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A Year Later


"…and I think I messed up that question about the thaumatological resonances…" Hermione fretted as Neville guided her to the bench for the end-of-year feast.

"You did fine, Hermione." Harry said soothingly. "Don't worry about it."

Hermione finally sat down, then looked at the Staff Table, her eyes going to the black-draped chair that had until three months ago held the former Headmaster of Hogwarts. Behind the chair, Dumbledore's portrait (moved from the study room beside the library just for this occasion) smiled out at everyone, occasionally making a comment to Minerva or Filius.

The hall quietened down as Minerva rose to her feet.

"Good evening." Minerva began. "Tomorrow you will all be going home for the summer with most of you returning to these hallowed halls of learning. But before our final feast is served, I would like to make a few announcements.
"Firstly, Professor Dumbledore's will has been read and followed. As Madam Pince can testify, our library has increased in size once more and the Muggleborn Orphans Fund has received a large infusion, helping us to bring into our world more of those who would otherwise be unable to realize their potential with us."

The stern-faced Librarian nodded in confirmation.

"Secondly, the rumors are true. Lord Potter has set a new record for the Defence Against The Dark Arts OWL Bonus Practical, reaching and defeating the five-Auror battle-test. It is a shame that Lord Potter will not be returning for his NEWTs, many of us are intrigued by what he would be capable of after another two years studying under Professor Snape.
"We are also losing Horace Slughorn who is retiring once more. However, Potions Master Slughorn has indicated that he is moving to Tegg's Nose where he will be opening a small club for budding potions-masters, Auror candidates, Healer-trainees and others who are choosing paths for the good of the Wizarding World. I am sure that we all wish him well in his retirement.
"For those of you who have taken your OWLs and NEWTs, the results will be owled to your homes in two weeks, or you can log in to the Hogwarts Datasite where you will be able to see your grades as soon as they have been finalized.
"Thank you, and please, tuck in."

Harry helped himself to some of the rice and lamb curry, passing the plate of potatoes to Neville.

"It'll be odd with you not being here next year." Ginny sighed.

"I do have a lot of work waiting for me and a company to run." Harry pointed out. "I really need to start making actual physical appearences soon."

"I know." Ginny almost pouted. "We'll miss you."

"I've arranged to visit on the weekends to help with the sparring classes." Harry pointed out. "It's not like I'll never be there. Now eat up. I noticed you didn't have much breakfast or lunch."

"Water! Water!" Luna gasped as she dropped the fork that she had used to covertly steal some of Harry's curry.

"Here!" Harry grabbed a nearby jug and poured some of the contents into Luna's goblet. "Diluted Apple juice, it'll cool your mouth better."

Luna managed to grab the goblet and gulped the contents down before exhaling in relief.

"How do you eat that?"

"I guess I'm tougher than most people." Harry joked, causing Luna to sniff.

"You and your heritage! Pfffffsh!"



"Jor-El, I'm home!" Harry called out as he walked out of the Diagon Alley Switching Room into the entry hall of the Pottery.

"Congratulations on passing your OWLs, Lord Potter."

Harry froze as the unexpected voice sounded behind him, then in a blur of movement, he was on the other side of the room, staring at the suited man who was standing calmly in the corner.

"Who are you? What are you doing here? How did you get in?"

"In no particular order," The man said without even a flicker of a smile crossing his face, "I am very good at getting where I need to be. As for who I am… my name is Pete Wisdom. Director of the Extraordinary Intelligence Service, also known as MI Thirteen and which includes what you know as the Department of Mysteries.
"And I came here today to speak to you about becoming a consultant for a program that I am setting up, one designed to safeguard the United Kingdom and maybe even the whole world.
"It is called the Excalibur Initiative…"






And on that bombshell, the story is finished!

Yes, I have opened up the Last Mage universe to a full crossover with the Marvel Universe (as if the references to Stark Industries etc weren't enough) without setting Harry up to become an Avenger since, let's face it, he would be hideously overpowered on that team.

For now, though, I'm done with this series. I may pick it up again sometime in the future, but if anyone else wants to take it up in the meantime, it is indeed up for adoption.

So, my thanks to all the readers who enjoyed this little crossover of mine and I bid you all farewell.

Save, of course, for the obligatory stingers...


A Malfoy's Contemplations

Draco frowned meditatively as he closed the comic book he was reading. After several moments, he nodded firmly.

"I believe that a white suit would work very well indeed." He mused to himself, then he put the book back into its position on the bookshelf and moved to his private study. Stepping through the door, he looked at the collected fragments of armor that had once been wrapped around an Inferi and were now on a workbench, along with several pages of notes.

"…and soon I will have a magical armor of my very own." He smirked as he moved to examine it once again.





The Chitauri Invasion

"I'm bringing the party to you!" Tony broadcast as he rounded the corner and Black Widow's eyes widened.

"I… I don't see how that's a party." She managed as the gigantic flying cybernetic serpent pursued their armored team-mate towards them.


"Sir, you need to see this."

"See what… is that an alien invasion?"

"Yes sir, in New York."

"Alert the others and send a message to the Five. If we need to break the Statute to save the world, then let's break it good and hard!"


"Send the rest." Loki ordered and above him, the portal shimmered slightly as more of the Chitauri army that had been placed under his command began traversing it. Far below, the assembled heroes looked up, then one of them started snapping out orders.

"Until we can close that Portal up, our priority is containment. Barton, I want you up on that roof. Eyes on everything, call out patterns and strays. Stark, you got the perimeter. Anything gets more than three blocks out, you turn it back or you turn it to ash."

"Give me a lift?" Barton asked.

"Better clench up, Legolas." Stark joked as he took a firm grip on Hawkeye's reinforced jerkin and took off.

"Thor, gotta try and bottleneck that portal. Slow them down. You got the lightning, light the bastards up."

As the Thunder God took to the skies, Black Widow gave her team leader an inquisitive look as he continued to give orders.

"You and me down here, keep the fighting on the ground.
"And Hulk? …smash."


If anyone had been looking, they would have seen a group of oddly-dressed individuals assembling on the balcony of a penthouse.

"Ladies, gentlemen, last chance to pull out."

"A chance to finally unrepress and pretend that these things are Nargles?" The helmeted girl laughed, wings unfolding from her back as she hefted a staff that shortened itself even as a Mace-head seemed to unfold in a way that human eyes were not equipped to follow, then she shifted her grip and the staff lengthened, the mace-head being replaced by a blade. "I'm ready."

"So am I." The brunette declared, checking that her rune-engraved metal tiara was secure.

"Then let's do this!"


The first clue that Loki had about the situation being rather different from that which he had assumed was when a cloud of sentient magic ripped through his flanking escort.

"What the…?" He blinked, turning to look at the falling debris, then his eyes widened in shock as a winged woman swooped past, laughing as she swung a halberd that boasted a blade of light, effortlessly slicing one of the flying Leviathons in half from jaw to tail. Even as he began to raise his scepter to blast her, he was jolted forwards in his seat as his craft suddenly halted in mid-air.

"So, you are the one in charge of this invasion?"

Loki growled as he spun to face whoever had dared to raise his hand against him, then he frowned.

"You… are not human. You feel… I recognise your race! You are… a Kryptonian?"

"I am." Confirmed the man who was holding the chariot motionless mid-air.

"I had thought you all deceased." Loki noted, adjusting his grip. One lunge and he would have a being potentially stronger than his never-damned-enough brother obeying his commands.

"I am the last."

"Well, it is an honor to meet you." Loki smirked. "And welcome to the winning side!"

Loki jabbed forwards, then stared in shock at the broomstick he had just prodded the Kryptonian with. Looking up, he saw the flying man looking to his left. Following his gaze, he saw a red-headed woman triumphantly brandishing his weapon before vanishing in an eye-twisting swirl of magic.

"How did she…?" He sputtered and the man laughed.

"Switching spell, Loki. You are disarmed and your invasion is being defeated. Surrender now. Please."

Loki ground his teeth, then he let out a cry of shock as the Kryptonian ripped his chariot apart, grabbing him by his coat before he could fall.

"Damn you!" He hissed as he witnessed what could only be spellfire ripping through his rapidly-decreasing forces. A shockwave announced his final Leviathon crashing, its head ripped off by the monstrous alter-ego of Doctor Banner.

"Who are you?" He asked as above them, the portal closed.


"Thank you, but… Harry? Is that you?" Tony Stark asked, raising his faceplate to get a better look at the powered individuals who had turned the tide.

"You know this man?" Thor asked as he joined them and Stark nodded.

"Yep, this is Harry Potter, the CEO of Evans Enterprises. Stark Enterprises does a lot of work with them, especially in the fields of communication, computing and power generation since we stopped making weapons. Evans Enterprises are the ones responsible for the ability to download an entire cinema-quality film in under five minutes! Heck, one reason that Jarvis is now a true AI is because of Potter's people… heh. Potter's people. Gotta remember that. Heck, just before everything went to hell, I finished upgrading my ARC reactor. Turns out that using Palladium was a bad idea, it would have poisoned me. The fact it more than doubled my power output was a bonus."

"Huh." Barton managed, then he glared at the bound-and-gagged form of Loki which Potter was holding in one hand. "You're strong."

"He is also familiar…" Thor mused, circling Harry as Harry's companions hid their snickers. "I know I have encountered one such as you before, yet I know not when."

"Here." Harry held the limp form of Loki out. "Someone had put a control spell on him. I've dissipated it, but I think that he needs a great deal of therapy."

Thor accepted his brother and looked round. "I will need to return to Asgard, yet to do so from here may cause problems. In addition, I must bring the Tesseract back to my Father."

"You mean this thing?" One of the watching young teens asked, holding up the glowing blue cube and Thors eyes widened.

"You can touch it without activating it? What are you?"

The boy opened his mouth to reply, then paused as he was interrupted by one of the girls who, like him, was clad in a jumpsuit and mask.

"Do we have code-names? I mean, this old guy's Iron man…"

"Old?" Tony sputtered.

"And the dreamy hunk there's Captain America…"

Tony's annoyance evaporated and was replaced by amusement as Steve Rogers blushed.

"So, do we get cool names?"

"Let's talk about it." The tiara-wearing woman chuckled as she effortlessly corralled the five youngest and started leading them off.

"I wanna be Thunder! I mean, we're effectively living storms, right?"

"I think we can work with that…"

"She's a wonder dealing with those five." Harry smiled as the brunette led the teens away. "So, now what?"

"Good question." A new voice stated and everyone turned to see an eye-patch-wearing man stalking up to them, his trenchcoat flaring with every step.

"Fury." Tony nodded.

"Sir!" Steve saluted.

"MACUSA just contacted me." Fury ground out. "What the hell were you doing bringing five Obscurials into the USA?"

"They were born in the USA, why shouldn't they be here?" Harry shrugged.

Fury opened his mouth for a moment, then growled as he failed to come up with an answer.

"What's an Obscurial?" Tony asked, only for Fury to stalk off. "No , really! What is it?"