Written for Caesar's Palace Shipping Week with prompt foreign.

You should have done something about it.

You should have seen what he truly was.

You should have known how far he'd go for the greater good.

But you didn't.

Now she lays dead on the floor.

You shouldn't have let him call himself your friend.

You shouldn't have shared your ambitions with him.

You shouldn't have let your friendship turn into something…foreign.

But you did.

Now your remorse isn't enough.

You shouldn't have believed his talk of revolution.

You shouldn't have been so wrapped up in your ambitions.

You shouldn't have let him become the only light in your life.

But you did.

Now everything is broken and you have no way of fixing it.

You should have paid more attention to your family.

You should have made the best of your situation.

You should have remembered that the bigger picture isn't everything.

But you didn't.

Now you'll regret it forever.

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