Author's Note: Yes- I'm alive!As keyblademaster avenger asked, the theme for this season will be more dark and mysterious I suppose. There's going to be more mystery-based challenges and challenges that take place at night. So if anybody has any challenge ideas- let me know!


Chris and Chef stood by the docks, as they waited for their second team of campers to arrive.

"There they are!" Chris excitedly pointed at the horizon, as boats started to close in on the island.

"I've never seen you so excited for a season," Chef grumbled, "What's up?"

"I kinda miss torturing campers," Chris grinned maniacally, "Besides, I need to get that net worth back up- you feel?" Chef just scoffed and looked as the first camper from the second team stepped down onto the docks.

A boy who was 5'10" had just arrived. He stood up straight, and had a relatively average body. His hair was black with red streaks, and he was Caucasian with blue eyes. He wore a black hoodie, a grey shirt, and sweatpants with a blue stripe going down the leg.

"Nice necklace," Chris pointed to Justin's shark tooth necklace on this neck. "I take that you're Justin Pattera?"

"Yes, and thanks," Justin said, setting his bags down, "Am I the first one here?"

"Nah," Chris said, "The first team of 14 already arrived-"

"Hold up," Justin interrupted Chris, who raised an eyebrow in annoyance, "How many campers do we have this year?"

"28." Chris answered, smirking.

"But that's likeā€¦" Justin trailed off, deep in thought.

"More than ever?" Chris finished his sentence. "Yeah, oh- here's one of your teammates- Moises Nunez!"

A fit and tall Hispanic-American male stepped down onto the docks, standing at about 6'0". He had spiky black hair, big bright eyes with a small scar on his right eye, and he wore a baggy red and blue t-shirt with a white 18 on it, with somewhat less baggy dark blue pants and white/green sneakers.

"Hey Chris," Moises said, giving Chris and Chef fist bumps, "How's it going?"

"It's going well man!" Chris enthusiastically replied. "Go stand over by Justin over there." Moises nodded and walked over to Justin, turning towards him.

"So I guess we're on the same team?" Moises said.

"It seems so," Justin said.

"'I'm Moises," Moises shook Justin's hand.

"I heard," Justin said, causing Moises to grin, "Justin."

"Cut all the buddy-buddy stuff," Chris gagged slightly, "Our next camper is here!"

A girl who was about 5'6" walked down onto the docks, and looked directly at Justin and Moises. She was very curvy with a bit of a bust, and had narrow hazel eyes, thin light-colored lips, a heart-shaped face, and small beauty mark on the right side of her lip. She wore a grey crop top hoodie, camouflage shorts with a plaid flannel wrapped around her waist and black converse as well as a pair of black beats around her neck.

"Piper McElroy!" Chris shook Piper's hand. "Welcome to Darkrose Island!"

"Thanks Chris," Piper slightly brushed Chris aside, and began to walk towards Justin and Moises, stopping right next to Moises. "You're pretty fit," Piper said, staring right at Moises, causing the tall boy to blush.

"Thanks," Moises shyly said, as Justin smirked next to him.

Meanwhile, another campers walked down onto the docks. She was about 5'8", and had pale ivory skin with a slight tan. Her hair was blonde, and she had brown eyes. She was a slim and slender girl with a slightly larger bust. She wore a black and white striped t-shirt with blue jeans and gray shoes. She had a round face, with pink earrings as well.

"Kelsey Thorne!" Chris introduced the girl to the rest of the cast. Kelsey nodded slightly at Chris and Chef as she walked by.

"Hey," Moises said softly to Kelsey, as she took her place next to the other campers.

"Hi," Kelsey curtly said, before turning back towards Chris.

"I don't think she talks much," Piper whispered into Moises' ear.

"You know I'm not deaf, right?" Kelsey turned towards Piper upon hearing this. "But, you're right- I don't talk much. There's no need to." Piper nodded sheepishly at this as another girl arrived at Darkrose Island.

A tall girl who was about 6'2" stepped down, and gazed straight ahead at Chris as she walked down. She had a slender but muscular build, and a heart-shaped face. There was a tattoo of a dragon going down her left arm, and she wore a green t-shirt and green cargo pants tucked into combat boots.

"Saralin Tarr!" Chris introduced. "Welcome to the show!"

"Hello," Saralin said, putting down her bags and walking down the docks, "I thank you for accepting me. I would love to test out my abilities on this show." Saralin walked down and stood next to Kelsey, who looked up at her, slightly warily.

Open Confessional

Kelsey: Ok, I'm not one for being wary of others so early, but I think that this girl is way to stoic. She's going to be a threat.

Close Confessional

While the campers were eyeing the powerful-looking Saralin, another tall girl stepped down onto the docks. She was African-American with a light-brown skin tone, and had long, curly and frizzy thick black hair that falls just past her shoulder, eyes that were colored forest green, and had a slim, strong, and athletically toned build. She wore a buttoned up black leather vest over a sleeved collared shirt, black Capri's and a pair of striped classic converses. She had dimpled cheeks speckled with dark freckles, a medium perky nose and a narrow chin all set into an oval shaped face.

"It's Benjamina Greathouse!" Chris greeted.

"You can call me Benji if you'd like," Benjamina said, setting her bags down as she walked down the docks towards the others.

As soon as Benji began to walk down towards the other campers, another camper jumped quickly down, greeting Chris enthusiastically. She was similar to Benji's height, and was cocoa-brown skin with solid black eyes, looking Jamaican-American. Her hair was black with yellow tips, and she had two earrings on her right ear, with an average-shaped body. She wore a black fur parka that was unzipped with a red jersey under it, blue skinny jeans, and yellow converse all-star high tops.

(To Be Continued)