The wind howls around, with lightning flashing in the distance. Thunder booms, and a high wave crashes down onto the docks of an isolated island, where two men stand, waiting. They're both wearing raincoats, as there is a heavy rain coming down. The first man is shorter than the second one. He has black hair, black eyes, has light-colored skin, and a classic grin on his face. The second man is African-American, and he also has black eyes. He has a broad figure, and is staring straight at the waves in front of him, his expression blank.

"Remind me why we chose this island?" The second man asked.

"It's the only one that contains everything I need for the challenges this season," The first man answered, "Plus… there's some… special things about this island. Wouldn't you agree- Chef?" Chef grunts.

"Of course I agree Chris," Chef said, "But if I encounter some of those… special things… I'm outta here. I'm taking the Plane of Shame right out of this island."

"Awww Chef," Chris punched Chef in the arm, "Don't be such a wuss! We have a bunch of interns right here to shield us! And besides- the weather won't always be this awful! In fact, it's supposed to be sunny tomorrow!" As soon as Chris says this, the wind begins howling, and a strange whistling sound is heard. Chef and Chris both fearfully look around, as if they're searching for something.

"Let's just get this over with," Chef tells Chris, "The sooner we get out- the better."

"I guess I have to agree," Chris says, before turning towards the camera, "So, audience- are you still there? Stay tuned, because right after the commercial break, you'll be introduced to a whole new cast of 24 campers!" Chris' phone rings, and Chris picks it up. After some back and forth squabbling with whoever called him, Chris sets the phone down.

"Looks like the campers will actually be arriving next morning," Chris said, "Darn."

"So we've been standing here in this storm for nothing?" Chef angrily asked. Chris backed away from Chef, and turned back towards the camera.

"Er- come back after the break, to this episode, of Total, Drama, DARKROSE ISLAND!" Chris sprinted to his cabin, away from a fuming Chef.

Author's Note: Well, I've decided to give another crack at the whole "Total Drama" thing. The audition tapes for the characters will be on chapters 3 and 4, and the first episode will start on chapter 5.