The Voice comes- it always comes.

It stares down at the newly crowned king impassively. "So...this is it."

Trellis nods. "Yes, it is." He can feel the weight of all the gathered amulets behind him, among them Vigo and his. But the one he holds in his hand is Emily's. She needs this before anybody else. "Your masters are all dead, the Dark Scouts gone."

"I am the last?"

He nods, thinks of all the recent loss.

Navin's friend Aly, her small body being wept over by Commander Hunter and Navin.

Miskit, ripped to pieces with little hope of fixing.

Navin himself, one eye gone.

And Emily.

Oh, Emily.

When Trellis finally managed to snuff out her flames, and separate the amulet from her, Emily had been unconscious for a long while. Under his orders, she had been put in a separate room. Karen's sobbing gladness and Navin's subdued brightness belonged to the Hayes family. He had visited sometimes, when he had no duties at the moment and everybody else was gone.

When she awoke, she had begged for death. Trellis had refused, brushing aside Leon's words about his father. He knew the past's mistakes. When she heard, Emily escaped her room.

They had found her trying to overdose on medicine.

Emily was locked in a room in the palace. Everything that she could use to try and hurt herself was taken out. The windows were sealed, the doors only opened for the Hayes family and Logi- who brought her food.

Together, Trellis and Vigo had hunted down every amulet. They were all gathered in the throne room, and then the old human left. He was going to help Karen and Navin settle in Cielis. Their way back to Earth was gone.

An hour earlier, Trellis had gone into Emily's room. She had been asleep as he kissed her forehead. He had then left.

To here.

The throne room, empty except for him and the Voice. A small pile of amulets and the remaining piece of the Mother Stone behind him.

"Time to die."

"Time to die."

Emily's amulet lit up- but, this time, it was purple. A side effect of her amulet and him using it. It tears into the Voice, ripping it to shreds. Soon, there is nothing left. There's a knock on the door. Logi peeks inside. "Your Majesty?"

"Smash them."

All them were smashed. Trellis watched as the guards dug a pit to discard the shards.


He glanced over his shoulder to see Emily. She was dressed in a spare shirt and pants, bags under her eyes. She joined him at the window. "Are they...?"

"All destroyed."

She smiles. "Thank you." Resting her head on his shoulder, the two watched their power be destroyed and buried.