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The things I' do for you part 12


Was he really going to let her go back to the awful place? He looked at Kagome's sleeping form she looked so sweet right now with the covers pulled up around her chin and the slight smile that graced her features. Reaching out he twined his fingers in her hair leaning over and burring his face in her neck taking a deep breath. He knew the exact moment that she woke up as her own hands had went to play with his hair.

"Good morning." Sleep lingered in her voice with a smile he drew back looking at her before her hands drew him back down to her. Looking at the warm light pouring in from the window she knew that it was late. She had to get up soon so that she could get ready to go back to the hospital. "I should get up."

Though those were the words that she used Inu Yasha knew what she meant. How could she take going back to that place so lightly? Placing his hand on her shoulder he held her firmly in place. "Don't go back there."

Searching out his eyes Kagome sighed looking into his concerned golden depths. Bringing her hand to the side of his face in an attempt to sooth him she smiled. Too bad he was in no mood to be calmed. Though the anger that she had expected to see wasn't there instead it was something else, something that made her heart ach. "Please Kagome don't make me take you back there. You don't know the place is like." before he could say anything more he felt Kagomes soft fingers pressing against his lips silencing him.

"I have to go. If there's any chance. I have to take it I thought that we had this conversation already. When they come to pick me up I'll be leaving weather you come with me or not."

"Then I will be going with you." Irritation made his voice gruff and he had the urge to yell at her. To say that the place was bad that the place reeked, but she wouldn't understand. Turning his back to her he couldn't look at her or he would start yelling.

Kagome frowned sitting up she wrapped her arms about Inu Yasha's neck molding herself against his back. "Please try to understand."

"I do understand!" taking a deep breath he brought his hand up to cover hers. "Just because I understand doesn't mean that I have to like it." Turning her grabbed her pulling her body onto his lap. "And I don't like it, I hate it." There was bitterness in his voice but he knew that he would go. He knew that he would follow her any where even if it meant going back to that horrid place.

Kagome frowned she knew that Inu Yasha didn't want to go. She didn't want to go herself, but she knew that she would. She had no choice in the matter. Allowing her eyes to close, she let her head fall against the hard mussel of Inu Yasha's chest listening to his heart beat. Eyes opening again she looked strait ahead to the desk that still contained the little art set that she had planned to take to Shippo. He was probably wondering where she was. Instantly she felt guilty for being away from him for so long.

"Can you do something before we leave?"

She has to ask? Doesn't she know that I would do anything for her?

"Can you take that to Shippo I feel bad not seeing him and I want him to have it." His eyes followed hers to the art kit that was resting on her desk. It had been a while the little rat was probably wondering where they were. Nodding he stood lowering her back to the bed. This needed to be taken care of as quickly as possible. Tucking Kagome tenderly into the bed he leaned over her unable to take his eyes off her. Reaching out he ruffled the dark wisps of hair.

"I'll be right back stay right here."

"Where would I go?"

"Who knows with you? Don't get any ideas of running off to any hospitals or anything with out me." He sounded almost afraid when he said these words like he honestly thought that she might use his absence to leave. "Because I said that I would go with you."


Sango frowned as she sat on the on the edge of the village she knew that Miroku was worried about her but she had already gotten mad at him once. She didn't know what to feel. Kagome was her family, they were all her family and she would have liked to think that they thought of her as a family too. Obviously they didn't trust her that much or the monk wouldn't have kept his little secret would he? Then again he had said it was because he didn't want her to worry about something that she couldn't change. None the less she was worried. She had worried before she knew there was something that she should worry about. So of course now she was nervous wreck.

Sango had agreed with the monk on one thing though. They couldn't tell Shippo. Maybe she was a hypocrite for that. After all she had been angry that Miroku hadn't told her and here she was voluntarily keeping the same information away from the child. That was the difference though Shippo was still a child and she was an adult. But was that really a valid reason? The small demon was closer to Kagome then the rest of them. He considered her his mother in a way. What would happen now? How would he coup with the fact that another person was going to leave him? Closing her eyes she frowned. Now she knew how Miroku felt, the little boy had asked again that morning. 'When's Kagome and Inu Yasha going to get back?' She like the monk had no answer to give him. His large eyes had looked up at them something had changed about them. Something was different and she knew that the child knew something was wrong.

Hearing a rustling in the woods, that would have gone unnoticed by anyone as nothing more then the light wind playing with the underbrush to any normal person. Not to her though her training told her that a person was making their way thought the woods at a fast pace looking up she saw a figure clad in odd clothes though shimmering silver hair gave the persons identity away. Moving to her feet she stood waiting for the man to get closer to her.

Inu Yasha felt a fist connect with his cheek. Sango had quite a punch but not enough to knock him off his feet. Turning his head he faced her. Her eyes were glittering with anger that he had only seen when she was talking to the lecherous monk. Narrowing his eyes he looked at her and he knew Miokru had spilled. He should have known better then to trust that stupid man. None the less Sango knew now and there was nothing he could do to change that so instead he nodded to her before going to move past her. Only to have the exterminator move to block his way, his patience would only last so long and the exterminator was grating on his nerves he wanted to get this over with as soon as he could and get back to Kagome and no one was going to delay him not even one of his friends.

"Move out of my way right now."

"You didn't trust me enough to tell me?" Her voice was dripping with anger. There was no real cause of it she only knew that she could not quell the feeling of the rage that was boiling in her blood.

"I said to move or I will move you." His hand reaching out he moved Sango out of way walking passed her with out a back ward glance.

"I care too you insensitive jerk!" the words ripped from her throat causing the departing figure in front of her to pause.

Inu Yasha knew that they cared. Of course he did still his stubborn streak wouldn't allow himself to show his weakness in front of them. Kagome was going to be fine she had said so herself last night and if she said that she was going to get better then he would believe her. Shrugging he began walking again listening to the sound of the woman behind hesitantly begin to follow.

Approaching Kaede's hut he saw Miroku leaning against the door out side upon seeing him he instantly straitened. Giving the man a brief nod he walked into the hut seeing the Shippo was sitting there paper and art supplies spread out about him. With a half smile he looked at what the young boy was drawing seeing a familiar raven haired girl staring back at him.

Shipo caught Inu Yasha's sent at first he tried to ignore it after all his sense had fool him several times in the past few days. He would think that Inu Yasha or even Kagome was there only to look up to the vacant hut. He didn't want that disappointment again so he continued with his drawing. Hs fingers etching out the person that was on his mind the most.

Inu Yasha thought of just throwing the art stuff that Kagome wanted to give to Shippo at the little brat, but the thought of Kagome calmed him. He didn't want to throw something that she would have handed to the little boy.

"Oi brat."

Turning around Shippo's eyes widened taking in the man standing in the door. He would have shouted insults at the man but at the moment he was just too happy to see the rude demon again even if he was in weird clothes. Standing he made to look behind Inu Yasha hoping to see Kagome coming up with her large yellow bag. Straining his ears he tried to detect if he could hear her sweet voice yelling that Inu Yasha should come and help her carry her bag.

"Where's Kagome?"

That question shouldn't have hurt so much but looking in the little boys eyes it did. He had looked behind him as if he had expected her to appear but she didn't so Shippo's large eyes were now focused on him. 'What the fuck am I supposed to tell the kid?'

"She has to take tests." It was a lame excuse even to his ears.

"Well since when has that stopped you? Drag her back." Shippo looked at the older demon anticipating that Inu Yasha would agree with him whole heartedly. To his surprise though the man just shook his head, golden eyes never leaving him.

"She's thinking of you though, wanting me to bring you these." Holding out the art pack the small boy made his way toward him taking the little package out of his hands hesitantly.

Shippo looked at the small bag before opening it inside was something that Kagome had called Water colors. She had said that she would bring them to him next time she came back so why was Inu Yasha bringing them? Looking up he locked eyes with the older demon once more. "She said that she would bring these to me. Water colors." He said adding on the last more for himself. He wanted an explanation he wanted to know why Kagome had not brought them to him herself.

"Yeah but she's busy so she asked me to bring them for her." He was anxious to get back but the way that Shippo was acting held him in place.

"Oh She's too busy for me, I see." his voice had leveled out taking on an almost melancholy quality. It was the only way to hide his pain at the thought that the person most important then him was too busy for him. The thought hurt as he looked up at the man he willed him to say that it wasn't true.

Miroku and Sango stood in the door frame taking in the tense moment this was how it should be if anyone was going to tell the boy it should be Inu Yasha standing there they waited to see what he would say to the child.

Shippo was the verge of tears as Inu Yasha did nothing but stand there and look at him like an idiot that had nothing to say. His hands tightening on the bag he frowned.

What was he supposed to say? He had never been one of many words. "Kagome thinks of you all the time."

Those words offered him some comfort but what happened next scared the crap out of him. Arms closed around him and he was pulled next to Inu Yasha. There was something wrong with this picture since when had Inu Yasha ever voluntarily touched him other then to hit him? That smell. for a few seconds his mind drifted in the comfort of it. Inu Yasha smelled like Kagome. Her smell clung to the man with lingering warmth that told the young fox that he had left her not to long ago.

"It's all your fault you're keeping her way from me." Shippo didn't know where this was coming from he only knew that there was something squeezing in on his heart that was making him lash out.

Inu Yasha wanted to say something really he did, but all that he could do was look down at the kit struggling in his grasp.

"You smell like her you smell like Kagome, you're keeping her all to your self. Why didn't she come back with you?" Something was going on he could tell all the adults were walking around hiding something. He hadn't even been able to get it out of Kaede the other day. They were all keeping some secret and he was going to find out what it was. No more like he was going to break if he didn't find out. He was over reacting he knew that he was but something nagged pulling at him and wouldn't allow him to back off. His anger was quickly dissolving like it always did only to be replaced with tears clinging to Inu Yasha he couldn't stop them.

"Shh I'll bring her back to you I promise." Pulling Shippos small frame closer to him he frowned.


Hojo sat in class though he might as well have not even came as much attention as he was pay. He should be able to put everything aside Kagome had made her choice it wasn't him so why was he still worrying about her? Because she's my friend because I still love her. He said to himself. How could something like this happen to Kagome? To his Kagome. Then there was that picture it was just too scary none of it made sense he wanted answers damn it and he was going to get them. Slamming his fist onto the top of his desk he rose to his feet ignoring the teacher as he began to yell after him all these threats about detention. The rest of the class had started whispering behind his back not that any of that mattered he had more important things to worry about.

Stepping out into the empty hall he frowned.. Kagome how could he trust someone like that to take care of his Kagome?

"Hojo!" A voice called breaking the silence of the hall.

Stopping he knew that his teacher was standing in the open door. He knew that the man was about to start lecturing him, either that or he was going to hand him some buckets and tell him to stand in the hall till class was over. Which ever it was he wasn't about to stand and wait.

Glancing over his shoulder just like he predicted his teacher was standing here his face tinted pink with anger.

"And just where do you think that you're doing young man?"

"I don't know." turning his back away from his teacher he walked off ignoring his protest making his way to the shoe lockers then out to his bike. ' don't know what a lame answer' It was but it was the truth he didn't have a clue what he was doing he only knew that he needed to do something.


When Inu Yasha walked back into the room he saw that Kagome was sitting on the bed reading the notes that he had taken. With a frown he crossed the room. He felt bad for leaving Shippo can you imagine that? Walking across the room he sat down next to Kagome his hand reaching out to touch her just so that he knew she was really there.

"Did he like it?"

"Yeah he liked it." But he misses you. He added in his head though he didn't say it out loud because he knew that it would only serve to upset her. Though by the look in her eyes he knew that she knew anyway.

Poor Shippo maybe he can come visit he can come visit he is a demon after all I don't have to worry about him getting sick. Yeah that would work maybe she would ask Inu Yasha about it after she got back from the hospital. Looking at the clock there was fifteen minutes before they were supposed to come and pick her up. She could sound brave when she was telling Inu Yasha that she had to go the hospital but the truth was that they scared her. The way that they looked all the machine's. Not that she was about to tell him that though. If she did it would be like handing him ammunition to use against her. Leaning forward bring her head to rest against his shoulder she smiled. "How is everyone?"

"Bored as hell." This got a smile out of her.

There was a knock on the door down stairs frowning he knew that must be the people that Kagome said was going to come and pick them up. Standing with Kagome still pressed against him he resisted the urge to pick her up and jump out of the window. Instead he followed her down the stairs like he was marching to his death.

When Kagome opened the door it wasn't to see a paramedic standing there rather instead a certain High school student was standing there looking at her with pleading eyes.

"I thought I'd seen the last of you?" it escaped his mouth in a snarl even though he knew that Kagome was his now it didn't stop the anger from welling up. The only thing that kept him from vaulting at the man in front of them was the fact that Kagome had put her hand on his arm.

"Hojo I think that you should leave." She could feel Inu Yasha's mussels bunching under her hand and knew it could lead to trouble.

"I'm not leaving here look I know that He's your fiancé and that but I just can't stand the thought of you being with him. He's too.." It was then that Hojo made the mistake of reaching out toward Kagome before his hand could even make contact with her he found himself laying on the ground with a snarling man on top of him.

"Don't you ever think of laying a hand on her Hoho. She's mine." He could feel the fear rolling off the body beneath him. Though looking into the boys face it was schooled into a calm expression. His hand moving toward the mans throat he felt Kagome next to him as she grabbed his shoulder in attempt to pull him away.

"You filthy man, just prove my point this is why you'll never be right for Higurashi." Looking into the mans smoldering golden eyes was unnerving, thought at the same time it steeled his resolve. The more time he spent in the company of this Inu Yasha the more certain that he was that this was not the man for Kagome.

The car that was going to take them had pulled up not that it mattered to anyone in the Small group that was in front of the Higurashi Shrine.

Kagome was about to go into full panic she didn't want to see Inu Yasha rip Hojo apart. But she couldn't get him to move trying to move him was like trying to move a mountain and she could hardly say the word here in front of Hojo and he knew it that rat. Then again some part of her was reveling in seeing Inu Yasha like this. 'You filthy man' how dare he call her Inu Yasha filthy. Shaking her head she focused on the situation at hand where had that thought come from. Her hands that were already on his shoulders slid down around his chest drawing her closer to his face. "Please Inu Yasha we have to go."

He was about to bite back a remark but her breath against the side of his face was soothing. Then she nuzzled the side of his neck briefly before standing up. That little movement did more then all the tugging and pulling had done and he rose to meet her. There was this compulsion. No it was something more then that maybe it was instinct but he needed to touch her.

Kagome smiled as shivers went up her spine at Inu Yasha's hands closing around her waist. His Thumbs brushing against her bare skin in a circular pattern. Closing her eyes she arched into his touch.

"Damn it! Can't you see that he treats you like a possession?" His anger mixing with fear gave him more bravado then he actually felt. Scrambling to his feet he prepared for whatever that monster was going to throw at him.

His voice brought her back to earth reminding her that Inu Yasha wasn't the only other person in the world. A few seconds after that what he had actually said sank in. Her eyes narrowing. "Don't you dare talk about something that you know nothing about."

"What's to know? Do you even listen to how he talks about you? How he calls you his."

"I thought that you would have understood from before. He calls me his because I am. I'm his."

Inu Yasha could have purred at her words. They filled him pride and he looked at the man who was in total shock. 'Mine' a voice in the back of his mind said. Looking at the man in front of him he couldn't hold back the mug grin.

"But he is also mine."

'mine' he listened to her talk what was surprising was that she had the same tone of ownership. Even more so was that the cocky man at her side didn't deny this, in fact he looked pleased.

"I don't understand."

"You don't have to understand now go back to school," tuning her back on him she began to pull Inu Yasha away before he could do anything else .

Sinking to his knees he watched the two walk away from him. Kagomes voice drifted to him on last time on the wind something about snack food. He had had this conversation before but he would gladly have it again. The same answer he would get the same answer every time. Why then did he try so hard?

The minutes passed by melting together how long had he been here. Looking up he saw that the sun had already reached past the midday point.

"Shit" he had forgotten to ask them about the picture he had come here to get some answers but instead he had allowed his pride to get in the way.


Kagome felt uneasy in the little room. It was stuffy and cold in the room which made sense seeing as there was no ventilation. They were doing the best that they could to keep her away from the other patients. There were the two sets of double doors with the little foyer in-between them where you had to wait for clearance before entering her room. Also along one wall there was a large window, so she could be observed by other people without them having to come in. It made her feel more like a cage animal then a person. Looking over at Inu Yasha it was plain that he wasn't too comfortable in the new surroundings either. Or maybe he was still pouting because she had been hooked up to an iv. None the less she was a little thankful for his reaction it kept her from being hooked to the other machines that were in the room just waiting. Still he had only postponed the inevitable.

Startled she saw that Inu Yasha had turned his attention to he doors. The little green light went off and the door opened to reveal Doctor Fume that she had talk to earlier as well as a new man that she had never seen before. He was wearing a white lab coat leading her to believe that he was a doctor. At least he better be. He was shorter then the other doctor. The truth was that he didn't even look old enough to be a doctor. Surly this wasn't the person that she had come to see was it?

"Higurashi- san this is Doctor Sune."

"It's nice to meet you Kagome. I have heard much about you." With that he extended his hand to her.

Kagome looked at the out reached hand in shock since she had arrived they had been avoiding her like the plague only touching her when necessary. This man though he extended his hand like he didn't have a care in the world. Realizing that she was being rude she clasped the mans hand with a smile.

"It is also nice to meet you Doctor Sune." So he was the man from the states then. His hair looked unruly its dark strands curling over the white of his coat his bright blue-green eyes held a serious tone tough and he appeared rather confidant in this environment.

"I'm not as young as I look. You need not be so frightened Kagome. I can call you Kagome can I not? And who is this?" he nodding his head in Inu Yasha's direction though he didn't take his eyes off Kagome.

"This is my fiancé Inu Yasha."

"AH I see."

Inu Yasha took the mans hand in his. He liked him, well he liked him more then the other oaf. At least he liked how he treated Kagome the other man acted like he was afraid of her. He knew enough to know that if you were afraid to be near the person that you were supposed to be helping that you were of no use. He still didn't like the fact that Kagome had to be in here, but at least now he knew that there was a sensible person here.

"It is nice to meet you as well Inu Yasha." He said taking in the mans appearance. He looked tired like he hadn't gotten a good nights rest in a while. With a frown he looked at the man that stood next to him. "There should have been another bed brought in or at least a more comfortable chair I want this man made as comfortable as possible."

"But sir he isn't even supposed to be in here we just can't get him to leave."

"Did you hear me at all?" The tone of his voice had picked up carrying with it an air of authority that could not be ignored.

"I am sorry for the way that you have been treated." Doctor Sune said bowing ever so slightly before straitening up again. "Well they have the results of your tests waiting for me I just wanted to meet my patient before I got buried under paperwork. I already have some possibilities but I need to do a little further testing before I get back to you. I hope that they way they are treating you improves. If it doesn't then tell me and I will whip them into shape ok?"

"Ok." Kagome said a smile tugging at her lips. She believed the man's words and it comforting to know that someone was there to help. Unlike the rest of the staff that look at her like she was some beast that was going to eat them alive.

"Well I will see you later then."

Inu Yasha smiled watching the man leave maybe everyone in this hospital wasn't an idiot. A few minutes later he watched as two of the nurses that he had seen before came in carting a cushy looking chair and an ottoman.

They sat the chair down in the corner of the room leaving the room as quickly as possible he could smell their fear and he hated it. If he wanted to he could show them what real fear was. The pathetic people in this time didn't know what fear felt like maybe he should enlighten them.


The word snapped him out of his thoughts to look at one very irritated girl. 'Damn' I'll have to try harder to keep my emotions off my face. Frowning he went over and moved the new chair and it ottoman to Kagomes bedside. It rocked back a little as he sat down the movement making him uncomfortable like he was going to fall back. Instead the chair soon righted it's self. Placing both his feet firmly on the floor he waited a few seconds to see if the chair was going to move again when it didn't he leaned back only to have the chair sway again leaping to his feet he turned to look at the chair that was swaying like some unseen hand was playing with it. Much to his annoyance Kagomes laughed reached his ears.

"It's called a rocking chair and it supposed to do that Inu Yasha."

'Supposed to do that.' Shooting Kagome he sat down in the rocking chair again still not comfortable as the chair swayed beneath him. Ignoring Kagome laugh he planted both of his feet on the floor trying to ignore the fact that she was still laughing at him. "Hold your tongue woman."

"Wouldn't you prefer to hold it for me?" before she could say anything else Inu Yasha was in front of her a small growl escaping his mouth.

"Is that an invitation?" instead of waiting for her to answer he captured her lips in his. Moving to wrap her arms around his neck Kagome felt the resistance as the iv it ran out of slack. Tugging the stand must have been on wheels because there was now enough give to wrap her arms around his neck. 'You shouldn't be doing this a hospital.' A voice said before she told it to shut up. Maybe it was the little girl in her, but some part of her just loved the excitement that came with doing something she knew was bad. Then again who was she kidding she just wanted to kiss Inu Yasha.

The metallic click reached his ears telling him that someone had opened the first door with a groan he pulled away from her still not willing to leave his seat on the bed. When the second door opened it revealed a smiling Dr. Sune.

"I'm back." Smiling he looked down at the syringe that he held in his hands. He had done some test on a fresh blood sample and was quite confident that the medicine would induce a reaction. On a large scale weather it was a good reaction or not had yet to be seen.

Kagome smiled back at him while she felt Inu Yasha tense a little.

"I brought this to try out. First off I would like you know that this is a disease that has never been treated by modern science. So everything will be termed experimental."

'experimental' now there was a word that she didn't like. Still she nodded not trusting her voice to speak. Though the doctor took her nodded as intended his movements drawing her attention as he placed the needle into the iv tube. The feeling spread though her veins like wild fire. Closing her eyes she could almost see the flames there as the slow burn of pain spread through her body. Hands were on her the doctor and Inu Yasha the still rational part of her brain told her.

"It will take at least an hour of the medicine to run its course. Till then I will be staying to observe.

Inu Yasha didn't like that. Shooting the man a glare it irked him that the Dr. stood there unfazed by his heated gaze. Though the man wasn't able to hold his attention very long because a whimper out Kagome had him forgetting that the Doctor was in the room in the first place.

Dr. Sune watched the man in front of him in somewhat awe. He would have never thought that Inu Yasha could be so caring. He had struck him as polite but hardly the type of person to fawn over someone. The rudeness that he had expected wasn't there. Instead there was only concern. Now more then ever he hoped that this treatment worked. He had spent his entire life researching this disease. He had many different solutions that he had wanted to try but when he had obtained real blood sample the one that he had just administered to Kagome was the only one that had cause any kind of reaction. If it failed then he would be back at square one. Crossing his fingers he looked at the clock knowing that time was running out.


Dr. Sune looked through the microscope his features pulled into a frown he knew that the hovering form of Dr. Fuma was behind him as if the man knew that he was thinking of him he spoke.

"No Matter how many times you look in there the result will be the same."

"You think I don't know that." His hand clenched into fists as he fought the urge to remove the man forcefully from the room.

"What are you going to tell them?" It touched him the way the doctor worked the way he had thrown himself into this case with such passion. Sure he knew that the man had spent his life researching this long forgotten disease but that hadn't prepared him for the fever that that man would have while he searched for cure.

"I'm going to tell them the truth." Not wanting to talk anymore he turned from the man leaving the small lab and made his way down the hallway. Up ahead he could see hear someone arguing with an attendant. The woman wanted to go see Kagome. There was an older man standing behind her as well as a young boy. Stepping up to them he smiled trying to put the woman at ease.

"May I help you ma'am?"

She looked at the young man that had just spoken but it was just that he appeared to be nothing more that a young man. He was probably an intern at the hospital. Trying her best to be civil she couldn't help the rude tone that slipped into his voice. "Unless you can get me into see my daughter then."

He was taken back to this was Kagomes mother. Words eluded him as his throat closed up. Even if he had wanted to he probably wouldn't have been able to say anything.

She was standing there talking the young man and the next thing she knew she was being pressed against the unyielding wall of the intern's chest. There was the urge to push away but at the same time the gesture was comforting. Soothing away her frayed nerves, for the moment at least. What he must think of her. Here was standing in a hallway clinging to a man that she didn't even know.

"It's alright; I've been wanting to meet you."

"Me? You must have me mistaken for someone else." confusion seeped into her voice as she tried to understand what reason this man could possibly have for wanting to meet her.

"You are Kagome's mother? Are you not?" He felt rather then saw her nod. "Then there is no mistake. It is you that I've wanted to meet. I am Doctor Sune."

Pushing out of his arms she looked at the young Doctor in a new light this was that man that had come to save her little girl. 'The very young man'

"Geeze I'll just ask to look older for my next birthday."

"How is she?" the smile on Doctors face fell almost instantly his features melting into a mask of concern.

"The last test that was ran after I administered the medication came back with little result. Unfortunately that was the only solution that showed any promise from my preliminary research. So I'm back at the ground level."

"Meaning?" there was a hand on her shoulder. Taking a deep breath she drew strength from her father as her hand sought out Souta's.

"Meaning that with the way everything is progressing I have to prepare her for the worst." He hated the fact that he had to tell the woman this. Something in her eyes changed when he said this.

Shrinking away from the man like he had slapped her she looked at the white tile floor tears blurring her vision.

Grandpa looked from Souta to his daughter. The young boy looked scared, tightening his grip he frowned. "Pull your self together you have to be strong people lose hope when they start to fall apart." He said trying to give his daughter some courage.

The words made sense and some deep part of her knew that her father was right. She didn't have the luxury to be weak. Straitening up she looked at the Doctor turning to will away the tears clouding her vision. "I understand I know that you will do what is ever in your power to help my daughter."

"You better believe that I will. I'll go beyond my power if need be."

"Thank you, Do you think that maybe I could."

"I'm sorry but I don't think that would be wise with the young child here I wouldn't want any of you getting sick. There is a clear glass window to her room though you're welcome to come and visit her that way."

"I don't think I bear to look at her threw a pane of glass."

"I must be going as much as I don't like the results I did promise Kagome and her fiancé that I would be in with them as soon as they came threw."

With a good bye he left them.


Kagome looked at her hands that were folded in her lap when the door opened her head snapped up. Dr. Sune walked into the room his face was schooled into a cool expression that told her nothing. 'Did it really though if he had good news he would be smiling' a bitter voice from the back of her mind snapped.

"Hello Kagome." He waited for her to return his greeting but only silence answered. "I would like to say that I'm sorry but your results didn't come out as I hoped that they would." How did you tell such a young girl that her days were numbered? He had never had to tell someone that they were dying before. He knew that his new shouldn't come as a surprise but he also knew that Kagome was still clinging to the hope that everything would be alright.

"So you've got other things to try right?"

"That was out best hope at the moment so right now were back at square one." Silence stretched out as he thought of what to say next. "I have to warn you now the way that things are progressing." There was a pause once again as he struggled to collect himself. "With the way that everything is progressing, you don't have much time left. You have seventeen days." Focusing on the girls bowed head he wished that he could see her face. He wished that he could offer her some comfort without offending the man that was hovering next to them.

'seventeen days' "Oh. I see," of all the things she could have said 'oh'

"If there is anything that I can do for you, anything that you would want, I will make sure that you have it." The wrong words to say her head came up and her large eyes locked with his making him suddenly wish that he couldn't see them again. The brown depths were alive with anger. He could felt it poor off her small frame.

"Anything I want?" she was angry and there was nothing that she could do about it. Her hands clenching she sprung from the bed tearing at the machines in the room. Turning them over where the expensive machinery landed with a deafening crash.

Inu Yasha watched as Kagome destroyed the machines that surrounded her bed. He would have tried to stop her. How could he when he felt like doing the same thing? He also had the feeling that she needed this right now. That it was something important. So he watched as she threw the last of machines to the ground this one making a buzzing sound as glass encasing shattered. She then started on the bedding ripping it off the little bed.

She went to move when the iv tried to restrain her this time instead of tugging to get more slack she reach down snatching the thing from her arm ignoring the discomfort the action had caused.

"Get someone in here now I need restraints and sedatives." Talking into the little call button Dr. Sune looked at the angry girl that was still tearing at her arm.

That was enough he could smell the blood in the air and he wasn't about to let her hurt herself taking a step toward he was about to step toward her. That was till Kagome became aware of what he was about to do.

"Sit." The word rang from her lips sending him crashing into the ground where the spell held him immobile.

Looking down at Inu Yasha she frowning trying to think of what else she could throw. A movement at the window caught her attention and she saw her mother standing there with her Grandfather as well as Souta who had his eyes covered by her mother.

As excited as she was to see them her anger won out and she picked up discarded uncomfortable chair that was stilling next to the rocker and stalked across the room ignoring Inu Yasha who was now getting to his feet. In two strides she closed the distance smashing the chair into the glass when it bounced off she drew back and slammed it into the again this time hearing it crack but not shatter.

"What are you doing here come to stare at me like some exhibit in a zoo?!" She didn't know if they could hear her but the hurt expression on her mothers face told her that they could. There were people rushing to the room she could see them behind her family. 'let them come' she thought darkly ready to hit the glass again. She didn't get the chance as she felt the chair being pried from her hands as others went to her shoulders. Throwing them off she glared woman and man who were staring at her in shock. Inu Yasha had gotten to his feet not wanting him to interfere she uttered the famous word again sending a very angry hanyou to the ground. With the two people out of the way she began throwing her body at the glass, at her crying family on the other side. Her firsts pounded at the glass it was ticker then she thought. She with the two idiots out off the way and Inu Yasha on the floor she was sure that she could have made it out of the double doors but she wanted the satisfaction that would only come when she shattered that glass.

New hands closed around her shoulder but even with the power that her anger had given her she couldn't seam to shake them. Yet it was not Inu Yasha she knew that for a fact turning she saw that it was Dr Sune.

"Get the sedative ready and have the restraints on the bed right now." He yelled at the other people in the room his attention still focused on the girl he held in his iron grip.

"Let go of me!" she began beating on his chest trying to wiggle out of his grasp.

"You hear her she said to let go of her." The voice was low and menacing it was the only warning there was before the Doctor went flying across the room. "You ever touch her when she doesn't want to be touched again and you'll get something far worse then that." His voice was a snarl as he looked down at the other man. The truth was that he was somewhat thankful that the man was trying to restrain Kagome who was on the verge of hurting herself. But the Youkai part of him couldn't stand the fact that he had tried to discipline his mate.

Kagome's breaths were coming in ragged gasps as she looked down at the doctor that was struggling to get to his feet. "You said that I could have anything that I wanted. If anything would make me feel better. What if I want to tear down the entire fucking building? What are you going to do to me then? Put me in a nice padded room for the rest of my life?" her anger was slowly ebbing away from her leaving only the pain and hurt. She most desperately wanted to cling to her anger but it was leaving her. Tears were coursing down her cheeks now "After all it's only seventeen days!" she yelled though it was the last of her strength suddenly her knees were jello no longer able to support her weight she begin to sink to the ground. Only to feel arms come up to support her. Bowing her head she rested against Inu Yasha trying to draw strength from him. Instead all she could do was cry. She had been clinging to hope so much in the past few days it was like a physical pain to have it ripped away from her. Her hands delving into Inu Yasha' shirt she pulled herself close to him unable to stop the sobs that racked her body.

"Seventeen days. my god seventeen days.." the words escaped her in an anguished whisper torn from her throat as it had closed up to try and prevent her from talking.

Doctor Sune watched heart broken as the young couple embraced on the floor. The girl was shaking while the boy held her to him like he was afraid to let her go. But it was the tone in her voice as she said those words that hurt the most. Some part of him realized that his two coworkers were making their way to the couple with the sedative and restraints. It wasn't till Inu Yasha lifted his head his strange golden eyes fixed on them that he really noticed that the idiots thought they could sneak up on the man.

"You come near her with those things and I will rip off your arms and shove them down your throats." The words were calm like he threatened to do things like this everyday. There was a serious in his voice though that made the two attendants shrink back. It was no idle threat something in the mans eyes told him that he was more then capable of carrying out his words.


The sun was setting now and here Hojo was still sitting here like an idiot. 'Pull your self together' he told himself from maybe the hundredth time that day. He could hear foot steps coming toward him and briefly wondered if it was that idiot and Kagome returning home. Though it was only one set of footsteps so he knew that wasn't the case.

"Does Kagome live here?"

His eyes still on the ground he didn't even bother to look up at the person as he answered. "Yeah she does but she's not hear right now they took her to the hospital."

There was a long pause and for a second he wondered if the person had left with him hearing.

"take me to her then." The voice was commanding and firm demanding his attention tilting his head back he looked up at the speaker for the first time.

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