenant, to which he had no memory of his past.

A few Lost monsters are spawned. There are humanoid warrior monsters with crude spiked spears and swords; while there are humanoid white-skinned monsters with long anteater-like noses, wearing loincloths and wielding greatswords. They give moaning sounds to threaten their opposition.

Without hesitation, the Revenant charged at the Lost. He easily cuts one Lost in half. Two of the Losts with spears attempted to attack the Revenant, but he destroyed the spears and slayed them. One of the white-skinned anteater monster attempted to strike the Revenant with his greatsword, but the Revenant sensed it coming and stabbed the monster's belly before brutally slice it upward, making its upper body briefly cut in half in spewing blood and intestines. The Revenant briefly switched his weapon to an Ogre Claw that sliced apart the remaining warrior and anteater monsters.

The Revenant stopped for a moment. It has been sometime since he and his companions such as Mia Karnstein fight in an ongoing war between the Lost. By this point, they begin to found the source of the monsters and also what caused the apocalypse in the first place.

As the young vampire begins to move forward, an anomalous energy cloud materialized in front of him. The energy gave a malevolent force, to which the Revenant sensed that it's likely the source much to his surprise. The Revenant is about to charged, only that the cloud engulfed the young man as it begins to sends itself and the Revenant through a wormhole.

The Revenant screamed as he is traversed to the wormhole, like if he's falling and keep falling down towards the timestream. The light covered his viewpoint to some kind of an unknown period. A contemporary period that was once held captive till freedom.

(Cue VAMPS - Underworld)

Persona Vein (ペルソナの静脈)

Act I:

Reawaken (再起)

(Cue Persona 5 OST - Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There)

"This is Amamiya Ren speaking. I'm known as the leader of the former Phantom Thieves named Joker.

It's been four years since we stopped Shido and Yaldabaoth, alongside recalling the road trip we had. I remember making a lot of good connections back in my time in Tokyo, it was a lot of fun. Not only that, at one point, we all have a Dancing Star Night.

Back to the present, a start of a new decade, you might wanna know about me and my friends' whereabouts. Well, I'm going to finish up university, which glad I'm not seen as that delinquent unlike Shujin Academy. Morgana is still watching over me like a guardian, of course he still didn't find a way to become a human, but he's alright with it, hope he doesn't interrupt me of getting enough sleep. Makoto has finished university and joined the police force. Ryuji is part of a sports club besides reliving his main dream as a professional runner. Yusuke continues his dream as an artist in not relying on Madarame's manipulations. My little sister figure, Futaba has finished high school, and is studying for her university exams, boy does Sojiro is proud of her. Haru is already opening her coffee café that started the chain of businesses. And lastly the love of my life, Takamaki Ann. She's already living the life as a famous model, and though we're in separate ways, we keep in touch with one another. Ann's an expressive beauty isn't she?

Anyway, we're all gonna reunite for so long at Sojiro's place."

(End theme)

Dimension: PV-18/Café Leblanc (純喫茶ルブラン)/Yongen-Jaya, Tokyo (四軒茶屋, 東京)/July 24th, 2020 (2020724)

(Cue Persona 5 OST - Beneath the Mask)

Morning has come to Café Leblanc, owned by Sakura Sojiro (佐倉 惣治郎). Once a former one year home for Ren's probation, became a special hang-out place for him and his friends.

Sojiro is seen in the bar table serving coffee to customers. He looked relatively the same he had been four years ago. However, signs of more gray started to show his age. There were tufts of gray showing up on the sides of his hair, within his hair and in his beard. He wore a long-sleeved pink shirt to complement his white pants and shoes.

Sitting at a table are the former Phantom Thieves: Amamiya Ren (雨宮 蓮), Morgana (モルガナ) (Mona (モナ) for short), Takamaki Ann (高巻 杏), Sakamoto Ryuji (坂本 竜司), Kitagawa Yusuke (喜多川 祐介), Niijima Makoto (新島 真), Sakura Futaba (佐倉 双葉), and Okumura Haru (奥村 春).

With the exception of Morgana, there are some physical changes to the other seven.

The young man who used to go by Joker. A far cry from how he used to be, Ren looked nearly the same as he did four years ago. He still wore the same glasses, which he often took off. His normally unkempt black hair was neatly groomed, although as the day wore on his hair regained some of its scruffiness. He had on a gray blazer, and white long-sleeved dress shirt, though he had already unbuttoned the sleeves and pulled them back to make for a comforting short-sleeve shirt. He had on dark gray slacks, black shoes, and a black waist belt.

A beautiful, platinum blonde-haired woman got off the sofa dressed in her latest modeling wardrobe. Ann had on a black sleeveless and backless halter top, which also exposed her full midriff. She also wore black leather pants to match her halter top. Ann's other accessories included red lipstick, red painted nails, and a pair of red bracelets on her right wrist. She also wore a red trench coat. Having embraced womanhood, Ann no longer wore her pigtails. She freely let her wavy blonde hair loose down to her lower body.

A black cat with a yellow collar, blue eyes, a white muzzle, paws, and tail tip. This is Morgana.

Makoto is garbed in a female police uniform, consisting of a similar colored dress shirt but short-sleeved, saluted him back. She also wore a black tie, dark blue pants, and a blue police cap. She had her now long brown hair pulled up into a hair bun style.

Ryuji's outward appearance was a stark contrast to what he used to look like during his high school days. Gone was the blonde dye that made him stand out from the crowd. Having stopped coloring his hair, it had gone back to its natural black. He grew out a black goatee on his chin that completed his transition into a young man. Ryuji's build was more muscularly built after a few years of physical training. He wore a white t-shirt, red sweatshorts, and white tennis shoes. He also wore a small fitband, which he used to time his runs.

Haru retained her chin-length curly auburn hair. She wore a lavender blouse with a long-sleeved white shirt underneath. She also wore a black and white polka-dotted skirt, knee-length black stockings, and brown dress shoes. She carried a red purse. Other accessories included a pair of silver earrings and light red lipstick.

Futaba wore a short-sleeved gray shirt with a green Hatsune Miku character design embellished on it, an orange beanie, and white & gray cargo pants. She had her feet planted in a pillow cushioned under her buttocks. The most notable difference in Futaba's appearance is her hairstyle and color. Her hair was now short and neck-length like her mother's. She ditched the orange hair she had when she was younger and allowed her natural dark color to resurface.

Yusuke, now wearing a ponytail, sat in a comfy recliner chair inside a well furnished apartment. He wore a long-sleeved violet shirt with a gray vest over it. He also wore black pants and a graduation ring, which he earned after graduating Kosei High School.

They have an ongoing conversation of reunions and other things.

"Man, it's great to totally see all of you again!" Ryuji gave a big grin to his friends.

"It sure was, Ryuji." Ren remarked.

"Can't believe it's already a few years since we're all together." Makoto stated.

"Yeah, it really brings us memories." Mona said. "Like I remember teasing our 'monkey' right here."

"Ah shut up!" Ryuji snapped at the sardonic cat.

"Haha! I really do feel lighten' up." Futaba remarked.

"Soo, how long have you and Ann have been together?" Ryuji smirked and make a sly joke.

"Ryuji! Shut up about it!" Ann blushed and shouted. "We're just already been dating and stay touch!"

"Calm down, Ann. It's okay." Ren eased his girlfriend.

"Yeah, I just take it stride." Ann understand to her boyfriend. "Besides, we're more close than ever, Ren."

"You two have a wonderful relationship." Haru smiled.

"Indeed, it's quite the artistic one filled with love." Yusuke commented.

"Thanks, you two." Ren responded at his two friends.

"Hey guys, there's another thing why we're all here for the reunion today!" Ryuji interrupted with a holler. "The Summer Olympics at Shinjuku!"

"Oh man, I know about that coming." Ren thoughted.

"We already purchased our tickets, so we're good to go!" Futaba mentioned.

"Heh, you kids are seeing the Olympics event while I'm staying handling the business." Sojiro interjected. "I'm still not leaving out the fun since I'll be seeing it on TV."

"You can say that again, boss." Ryuji smirked.

Just then, from the door ringing came another guest, Niijima Sae (新島 冴), Makoto's older sister. She is woman with long gray hair parted to the right side and reddish eyes. Sae stood dressed in a black business suit with a matching colored turtleneck and dark gray heels. She had her black blazer; the blazer's cuffs and the lower area have clamshell-like designs. Her accessories include her necklace of a section sign, silver earrings, and the black hair clips above her right ear. Her fingernails are violet. Sae is already doing well as a defense attorney, and she is engaged to a man from Fukuoka.

"Sis!" Makoto cried out with a smile.

Sae walked inside the café and greeted, "I see you people are getting together."

"Yeah, and we're going to the Summer Olympics!" Ann smiled.

"So I see, just here to give my compliments of having fun out there." Sae replied.

"Yeah, we'll make sure of having a fun experience." Ren said, recalling the past experiences with Sae back in the interrogation before becoming one of his important allies.

With that said after minutes of eating breakfast and coffee, Ren and his friends are leaving the café in heading to the train station for Shinjuku.

(End theme)

Sophia University (上智大学)/Chidoya, Tokyo (千代田区, 東京)

In the "University of Higher Wisdom", it is a normal day for students and faculty members. Things are already slowing down due to the summer season. One student is seen having already beaten a fellow classmate in Shogi, the Game of Generals.

"Whoa! You beaten me with intensity, Hifumi-san!" The random classmate cried out.

Indeed, that college student, or at least someone who's going to finish her education, is named Togo Hifumi (東郷 一二三). She is a beautiful dark green-eyed young woman with long black hair and bangs walked down. The woman wore a casual white dress with orange, navy blue, and white checkered designs, sans the sleeves that were free of such designs. She also had on long black stockings and dark shoes. She still wore her red hair accessory that resembled a three-leaf clover, which she's worn since high school. Togo Hifumi has since retained the youthful beauty she's had since her high school years.

Hifumi is a long time acquaintance of Ren in the past when they first met in the Kanda Church, and have attended Kosei High School with Yusuke. Hifumi gives a calm smile to her classmate.

"I told you I warned you not to go against me."

"But, I'm just eager in wanting to face you." The classmate stated.

"It's alright." Hifumi said.

"Say, are you coming to go to the Summer Olympics?" The classmate asked.

Hifumi answered, "I don't think so, because I just want a calm day by returning home. Maybe I'd rather see the Olympics on television."

"Aww bummer, oh well." The classmate said.

With that said, both go on their separate ways. Hifumi has been a reserved young woman, with the exception of playing Shogi. Though she has friends, she wonders to herself about her future. Hifumi recalled the good times with Ren, and how the Phantom Thieves save her mother from controlling her reputation as a Shogi player. Sure that she became a 'phony player', but at least she could start over from scratch under her own terms. Nevertheless, she walked through the hallways and into the university's gates. She looked around the Chidoya ward with a serene mindset.

Pachinko Maruhan/Shibuya, Tokyo (渋谷区, 東京)

Shibuya, one of the main locations where Ren's journey took place few years ago.

Inside a notorious arcade game called Pachinko, is where gambling takes place in slot machines. The branch has a lot of theme decorations with anime such as Mahō Shōjo Madoka Magika and Hokuto no Ken. Various people have come to play these games. However, none is infamous as the Compulsive Gambler, a young woman with long black hair and red eyes, Jabami Yumeko (蛇喰 夢子).

Yumeko came dressed in a cute white t-shirt with a black cat on it. She also wore a blue jean skirt and red tennis shoes. She carried with her a white fluffy purse.

Since she finished Hyakkaou Private Academy few years back, Yumeko has made a living as a professional gambler, or at least a gamer in general. The rest of her life is unknown, nor whether she reconnected with her old classmates. As of now, she has beaten a lot of male players in Pachinko.

"Whoa! Jabami has done it again!" A man cried out.

"How did she do it is beyond me." Another played said.

"This woman is beyond frightening.." Another one stated.

Yumeko is seen standing besides her surrounding opponents closing her eyes. She then opened her eyes and gives a hedonic smile.

"Thank you for playing with me, I hope we can continue this sometime!" Yumeko chirped.

"Well, shouldn't you need a break here?" Someone asked Yumeko.

Yumeko answered, "I suppose I can, maybe relax a bit before heading elsewhere. But, I do missed my friends and classmates back in my high school, I wonder about them despite keeping touch."

"Maybe you liked to stop worry about them and focus on your status in hand." Another played questioned.

"Maybe, maybe not." Yumeko smiled.

New National Stadium (新国立競技場)/Shinjuku, Tokyo (新宿区, 東京)

At the recently built stadium in Shinjuku, the Tokyo Summer Olympics is taking place. A huge crowd of audiences are sitting and cheering at the opening ceremonies. Ren's group is seen within the crowds in watching. Of course Morgana is hiding inside Ren's backpack, which his eyes take a peak to watch.

The ceremonies are showing athletics doing their famous stunts for various sports competition such as football, tracking, and judo.

"Wow, this is the first time I'm seeing a huge stadium in person! Crowds are goin' wild!" Mona exclaimed.

"You sure are excited, Mona." Ren complimented.

"Hey, take the cat some slack, he's having his life of the day." Futaba responded to her brother figure.

"Man, I kinda wish I could have gotten involved in the olympics sooner. If it weren't for that incident with that damn Kamoshida." Ryuji regretted otherwise.

"Care to remind us?" Yusuke asked.

"Yeah, it's just that I remembered I was part of the track team till things went badly." Ryuji earnestly replied. "That's when before I met Ren that changed my life and able to find my purpose in regaining my running spirit. I didn't have time to register, likely I still have a long way to go to be a pro. I kinda get the hang of it, man."

Then, Ann briefly stands up in cheering at the sports performances, "YEAH!"

Ren gave a smile from her girlfriend's actions of lightening up.

"Lady Ann needs to calm down a bit." Mona sees this.

"Just let her be, we just wanna see the show." Ren responded to the cat.

The olympics' opening ceremonies continues on. So far, Ren and his friends are enjoying the special event.

Hifumi's House/Kanda (神田)/Chidoya, Tokyo (千代田区, 東京)

In a traditional household, this is where Hifumi and her family resides. Granted, Hifumi's mother is not here since she is at work. However, Hifumi is seen walking to the front doors after her summer college activities.

It has been the usual day of course. She is opening and closing the door by her house keys. Hifumi takes off her school shoes and switched it for her sandals. Hifumi is wandering the house and is at the living room to relax in thought.

Suddenly, she hears a faint sound coming from outside.

Hifumi is then walking to find out that the sound is in her backyard. Once she opens the back doors leading to outside, the Shogi beauty finds in surprised by her eyes widened of an unconscious figure.

This figure lying on the ground unconscious underneath a tree, is none other than the Revenant. Somehow, he had arrived to this present timeline by that unknown source.

"How did he get here?" Hifumi pondered.

Granted, he seems to be a handsome figure, as if it's love at first sight. But, it is not yet, because Hifumi does not even know where he really came from out of nowhere. Is he some kind of a foreigner?

Nevertheless, Hifumi walked over to the unconscious figure and hold him within her arms. She brings him into her living room for the Revenant to lie down in a couch. Hifumi looked into the young man's face for a bit. She takes off his mask mouth guard in revealing his mouth.

Then, the young man's eyes begin to open in waking up. The Revenant notice in surprised that he saw a young Japanese woman. More like a normal human being, as most of them were extinct in his future. Breathing slowly, he figured out that there's no toxic atmosphere in this world outside. Rather, he felt he is in a foreign society back in time.

"Who...Who are you?" The Revenant asked. He would have been startled, but he sensed no hostility coming from the young woman.

"Wait, do you understand me?" Hifumi asked the stranger, hencing a language barrier between the two.

Before they can both answer, a brief surge of energy resonates within the Revenant, as if a flash of energy bursted. Both of them come in surprise, but the energy disappears. Even so, this is a sign of a dark omen to this world.

New National Stadium (新国立競技場)/Shinjuku, Tokyo (新宿区, 東京)

As the olympics continues on, a burst of energy appeared in the middle of the stadium. This caused all the sports competitors to run away out of the arena in terror, and to which the audiences and Ren's group reacted in shocked.

"What the hell?!" Ann cried out.

The energy came unexpectedly, like out of nowhere. Unaware though to our heroes, that energy is something that connects to the Revenant waking up. As the energy begins to diminish, it summons a large number of monsters much to everyone's surprise and fear. Some of these are Lost monsters that the Revenant fought. There's another Lost monster that is feminine and wielded a pole-axe. But there are also Yokai in ancient times; those that are seen are the Onryokis (怨霊), large onis with shaggy white hair, reddish-gray skin, and yellowish horns. Nues (恠鳥), a chimeric beast with the face of a monkey, body of a tiger, and a snake tail. And spider-woman with women as the upper body and spider body on the bottom with armored legs called Joro-gumos (女郎蜘蛛).

Every civilian fled in terror screaming from the sight of these monsters in leaving from the stadium.

"Real monsters?! Where do they and that energy came from?!" Makoto shouted in alert.

"Not only that, but there are Yokai seen!" Yusuke pointed.

"You got me there, I recall me and Ren fought one of them in Madarame's Palace!" Ryuji mentioned about the Nue.

"Yes, but the ones we see here are actually the real deal." Yusuke seriously answered.

"If only we have our Metaverse powers right here and now." Ren state to his friends in worry. "These guys are not really Shadows for sure."

"But we can't, so our only option is to run." Mona said to Ren.

"Yeah, let's escape while we still can." Ren agreed.

Ren and his friends are leaving with the civilians in escaping from the coming hell that these monsters are bringing forth. Of course, the Lost and Yokai are giving chase to the humans with the malicious intent to kill them.

Hifumi's House/Kanda (神田)/Chidoya, Tokyo (千代田区, 東京)

Back at Hifumi's house, as she and the Revenant noticed about the energy, another energy materialized beside them.

(Cue Nioh OST - Otani Yoshitsugu & Ogress)

It is Yokai energy. It felt volatile in giving dangerous vibes. Forming from it is a large Ogress (鬼女) monster with very long nails equipped as claws, wore a kimono, and shaggy black hair. This is not the same Ogress that was originally Senahime (Lady Tsukiyama) back in the Sengoku era. Rather, it is a different one, something that reminded of if Hifumi's mother is corrupted to become this Yokai. The Ogress gives a sinister chuckle towards Hifumi and the Revenant.

Hifumi gasped at the sight of the grotesque monstrosity.

The Ogress is about to strike them both with her claws, but Hifumi immediately grabbed the Revenant as they run away from the coming killing blow. Hifumi ran across the hall with the stranger. The Ogress growled and gives chase.

As Hifumi and the mysterious youth keeps running, with the Ogress chasing, the Shogi beauty conversed with the Revenant.

"So what are you? Can you still understand me?!" Hifumi asked in confusion.

The stranger responded while barely catching up, "I think so. I am capable in saving you from that Yokai, but as of now, I'm just waking up."

"I begin to know some of what you are trying to say." Hifumi understood a bit from the stranger's words. "Yet, I still need to know why that energy and that similar one that summoned that Yokai are connected?"

"Honestly..I knew I shouldn't appear in this world. A chain of events is happening." The Revenant answered.

"What chain of events?"

Before Hifumi can explain more, the Ogress took a deep breath, and exhaled fire from her mouth, burning parts of Hifumi's house.

"MY HOUSE!" Hifumi yelled as she and the stranger make it outside in safety from the burning place. Surprisingly, nobody else outside of Hifumi's house is unaware of the flames and smoke in their location, as if some magic seal is concealing the incident (With the exception of the stadium and Yumeko's location).

However, as they recovered, they both turned to see the Ogress appear. Becoming cornered, the Ogress gives a low chuckle in slowly approaching her victims.

Pachinko Maruhan/Shibuya, Tokyo (渋谷区, 東京)

As Yumeko is seen having another game with her opponents, a surge of Yokai energy appears in front of the gamers. The energy summoned a humanoid female sensual Yokai with umbrella-like bat wings and wore tengu-geta from her feet. She is the vampiric Yokai called the Hino-enma (飛縁魔), as she licked her mouth with her black tongue for feasting on men's blood.

"What the hell is that?!" A male player yelled at the monster.

Yumeko can only blinked at the Hino-enma. "A Yokai?"

The Hino-enma flied up and gave a haughty laugh. She emitted a bright purple wave that affected a lot of male players, making them under the Yokai's control.

While Yumeko is not afraid as much compare to other typical girls, the gambler knows when to run as she runs throughout the place. The controlled men are chasing after Yumeko, while the Hino-enma fired needles from her wings to try to kill her victim. Yumeko evaded from the needles as they landed in the floor.

However, one needle caused Yumeko to then tripped down to the ground. And as she gets up, she sees that the controlled males are surrounding her.

(End theme)

New National Stadium (新国立競技場)/Shinjuku, Tokyo (新宿区, 東京)

Many civilians are running towards one of the exits. Ren's group are falling behind the lot. As the young adults are catching up, an Onryoki is blocking the way. The civilians between then ignored the problem like apathetic and fearful people and continued escaping. The Onryoki roared at Ren's group.

"Oh god, we're surrounded!" Ryuji yelled.

Then, a group of Lost monsters appear behind Ren's group.

"And with no way out.." Makoto muttered.

"I really don't want to die!" Haru fearfully cried out.

"Is this the end for us?!" Mona yelled.

Before the monsters are about to slaughter Ren's group, a surge of light energy engulfed the group and making the monsters backed off. Ren's group is surprised at this turn of events. Could it be that it was a coincidence that despite that similar energy summoned the monsters, something related marks a blessing to Ren and his friends.

Closing his eyes, Ren Amamiya remembered those words coming from Lavenza as they are heard inside his mind.

"...You are held captive. A prisoner of fate to a future that has been sealed in advance. This is truly an unjust game... Your chances of winning are almost none. But if my voice is reaching you, there may yet be a possibility open to you... ...I beg you. Please overcome this game... and save the world... The key to victory lies within the memories of your bonds—the truth that you and your friends grasped. It all began that day... when the game was started half a year ago... For the sake of your world's future... as well as your own... you must remember..."

Yes, these he recalled are the early days of being vigilantes in going against society for freedom. A call-back from it is here, but in a different adventure.

(Cue Persona 5 OST - Awakening)

As the light is cleared, it showed a turning point of the return of Tricksters. The Phantom Thieves of Hearts have been returned to glory in their vigilante appearances, much to their full-out surprised.

The first is their leader, Ren as Joker (ジョーカー). Behind him is his Persona, Satanael (in normal-sized and not huge). Joker is wielding his Paradise Lost dagger and Tyrant Pistol.

The second is Ryuji as Skull (スカル). Behind him is his Persona, Seiten Taisei. Skull is wielding his Ruyi Jingu Bang mace and Megido Fire gun.

The third is Morgana as Mona (モナ). Behind him is his Persona, Mercurius. Mona is wielding the Claiomh Solais scimitar and Sudarshana slingshot.

The fourth is Ann as Panther (パンサー). Behind her is her Persona, Hecate. Panther is wielding the Naraka Whip and Wild Hunt gun.

The fifth is Yusuke as Fox (フォックス). Behind him is his Persona, Kamu Susano-o. Fox is wielding the Usumidori katana and Heaven's gate gun.

The sixth is Makoto as Queen (クイーン). Behind her is her Persona, Anat. Queen is wielding the Sabazois knuckles and Judge of the Dead gun.

The seventh is Futaba as Oracle (ナビ). She is inside her Persona, Prometheus.

The final member is Haru as Noir (ノワール). Behind her is her Persona, Astarte. Noir is wielding the Fleurs du Mal axe and Yagrush gun.

"I can't believe it…" Fox muttered.

"We're Phantom Thieves again?! And I'm 'me' again?!" Mona cried out and brought out his Metaverse appearance. "I thought all of the Metaverse is out of existence!"

"I'm not sure, it has something to do with the part where these monsters are brought to this realm from that unknown energy, yet..." Queen concurred.

"Doesn't matter, it feels a relief that we just came out of retirement." Joker stated. "And got my same Persona that took down Yaldabaoth with one shot, so it shouldn't be too hard for these monsters."

"And all we can do is kicking their asses!" Skull grinned.

"Oh Skull, you're still a lamebrain." Mona insulted.

"Get ready, peeps!" Panther called their attention in ready to fight.

(Cue Persona 5 OST - Will Power)

With that said, the Phantom Thieves have been returned to glory. They start by charging at the Lost and Yokai monsters. A fierce battle erupts.

Oracle started off by boosting her party members for a speed boost.

Joker rushed in slicing apart some Lost monsters. He slashed at one Lost, and then easily decapitated another Lost with his dagger. Then, he slashed at the Onryoki's belly in retaliation of blocking their exit, causing intestines to burst out of the Oni. The Onryoki roared in slapping Joker with his claw, but Joker quickly recovered in landing on his feet. Using his Persona, he delivered a Riot Gun from his pistol in blowing apart the Onryoki and the Lost monsters. A lot of gaping holes are seen through the monsters' bodies and heads as the oppositions disappear upon being killed.

Skull and Fox are facing off against two Nues. The Nues roared in unleashing a full-out bolt strikes at the two Thieves, but they easily evade and dodge roll the devastating attacks. Fox unleashed a Bufudyne in damaging and freezing the Nue, Fox then stabbed the Yokai on the forehead and the brain with his katana before brutally slashed its face open and clean. The first Nue roared in pain as it is killed and disappeared. Skull evaded the other Nue's poison breath from its snake tail, before Skull bashed at the Yokai with its mace. Skull then called forth his Persona for him to do Megaton Raid in damaging and destroying the other Nue.

A group of Lost monsters, one Onryoki, and a Joro-gumo are surrounding Mona and Panther. However, Mona and Panther used their Magarudyne and Blazing Hell respectively to both blow away and burn all of the monsters to smithereens.

Noir is seen fighting a Joro-gumo. The Joro-gumo attempted to ensnare her victim with her webs, but Noir quickly evaded and shot down the spider Yokai's weak spots. The Joro-gumo cried out in pain as she strike at Noir with her hand sickles. Noir dodged and used Psiodyne in obliterating the Yokai.

Queen is facing off against the feminine Lost monster wielding the pole-axe. The Lost monster throwed down her axe at the Thief, but Queen leaped above to evade and landed at the pole-axe. Queen rushed and delivered a combo of punches and a kick to the Lost monster's face that sends her flying. Then, Queen delivered a Freidyne that engulfed the monster up from her vein muscles, to her atoms as she gave an eldritch scream before being obliterated.

The fight keeps going on for the Thieves going against the hordes of monsters. Of course, they are cleaning up this mess as an easy chore.

(End theme)

Hifumi's House/Kanda (神田)/Chidoya, Tokyo (千代田区, 東京)

(Cue Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress - KABANERIOFTHEIRONFORTRESS)

Switching to Hifumi's House, as the Ogress is about to deliver the killing down to Hifumi and the Revenant, a beam of energy engulfed the two and made the Ogress back off.

"What is this?" Hifumi pondered of the blessing.

Both her and the Revenant are questioned about this outcome. The first thing they see is that a spirit appears in front of them. This spirit looks like a female humanoid with butterfly wings as her arms, has antennas, long hair with two low pigtails, and a kimono. The name of that spirit is the Janomecho (じゃのめちょう), in which it loosely means Satyrinae in Japanese.

"I have heard of this spirit in stories." Hifumi muttered, knowing that the Janomecho is originally wielded by Otani Yoshitsugu and Sanada Yukimura in the past. "But, why does it chose me?"

"Maybe, you might play a bigger role than you thought." The Revenant answered about his theory.

"Wait a minute." Hifumi realized upon wielding a Guardian Spirit, "I begin to understand what your saying! That spirit just gave me the ability in translating other languages proficiently!"

"Ah, I knew that I mostly speak in my own tongue while you spoke something foreign." The Revenant responded.

"It is called Japanese. And I can tell you speak in English." Hifumi corrected him.

"I see." The Revenant learned. "I also need you to bestow some of your blood to me."

"What? Why?" Hifumi questioned about this. "Does that mean your a vampire?"

"Because it's one of the only ways to restore my full strength. And no, I am something similar, but I'll tell you later. Now please, you need my assistance." The Revenant persuaded.

Hifumi think about it for a few moments. Afterwards, she answered, "Okay, I shall do so. Perhaps a contract bond is something you'd be interested."

Hifumi raised her hand in allowing the Revenant to hold gently.

"It will be my pleasure." The Revenant kissed Hifumi's finger and give a small bite that drink some of Hifumi's blood. Hifumi felt a sting from a bite that she briefly winced before the Revenant lets go. Thus, restoring his strength immediately. The Revenant then brandished his sword. "And I'm ready to fight alongside you."

The Janomecho resonated within Hifumi, bonding with her as the Shogi player sensed a power boost for herself and is receiving an attire change, "Then, I guess we can start getting acquainted."

The light is then cleared. The Ogress saw that Hifumi and the Revenant shoot glares at the Yokai. Hifumi has gained a new appearance thanks to bonding with the Guardian Spirit. Hifumi wielded a spear, wears a left-half white Japanese mask with a lily, wore a black kimono with crimson linings up to the skirt, black stockings and sandals.

In response to that, the Ogress roared in summoning two white Lost monsters with anteater noses and wielding greatswords. The Revenant easily recognized them in brief surprise, in wonder why do they come to this timeline. Have they followed him here? Regardless, he and Hifumi has to focus on slaying them first.

The two Lost monsters charged at them, but the Revenant intervened in fighting them both. One Lost monster tried to strike with his greatsword, but the Revenant blocked it and slashed its right arm, before beheading the Lost monster. Then, the Revenant charge in slashing at the other Lost monster many times before blasting it with a sphere blast to kill it.

On the other hand, the Ogress unleashed a berserk slash combo at Hifumi. Hifumi elegantly dodged every strike at ease, and in first wielding her newfound powers, used wind attacks in damaging the Yokai. She then delivered a few spear strikes at the Ogress' body.

"Now fall to the likes of my skills!" Hifumi shouted with a tone similar to her Shogi aggression.

Raising her spear, Hifumi then summoned Shogi-like pieces as they surrounded the Ogress and gave a tornado-like vortex trap to deliver continuous damage to the Ogress. Enduring enough, the Ogress breaks free by breathing her flamethrower, but Hifumi unleashed a wind barrier to block the devastating attack. Enraged, the Ogress is about to strike, but the Revenant saved Hifumi in time by slashing apart the Yokai with his Ogre Claw. Arms, upper chest, horns, and the Ogress' face are split. Blood spews out of the Yokai like a spilled fountain that killed the Ogress as the Yokai disappeared.

The evil essence from the area disappears. Hifumi's powered attire reverted back to normal.

"You saved me." Hifumi said to the Revenant.

The Revenant said nothing for the matter, but he appreciate the compliment coming from a human that he just met.

Pachinko Maruhan/Shibuya, Tokyo (渋谷区, 東京)

Meanwhile at the Pachinko, the brainwashed men are holding Yumeko hostage. Of course Yumeko doesn't show an expression of fear, despite she's getting close to the Hino-enma's face. Like a horror film and akin to Parasyte -the maxim-, the Hino-enma's face then splits open in revealing a lamprey-like tongue, in planning to suck her victim's blood through her neck.

However, the same light from the Phantom Thieves and Hifumi & the Revenant engulfed Yumeko, causing the Hino-enma with her face reverted to normal and the brainwashed men to back off. Inside the light, Yumeko sees the spirit of a Nine Tailed fox. The Nine Tails (九尾) is actually the former Guardian Spirit of Yodo-gimi, known as Lady Chacha.

"A fox spirit?" Yumeko questioned before smiling. "You chose me in wanting to fight back? Sure."

Indeed, in reminding of Tamamo-no-Mae (玉藻の前), the Nine Tails resonated within Yumeko as the gambler begins to feel a surge of blazing energy. A spiral of fire covered the light, and coming out is Yumeko, giving a confident look on her opponents. Her clothes gained a burnt appearance and small nine fox tails, which wagged and twitch around. A fiery mask with a dice hanging on each side covered her eyes.

The Hino-enma ordered her 'men' to attack her. However, Yumeko conjured flaming cards in causing the men to be freed from the Yokai's control as all of them passed out.

The Yokai then summoned two Karakasa Umbrellas (傘おばけ), small umbrella Yokai with a single eye. One Karakasa Umbrella attempted to jump and lunged at Yumeko with the tip of its umbrella body, while the other spreads paralytic needles by spinning its body. However, Yumeko quickly evaded the simple attacks with her newfound reflexes and casted two flaming pillars shaped like dices that easily burn the Karakasa Umbrellas to nothing.

"Oh, it's just you and me." Yumeko gave an excited expression beyond expressions as her eyes glowed red. "Please, fight me with all you got!"

The Hino-enma snarled and charged at Yumeko. She tried to attack her with kicks and her umbrella weapon, but Yumeko dodged and kicked the Hino-enma in the back. Yumeko fired flaming dices in hitting the Yokai. The Hino-enma recovered and flies up to escape, but Yumeko wouldn't want her to escape so easily. Yumeko conjured a fire spin from the Nine Tails' powers as it engulfed the Yokai, while the Compulsive Gambler is laughing.

The Hino-enma screeched as flames of the Nine Tails are burning her beautiful body and face. The Yokai's face gave a distorted nightmarish visage, to which the flames burning her skin revealed veins and an eye socket as she screamed. Eventually, the flames completely consumed the Hino-enma as she is killed.

Yumeko is simply standing there, wondering what is really going on within her life right now.

(End theme)

New National Stadium (新国立競技場)/Shinjuku, Tokyo (新宿区, 東京)

Returning to the stadium, within minutes, all of the monsters have been exterminated.

All eight of the Phantom Thieves are standing together in one group, looking at their surroundings. Then, they see and hear that the civilians returned to the location, and are chatting amongst themselves out loud of the return of the legendary vigilantes, much like compared to The Batman from The Dark Knight Rises. It is a surprising turn of events for society.

"Man, we pretty much brought back to popularity, guys!" Skull exclaimed.

"No kiddin', it's like we're back from the dead after so long." Joker stated.

"Then we have to leave right away to not have unwanted attention." Queen warned her comrades, lest that they'll be put to question by law enforcement. "We also need to learn how we recover our lost powers in the first place."

"Right. Let's get outta here!" Mona agreed as he grabbed a small sphere and throw it to the ground.

It caused a huge smokescreen that covered the Phantom Thieves. As the smoke is cleared, the vigilantes are gone much to the crowd's surprise. They escape to hiding like The Runaways from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Pachinko Maruhan/Shibuya, Tokyo (渋谷区, 東京)

Yumeko is seen standing inside, briefly spacing out while seeing the burnt floor of the Hino-enma's death. The men are already waking up in wonder what's going on like they lost their memories of the incident, as they are leaving the area.

The Nine Tails materialized besides Yumeko, as the gambler smiled at the Guardian Spirit.

"I like you already." Yumeko said to the fox spirit, "Wonder why you find me still.."

Hifumi's House/Kanda (神田)/Chidoya, Tokyo (千代田区, 東京)

In the aftermath since Hifumi and the Revenant slayed the Ogress, they see some of the damage wrecked and burned from Hifumi's house. However, Janomecho materialized and used her spiritual powers to quickly repaired the home back to normal, one hundred percent, much to Hifumi feeling relieve as a result.

"Sorry about your place, but you're at least chosen to wield this Guardian Spirit." The Revenant stated.

"It's okay. Something tells me that fate brought me to save myself." Hifumi replied before asked the young Revenant. "But, just who are you?"

The young man, after a few seconds of thought, he answered, "My name is Sion, and I come from the future."

(Cue The Birthday Massacre - Endless)


In a darkened room on one of the top floors in a skyscraper, a business man is seen in reverse arm-fold, watching through the glass window of the city of Osaka. He gives a calm, baleful smile.

A/N: What do you think of the first chapter of my brief comeback?

We have the cold opening of the Code Vein protagonist, which I named my 'character customization' character named Sion, is sent back to the present timeline by the unknown circumstances. Sion's name is Welsh origin and relates to Zion, hence his foreigner origin. But the name I picked is also inspired by an old user of being an 'extremely OP fighter' I used to 'online roleplay' at a forum thread in the past way before I came to fan fiction dot net and DA in 2007, wow, I was more immature back in my middle school years, so that's another full circle of my early days. Sion's existence has somehow caused these monsters to appear, alongside the Metaverse powers to be returned to the Phantom Thieves. But, there's also more to meets the eye with a mysterious antagonist for the last scene. I have initial (though not finalized) ideas of connecting this figure to the cause of the Code Vein apocalypse in the alternate future timeline (A friend of mine named StrangerDenB4 compared Code Vein to Shin Megami Tensei when we PM, seeing how Megami Tensei and Persona are two separate series.).

The intro song I inserted marks the 10th anniversary of the VAMPS band's debut (2008 - 2018). The Summer Olympics references the coming major event in 2020.

Though the Phantom Thieves play major roles, they serve as guests as well (That's why they recovered their Personas and weapons all in their ultimate forms from the get-go. They are already in max leveled status as experienced thieves.); with Hifumi Togo being a main/major character involved (Especially given how Hifumi would have been a Phantom Thief till its scrapped and retooled as a Confidant. In my fanfic, she is given a Guardian Spirit from Nioh.). Even Yumeko is beginning to join the spotlight with a Guardian Spirit. Both young raven-haired women receiving these spirits have trickster elements to be faithful of the Phantom Thieves' theme of tricksters and rebellion. Same goes for Sion, being a Revenant with his companions is assisting the destroyed society against the monsters they fought in their world.

You know, the total of this OVA fic reminds me of the total of six movies of Digimon Adventure tri. In fact, I compare the Phantom Thieves (Except Goro Akechi since he's not an official member.) and Hifumi to the tri. Digidestined.

-Tai Kamiya - Ren Amamiya

-Matt Ishida - Makoto Niijima

-Sora Takenouchi - Ann Takamaki

-Izzy Izumi - Futaba Sakura

-Mimi Tachikawa - Haru Okumura

-Joe Kido - Yusuke Kitagawa

-TK Takaishi - Ryuji Sakamoto

-Kari Kamiya - Morgana

-Meiko Mochizuki - Hifumi Togo

While not as magnificent as Shinnen (Yet I like Persona Vein more than GC: LK), I tried out different concepts. I envisioned Persona Vein as a nod to new projects by studios after their well-known products. There is more down-to-earth elements, such as one of language barriers with Sion seen as a foreigner (Yes, elements are used in various animes and video games such as one of the Digimon movies with Willis as an American Digidestined and the International Digidestined in Season 2 (The English dub removed the 'language barrier aspect' to accommodate better for American audiences.). It's just that some like the Persona series took the realism much further and why they are M-Mature games.). Alongside adding Japanese letters in embracing Japan's culture. It reinforces by seeing various videos of Japanese culture as a refresher, most Japanese people don't know too much of American culture. That means despite knowing about the Dragon Ball franchise, they don't know (only a very few percentage are aware) of the English dub due to growing up with the Japanese dub in life; they also don't know about Dragon Ball Z Abridged and other American pseudo-official projects like Death Battle due to being spoken in English. I recall at the Square Enix café at Akihabara when I talk to a Japanese male student that he's a fan of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, but does not know about Final Fantasy VII Machinabridged due to not speaking English.

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