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In Heat

Harry Potter/Fleur Delacour

Harry sighed as he muttered the password to the Prefect's bathroom. As soon as the two words – Pine Fresh – were registered by the statue, it sprang open, allowing him entrance. He steeled himself, clutching the golden egg in his arms before admitting himself into the lavish bathroom.

It had been a few days since the Yule Ball catastrophe. While Harry hadn't imagined a school ball being sunshine and daisies, he certainly didn't expect it to be as bad as it had been. What with messing up his "date" (if you could call it) with Parvati, getting worked up and angsty over Cho and Cedric, and trying his best to pacify Ron and Hermione, who had taken their bickering to an entirely new level, it wasn't an exaggeration to say that his life was one whole mess as of late.

There was only reason for him being here right now – solving the clue the golden egg contained. Well, that was what Cedric Diggory had told him to do, at any rate. Frankly, Harry didn't get the message. What did "Take a bath" mean, anyway? Why hadn't Cedric given him a straight answer like he had done during the first task? Was Cedric out to get him? Was he working for Draco Malfoy?

He didn't want to ponder over this, not any longer. He was desperate, hanging off his last thread. If he didn't figure it out by then, he could just call it quits. It wouldn't be the first time he'd been in such a position, anyway. After all, things always seemed to work out whenever he was at the end of his rope. Maybe a miracle would happen this time around, too.

He noticed the Marauder's Map hanging open under his armpit, threatening to fall down, and he quickly grabbed hold of it before hastily folding it up, not wanting to lose his trust map. If he hadn't noticed his awkward grip around it, it would've inadvertently slipped and gone lost. He didn't want to lose it, not one bit, so he shoved it into his robes, where his Cloak was tucked, and continued walking into the Prefect's bathroom.

Seconds into entering the chamber, Harry noticed two things. The first being that the Prefect's bathroom was amazing. It was huge. Lavish. Luxurious. Built for royalty. If Cedric hadn't told him, Harry would've assumed it to be the headmaster's private bathroom, for all he knew.

The second thing he noticed was that he wasn't alone. It was only until it was really late that he heard the soft, feminine humming wafting from far ahead, meshing perfectly with the pleasant, cloyingly sweet aroma, the satisfactory sound of bubbles popping, the melting warmth of the steam…

He was so immersed in his own thoughts that he realized none of this until the sound of his feet slapping the wet lukewarm floor jarred him out of his musings. Then his eyes focused on everything, trailing the wet footprints leading to the ginormous tub – or was it a pool – filled to the brim with a rainbow of bubbles—


Sitting neck-deep in the tub was none other than his fellow champion, Fleur Delacour. Harry immediately felt his heart rate quicken at the sight of her, and his skin began to crawl. Her hair, matted and wet, clung to the back of her neck like spindly spider arms, plastered to the side of her face and framing it beautifully. Droplets of water beaded her skin, giving it a pearly gleam, further adding to the flawless nature of her flesh. Her blue eyes were sparking brightly and calling out to him eagerly. Although everything except for her neck and head was shielded with bubble water, her visage still made him feel hot and bothered, a bit uncomfortable, and angry at the fact that he was a male.

Fuck. He knew he should've checked the damn map once again, but for some reason he'd forgotten, all the while completely missing out her presence in the Prefect's bathroom. Maybe he had been to hasty in checking the castle, and right now he was regretting it.

Harry gulped. "I, er—" His voice hitched when he saw her scramble back and flinch in mild embarrassment and surprise as he hands immediately went to involuntarily cover her modesty, but that movement only served to further the uncomfortableness of the situation as he got a glimpse of her breastbones. A small part of him felt embarrassed and horrified that he'd stumbled upon someone bathing, but another, the perverted and horny, red-blooded side of him egged him to ogle unashamedly even as he averted his eyes.

"Erm, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to, uh, you know…" His brain wasn't functioning properly, mostly because he didn't know what to do. School didn't prepare him for such situations, dammit. He was probably a statue by how stock-still he currently was.

"Eet ees okay, Arry," she interrupted in her throaty, calming voice. Harry nodded and gulped thickly, suddenly feeling the urge to tug at his collar. Was it only him, or was it too hot in here?

"If I am to guess correctly," she continued, blushing slightly, "you are 'ere to work out ze clue, non?"

He hesitated, not knowing whether to answer and tell her the truth, but ultimately decided to do so. "Er, yeah. I suppose so." He gave a lopsided grin as he held up the golden egg he'd been trying to hide and failing so miserably.

Fleur giggled, and his grin widened, feeling oddly pleased by the sound she made. There was an awkward silence, only broken by the occasional explosive pop by the large bubbles filling the tub.

He whistled unimportantly, then cleared his throat when the silence continued. "Uh, I should go..." he mumbled, jerking his thumb in the direction of the exit. "I'll just, uh, leave you to it, then…"

She frowned in puzzlement. Where did that come from? "Eh?" she mused aloud. "Why are you leaving, Arry?"

Harry blinked. "What? I mean, you're, well, uh, you're taking a...bath right now, so…"

She sighed. "You do not need to be afraid, Arry. You 'ave already decided to work out ze clue tonight. You should not 'old it off until later. After all, the deuxieme task ees not very far, and it will take a long time to prepare for eet."

Harry's heart was thumping in his chest so powerfully that it was a wonder it didn't burst out. "Won't that be, you know, awkward?" he said, laughing nervously.

Fleur smiled. "Don't worry, Arry," she soothed. "We are friends, non? Just theenk of this as – uh, how you say? – hanging out. We might be also able to help each other for ze task, eh?" She laughed.

Harry wanted to say no. After all, he was a good person, not Seamus, who was a hundred percent pervert (as far as Harry knew) and knew that he had to…well, respect women. But right now, there was something just telling him to let go of his inhibitions and listen to Fleur. They were just going to spend some time together, after all, nothing more. Just a bit of harmless fun. The tournament was about international magical cooperation, anyway, so why not start now?

The logical part of him would've told him that it was just Fleur's unintentional Veela allure overpowering him, but that had long since been shut down. That wasn't going to be up and active for a long time, no sir.

He shrugged. "Alright, then. Why not?" Fleur's smile widened, and she delicately patted a patch of bubble water next to her.

Fleur averted her eyes for a few moments, allowing him to strip himself of all his clothes. Truth be told, she was a bit intrigued by the fabled Boy Who Lived. He didn't look like much – he certainly looked quite handsome for his age, with his teenage boyish looks, startling green eyes and dark hair that went so well together, and that peculiar jagged scar – but not as handsome as someone like Cedric Diggory, for instance. The only reason she had steered clear of Harry Potter was the presence of the bumbling, blithering pig-headed ginger idiot that always walked around him and drooled at the sight of her, and the bushy-haired bookworm that gave her scathing looks for who knows what reason.

She slowly opened her eyes and turned her head to look at Harry, who was currently seating directly at the other end of the tub. His arms were handing on the stone banks of the pool, his glasses hanging slightly lopsidedly, while the golden egg bobbed in front of his chest in the water like an iceberg.

"So…" Harry looked around nervously, trying to initiate conversation. "How do you like Hogwarts?" He winced, knowing that she had just berated the castle not a few days ago during the Yule Ball and that he had perfectly heard her complaints.

She shrugged. "Eet ees okay," she admitted. "Ze castle ees very big, and ze towers and turrets look like zey reach for ze heavens zemselves. I like ze interior, but ze decoration ees not as good as our Beauxbatons Academy, Harry. But eet ees also very confusing."

Harry blinked. "I thought you hated it."

She chuckled throatily, the sound of which made him feel warm again. "Zat was just to see if zat Roger Davies was paying any attention aside from how I look," she answered bitterly. "Zat ees why I dumped him wiz someone else during ze Ball. 'E ees very stupid. Much like most of ze boys over here – no offense."

"None taken," Harry said. Truth be told, he knew that fact perhaps all too well, because he was doing it right now – staring at the small bits of her flawless, exposed skin – although as subtly as one could. "Even Ron does that; a lot."

She frowned. "You mean zat ginger boy who iz always with you?" she asked in slight disgust. When he nodded, she wrinkled her nose in distaste. "Merde. I do not like him, if I am being 'onest. 'E cannot control eemself in public."

"Uh…" Harry didn't know what to say, mostly because what she was saying was true.

"Sorry," she murmured, looking down. "'E ees your friend, non? I should not 'ave talked rudely about 'im."

"It's nothing new," he dismissed.

Fleur shook her head and smiled. "Weren't you supposed to find out ze clue, Arry?"

He grinned abashedly. "Yeah, I completely forgot about that. Did you figure it out?"

"Now zat would be telling," she teased. The two of them laughed, sending water splashing. "I will give you one 'int though – you must put ze egg under ze water. Only then will you find ze clue."

Harry shrugged. It wasn't anything odd, especially in the world of magic. He pulled the egg closed, then breathed in a sigh and clicked it open, enduring the wailing shrieks before thrusting it under the water. Through the medium he could hear a muffled melody entering his ears.

"Well?" Fleur looked at him imploringly. "Listen!"

He nodded and took a deep breath before diving underwater. The music coming was eerie, and gave him the chills, especially the part, "Too late, it's gone, it won't come back". What the hell?

He pushed back up and inhaled, taking gulps of air as he tried to process everything he heard. "Fleur," he began, deciding to run it by the quarter-Veela for confirmation, "are they really going to take something from us forever? Because if that's the case, they're barmy. I'm not going to—"

"Arry," a voice shushed from his right, and he abruptly stopped. Fleur had somehow crossed the tub, and was directly next to him, too close for his liking…or maybe not. For some reason, their close proximity was giving him goosebumps as well as undecipherable feelings of warmth that made him feel both needy and uncomfortable.

"Uh, Fleur?" His voice was wavering. He could feel himself slowly getting harder and harder by each passing second, and he did not want Fleur to learn about his raging erection.

Her smile was too perfect for him. "Zey will obviously not take something from us forever, Arry," she told him slowly. "Obviously, Madame Maxime will not obliged to zis. Eet ees as good as stealing, zen."

"Oh." Harry tried to sound nonchalant, but it was proving to be a very hard task, what with Fleur so close to him. He could practically feel her body heat from such a distance, and he wondered whether he could rein in his hormones and emotions as Fleur and he talked to each other about the second task, doing their best to decipher everything, but it was incredibly hard to do so.

Instead of imagining the touch of her flawless, pale skin, he thought of the time the basilisk had bit him. Instead of the warmth emanating from her, he reminisced the Dementors. Her blue eyes were replaced with Wormtail's face, her perfect smile with Sirius's haunted look, but he still couldn't stop himself from admiring the way was bathwater made her skin look even prettier, and the way her breastbones protruded just slightly, his eyes glancing back and forth to take a peek at the—

"Arry?" Fleur asked suddenly. Harry jumped, startled. At first he was scared that Fleur had picked up on his ogling and tried to think of a hasty retreat, but his fright increased when she inched closer and placed a hand on his neck in concern. "Are you okay?"

"Y-Yeah, I am," he stuttered. By Merlin, if my heart keeps pounding like this I'll probably get a stroke. Then the thought of getting a 'stroke' made him have different thoughts, far hotter and more erotic thoughts, which simply made his half-hard cock go erect. He just hoped that Fleur wouldn't notice it, or at least think he was having one right now. He had undergone embarrassment as of late.

"Zen why are you shaking?" Fleur's voice was now suspicious.

Harry choked. "Sh-shaking?" he replied, trying to play it off as coolly as a hormonal fourteen-year-old could. "I-I'm not, I mean, you're probably just imaging th-things, and—"

Fleur cut him off by placing a finger on his lips. She knew that he was lying; all men did. It wasn't something new to her, but it was amusing to see Harry Potter resist her Veela allure, however involuntarily it was being released. She hadn't seen this much natural resistance by someone since her grandfather, but, what with the rumours of the Boy Who Lived being able to fight off the Imperius Curse on their first try, it shouldn't have come off as a surprise.

"You're lying, Arry."

Harry gulped. He felt like a cornered animal, but he didn't know what to do. Part of him wanted to faint on the spot but the other wanted to first experience bliss and then go out cold. Fleur, while her hand was barely cupping the back of his neck, held him totally in control. "Wha— Fleur, wh-what're you saying?"

Fleur smiled devilishly. Harry recoiled when she leaned towards him, but she was the one with dominance here, and he felt a sliver of ice run down his spine when her mouth was just a few millimetres away from his ear. He shuddered again when she exhaled out and he felt her hot breath trail down his neck. "You want to take a peek," Her voice, barely a whisper, had strong undertones of sexiness and lust. "Don't you?"

Harry swallowed thickly. He looked scared as he turned to stare at Fleur, who had pinned him to the inner walls of the tub. His back was pressed to pool and she seemed to tower over him, never mind the two being as tall as each other.

Harry frantically shook his head. "N-No!" he spluttered, denying the accusation. He tried to get out of the tub and escape, not wanting to be humiliated further, but Fleur grabbed hold of his shoulders and sent him back splashing into the water, sending bubbles flying. Her arm snaked around his waist and he flinched.

"Your mouth says non, Arry, but zis—" she traced a finger down his chest until it reached his pelvic bone, "—says yes."

Her dainty fingers touched around his cock, and it turned fully erect in a split-second. She wrapped her hand around his erection and he bucked into her, incapable of doing anything else.

"Fleur!" Harry gasped in utter shock, his eyes riveted on her lusty face.

"You do not have to worry, Arry," she told him in soothing tones as her loose grip began to move up and down his length. When she reached the stem of his cock, she gave him a tight squeeze, making him groan in pleasure at the sensation of her stroking his wet cock under water. "Relax. I will do ze rest."

Harry was of two minds. He wanted to get out of here, to push Fleur away and run like the wind. But…he couldn't. He didn't. He wanted to stay. The further he thought of escaping, the more his drive to bask in Fleur's sudden ministrations increased.

He felt dirty as she continued to slowly pump his cock, but locked those thoughts in the darkest parts of his mind. He would have to be delusional to turn this down. Merlin, that felt good.

Fleur closed her eyes as she explored Harry's length, twisting and swirling her nimble hand as she stroked his erection. "You 'ave a very nice cock, Harry," she mused out loud. While it wasn't the biggest she'd seen, Harry made up for it with his girth and thickness. Her thumb played across his soft head, pressing down on the tip before her hands went back to the base.

Harry didn't bother to respond. He was busy losing himself in a world of bliss.

She was surprised by her own actions, to be honest, but not too surprised. Veela, being a different race in comparison, were built differently – they were sexual beings, creatures of pleasure, born primarily to milk euphoria and satisfy their own needs. Veela, instead of menstruating, suffered from a completely opposite process – they were 'in heat' in that moment and needed to calm themselves by indulging into sex. The sad fact was that it was 'that time of the month' for Fleur right now; while she had wanted to satisfy herself during the Yule Ball with Roger Davies, it would have to do now. The matter that her 'helper' was none other than the Boy Who Lived only incensed her libido. It was because of this that she hadn't turned Harry away when he'd stumbled upon her bathing like she normally would, and that she was involuntarily blasting the boy with her infamous allure.

As she continued tugging him, she leaned into his face and pressed her mouth to his. Harry, being the eager teenager he was, met her lips with equal force, their lips meshing against each other warmly. He felt her tongue flit into his mouth and eagerly responded by wrestling it with his own. They continued attack each other's faces for several moments until Fleur broke apart.

Harry whined and almost protested when she let go of his cock, leaving it throbbing in the soapy water. That was until she jerked her head upward and said, "Sit up, Arry."

"O-Okay." He grabbed hold of the cold stone edges of the tub and pushed himself up until only his legs were hanging under bubbles. Suds of soap flowed down his shoulders along with downpours of water as soon as he sat on the edge of the tub, and he shivered slightly at the sudden hit of cold air that circulated the chamber. His slightly-larger-than-average bounced slightly, standing at attention, and twitching as Harry waited for her hand on him. It was straight and needy, precome already leaking from him.

"Lay back, Arry," Fleur said, leaning forward and grabbing his cock again. "And relax."

She proceeded to treat him to the experience of a lifetime.

She held his cock upright at the stem before swallowing, Harry's eyes bugging out at the sudden change in warmth and wetness around his sensitive member. He groaned with pleasured exultation, arching his head back as he savoured every second of this experience.

Fleur moved slowly at first, wanting to let him adjust to her mouth. In the beginning she only engulfed the head, before slowly moving downwards, her lips pressed around his cock so tightly that the friction was almost painful.

Then, without warning, she began to move. She was swift, sucking, pulling and twirling her tongue around the tip, licking up any moisture she found there. Sounds of sucking bubbled whenever she moved along his member. He tasted musky, kind of sweet, and a bit bitter, probably because of the soapy bubbles the tub contained.

She descended further, letting him sink down into her throat until her nose touched his hairy crotch. She deep-throated him for several long seconds, during which Harry kept groaning, his arms trembling as he tried to support himself. She was particularly skilled at this, and had learned to suppress her gag reflex a long time ago.

Harry clenched his fists, feeling a tenseness build in his loins and abdomen. He knew he was close, and that he was fit to burst any second now. "Fleur, fuck, I'm close—" He cut off abruptly when she suddenly stopped, removing his cock from her mouth and holding it tight at the base until his orgasm reduced to nil.

She smiled, her tongue flicking around her mouth to lick off his precome. "We cannot 'ave you be done so quickly, non?" She giggled and, once his cock began to slowly soften, tugged him again.

She continued to mercilessly tease him for what felt like hours on end. As soon as he would come close every few minutes, she would immediately cease, and resume only when he showed no signs of climaxing immediately. It was agonisingly frustrating, even though her ministrations were absolutely phenomenal.

At one point she had stopped sucking him halfway, making him groan in annoyance, but he immediately shut up when he felt something similarly soft wrapped around his length. When he had looked up, his eyes nearly bugged out at the sight of his member stuck between the cleavage of her full, round breasts. Her pink, puffy nipples were painfully hard, and the mounds of flesh were soft yet firm; elastic, even, and made him want to play with them for hours.

She then began to pump him with her breasts, while suckling on the tip her pale pink lips. The combination of so many sources of pleasure we overwhelming, and Harry was practically begging her to give him his release. "Please, Fleur, I'm so fucking close…"

She unwrapped her breasts from his shaft, but then began to stroke him with only her index finger and thumb at a feverish pace, his crown embedded in her warm mouth. It took only a few, powerful pumps for him to completely lose control. With a raspy, constricted moan, he jerked into her mouth and bucked before spurting the largest load he'd ever released. Thick, copious jets of cum burst out of his length like a hosepipe, and he watched in fascination as Fleur collected his fluids in her mouth.

Four times he drilled her mouth, during which she continued to stroke him, making him release even more. Finally, when his orgasm subsided, he stopped, but she continued to suckle the head of his penis, extracting every last drop of cum from his system.

His cock went limp in her mouth and she let go, smiling as she swallowed down every last bead of his seed. There was a streak of white across her upper lip, but she expertly licked it off and avidly gulped that down too.

Harry was stunned. He felt like someone had Obliviated him. He couldn't form a single coherent thought, his mind being filled only with feelings of ecstasy and eternal bliss. His arms went limp and he staggered to the wet stone floor of the bathroom, gasping for breath.

His vision was blurry. Seconds later, he felt something topple next to him – something hot, sweaty and beaded with water. Blinking the gunk out of his eyes he saw Fleur, beautiful and smiling, laying beside him as she propped herself on her elbow.

"Fucking hell," Harry murmured. He was panting hard.

Fleur giggled. "Did you like eet, Arry?"

He nodded nimbly. "Bloody hell, yeah." That was the best thing he'd ever experienced in his life.

She suddenly pushed herself on her knees. "Zen I theenk eet ees time to return ze favour, Arry," she said throatily, swinging over his chest. She lifted her legs and positioned herself until her crotch was positioned directly above Harry, whose mouth was open in shock and anticipation.

Harry blinked, mouth open in a gape of shock. He could see her cunt mere centimetres above his mouth, and could see everything clearly, from her puffy lips and pink inner walls. He'd never seen something so oddly fascinating in his life before. A small, pink nub protruded barely from a fleshy hood, calling out to him in invitation. A deep, musky scent was wafting through her pussy. It was like a drug; calming and addictive.

"Wh-What…?" He left the question hanging there, asking her for instructions.

She shuddered. "Explore me, Arry."

And he did just that. Albeit hesitant at first, his fingers began to explore every inch of the lower half of her body, first caressing her thighs, feet, knees; his hands massaged her firm arse, making her groan and arch her back as he kneaded her cheeks. His fingers trailed up her thighs like spiders, making her shiver, until he reached the glistening wet hole of hers waiting for his touch.

He didn't exactly know what to do, but what with his year mates hitting puberty two years ago, and Seamus boisterously talking about the Playwizard magazines he'd nicked from his older cousin whenever he could, Harry knew the basics. Except for a small patch of thin, silvery-blond hair, she was clean-shaven. He caressed the outline of her outer lips with her thumb, spreading them slowly so that he could take a good, long look inside.

He raised his head slightly, just enough for his mouth to barely meet her cunt. He rubbed his nose gently against her folds, relaxing in their velvety softness. If this was how soft a mere touch felt, Harry couldn't help but wonder how good it would feel with him inside her.

Above him, Fleur sighed in bliss when he spread her lips, releasing the small button of flesh concealed within. He gulped, wanting to swallow it, but decided to tease her first, the way she had tortured him before.

Harry's tongue flicked out and he traced his wet tongue along her lips, making Fleur shiver. The veela shifted her hips so that his tongue would touch her clit, but Harry smirked and moved his mouth out of the way. He heard an angry, soft hiss from above, but did nothing to ease her.

Her scent strong, but not unpleasant. It was addictive, and the first time he tasted her wetness he'd just wanted more. His tongue continued stroking her folds and lapping up the downpour of juices coming form her. It was intoxicating and delightful.

Finally, when he decided that he'd tortured her enough, he moved to her clit. He wrapped his arms where her legs met her hips and tweaked the little nub. Above him, Fleur gasped, her eyes widening at the sudden shock of pleasure. "Oui," she murmured. "C'est bon. Vite, Harry. Maintenant."

She moaned and lowered herself further onto his face, prompting him to diligently eat her out. His tongue moved all around her pussy, making slurping noises as he lapped up the bittersweet juices flowing out of her. Her walls were so silky, almost velvety soft, that he could probably melt in there.

She whimpered above him and, looking down, said, "Use your fingers, Arry."

He nodded. Quickly rolling her aroused nub in his tongue, he brought one hand to her entrance and tickled her with two fingers, eliciting a giggle meshed with a moan from the girl above. He swirled his fingers around her inner walls, before taking a deep breath and plunging him.

Harry was incredulous at the sheer softness and heat wrapping his fingers. There was a hiss of pleasure from Fleur, who rocked her hips and began slowly grinding into Harry's face. His lips were wrapped around her throbbing clit, his tongue flicking up and down along it, while he slowly and rhythmically began to thrust his fingers into her. Moans filled the air, and Harry began to feet his previously limp cock begin to swell as quickly and painfully as possible, until he was standing at full mast, his length bobbing with every twitch.

His fingers began to push into her at a faster rate, and Fleur groaned, grabbing his hair roughly and unceremoniously shoving his face further into her. Harry grinned, elated at bringing his fellow Triwizard champion closer and closer to euphoria.

Feeling bold, Harry added a third finger, and felt her walls widen slightly to accommodate his three digits. It was still as tight, wet and hot, and the addition of the third only made Fleur arch her back and whimper in happiness. He suckled on her clit for a few seconds before taking a risk by softly nibbling on the button of flesh. He half expected Fleur to throw him off, but she simply growled as she crossed a fine line of pleasure and pain from the action.

"Mon Dieu," Fleur moaned, the strength in her legs failing. It was now up to Harry to support her too, but he didn't mind the added weight that much, what with the musky, addictive scent being delivered directly to his face.

"Oh!" She gasped suddenly and froze above him. Then the next second, she lost all sense of her body, and began to writhe and spasm uncontrollably above her. She landed on his face, making it wetter and ever. For some reason, he liked it and, once she rolled off him and lay down by his side, licked his fingers clean of her juices.

"C'est incroyable," she muttered in French, gasping for breath. Harry looked to her, noticing the rise and fall of her full breasts with every pant. She looked pretty fit – her arms showed slightly noticeable bulges, and her abdominal muscles were well toned and defined. All in all, that made her looked even more perfect, if that was even possible.

Harry was just about to say something when he noticed a dark glint in her eyes. It was almost…primal, alien. For the first time, Harry realized that Fleur had non-human blood in her veins.

"I am going to kiss you now," she growled, pouncing on him and pushing him to the floor. Her hips were now straddling his, and she rocked against his throbbing erection roughly, making him groan as she rubbed her wet lips and trapped his length under her cunt.

She leaned down until her front was pressed against his. Harry felt her brush her nipples roughly along his chest, claiming his lips with her own as dominatingly as possible. Fleur was doing a thorough job of messing his hair, running her hands through his scalp while Harry tried to match her actions with his own. He moved his palms along the curve of her spine and squeezed her arse tightly, massaging the firm flesh with one hand while the other moved to clenching her thigh.

Fleur sucked and licked at his lips, nipping gently. Their mouths met each other once again, desperate and needy as the two of them moaned together.

Harry, already having his hormones control him for most of the night, was done with the foreplay. With surprising strength, he flipped Fleur on her back, making the graceful veela gasp at his sudden movement. She looked angry, but the playful twitch of her lips told him that she was loving his aggressiveness. He roughly grabbed her right breast and crushed it in his palm, elated at the moans she let out when he massaged the mound of flesh angrily.

"Are you ready to be a man, Arry?" she asked teasingly, as he stroked the length of her slit with his cock.

"Fuck yeah I am," he replied, almost grinning. He could feel the wetness lubricating the underside of his cock as he rubbed it against her cunt, and couldn't wait to put it inside her.

"I cannot wait," she purred, "but not like zis."

Harry blinked and stopped moving. "Huh?"

She pushed him away and he feared that she was about to leave, but instead she simply turned around until she was propping herself on her elbows and knees. The sight of her in such a position made him go rock hard, her peach-shaped arse being the most inviting thing apart from her slit.

She spread her legs wide, and arched down until her arse was sticking in the air. He noticed that she was slowly circling her clit with her fingers. "Come on, Arry," she hissed, wriggling her butt. "Take me, now."

Her pale pussy lips were spread wide, and he could see her pink walls waiting for his presence. He crawled forwards on his knees and rubbed his cock against her folds, savouring the dampness and warmth as he tried to find the entrance. She pushed back playfully, trying to guide him.

Then his head slipped in, and Harry shuddered. Then the rest of him followed until he was halfway inside, and he was close to fainting.

It was so hot and wet and soft, he felt like he could die in such a position. The feeling of her wrapped around him was ten times – no, a million times better than his own hand whenever he wanted to relieve himself. Fleur gasped and clenched her fist when he pressed into her, and he hit the perfect spot inside when Harry pulled out.

She bit her lip, humming a moan as Harry began to slide in and out of her. He started slow, taking in the glorious friction her pussy was providing as he drove into her, but moments later he began to slowly quicken his pace. His hold on her hips tightened as he thrust into her as hard as possible, finding the sound of him slapping her arse delightful. The way they were grinding into each other was so intoxicating for both of them that they quickly forgot about the brief jolts of pain they'd felt at the beginning.

Harry was having the time of his life, but his body wanted more. He wanted to bury himself to the hilt, to hold her so painfully hard that bruises would form. He imagined what it would be like with her under him and on her back, with her legs wrapped around him and pulling him closer. He gritted his teeth and groaned, matching her sounds.

But her squeezing him every other second more than made up for his fantasies. The best part was that, as he was murmuring her name, she was doing it instinctively and on her own, her body half-limp as he fucked her from behind. It was blissful, the way she constricted his cock, only serving to bring him closer to the edge.

"Oh, yes," Fleur moaned her voice trembling as she buried her face in the wet floor beneath her. Her hand reached beneath herself and began working her clit at a furious pace, her fingers circling it at a near-invisible rate. "F-Fuck me, Arry, take me like ze slut I am, faster…"

Her filthy talk made him only thrust harder. He bent over and grabbed her bouncing breasts from above, kneading and squeezing them to his heart's delight. He pinched her hard nipples between his thumb and finger, making her squeal in pained pleasure as she sobbed into the floor.

Five minutes later, he felt the familiar tension in his loins build up once again, bringing the promise of a powerful orgasm. "I'm about to cum, Fleur," he said between pants. "I'm close..."

"Cum inside me, Arry," she ordered as he continued to fill her with his cock. "Cum for me."

Harry gave a long, continuous moan before he climaxed explosively. He was buried to the hilt as his cock pulsed endlessly, filling her with a massive load of his seed. Fleur came seconds later, pressing down on her abused snatch as she felt euphoria. Harry's knees buckled and he fell on top of her, making the two of them fall to the ground in turn, until Fleur pushed Harry off of her and gasped for breath.

"Mon Dieu," she breathed, cupping her cunt. Her finger disappeared inside before reappearing, the length of it coated in a mixture of his fluids and Harry's cum. She eyed it wearily before licking it clean, then sitting up as she tried to calm herself.

Harry's body felt absurdly heavy, but he didn't care for that. What he cared for was what had just happened. As far as he could think, he'd just lost his virginity, and to Fleur Delacour – Fleur Delacour, quite possibly the hottest girl he'd even seen – no less. It all felt like a dream, but Harry knew that it was real.

"Zat was magnifique," Fleur gasped out. Harry sat up, grinning nervously at her.

"Yeah," he said right back. The two of them continued staring at each other. Harry began to feel uncomfortable under the blissful smile a stare Fleur was giving him.

What do you say after shagging someone? Harry asked himself. "So…"

"Mhmm?" she hummed.

Harry yawned. "I think we should er, call it a night," he said lamely. "It is getting quite late, after all, I mean."

Fleur laughed. "I guess so." She tucked her hair behind and wrapped it into a makeshift bun, putting her magnificent breasts on full display for Harry. She didn't seem to care, though. "However…"

Harry frowned. "Huh?"

"You know," she began, talking as casually as someone talking about the weather, "we still 'aven't figured out how to solve ze second task," she said speculatively.

Despite himself, Harry grinned at the prospect of meeting again. "So...Same time tomorrow night?" he quipped eagerly.

She grinned and stood up, stretching and yawning. "Of course, Arry!" she exclaimed. She walked over to him and pulled him up, kissing him on the cheek. "We must leave no stone unturned."

"Great," he replied. Then he noticed that the two of them were covered in sweat and each others bodily fluids. "But first, let's take a bath, yeah?"

She grinned unashamedly. "Absolutely."


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