A/N: Well, this chapter kind of flies through time, giving you the outline of history from Harry's death onward.  You learn about Remus coming to Hogwarts, Sirius' escape, Wormtail's rejoining Voldemort and Voldemort's Rebirth.  Whose blood will Voldemort use? Read to find out!

And the world keeps on turning…

Harry spent the first two weeks of summer at the Burrow with the Weasleys.  It took most of that time for Mrs. Weasley to stop crying every time she saw his ghostly form. However, when Mr. Weasley won the Daily Prophet Galleon Draw, Harry returned to the castle while they went on vacation.  Just a few days before Harry's birthday, Harry noticed a flurry of activity.  Ministry wizards were in and out all day long talking to Dumbledore.

At dinner, Harry finally got a chance to talk to Dumbledore.

"Sir what has been going on?"

Albus sighed and told him to meet him in his office after dinner.

Harry hurried up there to wait.

When Albus entered he sat down and sighed.

"Yesterday a prisoner escaped from Azkaban.  We don't know how.  But he was one of Voldemort's top Death Eaters.  His name is Sirius Black.  The Dementor's that guard Azkaban say that Black somehow managed to remain sane during the twelve years he was in there. They say that recently Black would keep mumbling, He's at Hogwarts. Since he was captured after Voldemort lost power we can only assume he wants to come after you.  He has no way of knowing about your death and I am afraid he will be coming to the school and will endanger the students."

"Oh" Harry thought for a moment, "What did he do to get put in Azkaban?"

Dumbledore sighed, "I was afraid you would ask that. When your parents were in school your father had a group of friends, Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew and Sirius Black.  After they graduated and your parents had you, they knew Voldemort was after them and so they decided to use the Fidelius Charm, which allows a secret to be hidden in one person.  Your parents chose Sirius.  A week later, he betrayed your parents to Lord Voldemort.  The next day Peter caught up with him, intent on revenge.  But Peter was no match for Sirius.  Sirius killed Peter and twelve Muggles with a single curse. He was sentenced to life in Azkaban."

Harry was silent for a moment then he said softly "Thank you for telling me." Then he started to float away.

"Harry, this year the Defense against the Dark Arts teacher is Remus Lupin your father's only remaining friend.  He will be arriving tomorrow."

Harry nodded and left.

An invisible Harry watched Remus Lupin enter the castle, greeted with smiles from Albus and McGonnogall and a look from Severus that rivaled the one he saved for Harry.

"Albus, could I …could I see Harry?" Remus asked as Albus was showing him to his quarters.

"I'm sure he'll come to you some time.  He knows about your friendship and he knows about Sirius."

Remus sighed, "Why did you tell him?"

"I had no reason not to tell him; he deserves to know the truth.  By the way, Remus I wouldn't be surprised if he is following us right now."

Harry had to let out a small laugh and became visible a few feet in front of the two. "Hello, Professor Lupin." He smiled.

Remus gave him a weak smile.

Over the next few weeks, Remus and Harry had plenty of chances to get to know each other.  Harry enjoyed learning about his parents and Remus enjoyed getting to know the late son of his best friend.  His only regret was not being able to know Harry while he was still alive.


Sirius panted for breath and drank quickly from the stream.  Then he jumped in and swam across to clean his fur out a little bit and sooth his blistering paws.  He continued single-mindedly.  He could not let Wormtail get to Harry. 

Harry…his Godson.  While in Azkaban he could not remember what Harry had looked like, nor James and Lily.  The Dementors had stolen that away.  Now though, his memories of happier times were returning.

Harry was… what? Twelve? Sirius had to think hard for a minute.  Harry had been born in 1980, so that would mean he was turning thirteen.

When he had first gotten out of Azkaban he had not known what day it was.  It was a week before he had found a little town where he could look at a newspaper.  He had been shocked to see the date; he hadn't realized how much time had elapsed between when he had seen Wormtail's picture and his escape. It was almost Harry's birthday. It had then taken three days for him to remember where Harry lived.  Lily's sister had never been someone he paid any attention to.

To make sure he was right he double-checked a phone book in a telephone booth late one night. Then he just started walking.

He arrived in Surrey on Harry's birthday. He just wanted a glance at the boy before he set out to find the Weasley house and Wormtail.  He trotted up to the backdoor and put an ear to it to hear what was going on.

"…non, what happened to the little brat again?" said a slightly slurred female's voice.

"He died in an accident at school, Marge." A man said gruffly as though he couldn't decide what he thought of this fact.

"Most likely fooling around where he wasn't supposed to.  His own fault, I'll wager.  Well, now he's off your hands and you'll be blessed for caring for him all these years. Worthless little thing, as useless as his parents, he was. What did that Potter do again?"

"He was …erm…unemployed Marge."

"As I thought! You know it's probably a good thing their son is dead, one less unemployed homeless bum for use to pay taxes to support."

Sirius had heard enough. He was trembling with anger and grief.  He started running. He kept on running.  How had it happened? Had it been Wormtail? Thoughts raced through his mind.  He finally halted he found a large fallen tree that had a crevice he could curl up in.  He got in, transformed, and started to cry.


Wormtail listened avidly to the WWN to see if they had caught Sirius yet.  They hadn't. No one could figure out how he was hiding so well.  Wormtail knew. 

He heard the announcement from Fudge that he had alerted the Muggle Prime Minister so now all Muggles were on the look out too.  He was about to stop listening for the night when he heard something that chilled him.

Late-breaking news folks! The Ministry has finally released a statement detailing what was known about Sirius Black before he escaped Azkaban.  Black had, according to the Minister of Magic himself, remained sane during his twelve-year incarceration.  Guards report that over the past few weeks he had been heard to mumble, "He's at Hogwarts." No one knows what exactly he meant by this.  Some suspect that he is trying to go after Harry Potter, who caused his master's downfall.  Black has no knowledge of the news that rocked the wizarding world five months ago-the death of Harry Potter. However, Black may be headed to Hogwarts.

According to an anonymous source the Weasley family-a prominent old family whose current patriarch works for the Ministry- may also be in trouble.  This same source reveals that a part of a newspaper was found in Black's cell. One page had been torn in half and it is assumed that Black kept it.  The part that he kept was the picture of the Weasley family on their recent vacation to Egypt.

This has been your late-breaking news broadcast brought to you by….

Wormtail was terrified.  How could he have been so stupid, to let his picture be put in the newspaper?  He had been sitting in plain view there in Ron's shoulder! Of course, no one seemed to know how Sirius had gotten the paper, but what if Remus had seen it instead of Sirius?

It was time to leave.  Wormtail high-tailed it from the Burrow the next day.

Meanwhile, back at Hogwarts

The staff that were left at the school were eating a late dinner and Harry was conversing with Remus and Hagrid when suddenly a fork clattered to the floor. Everyone looked to the source of the noise.  Sybil Trelawney went rigid and flopped back in her seat.  Harry looked at the teacher a little strangely, he didn't really know her, but ever since he had died she would always tear up and start wailing about discontent spirits every time she encountered him alone in the hallway.

"Sybil?" Minerva said with a note of concern in her voice that surprised Harry because he knew they disliked each other a lot.  Dumbledore raised a hand to quiet his Deputy Head and stared intently at the woman.


Complete silence filled the hall as all stared at the woman. She suddenly jolted as though she had fallen asleep. Blinking rapidly she looked around confused at the stares. "What happened?"

Minerva was about to answer when Dumbledore cut in benignly, "Nothing Sybil.  You might want to pick up your fork."

Conversation slowly resumed. After dinner, it seemed the natural thing for all those curious about what had happened to migrate to the Headmaster's office.

When Minerva, Hagrid, Remus, Severus and Harry were all gathered, they looked expectantly at the Headmaster.

He sighed, "To answer the question you are all not asking, I think Sybil has spoken a true prediction.  She remembers nothing of her trance predictions, yet they are the ones that prove truest. I am afraid we must now prepare for the possibility of the return of Voldemort.  Do not tell anyone, I don't want to create panic, but keep your ears open please.  Severus, you especially, find out what you can.  The prophecy is a bit puzzling though. I would welcome any interpretations you might have. Now go to sleep if you have nothing important to say."

Slowly they left the office pondering the prophecy and Dumbledore's words.

When school started up the students moved around nervously due to the aurors that had been brought in. There had been no sightings of Sirius Black at all, which made everyone even more nervous.

Sirius had traveled to the castle once, using the old passage from the shrieking shack.  He had crept into the building, keeping in the shadows.  The first thing that met his nose was a familiar scent. Remus! Sirius quickly left and didn't return.

In October, the students went on their first Hogsmeade weekend.  Sirius stayed hidden near the Shrieking shack, but watched the students moving around, feeling nostalgic about his own school days.

He was startled as two students separated themselves and made their way up the path.  One was a brown-haired girl and the other a redheaded boy.

They seemed to be fighting about something.

"Ron, don't blame Crookshanks! You were complaining about Scabbers being missing when I first got to the Burrow, long before I bought Crookshanks!"

"Well then where is Scabbers?"

"How should I know where your pet rat is? He is yours!"

Sirius practically jumped and looked closer at the red haired boy.  He was the one from the newspaper!

"Would you two quit fighting!" a third voice said that apparently came out of nowhere.

Both children were startled, but settled quickly; Sirius on the other hand had to buckle down and not flee.

"Harry, would you quit sneaking up on us like that.  I thought you weren't going to come today." The girl said.

"Well, I changed my mind.  I need to tell you a few things."

"Fine, could you at least make yourself visible, it's unsettling talking to thin air." Ron said.

Suddenly before the two students a pearly white form appeared. Sirius blinked rapidly in the sunlight as he saw the ghost of his godson. He nearly transformed and ran to the trio, but Harry's next words stopped him.

"I need to tell you what Remus and the Headmaster have told me about Sirius Black."

Sirius listened in dread as Harry told his two friends the story the entire wizarding world believed. His ears perked up in interest, however, when Harry told his friends about the prophecy Trelawney had made.

Wormtail had run! Sirius was so angry. He had almost determined to find the rat's trail (as impossible as that would be) when he heard Harry extracting promises from Ron and the girl (Hermione, he had called her if Sirius had heard right) to not wander into danger.  He explained that they might be in danger because they were his friends.

Sirius decided then and there that he would do all he could to protect these two students.  If he could not protect his godson, he could protect his friends.

And he would keep an eye out for Wormtail.

"What do you mean he is dead?" hissed the …thing that was Voldemort's current state of being to his recently returned servant.

"He…w…was killed, M…my Lord. L…last year when the Ch…chamber of S…secrets was opened!" said Wormtail nervously.

"Who opened the chamber Wormtail?" said a seething Voldemort.

"Y…your d…diary My L…lord, L…lucius M…malfoy!"

"He will be dealt with after I have regained my body," Voldemort said, vowing to punish the man who had usurped the one job he craved.

The school year rolled around through winter and into spring and still there was no sign of Sirius Black or Voldemort, however, Albus was still on edge.  The underground rumors were not pleasant.

"Is it ready Wormtail?" Voldemort asked.

"Y…yes. We j…just need an enemy M…my L…lord."

"Yes, that is a consideration, isn't it? Who is the family you hid with all those years?" Voldemort asked.

"The W…weasleys."

"Ah, yes, I remember Arthur Weasley very well.  Tell me which Weasley is closest to our current location?"

"B…bill is in E…egypt. Ch…Charlie is i…in Romania."

"Bill Weasley, he was a few years younger than you, was he not?" Wormtail nodded vigorously. "You will fetch him from Egypt and he will accompany us back to England."

There was a knock at the door.  Bill looked at his watch and frowned.  There shouldn't have been anyone else in the building at this time of the afternoon.  He got up, walked over to the door, and opened it.

A short man in hooded robes stood there, wand pointed at Bill. "Imperio!"

A few minutes later Bill Weasley left work and disappeared.

"They say he just disappeared?" Harry asked trying to calm Ron down.

"Nobody has seen him for two weeks Harry! He just disappeared!" Ron said frustrated.

"Why though? It doesn't make sense.  Who would want to hurt Bill?" Hermione asked, the voice of reason.

"I don't know.  But remember what the ministry said? They said our family was in danger because Sirius Black, for some reason, had kept our family picture."  Ron said miserably.

"We are now ready!" hissed Voldemort as they approached the grave. Wormtail tied Bill to the headstone because he was beginning to fight the Imperious curse on him.  Then he fetched the cauldron.  He placed his master in the cauldron and started the ritual.

"Bone of the father, unknowingly given, you will renew your son!" A fine dust came up from the grave and sprinkled into the pot.  Bill Weasley, now fully aware, looked on in horror, not understanding exactly what was going on, but knowing it was not good.  The pot sparkled blue.

"Flesh of the servant, willingly given, you will revive your master!" Bill saw the man take a dagger out and…slice his own hand off!  The potion turned red.

Then the whimpering figure approached Bill.  He stiffened as he recognized the man before him.  He tried to spit out the gag, his mind reeling. This was impossible! He had died more than twelve years ago!

Wormtail used the dagger to stab Bill's arm and take some blood. Returning to the cauldron he said, "Blood of the enemy, forcibly taken, you will resurrect your foe!" and dumped the blood in. The potion turned blindingly white and moments later Lord Voldemort emerged from the cauldron.

"Robe me," he commanded.  Wormtail, cradling his mangled arm to his chest, one handedly put Voldemort's robes on him and them crumpled to the base of the cauldron, trying to staunch the bleeding stump.

Voldemort laughed coldly and stretched his new body.  He reached into his robe pocket and pulled out his wand.

"Mister Weasley, I thank you for coming to my rebirthing party," He then aimed his wand at Bill and started using an intricate and long incantation.  Then he undid the bindings on him and removed the gag and said, "Now go!"

Bill Weasley disappeared.

"Now, I will call my servants!" and he pressed his fingers over Wormtail's Dark Mark.

Bill Weasley found himself unable to control his own body as he apparated and started walking toward Hogwarts.

Dinner was going along as usual when there was a disturbance at the Head table.  Snape, to the left of Dumbledore, suddenly gasped and gritted his teeth.

"Severus? Are you okay?" asked the Headmaster in a low voice.

Severus, a frightened look in his eyes, dropped his left arm below the table and turned so only he and Albus could see it. He lifted the sleeve, afraid of what he would see there.  The Dark Mark burned a deadly black.

Dumbledore looked at it with a closed expression, letting nothing get past his face. Then he stood and addressed the students as Severus covered his arm.

"Students, I need all of you to return immediately to your common rooms.  Please go in an orderly fashion.  The house-elves will bring the rest of dinner to you there."

There was chaos for a few minutes as students tripped over each other, frightened by the seriousness in the Headmaster's tone.  Dumbledore was attempting to regain order, when the doors of the Great Hall opened.

"Bill!" shouted Percy, Fred, George, Ron and Ginny all in unison.  All eyes followed the oldest Weasley brother as he approached the Head table.

"Voldemort…is…alive." He said in an unnatural voice and then collapsed. A few students screamed, some started crying.

"Silence!" came Dumbledore's commanding voice over the din. "Return to your houses, at once!" this time there was a stampede to get to the door.

About three-quarters of the student body were out of the Hall when it happened.  A green light surrounded Bill Weasley where he lay on the floor and it drifted up and formed itself into a skull with a serpent coming out of the mouth, the Dark Mark.  The rest of the students, except for the Weasleys and Hermione, fled.

Dumbledore was tending to Bill as they approached.

"Sir?" Percy piped up hesitantly.

Dumbledore straightened up with a mournful look on his face, "He is dead."

A/N: Ha ha ha ha! *evil laughter*  I am soooo evil. So where we are now in time? It is almost the end of what would have been Harry's third year, and Voldemort is already back! And Bill is dead.