A/N: The final chapter of my series epilogue fic is here. I can't believe it has been a wild ride for my comeback in fanfiction. Enjoy the true last written fanwork in history by me. However, there is still the sequel (and counts as Persona Vein's series finale) that'll be written by Kanius and me being the main contributor.

"The whole world is a product of cognition... ...not just the Metaverse. It can be freely re-made... The same goes for you, and everyone else. Soon a new world will come. One where mankind isn't held captive. The world will shine brightly as long as you hold hope in your hearts. Remember... There's no such thing as the "real" world. What each person sees and feels- Those are what shape reality. This is what gives the world infinite potential. Even if you feel that only darkness lies ahead... As long as you hold hands together... See it through as one... ...the world will never end! The world exists within all of you...!"

-Morgana, Persona 5 (2016)

(Cue Neurotech - Infra Versus Ultra - 01 (Infra) I)

Persona Vein (ペルソナの静脈)

Final Act:

Rewritten (書き換え)

Distorted Chiyoda, Tokyo (千代田区, 東京)

(Cue Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse OST - F6 God Killer)

The final battles has begun.

Sophia, Sion, and Yumeko are fighting together against Yaldabaoth ΩZ.

"Come then, show me the power of Sophia, Hifumi." Yaldabaoth ΩZ encouraged the divine being.

Without hesitation, both Sophia and Yaldabaoth ΩZ charged at each other with the first round of fisticuffs. Sophia's physical strength level reached divine heights that every punch and kicks coming from both is shaking the fabrics of the world. Yaldabaoth ΩZ fired his Ω Arrows of Light at Sophia. Sophia flew to easily evaded the arrows, in which they instantly destroyed buildings upon contact.

Sion charged with his Regicide Blade and slashed at Yaldabaoth ΩZ before firing a red sphere to hit him. It took little damage, as Yaldabaoth ΩZ fired energy blasts at the Revenant clone. Sion rushed to evade, while Yumeko charged in unleashing energy flames in dissolving the Angel of Control's energy blasts. Yumeko then charged in headbutting Yaldabaoth ΩZ and spew mystical flames at him.

Taking the advantage, Sophia used a blue sphere called Holy Wrath that fired at her unstoppable foe. However, Yaldabaoth ΩZ unleashed a golden sphere called the Supernova in countering Sophia's Holy Wrath. Both spheres collided and exploded, making a huge fabric shockwave that affected the Distorted area.

Yaldabaoth ΩZ can only give a respectful chuckle, "How admirable that we fought on equal terms. Wonder how these Persona's Ascendancy beings are faring against my Knights."

The fights of the ascended Phantom Thieves and their Lost counterparts are going intense. First, Prometheus ΩX is seen holding off Acedia Oracle.

Acedia Oracle fired laser beams from her tentacles, but Prometheus ΩX made a reflection that bounced the lasers back at the Lost. Acedia Oracle evaded and is about to ensnare her prey.

"Not this time, freak!" Prometheus ΩX retorted as she used her newfound speed to escape from the jellyfish's grasp.

Acedia Oracle unleashed more electrical laser beams and bubble traps at her victim, but Prometheus ΩX used Techno Force, a technique that nullified her opponent's attacks. Prometheus ΩX then pinpointed the Lost's weak spot, exploited enough for her technology to stunned the jellyfish.

Then, Prometheus ΩX called forth projectiles that are reminded of bits and funnels from Gundam. These projectiles unleashed a flash of colorful laser beams calledDJ Laser Storm. The lights moved around Acedia Oracle, then they strike down the weakened Lost many times, tearing apart her body parts such as her tentacles, until they obliterated the jellyfish monster.

"Alright, that'll teach you!" Prometheus ΩX smirked.

Astarte ΩX is fending off Gula Noir. Astarte ΩX rushed in evading the crustacean abomination's leg strikes, and hits these legs with her axe to damage the Lost.

Gula Noir roared in jump and leap down in creating an earthquake alongside black shards bursted out toward Astarte ΩX. Astarte ΩX flew up in evading the spikes, as Gula Noir charged in attempting to slash at her meal with her energy enhanced pincers. The ascended Phantom Thief deflected the pincers with her axe and fired a Ω Psycho Force. The Lost fired her Lost Psycho Force as both psychic forces collided and easily explode upon contact.

Astarte ΩX recovered safely, as Gula Noir attempted to strike again. However, Astarte ΩX readied her two artillery cannons and fired Ω Triple Down. The particle beams blasted through the Lost's upper woman body and her lower crab body, to which they nullified Gula Noir's recovery skills. Gula Noir screamed out in pain, as Astarte ΩX's eyes widened by delivering a Psychic Burst that made the Lost exploded on the inside in a grotesque manner. Body parts and intestines and splattered before they disappeared.

"Adieu." Astarte ΩX coldly muttered.

Kamu Susano-o ΩX is seen fighting Irritum Fox. Irritum Fox unleashed dark spheres made out of black ink at his opponent, yet Kamu Susano-o ΩX leap and evaded the spheres. Then, Kamu Susano-o ΩX flew to strike Irritum Fox with his katana, but the latter blocked it with his brush katana and they clashed a few times.

The Lost fired ice shards made of blackish-light blue pant in fired at Kamu Susano-o ΩX. One of the shards slashed at Kamu Susano-o ΩX right shoulder, but he endured the wound and evaded the rest of the shards. Kamu Susano-o ΩX unleashed an Ω Diamond Dust that delivered diving freezing damage to Irritum Fox. The effect is about to freeze the Lost like solid, only that Irritum Fox broke free from the ice.

Irritum Fox unleashed a massive amount of paint bombs and ice shards, and at the same time, rushed in attempting to strike down Kamu Susano-o ΩX. Kamu Susano-o ΩX blocked his opponent's katana and slammed the Lost. Then, Kamu Susano-o ΩX summoned an icicle brush that reflected the bombs and ice shards back at Irritum Fox. Irritum Fox attempted to evade them, until they become too much that the Lost's own abilities are damaging him.

With his Lost counterpart weakened, the ascended Phantom Thief rushed forward. He took a single step and into another for acceleration, delivering a powerful forward-charge with his katana to strikethrough in divine effect, akin to an Amakakeru Ryū no Hirameki from Rurouni Kenshin. This technique is entitled the Divine Glaive. Kamu Susano-o ΩX sheathed his katana, as Irritum Fox cried out of being sliced in half till he is gone.

"And the curtain falls." Kamu Susano-o ΩX bowed.

Seiten Taisei ΩX fights off Ira Skull. Seiten Taisei ΩX flied on his nimbus and howled in positive joy as he evaded Ira Skull's energy mouth blasts. The ascended Phantom Thief lived up to his name as the monkey king by hitting his opponent with his staff. Ira Skull attempted to swipe down his opponent's legs with his large arm, but Seiten Taisei ΩX jumped to evade and smacked Ira Skull down.

As Ira Skull quickly get up, Seiten Taisei ΩX unleashed an Ω Thunder Reign, to which it bypassed Ira Skull's electricity absorption that damaged the Lost monster. Ira Skull roared in unleashing a full out shockwave by slamming his fists to the ground, coupled with lightning strikes at Seiten Taisei ΩX. Seiten Taisei ΩX evaded by normal dodge, somersault, and backflipped from the devastating attacks. He used his staff in about to hit Ira Skull's face, but the Lost bite down the staff. However, Seiten Taisei ΩX used his strength to throw the Lost out of balance, and used Ω God's Hand in pummeling Ira Skull upward.

"You're going down!" Seiten Taisei ΩX charged up a familiar technique from his hands.

The ascended Phantom Thief then unleashed an Electric Kamehameha at Ira Skull. Ira Skull attempted to block, but the divine energy became too much for the Lost gorilla. Ira Skull roared as the beam engulfed and completely obliterated him.

"That's all I wrote!" Seiten Taisei ΩX gave a V-sign in his victory pose.

Mercurius ΩX is seen holding off Avaritia Mona. The ascended Phantom Thief mascot jumped in delivering scimitar slashes by phasing to different directions. Avaritia Mona grabbed Mercurius ΩX in the right time and delivered heavy claw strikes in throwing him to the ground. Mercurius ΩX recovered himself by using Ω Salvation.

Screeching, Avaritia Mona phased himself into a shadow and moved around the walls in lowering down Mercurius ΩX's guard. The shadow bursted out in reverting back to his normal form as the Lost feline-raptor lunged at his meal. Mercurius ΩX saw it coming and blocked Avaritia Mona's jaws with his scimitar and delivered a couple of hits. Avaritia Mona unleashed shockwaves of claw strikes from his hands and feet. Mercurius ΩX endured and took little damage, before unleashing Ω Panta Rhei that damaged Avaritia Mona like a spinning burst of stream that send the Lost flying.

"Now to finish this!" Mercurius ΩX charged himself up with electrical light green energy before leaping upward towards his target.

Then, the ascended Phantom Thief mascot does a Lightspeed Drive that strike through Avaritia Mona in many directions and many times similar to an All-Out Attack. Avaritia Mona shrieked in pain as the constant beatings rip out a lot of gaping holes like swiss cheese, causing parts of his bones and intestines to pop out before the electrical effects shocked and make the Lost exploded to nothingness.

Mercurius ΩX landed on the ground and gave a triumphant smirk, "The End!"

Hecate ΩX is up against Luxuria Panther. Enhancing her whip with mystical flames, Hecate ΩX charged in striking down Luxuria Panther a few times. Luxuria Panther leapt and delivered swift claw strikes and spew venomous flames at Hecate ΩX.

The ascended Phantom Thief repelled the opposing flames by unleashing a firewall barrier. Snarling, Luxuria Panther swiped with her tail by sending sharp spikes at Hecate ΩX. Hecate ΩX evaded them all and called forth two black dog heads in spiked gray collars similar to Hecate's and Sion (alongside Yakumo)'s Hound Blood Veils. Hecate ΩX ordered the black dog heads to unleashed Cerberi Fangs in biting down the Lost and burning her down with their imbued fangs. Luxuria Panther countered by unleashing Lost Blazing Hell at Hecate ΩX, but despite taking damage, Hecate ΩX recovered in brushing off the dark flames and glared at her enemy.

"I'm not giving up! Not yet!" Hecate ΩX yelled. She powered up by using Habanera Riser, a fiery version of Heat Riser that boosted all of her stats. Her aura glowed in wisps of divine ember.

Hecate ΩX dived down and gave Luxuria Panther an extremely painful headbutt to crack the Lost's skull. Then, Hecate ΩX used her whip to ensnare the Lost's neck and lassoed her around and slammed Luxuria Panther to the ground. As Hecate ΩX let go of her whip, Luxuria Panther charged once again, only that the ascended Phantom Thief unleashed an Ω Blazing Hell as a opening in obliterating the Lost to nothing. Hecate ΩX sighed in relief before having an optimistic outlook.

"A beautiful rose has thorns!" Hecate ΩX exclaimed to herself.

Loki ΩX goes up against Cavum Crow. The crow dragon screech-roared as he breathed dark flames at Loki ΩX. Loki ΩX blocked the flames with his dual swords, then he bravely charged at Cavum Crow in delivering combo strikes.

Cavum Crow countered by pecking and biting down Loki ΩX, but the ascended ex-Phantom Thief blocked his Lost counterpart's beak mouth and slide down in slashing apart one of Cavum Crow's three legs. The crow dragon cried out in pain that he flew up in firing sharp black feathers from his wings, but Loki ΩX unleashed a Loptr Tornado that the gusting energy wind reflected these feathers back at the Lost, only that Cavum Crow spew out fireballs from his smaller two mouths in burning down his own feathers.

Loki ΩX readied himself as Cavum Crow unleashed more dark flames and black feathers for Loki ΩX to further evade. The crow dragon Lost swooped down in conjuring a dark hole. Then, Cavum Crow burst out of the warp hole in slamming Loki ΩX upward. However, Loki ΩX let out a scream in unleashing Hvedrungr Roar in unleashing a divine sonic wave of damaging and confused Cavum Crow. Then Loki ΩX swoop down in delivering a lot of sword strikes through the Lost and land down to his feet. He turned to see Cavum Crow being torn apart to pieces such as his wings, remaining talons, and beak before the Lost exploded to nothingness.

"That is the taste of defeat!" Loki ΩX declared.

Anat ΩX is dueling against Invidia Queen. Both of them exchanged fistcuffs and kicks, alongside blocking like skilled martial artists that neither of them took direct damage.

Anat ΩX then side step to kick down Invidia Queen, and then kicked her face. Invidia Queen recovered to deliver a Lost Flash Bomb in beating down Anat ΩX with flashing combos. Anat ΩX retaliated by charging her hands with nuclear energy and delivered Nuclear Fist to break Invidia Queen's body armor and punched her down.

"Is that all?" Anat ΩX gritted.

Invidia Queen get up and letting out a battle cry, is charging a forthcoming attack.

"Guess that's a no, then." Anat ΩX charged herself as well.

Invidia Queen unleashed her Lost Atomic Flare, while Anat ΩX delivered an Ω Atomic Flare. Both divine nuclear energies collided, as both fighters used both hands in attempting to push each other. Anat ΩX then pushed the force back as the nuclear energy began to engulf Invidia Queen. The Lost barely blocked out the energy, but she saw in surprised as Anat ΩX delivered a Nuclear Fist that pierced through Invidia Queen's chest. Then, Anat ΩX ripped out the Lost's heart in seeing vein threads attached to the heart, and then crushed it with her bare hands. Invidia Queen screamed out as she is completely vanished.

"Justice has prevailed." Anat ΩX turned around and looked behind the view, calmly stated in victory.

Lastly, Satanael ΩX goes up against Superbia Joker. Both flew around in striking with their dagger and sword a couple of times. Superbia Joker fired an energy beam from his cannon, but Satanael ΩX evaded and fired his Ω Riot Gun at his Lost counterpart to damage him. Satanael ΩX phased behind Superbia Joker in about to slash him, but the Lost blocked Satanael ΩX's dagger with his sword, clashed a few times before both back off.

The ascended Phantom Thief summoned Titania and Queen Mab. He realized to his surprise that he can unleashed more than one Persona as a new ability in turning the tide.

"Try this!" Satanael ΩX fired a Seelie Sphere brought from the power of his two Personas at Superbia Joker. However, Superbia Joker used his Ghostly Wail-like scream that repelled the mystical sphere. Superbia Joker let out a bawl as blue flaming energy swords materialized in surrounding Satanael ΩX.

Satanael ΩX flew up as the swords followed and attempted to slash at their target, but the ascended Phantom Thief block most of them. As he kept going, Satanael ΩX called forth four Personas: Pale Rider, White Rider, Red Rider, and Black Rider. The Horsemen helped their master by evaporating Superbia Joker's swords. Ordering the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Satanael ΩX unleashed Four Horsemen Strike that the four riders charged at Superbia Joker in delivering devastating bloody slashes to damage the Lost.

Satanael ΩX summoned his Lucifer and Satan Personas behind him. Using their powers, Satanael ΩX slide-changed into a twenty five feet tall, three-headed dragon. The dragon's body structure is shaped like a wyvern with his large Satanael wings are his arms and talons like a bird. His middle head is a draconic version of Satanael alongside his main body. His right head is shaped like a draconic Lucifer. His left head is shaped like a draconic Satan. This ability is referred as the Devil Hydra.

Satanael ΩX lets out a loud demonic roar as his mouths charged up dark energy beams. He unleashed these divine beams from his three mouths called Sinful Neutron Blast. Superbia Joker charged himself to full power and fired a devilish energy beam entitled Midnight Cocytus. Both attacks collided in delivering a beam struggle. Superbia Joker attempted to push back using his Ghostly Wail-like scream in making his opponent disoriented. However, Satanael ΩX easily resisted by his willpower that he charged up and pushed back the beam energies toward Superbia Joker. The Lost let out a scream as the energies engulfed and obliterated him in deep sinew. The energy is cleared that the ascended Phantom Thief turned back to his humanoid form, standing in an Ω Victory Cry to fully recover himself.

"The show is over!" Satanael ΩX finished his sentence.

(End theme)

Leaving one more adversary left, the fight against Yaldabaoth ΩZ continued. The ascended Angel of Control attempted to launch another Supernova sphere attack at Sophia and her two cohorts.

(Cue Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse OST - F8 Evil Incarnate Battle)

However, an Ω Sinful Shell appeared in breaking Yaldabaoth ΩZ's attack. It is all thanks to Satanael ΩX. The Phantom Thieves have arrived. Satanael ΩX is seen crossing his arms in facing against his and his friends' opponent.

Yaldabaoth ΩZ can only smile behind his mask, "You've all finally come united."

"We're burning and crashing your plans of destroying our world for good!" Hecate ΩX growled.

"Yeah, like she said!" Seiten Taisei ΩX yelled, "It's going to take more than that goddamn Persona of yours to bring us down!"

"We won't let you ruin a new future ahead of us." Anat ΩX stoically remarked.

"You see Saklas, we stand united that as long as we're at this status, a single one-man army can't defeated an experience battalion." Sophia declared with strategy game metaphors.

"Then let's all end this, together!" Yaldabaoth ΩZ announced in responding to the goddess's statement.

"And that we will do so!" Satanael ΩX pointed at the Angel of Control with his rifle to declare the heroes' final strike.

Now everyone is going up against Yaldabaoth ΩZ. Prometheus ΩX boosted all of her allies with Omni Boost with raising all of their stats to full power.

Kamu Susano-o ΩX charged in slashing at Yaldabaoth ΩZ many times. Yaldabaoth ΩZ fired swords from mid-air toward Kamu Susano-o ΩX, but the ascended Phantom Thief deflected and destroyed them all. Seiten Taisei ΩX is up next as he charged up with an electrical yellow glow called Electric Kaio-ken. He slammed at his opponent, beating him within a few combos, and used his staff in whacking Yaldabaoth ΩZ behind to pummel him upward.

"Get a load of this, old timer!" Seiten Taisei ΩX shouted out as he fired an Electric Kamehameha at the Angel of Control, but Yaldabaoth ΩZ quickly recovered and raised the palm of his right hand to block and dissolve the energy beam. Seiten Taisei ΩX felt fatigue once the Electric Kaio-ken is weared off, and Yaldabaoth ΩZ is about to fire another blast.

"Your guard is down!" Mercurius ΩX called out as he used his Lightspeed Drive to hit Yaldabaoth ΩZ many times. The Angel of Control is counterattack with a divine beam, only that the ascended Phantom Thief mascot saw it coming and evaded with a windy phase. Prometheus ΩX summoned a round of energy ballistas that are akin to the ballista that took down the Cognitive Wakaba. The energy ballistas fired laser bolts in all directions at Yaldabaoth ΩZ in hitting him many times, until Yaldabaoth ΩZ withstood the laser bolts and used Ω Arrows of Light in destroying the ballistas.

Now it is Anat ΩX and Astarte ΩX turn. Both ascended Phantom Thieves hold each other's hands in delivering dance-like physical strikes at Yaldabaoth ΩZ. Astarte ΩX throwed Anat ΩX upward for Anat ΩX to deliver her Nuclear Fists in beating down the Angel of Control, while Astarte ΩX supported her girlfriend by unleashing Ω Psycho Force in damaging Yaldabaoth ΩZ some more. Yaldabaoth ΩZ unleashed a shockwave that is about to hit them both, only to be saved by a literal firewall thanks to Hecate ΩX.

"Ready, Haru?" Anat ΩX asked her girlfriend.

Astarte ΩX nodded, "You bet, Mako-chan!"

Both Anat ΩX and Astarte ΩX combined their energies to unleashed a dark blue (from Anat ΩX) and pink (from Astarte ΩX) waves called Daiyamondo & Pāru Flash that directly damaged and engulfed Yaldabaoth ΩZ with so much energy, only that Yaldabaoth ΩZ then freed himself from the effects.

Yumeko assisted by sending lasers from her nine tails at Yaldabaoth ΩZ. Hecate ΩX assisted the Nine-Tailed Fox by unleashing Ω Blazing Hell in burning Yaldabaoth ΩZ. Yaldabaoth ΩZ dissolved the flames by his aura. But within this distraction, Hecate ΩX then fired fiery crossbow-like arrows out of thin air called Agni Bolts in hitting Yaldabaoth ΩZ.

Loki ΩX charged and greatly strike the Angel of Control with a combination of his sword strikes and Ω Negative Pile. Sion assisted his recent comrade by attacking Yaldabaoth ΩZ with his sword and fired large crimson energy spheres to damaged Yaldabaoth ΩZ.

Yaldabaoth ΩZ fired magical bullets and missiles at the group, but Satanael ΩX fired rounds of Ω Sinful Shells that both sides hit and destroyed each other in magnificent effects. Satanael ΩX unleashed his Ω Megidolaon with Sophia boosting the attack with her essence, as it fired and greatly hit the Angel of Control.

"Now guys, All-Out Attack!" Satanael ΩX called out with his seven teammates gathered together with their leader.

The ascended Phantom Thieves (Satanael ΩX, Hecate ΩX, Anat ΩX, Astarte ΩX, Mercurius ΩX, Seiten Taisei ΩX, Kamu Susano-o ΩX, and Prometheus ΩX) gathered together and leap to the sky. The eight go forth an Ω All-Out Attack that swiftly deliver countless strikes in every direction without restraint. Instead of a crimson background unlike a normal All-Out Attack, it showcased the Solar System itself, rotating the spatial view of Earth (representing Satanael ΩX), Mercury (representing Mercurius ΩX), Venus (representing Hecate ΩX), Mars (representing Seiten Taisei ΩX), Jupiter (representing Kamu Susano-o ΩX), Saturn (representing Prometheus ΩX), Uranus (representing Anat ΩX), and Neptune (representing Astarte ΩX); before rotating back to Earth in repeating the imagery process. The power scale from the combined attack would have easily killed a Palace Ruler such as Shadow Shido and Yaldabaoth himself when their at full health, but Saklas is a different case. Yaldabaoth ΩZ attempted to defend and absorb the impact, but he is beginning to be overwhelmed by each hit.

Sophia, Sion, Loki ΩX, and Yumeko stared in awe of how the urban Phantom Thieves are overthrowing a god. Eventually by being pushed to the limit, Yaldabaoth ΩZ had enough and by letting out a scream, sended a colossal explosive wave in hitting and making his enemies back off.

"All shall be erased!" Yaldabaoth ΩZ recovered and raised his energy in charging a powerful attack. Behind him is a background Big Bang image of a spatial view of the Sun and supernovas. The heroes have provoked the wrath of the Demiurge's vessel indeed.

Then, Yaldabaoth ΩZ unleashed an all-out Ω Rays of Control that the devastating beams are heading to the heroes. Most of them attempted to evade and block, and Prometheus ΩX attempted to shield herself and her friends with a barrier. But one by one, each hero is being hit and knock down to the ground and skyscrapers unconscious with grievous wounds. The beams are about to kill the defeated heroes, until Sophia's energies dissolved them in saving her friends. This leave three of the united group left standing in charging at their common enemy at the skies.

Representing the Holy Trinity; Satanael ΩX, Sophia, and Sion are the last remaining against Yaldabaoth ΩZ. A trifecta of an ascended trickster, a goddess, and a revenant to save their universe.

"What power, and that you three still resisted…!" Yaldabaoth ΩZ said in awe. The first two words from him were traced from the present timeline Yaldabaoth that the Thieves defeated.

"Because this game has just begun." Sophia gave a stern look to her enemy.

"But with enough power to resist." Sion glared at his opposition. "Even if I'm just a clone, I felt the same drive from my original self to help my comrades. For that, I've shown a newfound respect to the human race."

"And we'll remind you how we humans can work together to overcome any obstacle." Satanael ΩX declared in raising his dagger at Yaldabaoth ΩZ.

The final round has reached its climax. Yaldabaoth ΩZ fired two Supernovas from his hands, but Sophia blocked them with a clear barrier. Both Satanael ΩX and Sion phased and slashed at Yaldabaoth ΩZ. Yaldabaoth ΩZ countered by unleashing large divine swords from mid-air called Godslayer Blades at both. Sion used his Type Ogre Blood Veil claw to destroy some of them, while Satanael ΩX fired his Ω Cosmic Flare to destroy the remaining Godslayer Blades and damaged Yaldabaoth ΩZ's right wing. Irked and recovered, Yaldabaoth ΩZ fired a pale golden divine mega beam that tribute the Heaven-Scorching Light of Destruction at the three. Sophia protected her two friends by unleashing a white divine mega beam supported by her telekinesis that does a power struggle at Yaldabaoth ΩZ's assault. The effects shook the universe enough that nearly cracked the fabrics of existence.

Eventually, the two godly forces began to implode, but the hope from Sophia's will pushed back at Yaldabaoth ΩZ, much to his surprise that the energy greatly damaged the Angel of Control. Satanael ΩX slide-changed into his Devil Hydra form that he slammed at Yaldabaoth ΩZ. The Angel of Control created a large Yaldabaoth construct for it to fight off the three-headed dragon, but eventually after a brief physical struggle, Satanael ΩX fired a Sinful Neutron Blast to obliterated the construct, alongside the effects hit Yaldabaoth ΩZ hard. Sion ran from the three-headed dragon's neck to his middle head and leap to bite down his opponent's right arm. Pinning him, Sion gave another lucky slash at Yaldabaoth ΩZ's chest before releasing his fangs. Yaldabaoth ΩZ desperately attempted to defend himself, but the Revenant viciously counterattack by slashing at Yaldabaoth ΩZ with his Regicide Blade, ripped apart both his left mechanical wing and mask like a berserker, and kicked him down.

As Yaldabaoth ΩZ is descending to the ground by his fatal injuries, Satanael ΩX slide-changed to his humanoid form finally summoned the Persona he received back in his advent as a Phantom Thief. The starter Persona based on the gentleman thief that had the most personal connection with. He appeared in all his glory with his black hat, black feathery wings, and a crimson suit.

"Unbelievable." Yaldabaoth ΩZ muttered at his presence.

"Saklas. It ends here. Pillage him, Arsène!" Satanael ΩX calmly declared as he readied Satanael's rifle. Sophia and Sion are behind the ascended Phantom Thief to aid him.

Arsène then fired Ω Eiha, imbued with Sophia and Sion's essences, the divine Curse blast shot Yaldabaoth ΩZ through his heart, body, and his soul. History repeated like four years ago as the leader of the Phantom Thieves delivered the finishing blow. The armor of Yaldabaoth is shattered, and that Saklas's eyes widened in a calm expression, showing that he is finally defeated.

A flash of white light appeared that engulfed everyone's view.

(End theme)

Top of Shueisha Inc. (株式会社集英社)/Distorted Chiyoda, Tokyo (千代田区, 東京)/August 9th, 2020 (202089)

It is the aftermath. Turned out that a day has passed since the heroes endured this final battle.

The recovered Phantom Thieves and their allies have landed on top of a publishing book corporation. Yumeko is seen back to normal from her Yokai form. Satanael ΩX is seen carrying the dying Saklas, while the rest of the heroes are surrounding him. The leader of the ascended Phantom Thieves calmly placed Saklas to the ground. Saklas's eyes looked at the distorted sky and gave a calm smile.

(Cue Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse OST - Gradual Farewell)

"This is fascinating. What beautiful world in spite of the grays by human beings." Saklas muttered from his dying breath.

Sion stared at Saklas before showing a rare moment of sympathy, "In spite of what you done, I began to understand why you did it. Your existence is tied to the harsh realities of survival like us."

"For once, I agree that our civilization could have been that beautiful." Sophia calmly commented with a sympathetic expression.

"We've fulfilled our divine job as tricksters in inspiring society in proving you wrong. But, we know what your getting at in remind there are still corrupted adults around. We'll grow up to manage." Satanael ΩX gave his statements.

The rest of the group have silently expressed some respect to their worthy opponent.

"I genuinely regret my existence, yet am satisfied of the final challenge against you all. I foreseen a rewritten coexistence once the world is restored. I bid you farewell."

Within the Angel of Control's final words, Saklas's body began to fade away and cease to exist. Splitting from Saklas was his unnamed present self's spirit, who is finally free from the corrupted Amrita. He smiled to the heroes before his spirit disappeared to the afterlife, reuniting with his wife and old acquaintances at last.

Just then, the heroes noticed in surprise that Sion is slowly beginning to fade away. The time has already come for his existence to be removed.

"SION!" Sophia yelled out towards him.

However, Sion turned to Sophia and the others in giving a genuine smile.

"Remember me. Remember the feelings and memories we all shared."

Within his final words, Sion's body disappeared into ashes. The clone of the unnamed Revenant cease to exist. Everyone is deeply saddened with mournful looks. However, Sophia looked up with a determined and hopeful expression.

"No...There's one thing I must do." Sophia calmly stated.

Then, Sophia glowed in pure white aura in levitating in mid-air. Closing her eyes, Sophia used her reality warping powers in fixing the distortion of Chiyoda. Her essence spreads far to the edges of the universe.

In one area, Mina and Nekomata watched the events in awe.

Likewise, having already defeated the fictional villains off-screen, the cognitions of fictional characters such as Goku, Sailor Moon, the T. rex, Mario, Noctis, and Ruby gazed at the healing process. Knowing that they are not real, the cognitions gave their nods before disappearing.

As Sophia continued to heal the universe, she tearfully thought of the memories of the urban adventure in her mind: Her first encounter with Sion. Them exploring Tokyo. Meeting the Phantom Thieves. Their vacation in Osaka such as Universal Studios Japan. The Inception dream of meeting the cognitions of Sion's comrades. Hifumi and Sion having sexual intercourse. And, Sophia's final goodbyes with the Revenant before he fades out of existence.

Fulfilling the wishes, Sophia used her last powers to restore the world back to normal. As she finished her process, Sophia is reverted back to Togo Hifumi in freeing from her role as the goddess. All of the Phantom Thieves are depowered and returned back to their normal, civilian selves. The Phantom Thieves, Hifumi, Akechi, and Yumeko are looking around in bewilderment at the surroundings.

Everything. The results from Sophia's rebuilding to this reality are fulfilled. The skies are becoming back to beautiful, clear blue. All the buildings that were damaged and destroyed are fully restored. The innocent civilians that are killed are brought back to life. The sun has shined again like a new morning, as a bird's view of all of Chiyoda are seen.

(End theme)

The view is faded black.

(Cue Thomas Bergersen - Remember Me)

"Hello, this is Togo Hifumi.

One month has passed since we ended Saklas's existence and restored the world. Afterwards, life has returned to normal. For starters, Mina and Nekomata are impressed by us and wished us the best of luck for our futures. Akechi is leaving and gave his farewells to us. Me and Yumeko had returned our borrowed Guardian Spirits back to the spiritual realm. Of course Yumeko gave her goodbyes to us, but she kept in touch and considers find her acquaintances from her high school to meet us someday.

Ren is finishing up his last semester of college, and has landed a part-time weekend job at Toranomon Hills. Likewise that I'm in my final semester as well. Futaba had passed her university entrance exams, and is in her first year in Tokyo Institute of Technology.

I still missed him...within my heart.

But fear not in another lighter news. Today is the day where I'm invited to see the wedding of Amamiya and Takamaki-san."

Hotel New Otani/Chiyoda, Tokyo (千代田区, 東京)/September 15th, 2020 (2020915)

The area shows the Hotel New Otani, where outside is where the wedding ceremony takes place.

The audiences seen are Togo Hifumi, Morgana, Sakura Futaba, Sakamoto Ryuji, Niijima Makoto, Kitagawa Yusuke, Okumura Haru, Sakura Sojiro, Mifune Chihaya (御船 千早), Iwai Munehisa (岩井 宗久), Takemi Tae (武見 妙), Kawakami Sadayo (川上 貞代), Ohya Ichiko (大宅 一子), Oda Shinya (織田 信也) (Grown up as a teenager in middle school.), Mishima Yuuki (三島 由輝), Yoshida Toranosuke (吉田 寅之助), Niijima Sae, and Suzui Shiho (鈴井 志帆).

Standing in the center balcony are Amamiya Ren and Takamaki Ann in their wedding dresses. Ren wore his black suit. Ann with pink flowers decorated in her long blond hair, her white dress, and wore her scarlet wedding ring. After giving their vows of love to each other, both closed their eyes and shared a passionate kiss. Ann wrapped her arms around her husband's neck. The audience clapped and cheered. Both Amamiya-Takamaki Ren and Ann let go of their lips and smiled at their friends and associates.

In distance where only the Phantom Thieves see them, Igor & Lavenza participated and gave proud smiles and nods.

As the audience are celebrating, Hifumi recollected herself in reminded if Sion were to be here to participate. She wondered and pictured of imagine if he and herself are getting married. Something that's a good destiny for both.

Chiyoda, Tokyo (千代田区, 東京)/September 27th, 2020 (20209月27)

Sometime later, Hifumi alone walked down a semi-busy street. As she walked by, a few bystanders recognized her as the Female Shogi League champion and as the "too beautiful shogi player". She coyly smiled, recognizing and accepting the fact few still recognized her celebrity shogi status.

She pressed on walking across the streets of Chiyoda. This was the exact area that distorted during the final battle against Yaldabaoth's successor, Saklas. The Chiyoda area returned to normal following that battle.

Civilians and tourists passed by the lone shogi woman. It was another daily and mundane life in Chiyoda.

Just then, Hifumi noticed a young brown-haired man with red eyes. He wore a teal blue shirt, light gray pants, and black shoes. Upon seeing him, her eyes widened in shock.

Could it be him? She wondered.

Hifumi then walked up and approached the young man.

"Excuse me?" Hifumi asked.

He turned around and curiously faced Hifumi.

"Hey there, do I know you from somewhere?" The young man asked, actually speaking fluent Japanese.

Hifumi casually answered. "I apologize. You remind me of someone else, but you look similar to him." She blinked and realized he spoke to her in her native tongue. "Wait, you know Japanese?"

"Of course. I learned the language fluently in one of my many college courses. It's been a while since I've lived in Japan during my university years. I actually came back from Wales in the United Kingdom, my home country. I was picked up by my friends at Haneda Airport. I'm staying here with a diverse job. I'm considering getting a citizenship if I'm working here for an extended term." The young man explained his situation.

"I see. Yes, Japan is a great place to live, yet it is rather difficult to maintain a standard living, too." She reminded him of the country's living conditions and laws.

"It sure is. By the way, I didn't get your name, miss?"

"My name is Togo Hifumi."

"That's a beautiful name. You can call me Skyler Jones, but my friends sometimes call me Sion. It's a cool nickname I've gotten used to."

"I see."

"Say, do you mind if we walk around the area just to get to know each other?" Skyler asked.

At this moment, Hifumi was reminded of the previous experience showing Sion around Tokyo and Osaka. One day, she knew this young man might gain a similar connection like the previous Revenant and renew the bond with the shogi girl. With that, Hifumi gave her answer.

"I'd be happy to." Hifumi smiled.

With that, Hifumi and Skyler walked across the streets together and explored Tokyo.

Unbeknownst to Hifumi, however, an image of a female white-haired, pale-skinned Revenant with golden eyes flashed behind Hifumi and smiled ambiguously. This mysterious white-haired Revenant quickly disappeared inside Hifumi's body.

Not even noticing, Hifumi didn't know something entered her. She continued showing Skyler a few of Chiyoda's landmarks.

Needless to say, life moved forward. However, there was a wonder what new urban adventures awaited for these two and the other ordinary civilians.

(End theme)

"All the works of man have their origin in creative fantasy. What right have we then to depreciate imagination?"

-Carl Jung

The End / Owari

A/N: Finally, what a spectacular fan-ending this is!

I thank Kanius (SSJ4Takeru), Chaosblazer, JNaegi, StrangerDenB4, DarkBlight, The Anguished One, and others that read through the completion of my series epilogue fanfic.

The Phantom Thieves in their Persona's Ascendancy forms have slayed their Lost counterparts and assisted Sophia/Sion/Yumeko against Saklas. After a fierce battle for the universe, Saklas is finally defeated. Of course, the Angel of Control found peace in seeing how humans can make a difference before he ceased to exist, while his unnamed present self's soul finally rest in peace to the afterlife. Because Saklas is out of existence, this caused Sion to cease to exist much to Hifumi and the others' sadness. Hifumi/Sophia used her reality-warping powers to restore the world and bring people back to life; while she, Yumeko, and the Phantom Thieves have their powers removed to return back to their normal civilian lives.

Note of Holy Wrath, that's not Zamasu's attack, it's based on Sophia's skill in Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne.

Recalling back in the Intermission of Shadow Shido taunted whether a dinosaur (Sion), a hydra (Joker), and a moth (Hifumi) can handle a lion (Shido). Fun fact: the dinosaur, hydra, and moth references Godzilla, King Ghidorah, and Mothra; coming full circle in this final chapter of the trio facing Saklas. They are the only three that did monologues of the first three chapters and the intermission and have different song themes (except for the final chapter): Ren has the jazz/urban feel in Tokyo, Hifumi gave a traditional Japanese feel, and Sion (Skyler) gave a foreign rock feel. Fridge Brilliance of reasons: Sion's world/timeline reminded of Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters with his Earth being apocalyptic, he sometimes remind me of Haruo Sakaki yet honestly more likable than him, not to mention Revenants/Losts are born from humans in cellular genetics living in a vampiric environment. Joker being the hydra remind of the seven-headed dragon of revelation, traced from how Satanael is The Devil, alongside using Lucifer and Satan Personas as three 'devil personas', and his Devil Hydra form. Hifumi used Janomecho since it look like a humanoid butterfly, and Hifumi as Sophia is more holy than Sion and Joker. It's like Joker (Hell/Devil), Hifumi (Heaven/Angel), and Sion (Earth/Genetics).

A month passed, and that Ren Amamiya and Ann Takamaki are married (The same date when Persona 5 is release in Japan). As Hifumi is resuming her normal life, she met a young blond-haired man whose physical appearance is the same as Sion. Ironic that the day they met is the same date of Code Vein's initial release before delayed. Just like Sion's name in my personal experience is based on an OP fighter I onced roleplayed, Skyler's name is based on another roleplay figure in the past who's profile avatar is Roxas (Kingdom Heart II), and has a Nobody version of himself. Looks like both Hifumi and Skyler are getting acquainted and renewed a similar special connection. However, the cameo of Io appears. Because of her DNA from Yaldabaoth/Saklas's essence inseminated inside Hifumi and converted to her own power, a copied version of the real Io from PV-CV-19 is created in giving a Sequel Hook.

Skyler's existence actually is caused by Sophia using the last of her powers besides restoring the world (Hence relating to Mona's dialogue I use above before the final chapter), is to rewrite personal history for Skyler's existence to be born and grew up as a human. Besides Skyler, the other Code Vein characters exist in the present timeline as humans, therefore, they became separate 'rebooted' (This is what I mentioned before in the Intermission chapter instead of simply AU versions. It reminds me of the Reboot concept in Digimon Adventure tri.) versions from their Canon counterparts representing what if The Great Collapse never happened. One of Skyler's name (Though he's English, since his name is Danish/Norse origin, he is also quarter German; just like Ann is Japanese and quarter American/Finnish.) meanings is 'giving shelter', a new home for the CV characters in modern society. Skyler's friends he mentioned are Mia Karnstein, Louis, and Yakumo Shinonome; the four are like the Final Fantasy XV of best friends getting together (Skyler - Noctis, Mia - Ignis (Though Mia wielding firearms is compared to Prompto), Yakumo - Gladiolus, and Louis - Prompto (Though being the leader of the Revenant group is compared to Ignis's guidance)) and actually know each other since childhood (Unlike their canon selves that they first met during the upcoming game); and with them adding more Digimon Adventure tri. references for the Zero Two cast: Skyler - Davis, Mia - Yolei, Yakumo - Cody, and Louis - Ken). Both Hifumi and Skyler are like the Yumiko Shirasagi and Akemi Nakajima (From Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei, the very first game (Based on a trilogy of novels) that kickstarted the Shin Megami Tensei franchise and its spinoffs.) of the Persona Vein continuity.

While my fanfic career is truly over (Because of resuming other paths, no longer putting up with fanfic writing that's not paid in the long run (Not even writing scenes anymore after helping Kanius's Cross Generations), and focus more on my future), I am passing over the concept of Persona Vein to Kanius. You see as I mentioned before, he is going to do a canon sequel by expanding much more and showing how his writing style is going to impress a lot of you readers. Generally, PV plans to loosely crossover in a Character Corner universe (In forms of urban myths of various fictional characters like the Cognitive versions seen in Ch. 5.) that is also seen as a series epilogue/Fully Absorbed Finale of that continuity, but we discuss that we are focusing on the PV characters' perspective as the main/major characters to better balance and not go overboard, as in ordinary civilians' perspective. I mean, we envision a trilogy done by different creators. Persona 5 is done by the official creators. Persona Vein as a fan sequel/crossover is written by me. And the untitled sequel afterwards will be written by Kanius (With me involved, just like Toriyama supervised Dragon Ball Super in seeing it as canon to the DB verse). So, we will get to see how they are going to play out in detail. We also get to see the CV cast in the modern world will gain their abilities and learning the memories traced from their Canon selves, Io's cameo at the end of this final chapter as a Sequel Hook in remind the Greek Myth figure in creating more heroes, like being reincarnated in some form except different and separated. How will their involvement play in the present time instead of a dystopia future (Like the Code Vein cast as Revenants are finding their lost human memories. Here, the PV-18 versions that existed as humans will be the reverse in learning their canon selves' memories later on (Alongside Skyler will have Sion's memories at the start of the sequel before then), almost remind me and readers of reincarnation seen in works like Sailor Moon.)? Io stored abilities encrypted to her being (Like Meicoomon storing memories (Encrypted codes, like in the 'code' relating to the 'Code' Vein title), and also going back to what I mentioned of APOLLO from Horizon Zero Dawn.) links to the Revenants and the Phantom Thieves in ready for the main story in the sequel, much like the Canon!Io has the ability to give Revenants memories but not herself. Perhaps we can see PV!Io becoming Hifumi's familiar akin to a Persona (But not a genuine Persona) and Hifumi can combine (Like Persona's Ascendancy) with her to become Sophia again much later in the sequel (But, she has two more tries since the first time she used it against Saklas, once the final time is out, then the copied version of Io will cease to exist and the protagonists return back to being normal humans again. On the other hand for Io's fate, it's still not finalized since Code Vein has to be release first to make a final decision.). Plus, besides Yumeko, we will finally get to see the other Kakegurui characters (And using Guardian Spirits) getting involved in the sequel.

At first, I was a bit disappointed when Code Vein's release date is pushed back to 2019, but I wonder. What was thought to take place after the game becomes a prequel before CV shows its full story, so I accept slash what's-done-is-done of what we got here. The final version of revealing Sion's creation, and segue to how the CV cast exist in the present time is going to be interesting. I mean, this is their opportunity to gain human experiences and culture such as anime conventions. This will then expand to a new and more unique idea of wonder whether PV-18 and PV-CV-19 (The actual canon Code Vein) will crossover later on in the sequel, we'll see, to which ideas will be planned out once the game is release (And me playing and watching the whole walkthrough, alongside showing the walkthrough to Kanius.).

As for when it will be release, I know that Cross Generations has to be completed first. The sequel will start around to tie-in YuYuGiDigiMoon's Wrath of the Defiants's release. But I don't know when will both be release. Will they be on November 30th, 2018 (For YYGDM's 15th anniversary)? Around December 2018? Or January 2019 to start fresh on the new year? Of course we still wait for more CV information and a proper release date at the same time. I'll let you loyal readers know when is he going to posted this sequel to his profile.

You know, I compare the cast and the setting to Kingdom Hearts. Knowing the elements of that video game franchise are used in Kanius's fanfics such as good crossovers, it's another full circle. I have already preordered Kingdom Hearts III in looking forward to it.

-Persona 5 - Kingdom Hearts I
-Persona Vein - Kingdom Hearts II
-Untitled Sequel - Kingdom Hearts III
-Hearts - Stealing people's hearts/BOR Parasite
-Revenants/Lost/regaining memories - Nobodies/Chain of Memories (This also means when the Code Vein characters exist as humans in the modern timeline, it tributes how the heart and body reunite to be human again.)
-Ren - Sora
-Ann/Makoto - Kairi
-Ryuji/Akechi - Riku (Especially both he and Ryuji share the same seiyuu)
-Mona - Donald/Goofy/Mickey
-Don't know what I put for Yusuke/Futaba/Haru
-Shido - Maleficent
-Kamoshida - Hades
-Madarame - Jafar
-Kaneshiro - Hook
-Okumura - Oogie Boogie
-Sae - Ursula (Though both are completely different since Shadow Sae is not a bad figure)
-Yaldabaoth - Ansem/Xehanort
-Sion - Roxas/Ventus/Xion

-Hifumi/Io - Namine/Xion
-Saklas - Xemnas/Xehanort/Terra-Xehanort

-The Knights of Control - First Organization XIII
-Mia - Aqua/Olette
-Louis - Hayner/Ventus
-Yakumo - Terra/Pence

-Jack Rutherford - Lea/Axel

-Shadows - Heartless

-Lost - Nobodies

-Yokai - Unversed

-Personas - Dream Eaters


Fave Male Protagonists:

Fave Female Protagonists:

Fave Persona's Ascendancy in Order (From Best to Worst):

Fave Antagonists:

Fave Antagonists Love to Hate:

Fave Yokai and Lost:

Fave Cognitive Crossover Characters:

Fave Awesome Moments:

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Fave Nightmare Fuel Moments:

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Fave Tearjerking Moments:

Fave Battles:

Fave Final Battles:

Fave Couples:

Fave Plot Twists:

Overall Thoughts on the Series Epilogue Fic/Thoughts of the PV Sequel:

Here is Mine:

Fave Male Protagonists: Ren/Satanael ΩX, Sion, Ryuji/Seiten Taisei ΩX, Mona/Mercurius ΩX, Akechi/Loki ΩX, Nekomata, Louis, Yakumo, Skyler

Fave Female Protagonists: Hifumi/Sophia, Ann/Hecate ΩX, Makoto/Anat ΩX (Makokins), Haru/Astarte ΩX, Mia Karnstein

Fave Persona's Ascendancy in Order (From Best to Worst): Satanael ΩX, Hecate ΩX, Anat ΩX, Mercurius ΩX, Seiten Taisei ΩX, Astarte ΩX, Loki ΩX, Kamu Susano-o ΩX, Prometheus ΩX

Fave Antagonists: Saklas/Yaldabaoth ΩZ, Yaldabaoth, Shadow Shido, Maria

Fave Antagonists Love to Hate: Shadow Kamoshida, Shadow Shido

Fave Yokai and Lost: Hino-enma, Ogress, Queen's Knight, Onmoraki, Rokurokubi, Namahage, Magatsu Warriors, Invading Executioner, Shadow Mitsunari, Yamata-no-Orochi, Superbia Joker, Cavum Crow, Avaritia Mona, Invidia Queen, Successor of the Ribcage

Fave Cognitive Crossover Characters: Goku, Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, Harry Potter, Dumbledore, Snape, Mario, the T. rex, Freeza, Voldemort, Noctis, Kamen Rider Kiva, Kamen Rider Gaim, Mechagodzilla

Fave Awesome Moments: The return of the Phantom Thieves, Group saving Osaka from Yokai/Lost, the flashback moments of the Phantom Thieves, Hifumi becomes Sophia, The Phantom Thieves gained Persona's Ascendancy, Satanael ΩX becomes a dragon, Arsène appearing for the final blow

Fave Funny Moments: Yumeko's antics, Nekomata's moments, people calling Makoto 'Makokins', Shadow Kaneshiro's personality, Sion threatening to pet Nekomata's ass, Big Bird and Snoopy appearing as Cognitives

Fave Nightmare Fuel Moments: The Ogress assaulting Hifumi and Sion, Distorted Osaka, Saklas's presence that shook the Phantom Thieves' challenge to new heights, the showcase images of PV-CV-19's atmosphere

Fave Heartwarming Moments: Heroes vacation in Universal Studios Japan, Ann consoling Makoto, Ren/Ann having sex, Sion/Hifumi having sex, Ren/Ann's marriage, Hifumi meeting Skyler, Sophia responsible for the CV cast to exist in modern times

Fave Tearjerking Moments: Makoto's brief self-loathing of being useless before Ann calmed her down, the solemn theme of the heroes returning to Tokyo, Hifumi's brief death, Saklas's final moments before cease to exist, Sion cease to exist

Fave Battles: Phantom Thieves vs. Sion, Hifumi and Yumeko vs. Yokai, Ren/Makoto/Sion vs. Onmoraki, Heroes vs. Shadow Shido, Heroes vs. Maria, Heroes vs. Shadow Yoshitsugu and Mitsunari

Fave Final Battles: Cognitive Heroes vs. Cognitive Villains, Phantom Thieves vs. Orochi, Phantom Thieves vs. Knights of Control, All Heroes vs. Yaldabaoth ΩZ

Fave Couples: Hifumi/Sion (Skyler), Ren/Ann, Makoto/Haru

Fave Plot Twists: The origins of Saklas, Sion revealed to be a clone of the unnamed CV protagonist, Cognitions of specific fictional characters appearing, Hifumi becoming Sophia, Persona's Ascendancy, Hifumi meeting Skyler, the copied Io's cameo at the end

Overall Thoughts on the Series Epilogue Fic/Thoughts of the PV Sequel Written By Kanius: This is something I finally get a chance to bring out new concepts and showing my brief comeback as a person since already finished my undergrads. Being much more enjoyable than Guilty Crown: The Lost Kingdoms is one of the notable redeeming factors as the Reconstruction, to the point that the enjoyment of P5 as one thing is enough that a sequel is planned. I am definitely looking forward to the sequel (since I already said a lot in my A/Ns) that'll expand the concepts by Kanius's writing, going from an OVA to a full-fledged series. Like usual, I am giving him concepts and ideas, but I am also looking forward to his ideas that'll surprise me and readers (Just like he'll do so in his novels). I am encourage him to use his novel writing skills for the sequel (While the fanfic writing skills for Defiants since that mega crossover with the biggest hero roster to date will be too much for someone using novel writing skills. Being restricted to YYGDM's canon rules is another thing to remind why that mega crossover franchise (Especially Season 3 entitled Dawn of Chaos) remains harder than various original novels.).

Sayonara! (Goodbye!)

(End theme)