[ One year later ]

"Alright," Dean sighed as he slid into the front seat of Jude's car, "First things first, buddy. Seat belt."

The man pointed toward the dangling strap on the other side of his son, which received a look that said, 'Really, Dad?' Jude was humorously annoyed by his dad's stern precautions, but hey. This was Jude's first time driving without parental supervision and Dean wasn't about to let him out of the bunker garage without wearing a seat belt. With a slight eye roll and a smirk, Jude reached over to grab the belt and click it on around him. Once that was out of the way, Dean looked around the inside of the vehicle to take stock of all the procedures Jude needed to follow.

"So, you know that you have to press the break when you put it in drive, right?" Dean asked.

"Yes," Jude nodded.

"And you know how to use the turn signals? Left and right?" Dean prompted, pointing toward the steering wheel.

"Yeah," Jude agreed, reaching up to press the lever up and down to change the directional arrows.

"Good," Dean mentioned, "Now, remember, you've gotta come to a complete stop at red lights and stop signs. Don't give cops any reason to pull you over, okay? Oh, but if you do get pulled over, just stay calm and do what they tell you to do... Or just pray to your Papa and he can help you out."

Jude chuckled a little, probably finding the thought of his parents 'rescuing' him from a ticket kind of funny. But Dean was serious. He knew Cas would fly in and help Jude with anything, even talking to cops.

"Okay. I will," Jude promised.

Dean took another deep breath and searched the car again. After a year's work, she was finally ready to roll. It took several trips to auto parts stores, lots of consulting with Bobby, hours upon hours of labor in the garage to get the transmission working and the brake system fixed – but now, it was done. Just one week shy of Jude's eighteenth birthday, his car was finally ready for its first trip.

But Dean wasn't ready at all. After all the time spent getting the car fixed – having so much father-son time while they worked in the garage – Dean wasn't able to be completely happy about it. The finished product made him feel accomplished, sure. But there was always that hint of sadness; that tingle of remorse about how fast it was going. No matter how much Dean tried to slow down time, he couldn't stop his kid from growing up. And having Jude's blue Impala up and running felt like the end of the line. This was where his childhood ended and his adulthood began. This was where Dean had to start treating him like an equal instead of a minor.

This was where Jude, Dean and Cas's only son, became a man.

Half of Dean was proud and glad that Jude had made it to this point, but the other part of him was so damn heartbroken. It seemed like Jude just got through learning to walk and talk, now he was driving his own car. Dean missed the days when he could pick Jude up and hold him; when he got to teach him about cool things and see his blue eyes light up. Now, at almost eighteen, Jude had been exposed to nearly everything. Dean and Cas had done the best they could to train their son to be a strong, resilient, intelligent young man. And their affectionate work had paid off in spades. Jude was a better man than Dean could have hoped for...


Dean shook himself out of his own bittersweet thoughts to look over at his son. Jude was giving him that arched eyebrow; the same questioning look that Cas wore sometimes. God, Cas's facial hair stubble was even dusted around Jude's mouth and cheeks...

"Yeah, little man?" Dean replied instinctively.

Luckily, Jude didn't comment on the 'little man'. He had been stuck with that nickname for so long that it was basically part of his real name, now.

"I'll be okay," Jude mumbled.

Dean could tell that his son was trying to make him feel better about letting him drive on his own for the first time. Little did he know that it wasn't the driving part that made Dean upset, it was the fact that his child wasn't a child anymore.

"I know you will," Dean forced a smile and reached over to ruffle Jude's brown hair, "C'mere."

Though he still seemed embarrassed about his dad's cuddly nature, Jude still leaned in for a hug anyway. As soon as Dean wrapped both arms around Jude's broad shoulders, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He was hoping to find that baby smell again; the scent Jude had when he was young. What Dean found instead was a mixture of freshly laundered clothes and a hint of cologne. It was a different kind of musk than Dean was expecting, but it was still Jude. Dean almost forgot that they were in the middle of an embrace because the smell was taking him back to the two of them playing on the swings at the park, eating smiley face pancakes for breakfast, talking about superheros, curling up on the couch to watch cartoons, laughing, playing, being kids together... Holy shit. It almost made Dean want to cry.

But he didn't cry. He had to hold it together because he didn't want to be a sap around his adult son. Dean gulped down the lump in his throat as he pat Jude's back and finally let go. Jude's blue eyes searched him over immediately of course, suspicious about why the hug lasted so long.

"Well, I guess you're good to go, then," Dean mentioned casually, trying to mask his true emotions.

Before Jude could reply, the sound of footsteps came echoing from the back of the garage. Dean and Jude both turned to look out of Jude's open window to see Clarence and Cas making their way over. The demon kid and the angel were both wearing smiles – but Dean could tell that there was something different about Cas's. It was childlike somehow, far too mischievous to be ignored. Dean eyed his husband the most as he walked up to the car with Clarence. What the hell was going on with Cas?

"Is the Jaybird Express ready to rock and roll?" Clarence asked as he rounded the hood, staring at Jude through the windshield the whole time.

Even Dean could see that Clarence's entrance made the smile on Jude's face grow.

"Yep. She's ready," Jude agreed.

When the blonde demon came to a stop at the passenger side door, Dean knew it was his cue to get out so the boys could be together. Still, that didn't stop Clarence from playing it up a little. He opened the door and paused to arch an eyebrow at Dean.

"You're in my seat, old man," Clarence winked with a grin.

Dean rolled his eyes. Ugh. Damn kids. So young and full of jokes... The 'old man' gave his son one more pat on the shoulder before sliding out of the car so that Clarence could take his place. Dean almost didn't notice the blur of black that followed the demon inside until he turned to shut the door. Clarence was sitting on the passenger side, but his hellhound – one that Crowley gave him for his twentieth birthday, saying it was his 'rite of passage into demonhood' or whatever – had jumped in to sit between them. Dean wasn't too fond of that thing, especially since it growled at Jude sometimes. But it meant added security for Jude on this trip, so Dean was cool with it. While he walked around the car to stand with Cas, Dean saw Jude timidly reach out to pat the hellhound on the head.

"H – hey, Angel," he offered.

Clarence smiled and pet the creature between them.

"Angel's been missing her Superman, too. Haven't you, girl?" he asked.

Of course, the hellhound didn't reply. She only laid down between the two boys and rested her head in Clarence's lap. With everyone seated and ready to hit the road, Dean and Cas both leaned into the open window to talk to their son again.

"If you run into any trouble -"

"I know, Dad. I'll call," Jude interrupted Dean's worried suggestion.

"Please remember to replenish your fluids often, so that you do not become dehydrated during your travels, son," Cas reminded softly.

"Don't worry, Pops. We're gonna stop and eat a few times on the way," Clarence promised from the passenger seat.

When Jude turned to meet his eyes again, Dean thought that he might be sick. Ugh, he didn't want to let his child go all the way to Bobby's house without him. It was such a long drive; such a long way for Jude to go without the protection of his parents... But the part that made Dean feel the worst was that Jude didn't need his parents' protection anymore. He was an adult now, with a boyfriend and a car. Jude was going to be fine without his parents, and it broke Dean's heart.

"We love you, Jude," Dean nearly croaked.

Jude smiled and glanced between his parents as he held onto the steering wheel, pulling a classic 'Dean' pose while he batted his 'Cas' colored eyes...

"I love you guys too," he replied in a meaningful tone.

"And I love all of you," Clarence muttered from inside, "Can we go, now? I wanna see how fast this car's horses can gallop."

Again, Dean felt the urge to roll his eyes, but he was able to resist it for Jude' sake. Cas leaned further into the window so that he could plant a tiny kiss to the edge of Jude's temple. It was quick and small enough that Jude wasn't even embarrassed by it.

"Please pray or call if you need any assistance, son. And let us know when you arrive," he asked.

"I will," Jude nodded as he shifted the car into drive, "Bye, you guys."

"S – see you later, little man," Dean squeaked out.

The man kept his eyes fixed on his child as the car slowly rolled toward the open garage door. Jude's hand – much bigger than Dean remembered – was waving goodbye the whole time, making Dean's heart ache. He heard Clarence mention something about music as they pulled away, and although the growl of Jude's blue Impala was echoing around the garage, Dean was able to hear a tune start playing from the open car windows. He faintly recognized the opening rift as 'Whole Lotta Love' by Zeppelin.

Even though he was on the verge of tears as he watched the glistening blue Impala roll out into the sunshine, Dean chuckled once. Somehow, whether it was the music or the Impala or the freckles on his face, Jude still had Dean with him. Dean was still traveling with his son, even though he wasn't physically next to him. And that thought was enough to at least bring Dean a little bit of comfort.

When Jude's Impala finally disappeared down the road, it took all the sound in the room with it. The garage was empty and silent afterward, leaving Dean and Cas alone with each other. Since tears were still threatening to fall from his eyes, Dean turned to see if Cas could distract him – and found that impish smile again. Geez, why did Cas look like that? Their son just left on his first big trip and Cas didn't seem worried at all. It was very unlike him. Why was he grinning like a little kid?

"What's up with you?" Dean simply blurted.

Before he answered, Cas sauntered up and grabbed both sides of Dean's open flannel shirt. His ocean eyes rose to pierce into Dean's as he smirked.

"I have a surprise for you, Dean," the angel admitted in a purring tone.

Dean's eyes instantly narrowed. What? A surprise? From Cas? Oh, boy. This was sure to be interesting. At least it would be a welcome distraction from all these upsetting 'Jude' emotions.

"What is it?" Dean asked.

Instead of answering, Cas reached up to cup the side of Dean's face; in that loving way, where his thumb rubbed Dean's cheek. With a small rustle of wings and the bat of an eye, the garage around them disappeared and was replaced with an outdoor setting. Dean immediately blinked against the harsh light and looked around, finding trees to his left and a beautiful cliff side to his right. A hint of music – was that R&B? – was playing from somewhere nearby, getting Dean's attention. The smooth sounds were coming from a radio – which was situated next to an open quilt laying on the ground, covered in rose petals...

Dean's sight traveled all over the immediate area, soaking in the beautifully familiar view. He recognized the set up; the quilt, the radio, the small open cooler near the blanket, the picnic table a few feet away, the golden California sky glowing around the mountains in the distance. Dean knew this place. He thought about this place all the time. This was where they made Jude so many years ago. This was where Dean's life took a change for the better...

After a few seconds of taking it all in, Dean slowly returned his eyes to Cas's. The angel was still wearing that proud smirk. Damn. Cas had set this whole thing up again. Just for Dean...

Castiel could tell that Dean was happily overwhelmed by the familiar atmosphere. His emerald eyes couldn't stay put on one thing, but always returned to Castiel's. He was clearly in awe that his husband had went through the trouble of reenacting their first date that occurred eighteen years prior. But Castiel had been meaning to do this for many years, now. And since their son was going to Bobby's house for the weekend of their anniversary, it seemed like the right time to follow through.

"What do you think, Dean?" he asked, gesturing toward the romantic scenery.

Dean grinned and chuckled a bit, beaming as he turned in a slow circle to take it all in. Perhaps this was like stepping into a memory for him; like going back to a time before he became a father. That notion seemed so bizarre, now. After being Jude's parent for so long, Castiel couldn't imagine what it was like to not be a father. In any case, Dean seemed to appreciate the effort that Castiel put into the setting.

"It's perfect," he commented with a smirk, meeting Cas's stare again, "But uh... What's the occasion?"

Castiel was a little confused. Did Dean not realize what day it was? Perhaps the emotional weight of Jude's impending eighteenth birthday had distracted him from the other holidays listed on their calendar.

"Today is Valentine's Day, Dean," he explained, "The yearly anniversary of our first date."

Dean's jade eyes widened and his smile faltered a bit as the breeze ruffled his spiked hair. Obviously, he was unaware of the day. But learning about it seemed to peak his interest. His smile returned at full power and he inched closer to slip his arms around Cas's waist. But Castiel kept his left hand lodged in his coat pocket with the wrapped object hidden there...

"Damn. It is Valentine's day," the man remarked humorously, eyebrow raising in a suggestive manner.

"Yes," Castiel answered, "and I wanted to remind you of this beautiful view..."

The angel carefully turned his husband toward the grand and breathtaking sight of the southern California mountains before them. Everything was just as it was years before; the glistening river far below the cliff side, trails of rock and dirt winding along the trees in the distance, the golden sun shining down on it all. This place was almost holy; blessed with divine beauty. And purpose...

But this view wasn't the only thing Castiel wanted to provide Dean with. While the man beheld the majestic creation in front of him, his angelic husband slowly slid up to wrap him into a hug from behind. With one hand around Dean's torso, Castiel used his other to bring forth the gift from his pocket.

"And give you this," Castiel hummed into Dean's ear.

He held the wrapped gift up so that Dean could take it. And though he seemed slightly suspicious, Dean took the object with a smile. He carefully tore the colorful wrapping paper away to reveal the sizable bottle of motor oil that Castiel had purchased earlier that day. The angel hoped that Dean would remember the meaning behind it, but he seemed a bit bewildered.

"Motor oil," the man nodded, "Thanks...?"

Castiel unwound his arm from around Dean's torso so that he could step to the side and look at him properly.

"Do you not remember what happened that day, Dean?" the angel guessed, "You told me you left on your own to go and get motor oil for the Impala, but instead you came here to set up our first date..."

"Holy shit!" Dean suddenly chuckled, his eyes wide and beaming again, "You remembered that?! Damn, baby, do you ever forget anything?"

Castiel smiled at his husband's proud recollection.

"When it comes to you, Dean, I make it a point to remember every fine detail," the angel admitted.

The affectionate confession made Dean's expression grow soft. He carefully bent down to place the bottle of motor oil on the ground near his feet before stepping toward Castiel with his arms wide open. Cas fully welcomed his husband's embrace, craning his neck to allow their mouths to meet in a tender collision. This particular kiss was stocked with emotion of both meaningful and lustful origins. As usual, Dean's hands dug beneath Castiel's coats in order to wiggle into the waist band of his pants. In turn, the angel slipped one hand down Dean's back and one into his spiked brown hair, caressing him as they kissed.

"Hmm," Dean hummed gleefully, freeing his lips long enough to speak, "I think that blanket over there is calling our names, Cas."

Castiel squinted a bit in confusion. Blankets could not speak, and were therefore unable to call someone's name. Perhaps Dean's statement was just a bit of humor, meant to represent his inner longing for intercourse.

"Indeed," Cas carefully agreed.

After Castiel's admission, the man scooped the angel up into his arms to carry him toward the blanket. Castiel gasped and smiled at the sudden rush of adrenaline, enjoying the sensation of being carried around in his vessel. Once close enough, Dean carefully toppled to the blanketed ground, laying Castiel on his back to nestle between his legs. The angel welcomed his husbands roaming mouth to his own, feeling the beginnings of intense arousal slowly growing between them. Their heated action restored nostalgia to Cas's mind and heart. Oh, it was just like the last time they were in this place. So much love and intimacy were exchanged here, just as it was in this very moment. Even though so much time had passed, their feelings toward each other had remained unwaveringly sound.

"I love Valentine's Day," Dean slurred against Cas's lips.

The angel smiled inside their sloppy kiss. He was grateful to hear that Dean enjoyed this anniversary as much as he did. However, while the two of them slowly and quietly entered the throws of passionate intercourse, Dean's cell phone began to ring. At the intrusive noise, the man groaned aloud and bowed his head to rest it on Cas's shoulder.

"Son of a bitch," he muttered under his breath.

Castiel concurred with his husband's annoyance. Why did they always seemed to be interrupted at the worst times? Dean's left hand remained lodged on top of the clothed bulge between Castiel's legs as he used his right to answer the ringing phone.

"This better be important," Dean growled toward the person on the device.

Since they were in such close proximity, Castiel was able to hear the voice that answered Dean. It was Gabriel, and he sounded slightly distressed. But it was difficult to hear him over the muffled ranting and raving in the background.

"Dean-o!" the archangel began, speaking loudly so that Dean could hear him, "Help! The moose is on a rampage!"

Dean and Castiel shared a look of equal confusion. Moose on a rampage? Was Gabriel referring to Sam? Why did Sam need calming?

"What's going on?" Dean sighed.

"Well, Jess came home with a ring on her finger and said that she got it from Oliver – No! Sam! Put that chair down!" Gabriel suddenly shouted into the distance, "Don't make me sic Dickie on you! You know I'll do it!"

"Wait, what?" Dean asked, his expression instantly shifting to seriousness, "Oliver gave Jessica a ring? What kind of ring?"

"It's just a promise ring!" Gabriel explained, "Nothing serious! But your gigantic moose-brother took it as an engagement ring and he's – Oh, for Dad's sake! Stop getting all worked up, Sam! It's fine!"

The phone was briefly interrupted with muffled arguing and Castiel was able to distinguish Sam, Gabriel, and Jessica's voices, as well as Dickie's barking. In the meantime, Dean and Castiel could only stare at each other and listen to the commotion. A new voice eventually came back to converse with them.

"Uncle Dean?" Jessica asked.

"Yeah, shortcake, I'm here," Dean mumbled.

"Can you please remind Dad that Oliver is my boyfriend and it's perfectly fine for him to get me jewelry for -"

"Not engagement rings!" Sam interrupted from the background, "You're only seventeen!"

Dean let out a long, exhausted sigh and rolled his eyes.

"Jess, put your Dad on the phone, please," he requested.

There, of course, was a slight pause before Sam's voice became loud and clear on the phone. He sounded painfully distraught.

"Dean, can you believe this?!" Sam asked.

"Sammy," Dean began, "Dude, we've been through this. We've both gotta loosen up on the parental reigns. I'm letting Jude drive all the way to Bobby's house, so you need to leave Jessica and Oliver alone -"

"Dean, he gave her a ring! There's no reason for them to get married this young! Unless – oh my God... Jessica, are you pregnant?!" Sam gasped.

"No, Dad!" Jessica's voice could be heard perfectly over the phone, "Ugh, stop being paranoid! We aren't going to have kids until..."

Jessica's voice became quiet, as if she was stopping herself from continuing. But the mention of having children of her own seemed to spark everyone's interest.

"Wait, you already know that you're going to have kids with Carrot-top?" Gabriel squeaked over the phone, "Holy moose-tracks! When?! How many?! One? Two? A bus load?! Oh my Dad, we're going to be grandpas to little redhaired angels some day, Sam!"

There was an audible thud on the phone, from which Dean and Castiel could only gather that something very large had fallen over. Another moment of silence followed before Gabriel's voice returned.

"Uh, freckles?" the archangel mumbled, "Sammy just passed out... We'll, uh, talk to you guys later. I'll make sure he gets to bed safely."

"...yeah," Dean simply replied.

Castiel was able to hear Gabriel asking Jessica a few more questions about her future children as the line went dead. The thought of Jessica having children with Oliver made Castiel wonder about his own offspring. Would Jude and Clarence be just as blessed? Would they, too, be able to have children? Castiel certainly hoped that his child would have the same type of blessings as everyone else. Someday in the future, perhaps.

Dean exhaled and tossed his phone away, far to the edge of the blanket. He stretched his neck a bit and allowed the smile to return to his perfectly plump lips.

"Now," he murmured with a grin, "Where were we?"

Castiel could feel joy exuding from his own expression as he blinked up at his husband's precious face. Looking at Dean always made Castiel feel whole and content, but that sentiment seemed to be even more amplified here, in the same place where the parenthood of their child began. The thought made Castiel wonder if Dean ever considered these things. Did he feel that same stir of emotion? The same affinity for their son's youth as well as time before it? Of course he must have. That was why it appeared so difficult for Dean to watch Jude depart earlier.

As the two of them got lost in another kiss, Castiel was suddenly brought back to a seemingly ancient revelation. The one of his own purpose. It seemed like so long ago that he struggled with the internal dilemma of his own place in this world. And now, many years later, after so many hardships and triumphs, Castiel had everything he could have ever wanted. If he had known back then what he knew now, he wouldn't have spent a single moment worrying about his own outcome. Because now, he not only had the love of Dean Winchester, but also the love of their grown son, their brothers, their niece, human friends, and a home in which they all could live peacefully. To Castiel, his place on Earth was better than any other, even his old home in Heaven. This was Castiel's heaven. He was already living in it. And it was all thanks to Dean and their precious child.

Dean must have noticed Castiel's lack of physical movement due to being lost in thought, because he slowly stopped kissing him to raise his head. The man observed the angel from above once more, studying him closely.

"What is it?" he muttered, sounding genuinely curious.

"Nothing," Castiel assured, though he could feel his own eyes building up pressure.

"It doesn't look like nothing, babe. Come on. Spit it out," Dean urged with a smirk.

Castiel swallowed a bit and brought his hand over to caress Dean's face. Dean's perfect, handsome, elegantly freckled, and slightly aged face.

"I was just... thinking about our life together," the angel admitted, "About you and Jude. And how very blessed I am."

Dean's smile grew and he raked his own hand through Castiel's hair, causing chills to race down his body.

"I'm the one who's blessed," Dean nearly whispered, "If I didn't have you, I'd... God, I don't even want to think about not having you..."

"You'll never have to, Dean," Castiel promised, "You and Jude are my life. You're the purpose of my very existence. And I love both of you."

Dean peered down at Castiel with a peaceful grin, raising his left hand to cup the side of Castiel's cheek and causing his silver wedding band to catch a glimmer of sunlight.

"We love you too, Cas," he muttered, after which a touch of playfulness sparked in his eyes, "Now, how about we get back to our 'date'?"

Assuming that Dean was hinting at intercourse, Castiel fully wrapped his body back around Dean's.

"Very well," the angel allowed, "But, even though we are reenacting our last visit here, I don't think we should use any grace this time."

"Agreed," Dean instantly concurred with a chuckle.

The two of them took a moment to simply smile and search each others' faces with admiration before rejoining their mouths. The tree limbs overhead swayed in the breeze, causing the small beams of sunlight to shift all around them from above. The rose petals on the blanket fluttered around as well, tickling their bare skin and casting their sweet scent into the air. And as the gentle hum of music provided a calming ambiance, Castiel found that his favorite sound was that of Dean's heartbeat against his own chest...

The vital continuance of Dean's life that gave Castiel's life meaning.

(Author's Note: Here we are, at the end of a very long road, still standing together with Dean and Cas. :') where did the time go? It feels like Cas just gave birth to him and now he's off on his own adventures with his boyfriend! *bursts into tears and cries for several minutes before sniffling and clearing eyes* Well, after two years of fluff, angst, feels, and smut, I only hope that the long road you traveled with me to get here was worth it. And I wish that I could tell you – You, the person reading this right now with those pretty eyes of yours – how much your patience, kindness, and gratitude means to me. Those of you who've left messages on this story, even if it was just a single line, will never know how much you've impacted my life. I live with my own brand of Darkness, just like everyone else, and those comments help me fight it... but enough about me. Lol. Thank you for taking the time to read this thing! I hope that this was a fitting end, and that the entire story was able to bring you happiness! :D I love all of you! :)

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