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Echoe Shayne

Kagome frowned as she fallowed close behind Inu Yasha She would be going back to her time later today. Her mother, Souta and Grandpa were leaving and she had promised to be there before they left. Even so things never worked out the way that she planed them. Everything taking longer then she had thought it would. On top of all that she didn't quite feel so good.

"Can we hurry things up a little I have to get home." She said sounding a little more edgy then she had intended to.

"You're not going home till we find a shard do you got that wench." Inu Yasha snapped back at her.

"umm Inu Yasha." She asked stopping forcing him to stop too.

"What, you want?"

"You see my Mom, Grandpa and Sota are going out of town this week." Her sentence interrupted by a sneeze. Pausing for a second she covered her mouth and sneezed again before finally being able to continue with her sentence "and I kind of don't want to be alone in the house."

"That's no problem you can stay here in this time and there wont be anything to worry about."

"I have to go back I have big test coming up and They don't want to leave the shrine alone while their gone. So I promised that I would be there."

"Yeah and get to the point woman." She doesn't look that good he thought to himself taking in the pale parlor of her cheeks, as she turned away from him briefly to sneeze again. I hope that she doesn't get sick. Damn humans. He thought to himself though he watched her with worried eyes.

"And you see I was wondering if you." Closing her eyes she turned away as another sneeze escaped her lips. "If you could maybe stay with me."

"I guess since you did promise and you're so scared to be by yourself. But before we go back you have to find me a shard."

"Sure no problem I can do that." She said with more enthusiasm then she actually felt. In fact she felt like laying down and going to sleep. But she would find a Shard if Inu Yasha was going to do something for her then she was going to do something for him.

As the day wore on Inu Yasha wished that he hadn't said anything about her having to get a shard before she went home. It was getting late and that sneeze that she had had only gotten more frequent and she was looking worse. If he hadn't said that she had to find a shard for him before she went home then he would be taking her to the well right now. The problem was that he had said it front of there others It was Miroku that spoke up first.

"Inu Yasha this isn't a way to be pushing a lady."

Sango walked up behind him "He's right she looks sick too and it's almost dark."

Inwardly he smiled he had been waiting for them to say something. Now he had an excuse to take her home. "Did you hear that wench? You're going home."

"But you said that." she didn't really want to stay she felt hot, stuffy and all around miserable. Maybe that was why she was pushing to stay because she didn't want to admit that she wasn't feeling good. "Just a little while longer if we haven't found one within the hour then I'll let you take me home."

Looking at her he hesitated for a second but the look on her face and tone in her voice told him that she wasn't going to change her mind and he was in no mood to be sat right now. Having no real urge to become and Inu Yasha shaped crater. His irritation showing in his voice he spoke. Knowing that it was ok because they would only think that he was mad because she was only going to stay an hour, not because he wanted to take her home right then. "One hour wench.."

One hour later***

"That's it I'm taking you home right now wench." She wanted to argue her brain was telling too but her body wasn't quite listening. She just looked at him as she made her way slowly to him the ground swaying slightly beneath her. Slumping forward she fell against his chest counting on him to hold her up.

Shock and anger hit him as he felt her lean against him, There was heat radiating out of his body and he cursed to himself before speaking. "God how did I let you talk me into an hour." Picking her up bridal style he took off for the well thankful that for once she didn't have that large yellow bag in tow. Nearing the well he jumped down.

Wear was she? She was floating. She must have been asleep she often dreamed about feeling like this. So warm. What was it that? They wanted her keys reaching into her pocket she took out her house keys though she had no idea why.

Carrying her into the house he walked to her room sitting her on the bed.

"You stupid wench you should have came home when I wanted you too." In the back of him mind he was scolding himself for not just picking her up and taking her home right then. "You should put on something different." He didn't know what to say but he knew from the few times that he had seen her at home at night in this time she had been wearing something other then what she wore during the day.

"Your right I think that I'll take a shower. Here's the remote why don't you watch something."

She walked away from him leaving him sitting there. Too out of it to realize that he didn't know how to work the remote.

What the. watch something ok he'd seen her little brother use this when he's been here before which one did he press? The big red one at the top that was it. Pressing it he was prepared for the pictures that showed up on in the little box. Sitting there he watched it mesmerized by the moving pictures and was actually getting into the story when Kagome walked back into the room. Hitting the red button the screen went black again and he turned his attention back to Kagome She was swaying on her feet rushing across the room he caught her as she sagged into him. Picking her up he walked to bed pulling back the covers he placed her under them before pulling the blanket back up to her chin her cheeks were a rosy pink and her breathing sounded a ragged.

She tried to keep her eyes open but her eye lids slid shut. "You're not going to school tomorrow."

Bolting up in bed her head started to spin from the sudden movement. "I have to go to school."

"To bad you're not going and that's all that I have to say now lay back down and go to sleep wench." Crossing the room he pushed her back down to the bed.

She wasn't done talking, yet sleep crept up on her stealing her will power but this argument was far from over.

Sitting there he watched her sleep for a few minutes before getting up there was Ramen somewhere in the house and it couldn't be that hard to cook. Seeing a bright piece of paper on the counter he picked it up.

Kagome we waited for you but we couldn't be late or we'd have missed the train call tonight when you get home Honey you can reach us at 965-7850 loves you mom

How stupid can she get? He thought looking at the piece of paper "Call" she must mean use that thing. How hard could it be? Looking at the paper he dialed the number nothing happened. Frowning he picked up the entire phone and looked under it not seeing anything there he tried dialing the numbers again. Nothing. Maybe if he said it out load "965 7850." Still nothing.

Taking a step back he looked at the stupid thing for a few seconds. Hum I think I was right the first time you have to press the numbers in or they wouldn't be there in the first place. Leaning forward he took the phone off the receiver and frowned hearing an annoying buzzing sitting it down he pressed in the numbers again. The buzzing stopped that was good but now it was making a different sound.


The disjointed voice coming from the odd shaped object sounded like Kagomes mom. Tilting his head to the side he peered at the phone that was laying on it's side. "Mrs. Higurashi?"

"Who is this? Can you speak up please I can barley hear you."

"Inu Yasha."


He could hear a muffled laugh from the other end of the phone. his frown deepened.

"Pick up the phone Inu Yasha and put it to the side of your face."

Doing as the voice said he sighed.

"That's better now I 'll be able to hear you why didn't Kagome call is she ok did anything happen." There was panic in the woman's voice.

"She's sick and she's carrying on about wanting to go to school."

"How sick is she."

"Pretty sick."

"Ok go in the bathroom and open the mirror."

Doing as she said Inu Yasha walked into the bathroom his hand reaching for the mirror he was surprised when it opened like she said it would.

"Ok now do you see a little glass tube there it should have numbers going up the side of it."

"Yeah I got it."

"Ok now give it Kagome she'll know what to do with it. But I want you to read it and if her temperature is anything a hundred or over she is not to go to school you understand.

"Yes I understand but she was complaining about tests."

"Yeah but one or two days more out shouldn't kill her. Can you handle it from here? Call me in the morning and tell me how she is."

Walking back into Kagome's room he saw that she was still asleep like there had been any doubt. He would give her this thing in the morning he thought sitting it on the night stand. Walking over to her desk he pulled out the chair sitting in it his gaze focused on her peaceful face. Every now and then she would shift uncomfortably. Damn that woman has no sense what so ever.

The next morning Inu Yasha walked over to the bed sitting down on it. Placing his hand on her shoulder shaking Kagome ever so lightly.

"I'm up." Oh I'm going to die was her first conscious thought. Turning on her side she brought the blanket up covering her head why was the house so cold. She felt extra warmth and realized that another blanket had been put over her.

"Don't. have to get up. They're reviewing this week and I don't even know what chapter we're on."

"Here take this your mom said that you would know what to do with it."

Seeing thermometer that he was holding out to her she took it putting it in her mouth for a while when she took it out she went to read it but it was pulled from her hand. Looking at it for a few seconds before he spoke he looked at Kagome. Though she had slept all night she still looked like she was tired and her breathing sounded labored.

"103 that's it you're not going to school."

"But I." she weakly protested right now all she wanted to do was sleep.

"Your mom told me if it was above a 100 then you're not going school."

That was it her mom knew and no doubt Inu Yasha would tell her if she went to school now. How had he gotten a hold of her anyway? Oh what did she care she needed sleep turning over again she closed her eyes just for a second she told her self.

With a frown he watched her drift back to sleep setting the thing back on the night stand he started to walk out of the room. He had to call her mother. There was muffled sounds behind him as she mumbled in her sleep. Pausing in the door way he could have cursed at the word that came out of her mouth.


Tests she was thinking about tests? Were they really that important in this time?

"Why hello Inu Yasha how is she this morning?" Kagomes mom said on the other end of this "Thing ".

"Terrible 103 and she's up in bed right now."

"Oh how awful with her sick. Are you going to be staying there to take care of her or at least stay in this time for a while I know it means a lot to Kagome to know that your there."

Frowning he heard her mumbling in her sleep again. 'tests'

"Hell I'm going to school."

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