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"Piper, Paige I am home," Phoebe Halliwell voice ranged out through the Manor Piper and Paige came into the hallwall where Phoebe was, "Hi Pheebz how was your little date" Piper asked. "It was great, Guys how would you feel if I moved to live with him" Phoebe asked, "Well you really like this okay fine with us" Piper said "Are you sure" Paige whispered "Yes it much easier" Piper replied

"Good I am moving in today so going to pack" Phoebe replied then she rushed up to her room

"Well that was quick" Piper replied, "Ditto" Paige said "Hey Phoebe home isn't she" Cole asked as he shimmered in "Yep she sure is but the good news is that she moving into her new boyfriend house so you only have Leo to worry about." Piper replied

"Well that is great" Cole said smiling Then blue swirling lights came in "Quick Cole go" Piper said fractilly Cole quickly shimmered out as Piper husband form become solid

"What did you say Piper" Leo asked "Nothing honey I didn't say anything did I Paige" Piper asked Paige Paige shook her head "No not at all but welcome back" Paige replied "Hey Leo, Pipes did you clean my room" Phoebe asked coming in with her luggage "Um Yes" Piper said Leo and Phoebe stared at the two sisters who looked like they were hiding something

"Wah!" "Oh Melinda calling us bye Phoebe we will see you later" Piper said then she dashed to Melinda "Have fun" Paige replied then she ran after Piper.

Cole shimmered near by, "Phoebe" he said in a low angry voice, the sight of her made him want to throw an energy ball at her, "If you didn't put your back on me I wouldn't of done the things I have done in the past months" He stared at her.

"What up with them" Phoebe asked Leo "Phoebe I have no idea what wrong" he replied "Well you sort it out I gotta go" Phoebe said

"Phoebe what happens if a demon attacks" Leo said "Duh Paige can orb me well I gotta go bye" Phoebe said then she picked her stuff up and left. Leo stared at Phoebe as she put her stuff in her car and drove off then he walked to Piper.

"Sweetie are you okay.." Leo trailed off as he saw a shimmer "What happened" leo asked his wife

'Uh Nothing just putted Melinda back to sleep" Piper replied "I thought I just saw something shimmer" Leo asked

"Must have been your imangtion" Paige replied

Leo looked at them "Are you sure your okay because you are acting weird around me, did I do something wrong" Leo asked "No, No sweetie you didn't do anything don't worry "Piper replied then she walked out of Melinda room followed by Paige "Leo can you please close the door" Piper asked her sweetheart "Okay" He replied. **************************************************************************** ***************

*You are doing good so far Cole keep going, and before you know it you will be walking down the path at your wedding" The voice in Cole head replied "Uh I know this is going to sound stupid but your voice sounds a lot familiar to me, are you a real person or just a voice" Cole asked when he finished giving Kit a stuffed mouse *"Well I was going to tell you Cole but you can figured it out your self yes I am a real person someone close to you and your sisters and Leo and Darrly"*

"Um okay" Cole said "Hey what you doing Cole" Piper asked, "Just playing with Kit" Cole replied thrusting the toy back and forward as Kit the Halliwells Familiar tried to catch it

"Well you are good with cats as you are with babies" Paige replied Cole stared for a moment "Thanks Paige" Cole said.

"Hey Piper where the cat" Leo yelled he started to walk in the lounge room 'Freeze him Piper!" Paige said fractilly as Leo stepped in view Piper thrust her hands out and froze him " Quick get out of here Cole I will pretend I was playing with Kit" She said Cole nodded then shimmered out Kit yowled as he saw Cole disappeared Piper quickly took his place dissipate that kit was still yowling wondering where his playmate vanished off to Piper started waving the toy in front of Kit trying to distract her attention then Leo unfroze.

"Right here Leo" Piper said with a smile "Okay just making sure a demon didn't get her." Leo said then he walked away unaware that Piper froze him and Cole was in the room.

It was later in the afternoon when Paige was in the Attic just skimming the BOS when Cole entered the room "Oh hi Cole" Paige said as she saw him Cole didn't answered "Did you ever feel I don't know like you wanted to kiss someone so badly" Cole asked "Yeah lots of times" Paige replied "Paige look at me" Cole said Paige looked up "What" she asked "This is what" Cole replied then he grabbed her and put his lips on hers Paige didn't break away Piper came up the Attic with Phoebe as Piper didn't know Cole was here "Oh my god!" Phoebe said as she saw Cole, Leo orbed in at the same time "Cole, Paige" Leo said Leo and Phoebe both lunged at two potions grabbed them and threw it at Cole but Cole shimmered and Paige forgunety dove out of the way

Cole shimmered back phoebe and leo looked at the three people "Piper, Paige you knew Cole was here didn't you" Phoebe and Leo said at the same time "Prue?" Piper said looking at the sixth person everyone gaped at her "Cole I am the one in your head" Prue said. "So you are the infamous Prue" Paige said "You been my guardian angel or something" Cole replied "And Prue knew" Phoebe said in a outburst.

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