yes. vengeful, devious kaz. i love me some vengeful, devious kaz. i hope you can tell who this is about, i think i made it pretty obvious

. . .

you stand in

the loud lights,

the boldness;

and i watch,

from the dark shadows,

the understated,

the stillness, the silence.

and i remember,

i hope.

. . .

i spend my time —




years —

my life,


i daydream your nightmares;

i dream of the day when you think of me

and fear will make your heart stop.

. . .

you may not remember

and you may not see

but i lurk, i lurk

in a deep, dark breeze

so cry:

cry like a crow.

cry as i blow.

(but the stillness,

the silence?

it reigns supreme)