It's set in mid-September.

Christian & Ana have just started their sophomore year at college.

Christian is at Harvard & Ana is at WSUV

Christian & Ana are the same age.

Both have the same back stories.

Four Weeks in Montesano

Anastasia Steele always believed she was pragmatic. She knew, but didn't care, that she wasn't worldly, and didn't care to have to return to her part-time job at Clayton's now that she was back at WSUV. From her perch on the side of the bathtub, Ana could see random pieces of confetti, and shiny dots of glitter, both from the raucous surprise party that her roommate, and best friend, Kate, thought was an acceptable way to celebrate Ana's nineteenth birthday – confetti and glitter were obviously mandatory. She had her first Calculus test to study for, and that she had promised to meet Jose at the library in two hours. If you'd have asked her if she'd throw caution to the wind, and quit being so predictable and in control, three months ago, she'd have laughed at you. Her life was meant to run on the straight and narrow. She knew that's how she liked for her life to be, even if everyone she knew kept telling her she was boring.

What Ana did not know, what Ana could not see from her perch on the side of the bathtub, was the way to forget the gray-eyed young man she'd spent the latter part of the summer with. Four weeks to be exact, and it had been six weeks since the copper-haired Christian Grey bid Ana goodbye on the front porch of her family home in Montesano.

Christian Trevelyan-Grey, the young man that Ana had only known for three days when she gave him her virginity.

She hoped he was back at Harvard and hadn't dropped out like he said that he wanted to do. He had told her all about his ideas about the company he dreamed of starting. "I know that I don't need a college degree to start my company. I'm wasting my time," he'd told her on one of the many days they'd spent at the lake swimming. They were at a remote part of the lake and had spent a lazy day, just talking about their futures and making love. Ana felt like her desire to one day be a book editor paled in comparison to Christian's dream of building his own company and being the master of his own universe. Christian had never put down Ana's love of literature and the career she'd hope to have one day. If anything, he'd encouraged her to chase down every dream that she had, and never settle for anything less. In the back of her mind, Ana felt like any man she'd be with for the rest of her life would be settling. For during those few weeks together, she'd fallen in love with the most beautiful young man she'd ever seen, and sometimes, when she felt him staring at her, she believed he'd come to love her, too.

Anastasia was too practical and level-headed to think she'd ever see Christian Grey again, but she hoped that he'd returned to his real life and would find peace. She prayed he'd driven back to his family home in Bellevue, and shared the reason he took off and headed west the day after he turned nineteen: his mother's friend, Elena Lincoln, had molested him at the age of fifteen, and he'd still been in a violent sexual relationship with her, until the end of his freshman year at Harvard, when he'd come to realize she'd abused him. It had taken a first-year psychology class to rattle the cage in Christian's mind and show him he'd been the victim of a pedophile; a woman who he thought had been helping him, not only helping to get him off but helping him stay on the straight and narrow.

"How could I have been so fucking stupid, Ana?" he'd raged the night he told Ana about all of his secrets. It was a night that shocked her to her core and broke her heart into a million bits of flesh. She'd been startled when Christian Grey schooled her in his sexual preferences and astonished that a friend of his mother had seduced him right under her nose. His father's nose. The noses of his siblings and the one of his psychiatrist, who his parents, still insisted he see. "I'm not crazy. I'm angry as hell and every psychiatrist I've been forced to see, is a stupid asshole," Christian had told her.

Ana knew he was raised in an affluent household, his mother a doctor and his father was a lawyer. The morning that they'd met, she'd believed him to be a spoiled rich boy, whose birthday gift was a sporty Mercedes convertible. Christian's new car had been his way to escape Bellevue and that woman he couldn't stomach seeing. Or hearing. Or smelling. So, it turned out that Ana's initial impression of him was dead wrong. He wasn't a rich brat; he was an angry and hurt young man. He was full of a fury she'd never experienced, and, somehow, it had stirred up alien feelings in Ana. She'd never had a boyfriend because she'd never wanted one. But that changed once she spent those few weeks during a Montesano summer with one Christian Grey. A young man who merely stuffed a duffel bag full of mismatched clothes, and snuck out of his childhood home in the wee hours of the morning, crawled into his birthday gift and took off; Christian didn't have an exact destination in mind, and didn't leave a note explaining why he was running away. He pulled out of the driveway and headed west on some county road that was covered by a canopy of dark pines and ferns on both sides of the highway. He sped west until he met the Pacific, then he turned around kept driving until he needed gas and took the nearest exit.

Christian had told Ana, "All of the miles I'd driven, I felt like I was searching for a home. Searching the road for someone or someplace that could change me. It wasn't until I was headed back to Seattle from the coast, that I took the exit to Montesano, finally getting off that long road, and met those feelings. It happened when I met you, and these past weeks with you have changed me. It's like all of this journey has been a conversion. A conversion of Christian Trevelyan-Grey."

Anastasia couldn't find words that were adequate to reply with, so she said nothing; she continued to cry quietly in his arms. It was the late afternoon that Christian had left and their goodbye embrace was the most painful moment that Ana had experienced. They stood on the wooden steps to the porch, she was on the last step, so they were eye-level, and all Ana could do was stroke his unruly copper hair. When they pulled away, Christian had tears in his eyes, and taking her face in his hands, he had said, "I will never forget what you've done for me, Anastasia. I'll never forget you. I'll never forget our summer."

A few agonizing minutes passed until Christian's car was just a distant spot on the horizon, and Anastasia was left standing on her porch, barefoot and sobbing. "Please don't forget about me, Christian," she'd mumbled to herself. It wouldn't have mattered if she'd have spoken out loud because Ray had been gone for the past few weeks on a fishing trip down in California. The opportunity for Ana and Christian to be alone twenty-four hours a day was perfect. He was perfect, Ana thought. He doesn't believe it, but he is. She only hoped that one day he would accept it.

Despite her heartbreak, Ana prayed that Christian would be able to tell his parents about that awful woman, and be able to reclaim his youth, a part in his family, and happily take the love she knew they had to have showered him with. After all, how many times had Christian said his family called his cell phone before he tossed it out of the window, on some stretch of the long beautiful highway he'd been barreling down all summer.

Until he met Montesano. Until he met Ana.

Five minutes passed as Ana thought about her Calculus test, meeting Jose, and remembering Christian Grey. She knew it was five minutes because of the timer that Kate had set on her cell phone – it just began to beep.

"Shit," Kate said, jumping at the noise.

She was also perched on the edge of the bathtub. Only Kate was rubbing her best friend's back and smoothing down her long dark hair. She was there because Ana couldn't do this by herself, and they both knew it.

Both stood up and inched towards the sink countertop. Kate gasped and Ana stopped breathing. All five had the same result. Positive. All five pregnancy tests that Kate had bought for Ana to take, read positive. Ana was pregnant. Ana was pregnant by the gray-eyed young man who'd sped into Montesano, taking her virginity, and forever changing her life.

Kate, her lower lip trembling, wrapped her arms around Ana, who was sobbing loudly.

"W-What am I going to do, Kate?" she managed to get out between hiccups.

Kate pulled away and cleaned Ana's wet and snotty face. Then, she wiped off her own.

"I don't know," she answered, shaking her head slowly. "I honest to fuck don't know."

"I suppose I should get it confirmed by a doctor," Ana whispered, a fresh batch of tears ran down her cheeks.

Kate nodded. "You're right. You need to go see a doctor. I'll go look for one in the phone book."

She bustled from the small bathroom and Ana could hear her rummaging through drawers.

"Kate, I can't go to the doctor. What if my health insurance sends a bill or something to Ray? He'll know." Ana said, still standing in the same spot.

"I'll pay for it then. You know you don't want to go to the student health center. Someone will run their mouth and this will spread around campus. You don't want that since you haven't had time to decide what you're going to do about being pregnant."

Ana followed Kate's voice. She had gathered their purses and grabbed her car keys. Ana pulled the hoodie on that Kate tossed at her. She looked at Ana expectantly.

"You haven't made up your mind already, have you?" Kate asked.

Ana shook her head. "No, but I wish I could tell him," she replied.

"Who? Christian?"

Ana almost laughed. "Well, I certainly don't want to tell Ray."

"You can if you want to. I know you didn't exchange numbers, but finding him wouldn't be hard. Do you think that he'd want to know? I mean, he didn't even say he wanted to keep in touch."

More tears fell from Ana's eyes. Kate just had to remind her of that fact. One that hurt her deeply. Christian could have at least asked for her damn phone number.

Would Christian want to know that he'd gotten her pregnant, Ana wondered. He was hell bent on getting his young life back on a right path and had dreams that were bigger than mountains. She was sure a summer fling didn't fit in any of those dreams. Especially one that resulted in five positive pregnancy tests.

Ana sighed. She had dreams of her own, hers were just as big as his, even if they were polar opposites. Her life was in order, just like she enjoyed it. She studied for exams and met Jose at the library. She was dependable and pragmatic. Level headed. Where would a baby fit into her life? Right then, one wouldn't.

"I don't know. I mean. . . I didn't ask for his number either," she replied.

"Very true, and as I've said before, that was stupid. From what you've told me, he seems like a good guy. Maybe you should tell him."

Ana watched Kate's expression become dubious. She didn't believe she should tell him.

"Why don't you think I should tell him?"

Kate stared straight into her eyes. "Are you going to keep the baby? If you aren't, then why would you tell the guy who got you pregnant?"

Feeling defeated, Ana plopped down on the sofa and looked around their small two-bedroom apartment. Where the hell would they put a crib?

She looked up at Kate. "I wouldn't," she softly said.

She'd spent four weeks playing house with Christian Grey, a hurt and angry young man, who'd been running from his own demons. He was lovely and sweet, but he was also determined and full of fire. They talked a lot during those four weeks, but they never talked about a future. Well, not a future together.

That young man had driven off in his brand-new Mercedes and Ana had watched the tail lights fade away. He said that he'd never forget her or their summer, but he also didn't say he wanted her to be a part of his future. She had met Christian while he was on his road to Damascus.

Ana had found herself in love with Christian Grey, but thought there was no place in his life for her and a baby they'd probably made while fucking in a lake. By his own admission, he told her she'd helped him. He had certainly helped her, opening up a side of herself that she didn't know existed. But he'd never told her he loved her. He never told her that he wanted to be a part of her life, or even just stay in touch.

Yes, Ana from Montesano, helped Christian Trevelyan-Grey when he was in the midst of fighting ghosts and a monster who lived in Bellevue. They'd both found comfort in one another's arms, but Ana believed it was only meant to be for four weeks, not a lifetime.

Ana stood up and picked up her purse and phone. Turning to Kate, she offered a small smile.

"I'd like to go to the doctor. . . If you're willing to help me pay for it. They'll be able to help me," she said.

Kate nodded and opened the door.

"Of course, I will. Let's go."