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"How's it going?" Reed asked, standing beside his wife to stare at their sulking daughter.

Lauren was currently sitting with Andy, Skyler and Naya, playing some sort of card game. The Strucker daughter was pretending to be interested as Andy slammed down his cards and scooped something off of the table.

"About as well as I expected." Caitlin shook her head, trying to hide her own sadness at losing Deborah.

"What was the problem, earlier? With her and Lucas?" Reed asked suddenly, realizing he'd never gotten the memo.

Caitlin smiled and looked at him knowingly. "She had a crush. He told her what you would have."

Reed thought for a moment, looking to the ceiling as he worded his response.

"He's too old for you?"

Cait nodded and pointed her finger in a 'you got it' sign. "Apparently she let him have it afterwards, and then this happened. She's blaming herself."

"And Andy?"

Cait snorted and nodded up the stairs. "When he realized the cute blonde wasn't going to give him her number, he took off. He's your son, alright!" She joked. But there was a slight note of seriousness that her husband caught immediately.

"Hey! Not fair!" Reed held up his hands in surrender, looking like he'd been slapped. "I didn't teach him that stuff! Last father-son talk we had, I told him not to pick his nose in public!"

Cait started to speak, but stopped when the last part clicked in her head.

"In public? That was the rule? Not in public?" Cait asked, disgust and judgment creeping into her voice.

Reed frowned and looked back to the vault. "Not important."

"The point is, Reed, our kids are growing up." Cait said tiredly.

The sudden change in mood reminded Reed of the reason he'd sought his wife out in the first place. "We can stay here, for now. I didn't know how important it was to you and the kids." Reed surrendered, adoration overcoming his desire to take charge.

"Just like that?" Caitlin asked, surprise mingling with skepticism.

Reed sighed as he played defense, wording his response carefully. "I've spent days locked in a cell, not even allowed to use the bathroom without asking permission and having witnesses. I want our family to be safe, without having to rely on a hundred other people."

Caitlin nodded, the memory of watching her husband being dragged away by Sentinel still fresh in her mind. "I'm sorry, Reed. For everything that happened."

Reed pulled her closer, squeezing her hand and kissing the top of her head, just like he used to back in high school.

"We're needed here; that helps with all the craziness in our lives."

"Like the mind-melding induced nightmare? Or the fact that our daughter is chasing a man who looks fresh out of a vampire boy band? Or our son playing poker upstairs?" Reed added, throwing his son under the bus without hesitation.

"He's playing what?"

Excitement buzzed around the Underground as preparations were made and nerves were calmed.

Sentinel Services had risen above its inner demons, turning to the law to carry out their goals.

Trask had never been weaker, and was soon about to finished off entirely.

The Hellfire Club was sulking as its agent was returned, in need of therapy.

The Underground carried on, like a wayward son who couldn't be stopped. The money Lucas had brought was spent quickly, creating a wave of food, medicine, and critical supplies that would carry all of the stations through the period of darkness.

Sonya would live; Andy would stay. Lorna wouldn't succumb to the darkness.

"Not a bad job, if I do say so myself." I said cheerfully, driving along the old road with the radio blasting.

"You could have done better. Letting that woman into your head? I had to actually work to keep the truth from them!" Deborah's shade snapped back at me.

I groaned, rubbing my temple with my free hand as I drove. "Heaven forbid you having to work..."

"Hmmph. We still have work to do." The shade informed me, as if I didn't already know.

"Of course we do. So, who's lives are we going to screw with next, my immortal friend?"

The shade transformed completely, the bald head replacing 'Deborah's curly blonde hair. Twisted, ancient eyes filled the sockets, while the skin wrinkled and the body grew.

Soon, the Watcher was back to its original form, ugly as ever.

"Don't pout. You knew the deal; you change the past," He started.

"And I get to see the future. Yeah, I got that." I hated hearing the old deal hashed out again; the Watcher knew I could never forget it.

"What about Sonya? Now that she lives, will she...?" I asked hopefully.

"Live happily ever after? Who knows." Watcher lazily shrugged and looked out the passenger window. "I twist lives, not save them. The Last War will be delayed by decades because of our actions. By that time, they'll be older. Wiser. They'll survive, instead of destroying themselves utterly."

"And here I thought you didn't save lives!" I joked darkly, turning off the highway once more.

"Who said I was saving them?" Watcher shot back. "I want them fresh for my Master."

I stopped the truck in front of the quaint Maximoff house, my heart already breaking for the children inside. Wanda, Pietro... Their lives were about to changed forever.

But as the Watcher assumed the form of Deborah again, I knew in my heart what I had to do.

The Watcher would twist no more lives.

Even if it cost me mine.